We’ve racked up a lot of marathons between us at The Run Testers, and we’ve tested a whole lot of shoes, so we’re confident than in this round-up of the best marathon running shoes that we’ve picked out some great options for a wide variety of runners.

Along with highlighting the best carbon shoes for smashing your PB, we’ve also picked out some of the best value and most comfortable marathon running shoes, as well as some top picks for beginners, plus great non-plated and versatile options.

Hopefully there’s something for everyone, and you’ll find the perfect shoe for your next marathon.

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09:40 – Best Value Marathon Shoes
13:36 – Most Comfortable Marathon Shoes
19:34 – Best Non-Plated Marathon Shoes
22:46 – Best For Training And Racing

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our Roundup of the Best Marathon running shoes for 2024 Marathon season is almost upon us and Obviously lots of people are training And Racing for marathons and we wanted To give our thoughts on the best shoes Available in quite a wide range of Categories so there will be a section Obviously on the best carbon plate Running shoes for those going out to try And hit PBS but we've also got a lot of Other sections to hopefully cater to a Wide range of Runners and also budgets We'll be trying to recommend older shoes Where we can and have flagging up some Good value shoes in the best Marathon Shoes for Value section that we have Other sections we have include the best For just getting around in Comfort if You just want to complete your marathon With a shoe that protects your legs well We also have a best for beginners Section where we'll be highlighting Comfortable shoes that have a bit of Versatility and a good pcks to get you Through your first marathon we've got a Best non-plated shoes section as well For those who want to try and set a fast Time without using a carbon plate shoe And also the best shoes to train and RAC In so these are ver style all round of Shoes that you can do all of your Training in and then use them to go and

Set a fast time on race day as well They're kind of the most verse to what All round issues on the market we've got In that category so we put our heads Together and got together some picks for Each category and some of them there's a Clear top pick in our view and we'll Also be highlighting some honorable Mentions in each category and like I Said we'll also try and flag up some Good L gen shoes in each category to Hopefully offer you a bit more value Rather than always going for the latest And greatest option from each brand Obviously there'll be a little bit of Overlap between some of these sections But we hope that there is something Useful in there for you whatever kind of Running you are hopefully a pick that Would make sense and fit what you're Aiming for with your Marathon this year First up we have the best carbon plate Racing shoes these are the best options On the market for those who are going to Try and set a PB we're well into the Super Shoe era now and most Runners who Are interested in this area probably Have tried a carbon plate shoe or two by Now and really there are loads of Fantastic options on the market every Brand now has one or two carbon shoes in Its lineup whereas in the past the Nike Vaporfly was the clear pick of all the Racing shoes available now it's a lot

Closer loads of brands are very good Carbon plate shoes and actually we don't Want to overly steer you within this Section to one or the other because There are so many really good shoes and The one that feels right to you of these Racing shoes will work very well but we Do have a couple of top picks first of Which is the Nike alphafly and actually We're pretty open on the generation you Up for here I prefer the Nike alphafly 3 The latest version of the shoe Tom Actually prefers Nike alply 1 Kieran Really likes a Nike alphafly 2 whichever Of them you opt for if you pick up a Nike Alpha fly you can be pretty Confident standing on the start line of Your Marathon that you are in a shoe That will help you get a PB if you're in The shape to do so you've got Nikes very Bouncy peber based zoomx foam Under Foot With a full length carbon plate the Air Zoom pods under the forfoot that give it A little bit more pop than you get from The Nike vaporfly which has a lot of Similar features as well alphafly 3 is a Lighter shoe a slightly more Tippy Forward shoe that gives you a bit more Of a rolling gaug where there's a bit More bounce in the previous versions of The shoe alply 2 is the heaviest of them But it is very bouncy but yeah not Everyone loved that shoe as much as the Others because of that but really these

Are all excellent shoes certainly can Help you run fast marathons that would Be one option to consider certainly if You're looking at Carbon plate racing Shoe it's the Nike alphafly or the Alphafly 3 being the latest version and Then the other shoe we want to highlight In this section is a new favorite from Hoka the Hoka cell X1 this is a little Bit heavier than a lot of other carbon Racing shoes on the market but it is Still very fast very bouncy and it's got A really nice rocker that helps just Propel you along during long runs in Particular now despite the fact it is a Little bit heavier than others we've Used this shoe for some very fast runs During our training as well as long runs And it really is very impressive shoe I Wouldn't let the weight put you off Especially over Marathon distance where The extra protection and bounce you get From the Hoka will really stand you in Good stead to run a good race and be Strong in the final few kilometers of it So C X1 is a fantastic new shoe it's Certainly one that we'd want to Highlight but there are loads of Honorable mentions in this category like I said at the top like there are so many Good carbon shoes out there we just Started testing the aex metas speed Sky Paris that feels like a very good shoe a Really lightweight shoe almost the

