We are lucky enough to test and review a lot of carbon plate running shoes here at TRT, and as result we more or less get our pick of them for our own racing. So when the chips are down and we’re gunning for a PB, what do we pick for races? In this video six Run Testers choose their favourite carbon racer and explain why it’s their go-to.

This video is just our personal favourite carbon shoes, for a more comprehensive run through of the top carbon shoes available, check out our round-up:

Best Carbon Plate Running Shoes 2023:

00:00​​​​ – Intro
01:19 – Kieran’s Pick: Nike Alphafly 2
03:09 – Tom’s Pick: Saucony Endorphin Pro 3
05:14 – Lauras Pick: New Balance SC Elite V3
06:56 – Jane’s Pick: Nike Vaporfly 2
09:28 – Nick’s Pick: Nike Vaporfly 3
09:28 – Mike’s Pick: Nike Vaporfly 3

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Hello and welcome to the Run testers my Name's Nick and this is our video where We're going to go through our favorite Carbon plate racing shoes now recently We put up our full list of the best Carbon plate running shoes available on The market 18 shoes in there the video Was incredibly long a nightmare to edit But this is going to be much shorter Video where we each just give our top Pick so we've got six of the Run testers In this video just saying what their Favorite carbon ratio is and why so if You're wondering which shoes we actually Choose above all to race in even though We've got access to all of them this Video will tell you to give you that Little bit more carbon content because Everyone loves carbon shoes I love Carbon shoes okay let's dive into [Music] It okay kieran's here to talk about his Favorite carbon racing shoe which is Kieran it's going to be the Nike Alphafly next 2 which I guess now is Quite an old one really in the lineup of Shoes that we've got but for me it's It's sort of still the best race shoe it Took me a while to be converted to the Alphafly from the vaporfly I was Originally a vaporfly 2 person when it Came to racing Mar marathons and for This I guess I'm thinking a lot about Kind of marathon racing when I think

About the alphafly 2 and for me it's Just got the the good sort of Ideal Balance of everything you need with a Really nice sort of dialed in fit that Hugs without being too restrictive You've got that kind of nice big sizable Kind of platform of uh you know super Springy zoomx foam and the plate working In tandem to deliver I think what is by Far and above the best kind of Efficiency particularly towards the end Of marathons where you know you want That little bit of extra in those last Six miles when you when you're looking For something you need something if You're wearing the alphafly it's kind of Always there there's I think there's Only a few shoes for me that tend to Deliver that in the same way the Ally is One of them I think the primex strung Original was another that did that for Me you know you could rely on it to give You a bit of extra I think it it's also Got a little bit of protection in terms Of that kind of big platform of Cushioning so if things are going wrong And it's a bit ragged and you've you Know you've overcooked it you're not Going to hit the race cut of times that You wanted because you've gone out too Fast you can drop back a little bit on Poorer form back on your heels a bit and It's got enough there to look after you It's not going to leave you high and dry

Again like some other kind of firmer or Kind of I think less cushioned uh carbon Shoes are going to so things like the Rocket X2 I think you know back to the Vapor fly to that was a shoe that you Had to be running I think in good form And if plenty of times I went out and I Wasn't towards the end and the last few Miles were a bit of a struggle in terms Of foot fatigue and imp coming up Through it just wasn't quite enough the Alpha fly for me does that whole gammer I I know Nick you kind have sort of said You prefer this for the longer distances And I think you're right it needs to be You know in Long sort of straight line City marathons it absolutely performs Best but it's also a shoe that I can run Well over kind of five and 10ks if the Course is right and put it over a half Marathon as well once it's on I feel Racy I feel energetic I feel Lively uh I Think it's you know it's about right in Terms of the weight durability is pretty Good on it for me and overall it's it's Just a shoe that I'm happy racing in Over the Marathon distance I'm very Excited to see what the alphafly 3 does Because if they can maintain that level Of O maybe in a slightly more Streamlined model then that'll be for The [Music] Better next up to pick their favorite

Carbon shoe it is Tom who has gone for To No One surprise the Sak and Dophin Pro 3 yes obviously uh I kind of bored I Did uh B marathon in in the in the Pro Three and it Last time I'd probably racing it was Chicago which was a year ago so when I When I was deciding what shoe to pick up I was like I don't really want to go for The pro three again I mean I've banged On about it so much last year I was Hoping that I had another shoe that that I'd use instead but I just haven't got Another shoe that I yeah I was I was Doing Berlin I was going for a PV I'm Going to pick the shoe that I'm I think Is going to do the best job and it was It's still this after after a year and a Half to people have been very critical About you being too shy and humble to Mention your PV so mention it again You've run two sub threes in this year Your first and only sub threes right so I've run two sub threes in this shoe I've run PBS in every distance um in the In the Pro three but the um in Berlin it Was two 25320 I think nice very nice and so it's A more approachable shoe than a lot of Carbon shoes it's a less dramatic ride But it is still bouncy it's very fluid With the speedroll rocker the power run PB foam is a p based foam gives you that Element of Bounce it's a nice sh you can

