The Asics Trabuco Max 3 is a trail shoe designed for cushioning and comfort when heading off-road. That’s mainly due to the thick stack of FFBlast Plus midsole foam – the same used in many of the brand’s cushioned road shoes – to provide a soft yet responsive feel.

There’s also a generous layer of ASICSGRIP outsole rubber to tackle tricky terrain and wet weather, as well as provide protection for the midsole foam to ensure durability.

Tom has been out on the trails with the shoe to see how it delivered of 20 miles.

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00:33 – Stats
00:47 – Design
01:24 – How’s The Fit?
02:03 – The First Run Test
06:22 – Early Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe first run in this Video I am going to be reviewing the aex Truko max 3 uh now these were sent to me From the team over at sport shoes I'm Not paid to do this review so I can say Whatever I want but big thanks to the Guys to again sending this over so that I can do some videos on this shoe There's also a link in the caption below To sports shoes uh website where you can Find out more about this shoe right Let's dive in and do the first Run [Music] The ax truko Max 3 costs £60 or $160 it Weighs 302 G or 10.7 o for men in a size 8 and the drop is 5 Mm the ASX truko Max 3 is a trail shoe Designed for cushioning and comfort when Heading Offroad that's mainly due to the Thick stack of FF plus midell foam the Same used in many of the Brand's cushion Road shoes to provide Prov a soft yet Responsive feel there's also a generous Layer of A6 grip outsole rubber to Tackle tricky terrain and wet weather as Well as provide protection for the midso Pham to ensure durability other features Include the brand guide Soul Technologies to produce a smooth ride a Sturdy technical mesh upper design to Provide support while still allowing for A good level of breathability and smart

Lace Loops so you can tuck your laces Away from snagging on Objects so the fit for me in the truko Max 3 I'm a SI eight in the UK this is a Size eight this is a shoe designed for Comfort so there's a lot of padding on It um there's plenty of space in the for Foot and the midfoot but it's also quite Reinforced so it's quite easy to get a Lock down fit I would definitely stay to My size in this shoe because it's There's plenty of room it's a very very Comfortable shoe I actually went out the First run I did was 32 km which is bit Of a risky move to do uh with a trail Shoe uh on the first run but it was Comfortable from the off I had no issues At all so I definitely stayed to my UK Size 8 in this Shoe so as I said in the fit section my First run in the shoe was a 32 km or 20 M run as part of my marathon training And that was about half and half Road And Trail so the route I took took me Over the South downs but I took the Train out for about uh 10K uh before Then to actually uh run to the South Down so I could get the distance in um And uh it's it was really good um the uh Midell foam in this this FF blast plus Midell foam is the same midell foam you Find in a lot of the rachu uh and There's a lot of it in here so it really Does feel a lot of ways like a Ru uh

It's very comfortable it feels quite Bouncy not like zoomx or something like That it just feels like there's a little Bit of compression in it it gives you a Little bit back um and it's nicely Cushioned as well so on the road Sections that I was doing if it just ran Like a roacho it it felt absolutely fine Very comfortable didn't feel like I had A trail shoe on um and definitely could Have run a much longer distance in this Shoe it's one of those trail shoes that Really sits in between Road shoes and Trail shoes and is best used for those Sort of harder uh terrains where you Want cushioning um over longer distances Now when I got onto the Downs it's been Raining a lot at the moment if you live In the UK you'll know that but the Downs Is really really muddy um so the outso On this it's pretty good the lugs are Better than what I'd expect from a Max Cushioned um Trail shoe um but there was A lot of mud and it was really really Wet and what I found is that over some Of it it was fine these lugs are Actually pretty good for um gripping Onto uh moderately wet ground over Public paths and things like that as Soon as I got onto the really wet muddy Stuff it the lugs aren't big enough for That it it's not the most hard designed Um Trail shoe it's not a trail shoe Designed for really going at it in like

The Lake District if it's really wet uh It's more one of those trail shoes That's designed for harder compact Ground Rocky ground things like that I Think the sweet spot for this shoe would Probably be Rocky dry ground um because I did get very wet feet in the shoe as Well there's no there's no waterproofing From the Upp or anything like that so It's definitely a shoe that sort of Skews towards um those uh outdoor Efforts that are on uh drier um so Ground um but it was really good I felt Very very comfortable over the course of That run um when I was on some of the Inclines and declines um which were Quite Rocky felt great didn't feel like It was slipping at all the lugs really Quite grippy quite sticky feeling uh Rubber so they did a really good job um Over those trickier sections over the Fields not so good uh I always find that When you have a trail shoe that has a Lot of cushioning in it you sort of lose It on on the fields or the really soft Ground because you're getting the soft Ground that you're running into but You're also getting the softness of the Midell foam as well so it sort of loses Its benefits on that soft ground and the Grip struggled a bit on the the wet um The wet Fields wet muddy Fields so it's Definitely is shoe that's not really Focused um on that those more English

Winter type um I say English winter Probably most of the year but um that English ground where it's quite muddy And boggy and and um you you just lose The benefits of that of that mids Cushioning um but it is a very very Comfortable shoe uh the stepping Comfort Was fantastic on it um and it's Definitely going to be a shoe that I use Quite a lot when it comes to those Spring summer training sessions where uh What I'm looking for is going out for a Nice comfortable long run over the Downs Where I just want a bit of cushioning Because I'm running over a lot of harder Ground um and I think it would be Absolutely fantastic for that um it's Quite a heavy shoe as well so it's Definitely not a shoe that's designed For Speed um there are there is a uh Truko 12 shoe which I've not tested Which is a bit leaner than this um and I Believe Nick's going to be testing that Soon so if you're looking for something That's a little bit leaner and a little Bit faster that might be the shoe this Is really for just getting out there and Just covering distance in Comfort uh and It does that very Well so my verdict on the ax uh truko Max 3 I think it's a solid comfortable Uh Trail shoe which really skews towards Those harder ground uh where you're Looking at a lot of comfort a lot of

Cushioning um and that FF plus msof foam On the hard ground is really um uh good At being a little bit more uh versatile As well there's a bit more energy return From it it really does ride like a a Max Cushion Road shoe in that respect and That's great if that's the sort of trail That you're running on it's very Comfortable to to be out there doing it It's got a lovely level of stepping Comfort as well so it's a solid all Round Trail shoe for a certain type of Runner and um if you're looking at rot To Trail so when I run I have to go and Do at least 5K on the road before I get To the trails this is a good option for It and I've got a lot of trail shoes Which I don't like doing that with Because they're too hard the lugs are a Little bit too um aggressive whereas This really just delivers like a roou That has a good level of outsole um Protection on uh if you're hitting the Uh lighter Trails um or if you if you're Going up at some rocky uh mountainous um Traversing or anything like that I think It'd be good at that as well um so yeah Good solid all round comfortable um max Cushion Trail shoe which is definitely Good if your focuses for Comfort that's It for me on this first run review Thanks a lot for watching don't foret to Like subscribe click that little bell And if you're go to catch and blow you

Can find a link to our podcast which Comes out at the end of each month Thanks a lot for watching catch you next Time