Opposite of the hell if you want a Really lightweight carbon shoe maybe the Aex metas speed Sky Paris or Edge be the One to go for cell is the really bouncy Option at the other end of the range and Then in between there are lots of good Options including the Ally obviously the Nike vapefly is always going to be a Good pick as well the VAP fly 3 or the VAP Fly 2 if you can find that in sales Both very good longdistance racing shoes Maybe not quite as bouncy and protective As some of the bigger shoes we've Mentioned over the marathon but still Certainly good enough and protective Enough to run the marathon in my PBS in The Nike VAP Flight 2 actually as it Happens and then there's the so Endorphin Pro now Pro 4 really good shoe Came out this year certainly be want to Consider I think it's got a little bit More pop than the Endorphin Pro 3 but Actually dorin Pro 3 is a very natural Enjoyable feeling shoe to run a marathon In it's Tom's Marathon PB shoe would Definitely want to consider it's one You'll probably be able to find in sales Quite easily I think it will work for Lots of different Runners who maybe find Some other carbon shoes too aggressive Or weird feeling on the foot so that'll Be another one to look out for in General as well the sakon Endorphin Pro 3 but having tested so many carbon shoes

From so many brands in recent years Certainly would say that a lot of it Does come down to personal preference The kind of feel you like under f with a Couple of outstanding options there's Also the Adidas Pro Evo one which we Haven't tested but is now the top choice For Adidas Elites but it's very Expensive and hard to get hold of but Yeah that's another good option I'm sure If you can get hold of It When it comes to choosing a marathon Shoe as a beginner and firsttime Marathon runner you're guaranteed a PB No matter what happens so I think one Thing trumps all else and that's Reliable Comfort not just for the first Hour of the marathon but for the long Hours you're going to spend on race day And in training on your feet you want a Balance of cushion Protection Plus a Reliable stable platform to land on when You're running well and really crucially When you're running ragged with tired Form late into the Run you want a shoe That's almost going to disappear into The background and let you get on with Business and perform with consistent Comfort from that first mile to the last At some point the marathon always Becomes a battle no matter what you do And you don't want to be fighting shoes That only really work best when you're

Moving at your best with your best form And that can happen with carbon races so We've got two shoes here that we think Fit that bill best of all for beginners Now the first is a big favorite of mine Is the socony ride 17 this is a shoe That offers excellent disappearing Comfort from the moment you lace it up There's a No Nonsense design to the Heels to the tongues to the uppers and a Really smooth ride that balances Cushioned Landings with rolling response And pretty springy energy overall for a Bigger shoe it's a very easy shoe to run In across a range of Paces it's not Entirely effortless but you know exactly How each step is going to feel in this Shoe the power run plus foam midsole Provides a softness that takes the edge Off your Landings but it's not too sinky And sapping it bites back at the right Time and along with the rocker ring and Speedroll geometry you've got here you Get smooth Transitions and a happy clip Along from that rocker ring whether You're moving slow and easy or you're Pushing things slightly more Up Tempo This is a shoe that has got your back For all the different levels of Freshness to fatigue that you're likely To face in a marathon it's not the Fastest it's not the most energetic shoe By a long stretch or the in fact the Lightest but there's a reliability here

That makes it a really good Workhorse And a versatility that can handle much Of your training as well as that race Day when you need the Comfort £135 or $140 it's pretty good value too but most Of all think of this as a faithful Friend that you know will be there when You need it when things get tougher on Race day now our second top pick for Beginners is the Brooks ghost Max Another shoe with excellent fuss-free Disappearing step- in comfort and Oodles Of underfoot protection from the road Thanks to this big stack this one has a Bigger stack of soft DNA Loft version 2 Foam that's tuned medium soft to soft And it works with a rocker to help Create a kind of Easy Clip along feel at 10.3 ooun or 293 G it's about the same Weight as the ride 17 so again it's not The lightest it's not the snappiest shoe Going it's not the livelist but it's Nicely balanced there's a nice natural Roll through the midsole takes the edge Off the road as you need it to without Being too pillowy soft so you get good Protection for tired feet particularly Later into the runs without energy Sapping that comes with some softer Bigger stack shoes like the ride 17 There is is a nice wide platform to Runoff here that makes for good reliable Landings and overall good stability and The ghost Max serves up a consistent