Actually use it for easy runs as well I Think it's fair to say it's pretty vers So they're good for every distance as Tom has proven uh but obviously the S Have released the Endorphin Elite this Year with a different foam in there it's That's a more aggressive you know shoe All round but Tom you still prefer the Pro three I tell you what I'm really Warming to the elite recently I I didn't Really like when we first started Testing it it was a bit too firm for me It was a bit too aggressive and I and I Did a couple of races in it and I just Didn't feel comfortable in it I did the Bright and half marathon and by about 15K my feet would just hurt him because They were sort of forced into a position Um which I don't get from the Pro 3 the Pro 3 just feels like a very traditional Feeling shoe that does have the bounce And the propulsion in it and the and the Turnover but since I was testing the Elite at the start I've been using it Quite a bit for part runs and things and It does seem to have softened up a bit And I'm actually warming to the elite Quite a bit at the moment I almost Decided to use it for um Berlin but I Thought it was still a bit risky because You know half marathon is very different Than a full marathon when you're when You're trying to wear an aggressive shoe Um so the pro three is still my go-to

And I can't wait for them to well I'm Slightly worried slightly scared but for The for the Pro [Music] 4 my favorite carbon plated racing shoe Is the New Balance super comp it is I Just love it it's first off it's really Comfy which hasn't been my experience of All carbon plated shoes it was really Comfy the Upper the under it's all comfy the we Used the um um sock like upper I think Far too much but this is definitely a Great example of where it should be used I find it upper really does hug uh my Foot there's not not a not a huge amount In terms of lacing because you don't Need it and my foot really does feel Secure um in that upper and and it's Just it's just really Lush underneath It's lovely Um lovely nice soft feeling that you Want I've run in it for a 5K race and a 10k race and I'm going to use it in a Half mouth and this weekend really Excited to um to put it on again to Race I've done up to eight miles in it Like um as a tempo run I'm really Excited about doing the half marathon in It generally in shoes I do prefer like a Bigger drop um like eight even 10 Millimet this is so this is lower than I Usually go for but I think I I don't Actually miss that those extra couple of

Millimeters um probably because of that Lovely roll um you you you you don't Miss that um that little bit of gradient It does give you that propulsive feeling That you want from a carbon plated shoe Um but for me the big selling point is That comfort that comes along with that So if for going longer Comfort is is a Big factor isn't it is for me anyway That's why it gets my [Music] Vote hi I'm Jane I'm one of the Run Testers and this is my top carbon fiber Shoe pick for the last few years the Only thing Nick told me is that this Shoe had to be in stock so it was just Really tough but I think right now the Shoe that I would buy overall It's the vaporfly next percent too I Love this shoe it's not the shoe I've Got my Marathon PB in but it's a shoe That I would reach for if you told me I Had to go and do a race tomorrow I would Reach for the next percent 2 I prefer it To the next percent 3 I think it's got a Kind of more aggressive rocker and it's Just feels snappier over foot underf Foot I think we said in the um next per 3 review Nike have made some changes to The shoe but it doesn't feel as Aggressive and I think on a race day you Want to feel aggressive I wore this shoe For Thea Marathon I did last October and I have real memories of kind of running

Downhill from grenwich wearing this shoe Feeling really fast and I think that's What you want on race day you want to Feel fast and I think you do in this Shoe of course there are other carbon Fiber shoes on the market I could have Picked the New Balance SC Elite V3 I Love but I think it's just the the tried And tested with this shoe I you know I Love it I've worn it for a few few races And it's just a shoe I reach for if I Feel like I'm going to if I want to run Fast in it I really feel like Nike kind Of set the precedent for carbon fiber Shoes and I think this is one of their Most impressive it's definitely more Stable than the alpha fly I've tested The alphafly I've done a race in the Alphafly for me I'm quite a Stompy Runner I'm not a particularly quick Runner and I felt constantly like I was Going to twist my ankle you don't get This in this shoe you can really trust It and Because the next perent 3 has come out I've had a quick look and you can get it For about £150 which is really great for A carbon fiber running shoe so I think It kind of pays here to shop last season It is still in stock it's still widely Available um it probably won't be in Another 6 months time but I think right Now this is the carbon fiber shoe I Reach for even though there are other

