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In this video, we’re going to take a look at the best sneakers and the worst sneakers releasing in 2024. From Nike to Adidas to New Balance, we’re going to have a look at the hottest sneakers of the year.

im here to help you decide which ones are worth your investment and which ones to avoid these at all costs! (in my opinion)

So I just received my pair of the Adidas Fear of God Athletics basketball sneaker I think this is one of the perfect shoes To round off 2023 and I think that shoes Like this can really thrive in 2024 okay It is a minimally designed well-crafted Good quality sneaker and the first brand That comes to mind when I think of this Shoe would be Yeezy but unfortunately in 2024 Yeezys are going to be taking a Back seat there's a few pairs that are Supposed to be rumor to drop but I Actually think that Adidas is going to Completely scrap and demolish those Shoes now there's also rumors that Yeezy Himself is going to be dropping like a Literal pair of socks like high cut Socks or something like that and I don't Know who that shoe is for maybe the Super ultra Kanye supporters that shoe Is just not something that I'm Interested in wearing shoes like this is The way to go so if you normally love And adore Yeezy sneakers and that is Something that you're after you Definitely have to try these out I Understand that the price point is high But I'm telling you the quality of the Craftsmanship the packaging is well Worth it but in this video we are going Going over some of the worst but also Some of the best sneakers to be dropping In 2024 so get excited get out your note And pad and start writing down some of

These okay because there's a ton of heat In this video but also some trash okay Super quick I noticed that almost 80% of You guys are not subscribed to the Channel guys I'm offended okay so if You're like me and you love sharing your Passion for sneakers and clothing and Men's fashion definitely hit the Subscribe button so we were just talking About Kanye West now let's talk about Travis Scott sneakers in 2024 okay now I Cannot be the only one that believes That this typical design of the air one1 Low with the backwards swoosh is getting A little bit played out it's not as Creative I really do feel like they need To start switching things up right That's what I initially thought until I Saw those cut the check Travis Scots and I was like wow those are hideous I Actually really do not like those I Think that the more pictures that I see Coming out of those shoes the less I Like them okay it's just once again very Predictable it seems like a typical Travis Scott design whereas back then a Few years ago he was hitting us with an Air Max he was hitting with a a Jordan Trer okay so all of this to say that I Think that the Air Jordan Travis Scott Line is getting a little bit played out Okay and when you factor in how Difficult that they are to get how Quickly they sell out and the resale

Prices and trust me I know about resale Paying resell for shoes like this I Don't think that the Travis Scott Sneakers are a way to go and I have a Very controversial opinion here okay but I actually think that the Drake nocta Line has more potential okay those nocta Glides that dropped were one of the best Shoes to have released in 2023 we're so Accustomed to Drake not really hitting On sneakers right what we saw in the Past but I think that this knct to line Has a lot of steam behind it and what I'm seeing is a lot of creative Individuals a lot of influencers a lot Of fashion forward creators on social Media posting about the nocag Glide Specifically the black colorway um and I See him in an all black fit and I'm like Damn those are those are hitting if I'm Being completely honest the clothing Line is actually pretty good as well so In 202 for I'm going Drake Over Travis Scottt another topic that's really Bubbling in the sneaker world right now Is the Resurgence of basketball worn Sneakers not just on the court but worn Casually right we just saw the launch of Anthony Edwards first year with Adidas Which is completely sold out right now The launch and execution from a marking Standpoint was excellent on those but Next year there's also going to be a ton Of Kobes and classic Nike basketball

Sneakers but which ones should you buy Okay first ones that come to mind would Be foam posits now I don't think you Guys should be buying foam posits I Think a lot of are going to sit buy them If you love them but I don't think that There's going to be a ton of hype around Foam posits next year they're a very Clunky shoe the retail price is very High and I think from a fashion Standpoint They Don't Really lend Themselves to you know casual outfits I Think that the black pair will perform The best from a S standpoint and you'll See them more so on mood boards and the Like okay now in terms of next year for The Kobe line those camel ones are money I think that those are super super clean Now can you wear these casually of Course you can I think you wear them With some shorts for more of an Athleisure Vibe with some sweatpants They're going to be great performers on The court as well but what I like to do When it comes to those types of sneakers I like to wear them in the gym okay a Perfect example would be the LeBron 9 Mango I just picked these off of eBay Whenever there's a day where I don't Have any compound movements like squats Or deadlifts um I'm going to be wearing This shoe so if you want to see any more Workout style content check my Instagram Highlights I have a whole workout

