Size reference im 5’7 140lbs

Brown flannel im wearing in the video i actually bought from Costco like 5 years ago

Abercrombie red flannel (size small):
Abercrombie grey flannel (size small):

Vintage Overshirt flannel is from:

Roots flannel bought from:

Stussy Flannel (size small):

Red Levi’s flannel (small – fits big):

Uniqlo Flannel (small):

Wrangler flannel (size small):

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Dont buy: 0:22
Abercrombie: 1:06
Style tip 1: 1:53
Vintage: 2:13
Style tip 2: 3:14
Stussy: 3:35
Style tip 3: 4:19
Levis: 4:42
Style tip 4: 5:04
Uniqlo: 5:26
Style tip 5: 5:55
Affordable: 6:25

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Whether you are using flannels as an Item to dress up for work with some Loafers or wear them casually in a more Street Wear way with sneakers I got you Guys covered because in this video I'm Going over some flannel outfit ideas Ways to style and some great brand Recommendations and make sure you guys Stick around to the end because I'm Going over my overall favor flannel to Buy right now as well as some great Affordable options so let's start with The first question which type of flannel Should you buy well I'll tell you which Flannel you shouldn't buy and that is Those Buffalo plaid red and black Checker boore flannels that you will Find at Target Walmart for example I got Nothing against those really it's more Of a personal preference but for me I Don't like those rigid horizontal in Vertical lines I feel like they don't Lend themselves to more of a style Perspective which is what we're focusing On in this video and I find they look More of like a table cloth then they do A nice good quality flannel instead what I would recommend is going for more of An ombre flannel or more of a shadow Plaid as it can be called sometimes Because I feel like there's more Intricate details to the flannel and it Just looks more pleasing to the eye There's also also two types of flannels

That we're going over in this video Which are overshirt flannels and just Regular long sleeve flannels so let's Start with overshirt so the first ones We are going to be looking at here are From Abra comia what makes this more of An overshirt is for two main reasons Number one it does have a much more Heavyweight fabric much thicker so if You do live in a warmer climate uh these May not be the best options for you However we will go with some warmer Weather flannels in a little bit um but Another detail that they have are two Breast Pockets along the front which are More typically seen on jacket sty than They are just regular long sleeve Flannels now these ones have an Interesting fit they're a little bit on The smaller size they do have a slight Crop to them so if you are in between Sizes I recommend going up a size I'm 57 Wearing a size small here and they will Run you around $80 luckily they do go on Sale all the time and the styling Options are honestly endless okay Whether you want to wear it in a more Casual way cozy way with sweatpants you Can do that or leading us to the first Style tip which is to wear it underneath A jacket okay if you have a plain or a Solid color jacket and and you want to Add a little bit more detail to your fit Throw a flannel underneath because it'll

Add a lot more texture and just give you An overall comprehensive look and add Some extra color combos for you guys to Match as well another flannel overshirt Style that I like to wear is this Vintage one from the 13 club uh they're One of my favorite sort of aggregated Vintage stores I'll be sure to link them In the description box below um but this One is a more' 7s inspired style and the Reason why I like this one is because of The distressing details that is the best Part about buying vintage garments like You see here is that you're get get a Bunch of details and styles that you Wouldn't normally get with a standard Flannel um so if you do like that more Vintage distress kind of look uh you Definitely should check out your local Vintage Shores because that's also Another great way to get an affordable Option because they are secondhand they Will typically fetch a lower price point Okay so let's transition into the more Lightweight long sleeve flannels um this One is from the brand Roots it's another Vintage style all of my Canadians will Know the brand Roots uh but what I love Most about this one is the color there's Something about a blue blue flannel that Is super wearable and the reason is Because it will go with any pair of Jeans that you own whether it's black Like you see here or a light wash or a

