Shows all the crazy goodness that is in Big boy Chang's House Yeah that's nuts I've never seen those In person before this is so much better Than the retail fair was I actually Personally like these ones way more than The ones that came out the auto lacing One I think these are the epinephs with The comes with the case the suitcase Yeah those they come with a suitcase You got the Manila forest and we're 105. Oh hey so this is little bits of every Doernbecher exactly that's amazing is This literally just only for people who Worked at Jordan brand I've never seen All 50 together before and he's got the Red lobsters and the green lobsters and Blue lobsters the yellow ones and the 7-Elevens that's crazy he wears them a Lot I don't get these yet maybe maybe I'm behind the times maybe I'm not Fashion forward enough but these it'll Be tougher for me to rock these but I'd Rock these I'm sure you would