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You know those like fake style hip-hop Graphics that you see on h m and wish You know you get one wash out of them And they're completely busted the Graphics broken down it's shrunk we can Do so much better than that and in this Video we are going to be looking at some Of the best places to buy graphitees the Best Brands best Styles colors you name It so let's kick off the video by Talking about the best places to buy Graphic tees this year and in my opinion You definitely got to go with secondhand Vintage stores or shops sites like eBay Grailed Etsy for example because not only are You able to find genuinely distressed Aged products that's gonna look way Better than any sort of fake Manufacturing process that a lot of These fast fashion brands are putting Through but you're also going to get Something with character and style some Of my favorites are going to be those Harley-Davidson style t-shirts NASCAR T-shirts are another favorite of mine Because of the colors and one styling Tip that I use with those types of tees Is that I always try to get accessories To sort of match the ax colors of the Shirt of all the sites so I think eBay Might be the best because you can bid on Products and you can get them actually Lower than their list of price you can

Contact the seller if you have any Questions that you want to ask them now One tip that I gotta say when it comes To buying secondhand clothing online is You need to get your measurements so What I recommend you do is get your Favorite fitting t-shirt measure the pit To pit measure the length from the Shoulder to the very bottom hem and if You want you can even measure the sleeve Length and then any decent or reputable Site is going to have measurements Posted in the listing to which you can Compare to your favorite fitting shirt And as always when it comes to thrifting Your mind second hand not only are you Helping out small businesses in your Area but you're also making it more Environmentally friendly decision by Upcycling the clothes but listen Everybody's different let's say you Don't love to buy second-hand clothes Well some of my favorite graphic tees Are from stucy and what I like most About these ones is not only do they Come in a bunch of different colors but They also have a very simple and plain Aesthetic to them that goes with a ton Of outfits Stussy also came gives a Relatively simple designs in stock so They're relatively easy to get but also They do have their more seasonal graphic Tees whether it's the Hawaii tea or the World tour tons of variation that they

Drop each and every season so be sure to Check their website often to see what They got now one place to get affordable Graphic tees one of my favorites is Abercrombie now quick disclaimer I Understand I'm contradicting myself a Little bit talking about a fast fashion Brand like Abercrombie meanwhile it's Just preaching about environmentally Conscious decisions but one thing is Important is to live life in Balance You're never going to be fully Sustainable But ultimately trying your Best I want you guys to make your own Decisions now back to Abercrombie one Thing I will say is that I love a lot of Their designs because there's stuff that I'm oftentimes interested in whether It's art or cars or sports teams and Another one of my favorite aspects about Abercrombie is they have a location at My local mall so if any time I buy Something online and I want to return it I can just hop over there and return Super easy shipping is super quick and Like I said returns are one of the best Store is actually in terms of returns so You can never go wrong with that now It's time to talk about some of my Favorite Brands which is would be a Little bit more of the premium option But trust me they're well worth it first Up is Cole Buxton now I'm telling you Right now this is by far the best

Quality t-shirt that I own in all of the T-shirts that I've ever owned okay it is A extremely heavy weight a lot of Brands Claim to have a heavyweight T trust me This thing feels like you're wearing Like a weighted blanket or something Because it's that heavyweight which is Excellent it'll run you about 110 US Dollars which is a little bit steep Um but ultimately I just love the the Direction the brand is going in and Similar to that would be represent I Picked up this four screen represent T-shirt with like that angel graphic on The back and the r in the front really Clean uh same price as the cold boxing Tea but is definitely not as good Quality Um the fit is still pretty good it has a Little bit more of a baggier fit to them I'm wearing a size medium here in both Of the teas I spent some time in New York recently and went to the amelion Door store and picked up this Countryside Market T I was really drawn To the blue with the red hits and styled It accordingly with some accent colors To sort of match the whole vibe Ultimately Alma and Leon door always Comes out with good quality stuff of Course it's very expensive I believe This one was 80 US dollars so it wasn't Terrible Um but it is definitely up there in

Price now one quick styling tip when it Comes to graphic tees is that they don't Need to be worn on their own I Understand that it's difficult to layer In the summer time and a layering Ultimately does improve your outfit a Lot but what you could do is not wear it On its own put on a zip up hoodie over Top put a flannel over top and you can Even grab the tee and wear it over top Of that long sleeve and this is a great Tip if your t-shirt is too big sometimes You buy stuff and it fits a lot bigger Than you think throw it over a long CT So let me know in the comments what your Favorite brand or style of graphic TR And if you want to check out some great Accessories to buy this year check this Video right here or if you want to see Some of the very best shoes to pick up This summer check this video right here So let me click on one of those and I'll Meet you guys there