Comfort as well and performance at £140 Or $150 it's a good value Workhorse Along with the ride 17 it will cover a Lot of your M Long training mileage as Well as the race now finally we've got a Couple of honorable mentions for shoes That you might consider here one of them Is the aex Nova blast 4 a big Max Cushion chew that offers an easy Reliable roomy fit it's quite a big wide Toebox and a pretty good balance of Cushioned Landings but some big springy Midso energy in the ride it may feel Like a bit more Sho on the foot but some Heavier Runners might find the big stack That you get with this affords more Protection over the Long Haul of a Marathon and at under 10 ounces the no Blast 4 is actually lighter than our top Two picks if you're running really well It also responds to shifts up through The gears quite nicely so if your Marathon's going very well and you're Feeling good it will respond in kind as Well as look look after you when you Kind of rock back we also wanted to Mention the pum velocity Nitro 2 and now The Nitro 3 the Nitro 2 has long been Among our favorite shoes and the Nitro 3 Offers basically more of the same here Excellent reliability a mix of soft Enough Landings good response easy fit And comfort another great good long Mileage shoe that just sits there doing

Its thing allowing you to grind in Comfort well protected the Nitro 3 is Slightly heavier with a larger midsole Stack now but it remains a shoe that's Built to handle a wide range of runs From training up to Reliable race Comfort and it's also one of the best Value shoes going at £10 or $130 it's a Great shoe to have in your locker as a Beginner Runner and a firsttime Marathoner now bottom line running shoes Are not cheap these days and if you Don't have the luxury of a running shoe Rotation where you can save one shoe or A couple of shoes for your training and Also keep something for your race day a Little bit like we all do have on the Channel then we understand and we do Know there are some options out there That you can look at it won't you know Break the bank for you and it can cover That training time but also be a shuee That really delivers on that race day When it comes to your Marathon now our Top Value Marathon shoe pick is this the P velocity Nitro 3 and we'll also Mention the velocity Nitro 2 which is The oldest shoe but also still worth Looking at and it is even cheaper more Affordable than the velocity Nitro 3 now We talk a lot about the P velocity nitr On this channel and ultimately the Reason we do is because it's a very very Good shoe it's a versatile shoe it's an

Affordable shoe that definitely performs Above its price tag now the first thing We'd say the versatility of it this is a Shoe that you can use to kind of run Long in but also it can handle uptempo Runs a big part of that is what you're Getting in this midsole it's a dual Density midsole makeup here so you're Getting P's Nitro foam which gives you That bounce that kind of more enjoyable Feel in the ride but then you also Getting a level of kind of firmer foam In here as well to give you that Protection over those longer distances As well well it's a pretty light shoe as Well for kind of a cushion daily trainer As well and on the upper side of things You're getting something that's Comfortable pretty breathable as well Too on the velocity Nitro 3 it's a Little bit more supportive in terms of Upper where it's a little bit more Relaxed and a little bit more Comfortable on the velocity Nitro to but Ultimately the ride is very similar on Both these shoes you're also getting Really strong out Sals and that's really Kind of a big thing that we've loved About pummer shoes in general the pumic Grip outsoles give you something that's Going to hold up in terms of a shoe that You're going to run a lot in but also Give that level of grip over dry and wet Conditions and help you kind of corner

Where if youve got runs and roots that Are going to be a bit more twisty these Are shoes that are going to handle that So if you are looking for a good value Marathon shoe that can cover your Training time but also be a shoe that Works really well of that Marathon Distance as well we'd say go for the P Velocity Nitro 3 or the velocity Nitro 2 If you prefer an upper that maybe feels A little bit more comfortable in places But also is a touch lighter than Velocity Nitro 3 as well too if you're Looking for some other affordable Marathon shoe options to have a look at That maybe have a slightly faster Edge To them they're definitely a couple of Shoes that we think are worth Highlighting here first being the S IND Dophin Pro three and obviously the pro Four is on the scene now but we still Think this is worth looking at worth Trying out and ultimately it's going to Be cheaper now that the Pro 4 is here as Well now the key things that makes a Great shoe you've got that carbon plate You've got a super light design here as Well you are getting kind of bouncy Power on PB and foam here to kind of Make that ride kind of enjoyable and Also give it enough protection over Those longer distances as well and You've got s speedr geometry which Really works well to kind of quickly

