The Berlin Wall 100 Mile Ultra (aka the 100MeilenBerlin) is an ultra that follows the Berlinmauerweg – the Berlin Wall Trail. Run Tester Kieran set out to take on the Wall and tested the On Cloudsurfer 7, Saucony Kinvara Pro and the trusted Endorphin Speed 3 while he was at it. Hit play to find out how the shoes – and Kieran – held up.

0:00 – Intro – Berlin Wall 100
1:55 – On Cloudsurfer 7 after 4 hours
4:06 – 56km swapping to Kinvara Pro
5:41 – Saucony Kinvara Pro after 60 miles
7:11 – Post-race wrap: How did the shoes perform?

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers It's Kieran here it is just gone 5 30 in The morning here in Berlin behind me It's about 500 600 Runners who are all Going to go out and try and do the Berlin Wall 100 mile ultra I'm going to Be getting involved in that as well While I'm doing it I'll be putting Myself against that challenge but also I'm going to be testing out these on Cloud surface 7 for a race test it's a Difficult choice on the old shoes for This one but these are the ones I've Gone with I've got some different ones In my drop bags I've actually got the Canvara pro and the soccer endorphin Speed 3 in my drop bag should I need Them further down but the idea is to see If I can run the whole distance in these On cloud surface and how they get on Over that distance so I've got about 25 Minutes to go until race time let's go And get involved Foreign Foreign Distance I've done about 20 miles moving About five miles per hour so it's fairly Slow we're going And you know you're hoping that Cushioning is going to be just nice and Balanced And there's a bit of a response but not Too much and if anything I guess I'm just starting to wonder

Whether or not when I get to the first Bag drop which I think is it like 56 K's Or something Where I've got a potential change of Shoes I think I'm just starting to wonder whether or Not I want a little bit more cushioning Underfoot already And I'm not sure which shoes I put in There so a bit of the soccer endorphin Speeds are there I may well change out Also my little toe I have this problem when my little toe Gets quite squished and then sits under The toe next to it I think I might need a little bit more Room In the toe box and these are giving me At the moment I'm just already feeling That little toe a little bit now that's Me rather than the shoes really Necessarily it's just a problem that I Have to manage I've already got them Taped But yeah I might just buy myself a Little bit more of a move to the The speeds Maybe At the next stop I'm definitely thinking More that I'll do a shoe change than I Was but you know for that first bit Urban Running through Berlin The Cloud Server seven or a great shoe

They've done me Good for now just nice and cushion just Clipping along A happy nappy Pace they've done a Sterling job so far they've been light They've been just cushioned enough up Into this point And uh Yeah but maybe I'm gonna want a little Bit more later into this race so maybe I'll swap them Up I've got no time to talk we have to go The Germans the Germans So out of the first major checkpoint I've changed the shoes I've flipped out from the on-cloud Surfer I've now got the converter Pro on Now the reason for that for that is Basically the on-cloud surfer just Weren't giving me flight Protection percussion that I wanted Started to feel a bit of the road coming Up into the feet so I've gone for these Of our approach which Yeah I mean there's a huge difference The stack of cushioning here it is like Running on pillows by comparison Question is are they going to be sort of Too soft what's really interesting is Immediately after doing all that mileage Putting these shoes on how different They feel Much less stable actually than the on

Cloud Surfer they're much less connected To the ground and they're going to take Some running in I think but The first thing is that cushioning is There and that does feel like a little Bit of a change and a little bit of Comfort for otherwise sort of I think It'll get a bit faster in the on-cloud Surfer they did a fantastic job for that Part but I don't think they would have Made it Entire way with good comfort so I ditched them and now we're back on the Road So coming up to 60 miles in I've just Left one of the main Aid stations where There was a big bag drop which meant we Could get on our kit I'd put some shoes In there as well I put the socket in Dolphin speed three in there as a just In case and Basically about 15 miles before that Both of my little toes have started to Try and de-hood themselves they sit Under each other so this is one of the Things I talk about where I need a Slightly wider toe box or a bit more Room in a shoe particularly it only Really happens when I'm going a certain Distance so you get 50 miles it starts To happen and so I've changed the shoes Again so I'm on to my third pair of Shoes for this race test and I'm back in The trusty sockony endorphin speed three

And I have to say They just feel Natural If the converter of these got a big Super cushioned you know the soccer in Dolphin speed three they are a little Bit more kind of ground contact here you Know you can feel the I can feel the Tarmac coming up a little bit more but There's definitely a wider toe box and I Think that's really helped me I was Nearly gonna call the race back there Until I thought I'll throw one last Thing at it and I'll change my shoes see If that gives me a bit more room and Stops the problem and touch wood it Feels like right now it's done A little bit of good so yeah I'm now in The soccer endorphin speed three 100 Mile race test of three different shoes Foreign Ticked all of the boxes for most of that First 56 kilometers I found them well Balanced for the task for that section Just about enough cushioning and Protection to move along happily at my 11 minute mile post very very slow The Rocker and those collapsing helium Elements made for a nice clip along and They felt light they felt disappearing They were comfortable on the foot Overall however into the last 10 Kilometers of that first stretch of the Run I've been moving for maybe I don't

