Hey people welcome to the Run testers It's Kieran here it is just gone 5 30 in The morning here in Berlin behind me It's about 500 600 Runners who are all Going to go out and try and do the Berlin Wall 100 mile ultra I'm going to Be getting involved in that as well While I'm doing it I'll be putting Myself against that challenge but also I'm going to be testing out these on Cloud surface 7 for a race test it's a Difficult choice on the old shoes for This one but these are the ones I've Gone with I've got some different ones In my drop bags I've actually got the Canvara pro and the soccer endorphin Speed 3 in my drop bag should I need Them further down but the idea is to see If I can run the whole distance in these On cloud surfaces and how they get on Over that distance so I've got about 25 Minutes to go until race time let's go And get involved