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My list for the best fall sneakers to buy in 2023 if you’re looking to upgrade your style.

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Whether you are team Nike or team Adidas Or you're looking for something Completely different you came to the Right video this is the complete and Comprehensive best fall sneakers of 2023 List so let's get into it so let's start Off with Nike and the recent release of The Supreme Nike SB dunk low in the raml Z colorways this is the black and the White uh the white obviously lends Itself to more of a summer Vibe but the Black ones are really great I'm a big Fan of them they are fetching a little Bit of a high price on the resale Market But regardless they are giving off those Sort of Harris dunk Vibes which are Obviously one of the most collectible Sneakers of all time uh but because These are a bit up there in price a Great affordable alternative to them Would be the Nike SB dunk low in the Black and gum soole colorway this is Easily one of my favorites it's very Simple of course but the price for it is Low as a result next up would be the Nike vomero 5 in my opinion this might Be the best shoe to buy from Nike right Now it's definitely one one of the most Popular one of the most trendiest and For good reason right those sort of Y2K Early 2000s Runner look is very popular Right now that's something we're going To be talking about a lot in this video From a number of different brands either

Way the Nike Vero 5 is easily one of the Most comfortable shoes on this list and I actually just picked up their latest Uh light bone colorway and the Glow-in-the-dark features on this are Really really cool so if you can get Your hands on any of them especially in That we grass colorway which is perfect For fall time you definitely don't want To sleep these are selling out really Fast as well next up from Nike is a shoe That I didn't think I would like as much Which is the Nike nocta Glide in my Opinion that commercial that they Dropped with the hand gliding I don't Know if you guys have seen it but this Has to be one of the best sneaker promo Commercials that I have ever seen it's Not the best but it was so freaking cool It looked like a scene out of like a Mission impossible movie or something Like that the shoe itself is pretty good I'm I like it the more that I see people Wearing it the more that I enjoy it and I I'm really glad that the Nike noct the Line is going in the direction that it Is uh just because I thought for a while There it was getting a little bit stale You know especially with those like Python colorways of the first uh Nike OCTA sneaker so overall I like the fact That they're sort of reintroducing these Classic '90s late '90s early 2000 Silhouettes so either way I'm actually a

Big fan of the Nike noct toide okay Let's talk about everybody's favorite New Balance there's something about New Balance in the fall am I right I think It's just the premium materials that They use they use a lot of Earth Tones The gray scale it's a big Vibe the best New Balance in my opinion to buy this Fall is the New Balance 990 V6 there are So many great colorways that have Released for these the mindful gray Which I just bought they should be on Their way uh to my house very very Shortly uh there's also the double Taps Colorway there's the action bronz and Collaborations which to me are some of The best sneakers of the entire year and The best part is that the New Balance 990 V6 is super super comfortable Definitely one of the most comfortable On this list for sizing I recommend Going down half a size I found they fit A little bit big I normally wear an Eight and 1 half in most of my sneakers So I'm going to go with an eight on These but regardless the New Balance 990 V6 is easily one of the best models Additionally they have the New Balance 860 you guys might uh be most familiar With these with their recent Al Collaborations um which really grew on Me at first they were kind of a little Bit too polarizing I wasn't sure how I Felt about them but the more that I see

Those and the more that I've seen people Style them especially throughout the Summertime it was really great they do Have some amazing gr colorways they're Specifically a black and gray version of These that I really like and they're Very easy to style you can just throw Them on with sweatpants or you know Maybe some wash black jeans or something Like that so uh regardless I absolutely Love the 860 V2 next up from New Balance Would be the 1906 D specifically in the Protection pack colorway I've had the uh Both pairs for a while now specifically I've worn the white ones I think the Most and what I love most about them is That they are very comfortable for Starters but they also have that sort of Hairy suede that just adds a a nice bit Of texture to your shoes and to your Outfit in general these are very Comfortable and I actually found that They do fit a little bit big so I Recommend going a half size down uh These are still available for purchase In a lot of places and even on the Resale Market they don't go for a ton um But if you missed out on those first Batch of 2002r protection pack colorways Then you should definitely grab these uh They are easily one of the most Comfortable and just generally all Around one of the best from New Balance Especially for some of those newer