Transition you from Heel To Toe in the Shoe and you've got an out soole here That definitely means it can handle some Kind of training runs and those kind of Longer marathon training runs but also Is going to be something that you can Use for a marathon and maybe use for More than one Marathon as well another Shoe worth looking at is this this is The aex Nova blast 4 now the Nova blast Is kind of a bouncy cushion daily Trainer style shoe and in terms of the New Nova blast 4 it definitely has a Little bit more emphasis we would say on Getting you to run a little bit quicker In this shoe you've got a nice Comfortable kind of upper here that's Going to soak around your feet and give You that comfort those longer distances You're get a strong outso as well here To handle kind of regular runouts and Kind of go that distance that Marathon Distance but also the ride the ride is Solid it feels good as I said it maybe Isn't as enjoyable or as excitable as The bounce in previous NOA blast but Tim Me think it's going to give you that Protection and memorable enough ride to Make it a good shoot to run at that Marathon Distance there are loads of reasons why People run marathons you might be doing It because you're want wanting to get a New PB you might be trying to get a

Boston qualifier or a good for age time In London or you might be a beginner and You don't really know what to expect From the marathon so it's more of a a Test to see how well you do at that Distance and what it feels like to run a Marathon for a lot of people it's really About Crossing that finish line and for Those people the most important thing is Comfort when it comes to Crossing those 26.2 miles so there are loads of ratios Out there which are designed to really Give you efficiencies over uh different Distances they're designed to make you Run as fast as you can and give you Possible marginal gains towards uh Getting the time that you want but those Shoes aren't often designed to be very Comfortable and some of them aren't Really that comfortable um if you uh are Running that distance in them so the Shoe that we picked as our best option If you're looking to run a marathon in Pure Comfort is the New Balance fresh Frame 1080 v13 now this is an Interesting shoe uh because I've never Been a massive fan of the earli versions Of this shoe they were a little bit too Firm for me they didn't really seem to Do a lot they they didn't offer any sort Of impressive cushioning or Comfort uh And I never really got on with those Shoes this shoe is a big overhaul on the Older versions of the 108 range and the

Main thing about it is this midell foam So the um fresh Fox midell foam in here Is different than what is in the Previous versions it's significantly Softer and you can really feel that when You're out on the run it's a really Comfortable shoot to running it really Squishes the foot in comfortably really Feels like it's minimizing any impact um And it's just a lovely shoe to wear it's One of my favorite shoes for longer runs Um recovery runs easy runs all those Sorts of runs where my main focus is Just doing the distance and just feeling Like the sh on my foot is just really Really comfortable it's nice and Breathable uh and it has got pretty good Outsole on it as well so it's all in all A really good solid uh shoe to for Covering any distance in the only issue That you might have which you probably Won't have if you're running purely for Comfort and trying to cross the finish Line is that it's not particularly a Very versatile shoe and that's because That midsole is quite soft so if you are Picking up the pace in this shoe is Quite hard to do because uh it is quite Soft and it does um minimize any sort of Bounceback or responsiveness that you Would get from some shoes that maybe Have a firmer midsole but if you're Looking just for comfort and cushioning There's very few shoes that really match

This it also has a leaner stack than a Lot of Max cushions options that um People buy for softness as well so even Though um it's really soft shoe it's Actually a little bit uh smaller than What you'll find in some of the other Options that are out there other notable Mentions for shoes that you might wear If you just want to do a marathon in Pure Comfort is the uh Brook ghost Max Now this shoe is different than the 108 V13 it's a bit firmer um it's a little Bit more stable than that shoe uh and is A little bit more responsiveness as a Result I'm not a big fan of this shoe When it comes to longer distances Because I really like soft shoes but it Is a good balance um and if you're Looking for something that has a little Bit of uh softness plenty of cushioning In and a little bit of responsiveness This is a very good option and it's Really comfortable as well so uh worth a Look if you're looking for something That just a little bit fur fmer than the Super soft 1080 e13 another great option Is the Brooks Glycerin 21 the Brooks Glycerin line has long been associated With comfort and cushioning um and it's Been one of my favorite Sho lines for For quite some years um over the past Couple of generations of the shoe it has This new Nitro infused um Midol foam and It's a really nice Midol foam it makes

