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Navy blue hat I am wearing in the video:
Its from my brand More Apparel.

Size reference im 5’7 or 170cm

Outfit 1: Olive hoodie & carpenter pants
???????? Olive Champion Reverse weave hoodie (size medium):
Pants are vintage carhartt double knee pants. here is a similar pair:

Outfit 2: grey zip up & camo pants
???????? grey champion reverse weave zip up (size small):
pants are vintage Mossy Oaks camo pants. Here is a similar pair:
tshirt is stussy and is sold out.

Outfit 3: grey hoodie olive pants
???????? Grey Abercrombie popover hoodie (size medium):
Olive Carpenter pants (29w 30L):
Hat is Aime Leon dore

Outfit 4: beige hoodie and brown topcoat
???????? light beige hoodie:
(similar) Brown pattern top coat (small):
Brown pants (30w 30L):

Outfit 5: green matching set
???????? Olive green Matching Set hoodie:
Olive sweatpants (size XS):

Outfit 6: Brown matching set
???????? brown hoodie (size medium):
Brown sweatpants (size small):

Outfit 7: Brown zip up and Jeans
???????? Brown Mooji Mooji zipup (medium):
(similar) jeans:
tshirt is vintage

Outfit 8: Light green hoodie and jeans
???????? Sage Mooji Mooji Pullover (medium):
Light wash jeans (29w 30l):
New balance 990v6:

Outfit 9: green utility hoodie
???????? Amulet ware carpenter hoodie (size medium):
(similar) Jeans:

Outfit 10: Affordable grey hoodie
???????? Russel Athletic Grey hoodie (size medium):
Pants: nike flyease pants, theyre sold out everywhere.

Intro: 0:00
Champion: 0:35
Style tip 1: 1:29
Abercrombie: 1:51
Style tip 2: 2:42
Style tip 3: 3:07
Matching Set: 3:38
Mooji Mooji: 4:11
Harry’s: 5:05
Carpenter Hoodie: 6:02
Affordable: 7:40

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You know those like skin tight hoodies That people wear or those weird hoodie Vests no no no no the worst the hoodie And denim jacket combo guys stop wearing These whether you're looking for your Next everyday wearable hoodie or a Hoodie style I guarantee you have never Heard of you've come to the right place Cuz in this video we are going over the Complete and definitive guide of the Best hoodies to buy right now so let's Jump into it so let's take it back all The way to the 30s with the invention of The hoodie by the brand Champion they Added a hood to a sweater to protect People from the cold as well as Seline Athletes from things like rain and snow Now fast forward 100 years later they Still make a great hoodie and for me it Has to be the reverse weave hoodie now I Like my hoodies to have certain features I like them to have a box your fit a Little bit on the bag your side I like Them to have a kangaroo pocket material Quality has to be there there has to be Some heavy weight to it and things like Draw strings are totally optional now Champion reverse weave has all those Features but they do have one thing that I really don't like which we'll get to In a minute by the way if you've ever Wondered what reverse weave even means Basically it is a manufacturing process Where they cut the cotton on the cross

Grain during production which prevents It from shrinking and makes it more Durable that's also what gives it a Little bit of that rougher feel to the Touch which I actually enjoy makes it Seem a little bit more dense of a Product if I'm being honest and they Also make some great uh zip up versions Of hoodies as well both of which have a Fleece inner lining I'm actually wearing A size small in the zip up compared to a Medium in the hoodie in the pullover um Just because I like how the zip up gives A bit of a crop to it and this brings us To the very first styling tip of wearing Zipup hoodies which is to wear it with a Graphic te underneath not only will this Allow you to add more detail to your Outfits um but it also can add a little Bit more personality right you can wear Your favorite graphic te underneath Could be a band t-shirt or something Like that now the problem with champion Reverse weave in my opinion is that There are logos on it sometimes you want A completely blank slate you don't want Any logos on it which brings us to our Next favorite hoodie style which is Abomi they have a great standard popover Pullover hoodie that comes in a number Of different colors like I'm talking Over 24 different styles including ones With patterns for example and this is Just a very simple and plain great

Everyday wearable hoodie it also has a Very very soft material to it um they Call it their soft AF fabric which is Kind of funny but the problem with the Super soft lightweight fabric is that You do get a little bit of wrinkles Along the arms um which I'm not a huge Fan of but overall it doesn't occur Unless you wear it for a long hours my Favorite color is the light heather gray I'm wearing a size medium and if you've Been watching the channel I've been Talking about boxy fig gray hoodies for A very long time and this one just goes With everything whether you want to wear It with pattern pants or just a regular Pair of jeans you could never go wrong So I'll be sure to link these in the Description if you want to shop as Mentioned they come in a bunch of Different colors and a great style tip When it comes to pullover hoodies Without logos is that you can actually Dress them up a little bit better right Having things with logos on it makes it Seem a little bit more on the tackier Side so having something that's just Nice and plain you can actually wear it Underneath a long top coat which is one Of my go-tos in the fall it's it's just A really clean and classy look something That's still very comfortable and warm And it can be dressed up but it also has That sort of Street Wear appeal to it if