Models that they've been reintroducing Okay so let's talk about A6 they are one Of the best Brands to buy from this year I feel like they're kind of underdogs in The game right now uh but they have a Ton and a lot to offer specifically with The 1130 this is an under $100 sneaker The clay brown color in particular is Definitely fall Ready with those Earth Tones um and of course these ones do Have that sort of retro 2000s Runner as I mentioned a number of times however I Do think that the A6 and the 11 30 and The gel Kayo which we'll talk about in a Bit definitely are the best versions of That aesthetic so if you are into that You definitely got to go with these ones Um there's also a hall Studios Collaboration of the 1130 that I think Is excellent there's a number of Different colorways of these and as you Can see they are all sort of have a Number of Earth Tones and uh suede Material so those ones are going to be Perfect for you for this season there is Also the as6 gel cono 14 which you guys Have seen collaborations from kth to J The J ones are going for so much money But the affordable alternative is Actually the kith ones because those are Going for significantly less but they Follow that same aesthetic plus it's Still a collab sneaker with a great Brand at the end of the day saying this

A lot but definitely one of the most Comfortable shoes that you can wear on This list and just The Styling Opportunity of these are endless so if You love that retro 2000s Runner these Ones you definitely got to check out Another extension of A6 would be the Onitsuka tiger Mexico 86's this is like The Tik Tock sort of trendy shoe at the Moment but I do think it's worth Mentioning because it's a really clean Look and something that I think goes Really well with outfits if you guys Didn't know onitsuka tiger and onitsuka Is owned by as6 so that's why I'm Leaving it in this category But Ultimately there's that classic yellow And black Bruce Lee colorway that you Guys have been uh seeing a lot online I'm sure and um I think that there are a Number of great uh uh colorways of these As well um but if you are looking for Like an Adidas s alternative or adjacent To that sort of look then this is Something that you guys should Definitely go for because I think it's It's pretty clean Talk Adidas Adidas is So much to offer this year such a great Brand so many good sneakers that you can Get for an affordable price okay number One that we are going to start off with Is the Adidas campus 2000 easily one of My favorite silhouettes of them from the Year these ones follow into a different

Sneaker trend of the year which would be That it's like this puffy chunky Silhouette so these are actually going To go well with a lot of your baggier Fits a lot of your bag ear pants for Example but I absolutely love the Colorways of these specifically uh the Green pair that I have I love them uh There's also this like yellowy orange Colorway that I thought looks excellent I actually saw a friend of mine wear These the other day and they looked Really really good but my advice to you Would be to get the ones with the solid Color upper and the gum sole to me I Think that those look the best there's a Number of different variations of these Now next up would be the Adidas gazelle Indoor this is around the $150 to $120 Mark so definitely still in that Affordable category a number of great Earth Tone colors to wear specifically These latest two versions of them they Almost look like an Adidas Gucci collab That you would typically see with all of The color blocking and whatnot I'm a big Fan of these I almost bought them but They were out of my size at my local uh Sneaker store regardless the Adidas Gazelle indoor has just a number of Different colorways and they are similar To the Adidas Samba and they have that Similar lowprofile slim silhouette um Which you can definitely dress up and I

Think that that is the difference Between the Adidas gazelle and the Adidas campus for example is that these Ones Because of their Slimmer you can sort of Dress them up a lot better for sure and The gazelle specifically compared to the Samba um they just have a little bit More colorful variations of these so Definitely something that can um work With your personality if you like Something more muted they got you or if You like something colorful they got you As well now similar to Adidas would be The Yeezy brand of course and the number One Yeezys to wear in the fall in my Opinion are the Yeezy desert boots I Think that the desert boot is easily one Of Kanye's best designs one of the yezy Brand's best designs So so clean I've been wearing mine a ton Recently and prices are very reasonable Uh for these they do hike up a little Bit in the fall time just because that's When people wear them the most but Easily one of the best I specifically Love that wheat colorway um it just goes With a lot of cargo pants and a lot of Olive pants that I that I typically wear Um these are very bulky as well so You're going to want to wear them with Sort of a wider fit denim in my opinion Or wider fit pants and lastly from Easy Would be the 700 in the utility black