Know four and a half five hours and I Was starting to feel a bit too much Ground coming back up there was a bit Too much impact and the bottom of my Feet were starting to get a bit of foot Fatigue I felt like a change was going To be beneficial I'd also had the Problem with my little Toes that I get It's a recurring problem basically they Sit a little bit too close to their Neighbors almost underneath each other And over a certain distance or time on Feet they kind of rub and they get Friction and it causes the little toes To almost dehoot themselves a real Problem and I felt a burn off for about 30 miles in the on cloud surface seven And I knew that the first Alto had gone Now I'm not saying that's down to the Cloud surface seven it happens in other Shoes as well it's a bit of a problem That I have to fix but they might not Have offered me the width that I need to Maybe help that come later so the first Major checkpoint I swapped to the Canvara pro now the contrast was Incredible with the ride the immediate Difference in the cushioning was really Pronounced and the converter Pro's High Stack of power on PB foam really gave my Feet some serious extra relief from the Road I was it was a really nice feeling It was a real positive change at that Point for sure

But they're notably less stable so there Was a trade-off and it took a while for Me to get comfortable with my Landings And my movements now on 50 kilometer Legs when you've been moving for over Six hours your body doesn't really like Any kind of small changes of movement And things any missteps that can be Problematic and I initially found I was Having to focus a lot more on my form to Compensate for the wobbles from being up On that you know High stack of the Kinvara Pro's midsole and with that Three-quarter length carbon plate I Think you know the stability was gone a Little bit the upwards were a bit more Hugging as well and so I don't think They well they certainly didn't Alleviate the tow problem I don't think They're any more problematic than the Cloud surface seven the room was roughly About the same but they certainly didn't Help now for the next 30 kilometers the Converter Pro I actually did a really Good job underfoot you know on the Channel I think generally reviewers have Struggled to pin down what these shoes Are good for and while I was running There after seven hours or what I felt Like I'd actually found it a bit of Eureka moment easy miling long long Distance with a bit of energy but plenty Of protection they almost had a sweet Spot here it was almost perfect for this

Middle section of 100 mile ultra where They were soaking up the road with some Bounce and some spring and some energy But not too aggressive and plenty of Cushioning however the toe box it has Even perhaps a little bit less Flex than The looser Cloud Surfer uppers and 10 Miles into that stretch these shoes with These shoes my other toe went so by the Time I hit the next drop bag point at 88 Kilometers after 12 hours of running I Was glad I packed the trusty endorphin Speed 3 in my drop bag this was a shoe I Used to run the Danube and once I'd Laced these on I realized pretty quickly That I should have started with them Really Or at least I maybe had them as my Second option after the cloud Surfer now There's a few reasons for this first up The wider room your toe box on the Speed 3 makes a huge difference You need space in your shoes on Distances like 100 miles you need a Little bit of room and these did that The best out of the three shoes But unfortunately by that point the Damage had been done to my little toes But the speed 3's width help definitely Help keep me moving and limited further Damage it got me through the next I Guess sort of 20 miles And then you've got the midsole which I Think sits somewhere almost perfectly

Between the cloud surface seven and the Kinvara pro you've got more cushion than The former but there's more stability Than the latter and they're a bit Lighter so you you know you just feel Like you're clipping on a little bit Easier now the combination of the Midsole foam The Rocker and that nylon Play I think also really help with that Clip along they make them a cracking Shoe just to move easy and and though a Lot of people use them for faster Efforts they're also really good at Offering that balance of cushioning and Protection but assistance in each step But the slower Paces too and again I Think a really good shoe for this kind Of distance I was actually kicking Myself a little I didn't trust my gut And start with this shoe a shoe that I Knew could probably handle the task Now unfortunately after 16 hours of Running 110 kilometer Mark 68.4 miles in Old money my battered toes real Problematic forced me out of the race I Had to stop even though I felt quite Strong so I did about 56 kilometers and Six hours in the cloud surface seven About 32 kilometers in around six hours In the canvara Pro and then I did my Last four hours or so or around 22 Kilometers in the speed three my verdict Done all of this if I had to race a road 100 miles again I'd definitely opt for

The speed three over the converter Pro And the cloud surface seven though I Might stick the converter in a drop bag Maybe with around 30 kilometers to go Just in case I wanted something with a Little bit more cushion you need a Little bit more protection further on That would be something that I did with The speed three good shoe good shoe do They have it that's been my almost 100 Mile race test of the on-cloud surface 7 The Saucony converter Pro and my old Favorites the Endorphin speed 3. hope You've enjoyed watching hit like if you Did hit me up in the comments if you Have any questions about the shoes or The race don't forget to subscribe for More great run tester vids that are Coming up soon And if you're interested in shoes that Go long in Comfort on the tarmac check Out my best road Ultra Shoe video I did It get ahead of the comrades Marathon That'll be appearing on the screen about Now Otherwise it's been a pleasure chatting And we hope to see you again soon on the Run testers happy running everybody