Dark wash pair of jeans trust me you Can't miss it will go so well with all Of those options and this outfit also Leads us into the second style tip which Is to wear your flannels over top of a Hoodie this is one of my go-tos in the Fall it looks so so good and if you have A flannel that is a little bit more of An oversized fit uh maybe it fits a Little bit too big throw a hoodie Underneath and you'll fill it out a lot Better and it's just another comfortable Fun way to style a flannel that I think Looks good with any of now this next Option that we have here is from the Brand stucy this is a great option to Add a little bit of pop of color to your Outfit as you go shopping for your Flannels you'll notice that a lot of the Times they come in more neutral tone Colors um but this Stuy one is uh pink And brown and I just love those uh color Combos but regardless uh this is a more Of a pricier option and um I love the Brand stucy so that's why I bought this Particular one but rest assured flannels Are not something that you need to spend A ton of money on because the quality on This one is very similar to the other Ones that I've mentioned in this video But regardless this one can still get a Ton of wear just because of the fact That it can be worn on its own with just A t-shirt underneath but it is also

Loose and baggy enough for me to wear it Over top of a hoodie and because this is A more lightweight option don't forget That flannels also look great with Shorts they make for a great Transitional piece for the simple fact That if you throw like a uni airm te Underneath which is super breathable uh Throw on a pair of jws or something and Your favorite pair of sneakers trust me You really can't go wrong now at the top Of the video I mentioned two different Styling options whether you want to Dress it up or wear it more of a street Wear kind of way this particular flannel Is from the brand Levis once again Another great way to add a little bit of Color to your wardrobe is with a flannel And as mentioned if you button it up or If you want to tuck it into a pair of Trousers for example wear it with some Loafers you could go for a more dressier Look that's the benefit of flannels Especially ones that are more on the Fitted side but you you could also Totally unbutton it and wear a graphic Te underneath which takes us to our next Uh style tip once again this is like a Two-parter throw graphic te underneath Okay um but one thing I will say with The graphic te is make sure it's not too Too busy for example I have NASCAR T's And they're super colorful and very busy I wouldn't want to wear those underneath

Just because it'll sort of compete with The pattern of the flannel itself um but You could easily just throw on a very Plain simple uh graphic T underneath and It'll still have a great look okay so Let's talk about this flannel this black And cream color flannel from uni guys I'm going to be honest with you not much To complain about with this flannel this Is probably the best bang for your buck On this list for $40 just under 40 bucks Uh us you can get an amazing flannel it Is lightweight so it can be worn in the Fall time um or it can be worn in the Summertime as I showed you guys uh Earlier either way styling uh options For these are totally endless uh just Because they are super lightweight my Next style tip is that you can easily Grab a flannel wrap it around your waist Okay okay with a hoodie over top and it Is a good clean sort of streetwear look It's kind of like a nod to those uh 2012 2011 Kanye days there's a guy on Instagram Viva levs that I actually kind Of like uh mimicked his style on here I Saw him style it and I'm like o I got to Throw my own little spin to this so this Is my own version of this look I Absolutely love it uh the sizing is true To size I'm wearing a size small here I'm not going to say that it's perfect But it's definitely very close and next Up we are going to be going over the

Best budget option okay this is a Flannel uh from Wrangler on Amazon okay For 20 bucks you can get a great super Warm flannel okay this material is a Little bit more on the heavyweight side Because it is fleece so this one is a Lot warmer than your standard cotton Flannel so just keep that in mind now I Know this one in particular has uh sort Of more rigid horizontal lines which I Told you to avoid but given the price Point and this particular color combo Which I absolutely love there's Something about the Olive and the black That I think just looks super clean very Masculine looking um so this one from Wrangler for the price point is Excellent um it does have a little bit More of a baggier fit to a more of a a Larger size just given the fact I think It's a a little bit more on the workware Side so if you guys are looking for some Great hoodie recommendations as well Perfect time to wear hoodies check this Video out right here or if you want to Learn about some of the very best fall Trends right now check this video right Here definitely something to learn there So what don't we click on one of those And I'll meet you guys there