???? These sneakers are tough to clean! ????

The Jackie Robinson is hands down one of our most requested videos in the comments, so when we got a pair at our Drop Off Cleaning Service it was only right we cleaned them up. This pair features a light colored suede with vibrant blue on all other aspects; making this one of the hardest sneakers in the game to actually clean.

We have received a lot of DM’s about how bad these bleed, so we decided to take a dry cleaning approach to avoid destroying that beautiful cream colored suede. Our Shoe Care expert Marks Premium was the only one for the job and he was ready!

To start off we had to clean the soles using the Stiff Bristle Brush to break down all of the dirt and grime. This was the ONLY part of the shoe that we used Solution on. After the soles were taken care of it was time to move onto the uppers to remove the stains we see on the materials. For this we relied on the Dry Suede Kit and Sneaker Wipes.

The Dry Suede Kit is the key to cleaning and maintaining suede without any possible damage. The Suede Eraser is used to erase all the deeper staining while the suede brush wipes away the debris and resets the nap on the material. Finally, Sneaker Wipes were used to clean the additional material and that’s when we saw all the bleeding! Overall though they cleaned up pretty great.

To finish off the details it was time to reset the material using the Medium Bristle Brush. After all nobody likes crunchy suede! These cleaned up nice and we finally completed this HIGHLY requested sneaker.

Let us know in the comments what sneaker you want to see us clean next and we will add it to the line up!

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What's going on guys?! Mark's Premium back 
at the Drop-off Cleaning Service. Today we   Got these beat Nike Dunk Jackie Robinsons, 
definitely have seen better days. A highly   Requested video due to the delicate material 
today we're going to show you how to get it done! So we got our cleaning station 
all set up first thing we're going   To do is put the left shoe to the 
side for before and after purposes   Next we're going to put the shoe 
tree to the correct size and insert. Next we're going to add two squirts of solution. Next we're going to get the Stiff Bristle Brush. Next we're going to use a Dry Suede Kit to 
pre-treat any of the suede panels, so we don't   Liquefy any of the dirt when we use our Sneaker 
Wipes. First we're going to remove the laces. We're going to use the Suede Eraser to 
remove the surface level stains then   We're going to use the Suede Brush to wipe 
away any remaining debris on the materials.   Now we'll take our Sneaker Wipes and wipe 
down the entire sneaker we don't want to get   The shoes wet due to the potential color bleed 
from the blue suede onto the lighter suede. The   Wipes work well to break down the dirt and grime 
while maintaining the integrity of the sneaker.   All that is left to do is to clean up the laces 
for this step we used our water and Solution to   Remove the trapped in staining. We're back we 
let the sneaker dry overnight now we're going   To use the Medium Bristle Brush to reset the 
nap on the suede. The Medium Bristle Brush is   A perfect tool to take your suede from crunchy to 
buttery. You don't want to apply too much pressure   Just move your brush back and forth until you 
achieve your desired results. Now that we got   The suede back to its original texture we're 
going to use Mink Oil to condition the suede. Now we're going to lace them up. Now that we got the sneaker all laced up 
let's check out the before and afters. To achieve these results we use two products 
first we used our Dry Suede Kit; we made this   A dry cleaning due to the possibility of color 
bleeding. Next we use Sneaker Wipes to get the   Deeper staining out of the suede. To complete 
this clean we used our Stiff Bristle Brush on   The outsole with solution. You can find our Stiff 
Bristle Brush in our Three Brush Pack as well as   All of our other products at reshoevn8r.com use 
my link in the bio to get results like these.   If you liked today's video make sure you 
leave the thumbs up, if you're new here   Make sure you subscribe down below I'm Mark's 
Premium and hopefully I'll see you guys soon.