Routine that I have there if you guys Are interested there's also going to be Like the kd4 Galaxy which is dropping Next year and if you guys didn't know When those dropped originally that was When I was like the most obsessed with Sneakers uh that was such a golden time That I remember very fondly especially Those I was waiting in line for the Royal jordan 1es when those dropped but In terms of Kobe retel that I'd like to See I would love to see the Kobe 99's Drop the Kobe 7 Galaxy would be great The M Mercurial the the Kobe 6 Sunset And pretty much any of the Kobe 8s Because I used to have them and I used To work out in them and I absolutely Love that shoe 2024 is also going to be A huge year for Air Max okay we saw a Spring preview of upcoming Nike sneakers And the Nike Air Sunder Max is going to Be a great shoe I absolutely love the Colors and these are going to be at 100% Cop for me uh I hope that there's also a All black version of these as well which I'll probably wear towards like the fall Of next year there's going to be the Blue Air Max One the Air Max One red was One of my most worn sneakers of the year Uh as well as the stash Air Max 95 guys If you don't know who stash is you need To do your homework because these are a Heavy hitter okay stash is a New York Based graffiti artist who has come up

With some of the most iconic sneaker Collab now from a hype perspective Adidas and New Balance normally operate On the same level as Nike and Jordan Where they release these elaborate plans Of future 2024 releases at least not yet In the year but there are some great Products to be excited about first one That comes to mind from New Balance Would be the SEI bbery 1906 R if you Guys don't love those Thunder Maxes uh This is a shoe that you guys could Definitely uh get after this would be a Great sumers shoe super polarizing this Is on that same sort of action bronze And Bak laava collaboration that came Out last year which I still am after um But yeah I absolutely love these and for Adidas there's going to be the JN SAS That are coming out the inter Miami SAS Which I think are both kind of just all Right um but I'm more so thinking of Like Adidas fear of God if I'm being Completely honest for 2024 yeah at the Time of filming this video there aren't Any huge New Balance or Adidas collabs That are really jumping off the page to Me for 2024 however I cannot say the Same about Air Jordan because there are A ton of shoes coming out in 2024 that We already know about so much so that I Have to just rattle some of these off Here so let's talk about the first one Which would be the Jay Balvin Air Jordan

3 now in my opinion I think that these Are trash okay I think that the first Ones the white ones with the colorful Accents made total sense perfect summer Shoe right you have white Air Jordan 3s And you have all these colorful accents Which sort of really exemplify his Personality and his style of dress right But I think that the black just doesn't Really go with it it's too dark with These pops of color on it I just don't Personally think that it works really Well together now what I think you Should buy instead would be something Like the Air Jordan 4 bread reimagine Now for me I have the Air Jordan for Breed the ogs so I'm probably going to Miss out on these right I can't buy Everything as much as I would like to I Just did a sneaker collection video and I'm starting to really think that I need To get rid of some pairs but yeah if You're going for black Air Jordans why Would you go with the J Balvin and not Like the Air Jordan 4 plus I think that The Air Jordan 4 just has a little bit More hype around it these days so much So that the next shoe that I want to Talk about is the military blue fors This is definitely a shoe that I'm going To be after I'm hoping to get it and Review it I hope that they release a ton Of pairs and everybody is allowed to get Them because it's a great shoe and once

Again I remember when these initially Dropped and the quality was terrible so I'm glad that they're uh bringing them Back out uh and hopefully the quality is Much better okay time to do like a speed Round of upcoming Air Jordans that I'm Excited about number one would be the Air Jordan 5 Olive I think those are Really clean and a lot of OG heads have Been uh after that shoe so I'm glad that Those are starting to come back number Three would be the Air Jordan 3 craft in The ivory colorway these are super clean If you guys weren't able to grab the Air Jordan 3 Alman I think that you Definitely need to grab these um the Alma manier Air Jordan 3 was one of the Most worn sneakers in my entire Collection so I promise you if you were To get the shoes you would wear them an Absolute ton next would be the air drone One latte these ones don't make a ton of Sense to me if I'm being completely Honest when you have the mochas you've Got the mocha's that are also coming out You've got the palominos I just don't See how the like we're really nitpicking On the shades of brown that are coming Out on Air Jordan 1es okay so for these SE ones for me are a skip but I'm sure a Lot of people will go after them next Would be the oxidized green Low's I wore My black toe Lowe's a ton this year one Of my most worn shoes of the entire year

This little Newport colorway that they Have definitely a Vibe and I'm really Liking them and then finally there is Rumored to be the Air Jordan 1 black toe Reimagined coming out in the fall of Next year and I can imagine it will drop But because I have the Chicago like I Just don't think that I need those I Also have the breads as well so do I Really need like a black toe reimagined Maybe I might do it for like the content You know cuz I feel like a video would Get a bunch of views but that's probably It