It uh a really good shoe if you're Looking for comfort and cushioning but It's also a little bit more versatile as Well I've actually raced in the glycerin 20 over 10 miles and I found that it was Surprisingly versatile for a shoe that Was really designed as a cushioned easy Day shoe so it's definitely a good Option if you're looking for a marathan Shoe that has got a good balance of a Nice wedge of cushioning but also um Means you can pick up the pce a little Bit uh and have a little bit more Responsiveness from some than some Cushion shoes another mention and this Is one of my favorites is the sakon Trium 21 this is very similar to the Brooks Glycerin 21 in how it delivers On The Run it's got the Fantastic poweron Plus Midol foam which has a little bit Of Bounce in it uh it's nicely soft it's Also quite balanced as well but it's Probably a little bit bouncier for me Than the glitering 21 uh it also has a Really comfortable new upper design to It and it's just a fantastic all round Shoe uh the Triumph range used to be More of a heavy cushion shoe uh but now It's become a bit more of a daily Versatile option for me this is one of The best options by far for um a Marathon distance if you want comfort And if you want to have a little bit More flexibility into maybe picking up

The pace a little bit uh because this Shoe is just very very good at lots of Different types of runs our last notable Mention is the New Balance Mo V4 this is A shoe that I talk about a lot on the Channel um I love cushion shoes this is Why I'm doing the cushion comfort shoe Section um but the new bals mob 4 is by Far uh one of my favorite ever shoes When it comes to uh just enjoyable miles It has a really wide base on it uh the Cushioning inside it is different than What's in the fresh F 1080 v13 it's a Little bit firmer but it has a lot more Of it in there so it has a lovely rocker Rolling action in it really sort of Moves you ahead nicely with this really Stable thick platform um it's just a Lovely shoe to wear if you're looking For a smooth comfortable uh ride um and It I use this for a lot of my easy runs Uh and Recovery runs and daily runs as Well when I I just want Comfort um on Out on the run so new band M4 also worth Looking At next up we have the best non-plated Racing shoes now not everyone is Completely convinced by carbon plate Running shoes we know that and if you're Just looking for a lightweight Comfortable fast shoe to use for a Marathon there are lots of really good Options now in this category and our top Pick is the Hoka Mac 6 or indeed the hak

5 so the hak 6 is the latest version of The shoe it's got a new entirely super Critical foam midsole whereas the Previous versions of the Mac had a dual Density midsole with an Eva layer Underneath both the Mac 5 and the Mac 6 Are lightweight comfortable shoes that Excel over long runs and offer enough Pace certainly to go and run a fast Marathon whilst also being protective And comfortable so your legs won't start Falling apart don't get the propulsive Punch of a plate as you would expect From these kind of shoes but you still Get a very fast shoe that really you Would be outstanding if you're looking At the market kind of 10 years ago this Would be a fantastic racing shoot cuz it Is so light and still there's lots of Foam there and lots of protection Compared to play to choose you maybe Lose a little bit but not that much I Think you can go and run a really fast Time in something like the hak 5 or six Kieran actually just ran his his 10K PB In the hak 6 so certainly a really good Shoe we consider if you're looking at a Non-plated shoe and the other option That stands out to us is the ax super Blast which technically has a stack Heite above the legal limit for Marathons CU it's 45 mm at the heel but That's really a rule targeted at Elite Using Super Shoes rather than a shoe

Like the atic super blast which is an Amazing shoe but it's not got any plates In it or anything like that it's not Something to worry about if you're going To use the AIC super blast is what I'd Say you've got a large stack mostly of A6's FF turbo foam which is the same Foam used on the previous models of the Metas speed the metas speed Sky Plus an Edge plus Racing shoes it's a really Bouncy foam it's a really big shoe loads Of protection on the foot obviously with That big high stack but it's still very Lightweight for its size and it will Bounce you along very merrily through a Marathon it's one of the most vertile Shoes on the market so you can use it For all your training as well and then Go and run on race day a really good Option it's a very expensive shoe though The super blast which is the reason it Falls down a little bit if you're Spending that kind of money you could Look at a couple of othero shoes and It's the same price as a carbon racing Shoe but certainly a good non-plated Option there are definitely some really Good honorable mentions in this category As well the New Balance Rebel version 4 We're on now is a really lightweight Comfortable shoe that's got a lot of Support and protection the latest Version of the Rebel compared to Previous models is a bit wider and has a

