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In this video, we’ll continue our Uniqlo fall clothing series with some of our favorite items. From clothes for every day to clothes to wear on dates, we’ve got you covered!

Uniqlo is one of my favorite places to shop for clothes – the clothes are affordable, the styles are trendy, and the fit is great. In this video, we’ll continue our series with some of our favorite items from Uniqlo’s fall collection. From clothes to wear on dates to clothes to wear every day, we’ve got you covered!

Best things to buy from unique Lo this Fall part two this is the windproof Fleece jacket it's made from a warm Sherp of fleece with a soft inner lining It has a high collar with a front zipper Pocket comes in four different colors And makes for a great alternative for a Bulky winter coat next is the blocktech Parka it's a water and wind resistant Shell jacket that makes for a great Affordable alternative to some of the Pricier shell jackets on the market at $89 comes in five different colors and My favorite detail is that it's super Lightweight but doesn't wrinkle easy Moving forward this is a wool top coat That fits roomy with a below the knee Length which can easily be dressed up or Down it has some great button details Throughout and comes in a few different Colors this one fits big I'm wearing a Size small next up is the seamless down Parka it's a hooded puffer jacket with a Matte finish inside zipper pockets it's Water and wind resistant and comes in Five different colors and I love the Internal pockets for your extra Belongings then there's the Corduroy Smart ankle pants they are a pair of Stretchy trousers with a crop fit They've an elastic waistband with Drawrings and comes in five different Colors I'm 57 wearing a size small in Each item and I'll link them in my bio

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