Colorway they just did a restock of These in the resale prices have been Really dipping low uh so now would be a Great opportunity to buy them all black Colorway with the gum sole not too much To complain about these would be super Wearable um and they're very easy to Style the easy 700 is so comfortable as Well um there's a ton of boost in the Model uh so it is definitely worth it if You want something that's very stylish Very easy to wear and something that's Comfortable as well so this next Category I'm considering like the other Category which would just be a number of Other shoes from different brands that I Personally love and first up would be The Vans new school hands down the best Affordable shoe on this list I love the Vans old school I wear them all the time They are like the shoe that like sits by The door and it's a shoe that I've been Defaulting to wear it does have that Sort of puffier sort of thicker vibe to It similar to the Adidas campus 2000 um So your pants would like I have been Saying a number of times have to be a Little bit on the baggier side in my Opinion to style them correctly they Obviously go well with shorts and just Some High crew socks or something like That um they have a number of great Colorways on these Comfort on these is Super underrated these are very very

Comfortable but like I said it's the Shoe that's by the door and something That I wear all the time and these are Only $75 you really can't complain there's so Many stores that carry them definitely Highly recommend the Vans new school Next up would be the Solomon xt6 this is A hiking style shoe so of course it's Going to be great for the fall time There are a number of wearable colors I Like the little bit more brighter colors I have an orange one that I really love To wear um they go well with some olive Cargo pants uh which surprise surprise That's something I wear all the time but Saying that uh Solomon xt6 Comfort is There it's a fun different looking shoe If you guys looking for something Different than Solomon xt6 is definitely There and like I said because of the Hiking inspiration and the hiking roots Of the shoe they're definitely going to Be able to withstand all of the elements Of The Fall season especially the gortex Versions all of which you can get around $200 so um there's a lot of longevity That you'll have in the shoes with these As well there's also the Converse Chuck 70 especially in all of the Earth Tone Versions that it comes in it's kind of Like the perfect fall shoe in a sense I Mean it would almost be boring if I came On here and I said that the number one

Shoot to wear is the converse truck 70 But it kind of is at the same point Right I love how they look with some More work wear style outfits so that's Kind of how I like to style them over The years so whenever I'm wearing car Heart or you know carpenter pants or Something there I default to the Converse chuck7 for some reason um but There's specifically a brown sort of Taish colorway that's on Essence that I Really so I highly recommend you guys Pick those ones up okay so let's talk About Jordans starting off with a pair Of Air Jordan Ones now let me tell you Something if there is one shoe on this List that I recommend you pick up for The fall time it is the Air Jordan 1 Palomino this shoe I absolutely love I Have a h styling video that is out for These so if you want to see 10 outfits For the air drone run Palamino is right There in the description for you guys to Check out however it's I feel like the Shoe was made for me okay you guys know I love the mocha it is my most watch YouTube video and uh this is just like The next best thing right quality is on Point and these look great on feet and At the time of making this video they're Like hovering on the resale market for Under $200 us so you really can't Complain another Jordan model that I Think has really gone under the radar is

The Air Jordan 2 black cement I know Air Jordan 2s haven't been hitting as much As people probably anticipated but let Me tell you something these are super Super clean and they're black they're Leather um they would go per pred in the Fall time with any sort of you know dark Denim or sweatpants or caros that you Guys typically wear that I typically Wear um so the Air Jordan 2 black cement Definitely needs to be mentioned and I Can imagine that these could probably And I can imagine that these probably Might even go on sale or are super low On the resell market so if you guys are Looking for a steal and these are Probably one of your best options for Sure now to learn more about some of the Best and greatest fall fashion trends This year check this video right over There or if you want to learn about some Of the best fall Essentials clothing That will never go out of style check This video out right over here so why me Click on one of those and I'll meet you Guys there