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For size reference, I’m 5’7 – 140lbs

Best things to buy from Uniqlo this fall This is the flannel check long sleeve Shirt it's a lightweight yet warm Flannel with a shadow plaid printing Comes in four different colors I love This beige and black one since it goes With a lot of my wardrobe next up is the Utility Shore Blossom it's a boxy fit Jacket with a corduroy collar and two Large hip Pockets it comes in three Different colors and can easily be worn Casually with a hoodie or dressed up With some loafers keep in mind that it Does fit big I'm wearing a size extra Small this is the over shirt jacket it's A minimal easy to wear top layer made From a soft wool-like material and Features a chest pocket as well as two Side Pockets which is super clutch I've Owned a few of these over the years and They always get a ton of wear moving Forward we have the ma1 blouse and it Features similar details to a Traditional bomber jacket like side flap Pockets and a sleeve zipper it is water Repellent to help protect against some Of the elements and is super easy to Style so let me know which one is your Favorite I'll leave a link in my ball if You want to shop