Newer snazzier brighter more glamorous Shoes on the market I really trust this Running shoe and I think it would be the One I would reach for like I say if I Had to do a race next week um so this is My top carbon fiber running sh pick Right [Music] Now okay then Nick what is your topic Well thanks for asking Tom uh probably Should mention it but Tom is visibly Very ill in this in all of these videos We've done so good well done to him for Getting through it we'll do a blooper Real anyway my pick is the vapor flight Three uh which I think is more or less The best super shoe ever made the Perfect Super Shoe the balance of weight Bounce propulsion cushioning aggression Everything is there in this shoe like I Love the bayly 2o my Marathon PB is Still in that shoe but overall I tended To prefer the alpha flies just because They're a bit bouncier bit more Cushioned but the AL 2 got a little bit Heavy I still like it but as a runner Who mostly relies on a fast Cadence and A high turnover for my running that's How I run I'm not the biggest bounding Bounciest Runner I wanted like an alpha Fly that was a little bit less heavy and All that and the vaporfly 3 sits a Little bit in between the vaporfly 2 and The Ally 2 in my opinion it's much close

To the vfly 2 I mean there are people Who say this shoe has been completely Changed I still think it is very much The vaporfly with that zoomx phone but You've got that lighter design with a Little bit less outsole to pack in a bit More zoomx cushioning and that is Noticeable I've done a marathon in the Shoe and it just feels so much more Cushioned at the end of the the marathon When running hard for me uh the way I Snap through off the hills like I say High turnover eventually I'll get a Little bit of four fo comt in the bayly 2 hasn't happened in the bayly 3 at all It's really comfortable while still Being very light very fast very bouncy And still really aggressive for short Distances like I have done a 4.8k racing This year as part of a relay and I was Bang on my 5K PB pace which was in the Bap flly 2o I think it's a terrific Shoot all around like only real fault I Have with it is the outsole being so Thin at the back and Tom you've had Problems this like you ripped off one of Those bits of rubber it's something that I've seen around in general like I've Got a bit of wear there nothing too bad Yet but that's a risk probably not going To be as durable as previous versions of The vaporfly I think it's fair to say But on performance alone I can't fault It's perfect for every distance for me

And it's my aaser going forward you yeah Where do you where where do you land in The VAP three time apart from the Outso well the outso is quite a big one For me I destroyed it after one half Marathon but uh I think I think I did Notice this the additional softness from The VAP Play 3 I I'm still on the fence About it actually I I I I I don't There's not massive difference between The two and the three But I I'm not sure I like that added Softness I was kind of I got quite used I've used the V 2 so many times for Races and things that I'm not sure if I Actually prefer the Bly 2 to the three Based on that um still think it's a Great shoe still in like my top three or Four shoes comp plate shoes but um yeah Bit on the fence with versus the b 2 Well that Al always want to look out for I think this is a bit more of a almost a Throwback to some of the early bfes Where it really was the whole durability Thing was very much on the agenda that Is the case with this one I think the v F 2 actually was a slightly longer Lasting shoe even though I love the V Fight 3 I will say if you see the vfly 2 Available for 150 quid less i' probably Pick up the two like I say my PBS are Still in the two and it's still a great Shoe so but yeah B 3 I think a really Good update and I can't really f it

Apart from that out [Music] So all right next up deliver his top Pick is Mike who I seconds ago informed He only have one shoe to choose so he Had to very quickly he picked three not Three Pi top Pi video so Mike what is Your favorite carbon well yeah after That shock I mean I definitely had some Front Runners but I think the one I'm Going to have to go with is the night Vaporfly 3 now I haven't run in the First two so this is my first experience Of this year running in a VAP IU um you Know I haven't had the best times in Terms of injuries and stuff this year But when I've got kind of fitter again I Went out a did kind of 5K race just went Out in that F 5 I it felt fantastic I Can see why people like this shoe I it's I love the fact it's nice and light the Upper works for me really nicely I I Love the kind of ride that you get from The shoe it's aggressive but I didn't Find it too aggressive for me and it you Know the the runs I have done have felt Fantastic and I'm looking forward to Doing some kind of longer races in this Shoe but the the runs that I've done in Them this year it's it was between this In the Met speed Sky Plus but I think For me in terms of just what I've had From the VAP 3 in the runs I've done This year it's just kind of edged it for

Me a little bit off it's my pick as well I love the bfly 3 now good to talk about That 5K m is that the one where you Botch 20 by how many seconds uh one Second one second basically uh but I Mean I and that's the thing for me I I Didn't really know what I had in the Locker but I I felt really really good And know I hadn't raced in the VAP shoe As I said and I just felt really good in The shoe and I can see why people love The shoe and I've I've got to experience I've done some kind of track sessions With it as well I've started to kind of Pick up a bit more mileage in it as well Too now that I can and I've just enjoyed All the runs that I've done in it and I Think you use it in the right way use it For the right session When it comes to race I think you know You're going to get a really positive Experience from it brilliant so next Year Mikey Marathon we'll see what we go Start chasing down those [Laughter] Times