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NATIVE DEODORANT REVIEW #NativePartner #Deodorant #AluminumFree

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Here are three must-have grooming Products for men thanks to Native for Sponsoring this video first is the Native body wash in their sandalwood and Shea Butter scent that smells sweet Woody and refreshing now one of my Favorite features is that it's residue Free it'll leave your skin feeling silky Smooth while still smelling amazing next We have the body spray in coconut and Vanilla this is a cooling light mist That dries on contact leaving you Smelling great and feeling fresh lastly We have the vanilla and Sandalwood Deodorant it provides up to 72 hours of Odor protection and it's not sticky it Feels nice and dry when applying so do Yourself a favor and get your very own Best seller pack from native now it's Normally 36 dollars but if you use my Link and discount code GT Vision 3 you Can get the deodorant the spray and the Body wash for only twenty four dollars