You wear it with some sneakers now Another style tip with the abami popover Hoodie is to wear it as a matching set As I mentioned they come in a number of Different styles and colors so that Means that they have matching bottoms to Go with the hoodie as well right and There's something that I absolutely love About matching sets there're just super Cozy very uniform Vibe um one thing to Keep in mind is that the pants do fit a Lot bigger than the hoodie the hoodie is Of course a size medium as I mentioned And the sweatpants that I'm wearing are A size extra small like I said throw it On with some sneakers and a hat and it's Just a super super clean look another Matching set style that I highly Recommend to you guys is from a Canadian Brand called Simons they do ship to the Us as well and I got this taupe color in The hoodie and in the pants I had to get Both of them it's just a super clean Vibe they do have a nice oversiz but my Favorite detail with this one is that it Has this sort of faded look to it which I absolutely love they do come in four Other different colors as well and you Really can't Miss with either one I just Can't explain how good the quality is The weight on these is on point so if You're looking for the best matching set That I was able to find this is Definitely the one one that I recommend

The most now one brand that combines all Of these features that I've mentioned so Far in terms of quality weight the Stressing and style is a brand called Muji Muji it's a bit of a weird name but If you've been watching my recent videos You've noticed that I featured this Brownso hoodie a number of times and the Reason is because I love it so much it Has all of these great features that We've been talking about so far it has Distressing along the hood as well as The sleeves they have a really good Sun Fading process that they apply to it and Just the overall quality for the price Point is there for sure they do have a Number of different colors that you can Find on the website whether you want to Go with something a little bit more of An Earth Tone or a neutri color they got You guys covered for sure and they also Make popover hoodies I grabbed this one In this nice sage green color which I Think looks excellent with some Lightwash jeans one thing I forgot to Mention with these hoodies is that they Were actually John thrifts approved if You've seen his Tik Tok talks where he Does the hoodie hunt he recommends a Bunch of hoodies and he mentioned this One uh so if it's good for him trust me It will be good for you oh sorry Someone's knocking on my door one second Hey man I'm busy oh are you filming no

I'm driving a school bus right now jeez You're filming with your beard like that Damn is it that bad looks like it fell Off and you tried to glue it back Together H all right one sec this video Is sponsored by Harry's I've been loving Their products for well over a year now They're the perfect balance of Affordability and quality I used to buy Those deep razors that would just Destroy my face leaving behind bumps and Other nonsense but with Harry's all of Their blades are made in Germany in Their very own Factory where they've Been industry leaders for over a 100 Years after each shave my skin is smooth And smells great plus the razor itself Feels super high-end so if you want to Try out they gave me a crazy offer I Don't even know how they're making money On this using the link in my description You can get a trial set worth $13 for Just $5 trust me you won't regret it I Really appreciate your guys support Whenever I work with Brands it helps out The channel more than you guys will ever Know and shout out to Harry's for Sponsoring today's video Ah that's much Better okay so this next hoodie I Guarantee is a hoodie style that you Guys have never seen before it is from a Brand called amulet wear and it's called A carpenter hoodie now what's so special About this one is not only is the

Quality on point not only is it super Heavyweight easily the the heaviest Hoodie that I own in my collection which Is something that as mentioned I prefer But it has these mechanic Carpenter Utility Pockets along the kangaroo pouch On the front as well as on the side now When you go on the website and you see It it's sort of adverti as something That you would put tools in for example At least that's what they're just Showing in the image now I'm obviously Not going to do that but to have Something where you can throw an extra Uh sunglasses or a portable charger or Even your keys is something that's Valuable to me and not only that it Looks cool and it adds a little bit more Detail and it's a little bit more of a Talking point um for when when you're Posting your fit pcks or when you're Just chatting with somebody in person And they notice this they also just Released I believe what's called a chore Hoodie it is very pricey I have to admit I just picked it up so I will report Back and feature it in the channel um Once I receive it in hand but this thing Is super super sick and I love the fact That it's wash black just because it's That more wearable the carpenter hoodie That I showed you is this moss green Color uh which is basically like an acid Wash or a ston washed Olive now

Quantities for these are flying so do Not wait I'll leave a link in the Description as I mentioned uh so be sure To pick those up before they sell out Sizes are already flying um but yeah Definitely the best quality hoodie Featured in this video alternatively if You guys are looking for just the Cheapest option possible something that Is super affordable maybe you're on a Budget or you're a student or something I got you guys covered this is Russell Athletic you can buy this on Amazon um And it's around $20 which is excellent I Have this hoodie obviously and uh There's a number of great things about About it but also some drawbacks which I'll go over so number one is it still Has that classic boxy shape um that I Have been talking about in the video so Much it does have that good shape the Good texture everything about it is nice However they do cheap out on a few Options first one is the drawrings You'll notice that it's not like a Standard rope it's just very thin um but Who cares drawrings it's not even a big Deal most people pull them out anyways The next drawback is on the sleeves uh They are a little bit on the thinner Side and they get those like cotton Boogers or I don't even know what you Would call those but those little beads That add up um they get those relatively

Quick and it is one of those things um That after the first wash uh you know You will notice that um it starts to Pill a little bit more um but overall I've worn this dozens of times I Featured them in the videos in the past And they do the trick for sure um I do Wish that the gray is a little bit on The Lighter Side however this like sort Of medium or dark gray will do they do Have a bunch of different colors as well Uh they do have crew neck versions and Just a number of different styles um so If you guys are looking for the cheapest And most affordable option I'll Definitely link this one in the Description as well now if you guys are Looking for the best fall sneaker squar This season check this video out right Over here or if you want to learn about Some of the best the very best fall Trends if you want to upgrade your style Check this video out right over here so Why don't me click on one of those and I'll meet you guys there