Bit more support that I found made it Better on the long run you've got a Midell phone made from a blend of peber And Eva that gives you a little bit of Bounce but lots of comfort and Protection under foot and it's just a Really nice lightweight shoe that's fast Like I've used it for track sessions I've used it for hard long runs and it Would be a really good option for the Marathon as well say you could also look At previous models of the Rebel they're Not quite as protective Under Foot They're a bit more narrow and Nimble Which does give them a racier feel but Might mean they're not quite as Protective deep into a marathon but yeah Any generation of the new bounc rebel I Think is a really good option to Consider as a non-plated shoe for the Marathon and we also would flag up the Pum velocity Nitro 3 here if if you're Looking at a non-plated shoe and not Really going aggressively hunting for a Fast time it's a fast shoe it will carry You to a good Marathon for sure it's Also comfortable but it's a solid Non-plated option that's reasonably Lightweight good protection nice Foams In the midle that give you a little bit Of Bounce but also protect your legs Deep into that marathon and also very Good value that's the P velocity Nitro 3 Or indeed the two we do think there's a

Lot of similarities between them and Going for the older version will save You a bit of Money and our final category is the best Marathon to use to train in and then Race in go hunting for a time in this is The allrounder category the most first Stle shoes on the market with this Category we are mainly looking at the Kind of super train in a category of Shoes that use things like plates and Foams from Brands carbon plate Racers But are designed to be a bit more Friendly for all around training so they Maybe a bit more stable bit more Comfortable have better outsoles bit More durable and the top pick in this Category which has been the top pick for A while now is a sakon endorphin speed The latest version is the Endorphin Speed 4 we' very happy to recommend Going for an older version as well s has Kept the shoe reasonably similar Throughout the generations you've got a Nice stack of power run PB foam which is A pea based foam that's not overly Squishy and unstable but does give you That little bit of Bounce got a really Good speedroll rocker on the shoe and a Nylon plate with wings that gives you a Little bit of that propulsive feel you Expect from a plate but is less stiff And more comfortable and more stable Than the full carbon plate set up on a

Shoe like the Endorphin Pro 4 endorphin Speed is one of the few shoes in the Market that you could use for a race in The morning then a recovery run in the Afternoon or the next day and it's Something I have done in the shoe it's That versatile it is very comfortable When you start running fast it gives you A performance level that is close to That of a full carbon shoe so certainly We think the outstanding option if you Want an all round for all your training And then racing you just want to use the Same shoe for everything endorphin speed Is the best shoe on the market if you're Then going to go and try and run a fast Time on Marathon day if you're not so Fast about the time on race day you Could look at a more cushion shoe but That is an outstanding pick for us then There are some other excellent uh super Trainers available on the market ad as Boston 12 is a favorite of mine it's a Really lightweight shoe with a dual Density setup that uses a top layer of Asx's Light Strike Pro foone which is The phone found in their top Racing Shoes and it's got a really nice bouncy Feeling but with a dual density setup it Is a bit more comfortable and durable And stable for relaxed runs I enjoyed Doing very easy runs in that shoe and Long runs as well at slow Paces it's got A very Nimble feel if you then are going

To go up the pace and it's a good racer At any distance really it does feel very Night and Nimble underf foot it's not Quite perhaps as uh comfortable and Stable for easy runs as the Endorphin Speed and the upper needs a little bit Of work in my opinion it's a very racy Upper which is obviously good on race Day but the rest of the time it can be a Little bit uncomfortable and hard to get In the right position but Boston 12 is Another very good allrounder shoe aex Magic Speed 3 similarly now it's a bit More lightweight and race focused on the Other two and some people might not love It for General training but I did quite Enjoy easy running in that shoe and it's Certainly got a really racy feel that is Very close to a full carbon shoe in Terms of the level of performance you Get from the magic speed hasn't got Asx's best foam in the mid sole but it's Got a lightweight design and a plate in There another really strong option and The atic superl which you mentioned in The best non-plated shoes category as Well very verstile comfortable shoe huge Slab of FF turbo foam can do any kind of Training and very comfortably pretty Durable shoe and then will be very good For race day as Well All right that is a Whistle Stop tour of The best Marathon shoes available in a

Wide range of categories hopefully there Was something there that was useful for You please dive into the comments if you Have any questions that we didn't Address in the video please do like and Subscribe ring the little bell those Things really help the channel grow and We will see you next Time