Whether you opt for the Nike vaporfly 2 Or 3 you're getting probably the most Reliable all-distance racing shoe on the Market the key feature across both shoes Is the midsole which is made from Nike's Bouncy Peter based sumex foam and Contains a full length scooped carbon Plate with this combo delivering a fast And cushioned ride running fast at any Distance there are some differences Between the two shoes with the vaporfly 3 having more foam in the midsole which Creates a softer ride that can make it More comfortable deep into a marathon in Particular it's also a little lighter Than the Vape Supply 2 but the extra Midsole foam on the three comes via a Thinner outsole and we have seen more Wear on the vapefly 3 than on the two After similar mileage the vapefly 2 will Also be a lot cheaper as is always Available in sales and some Runners Might prefer the firmer Rider has which Can make it feel more aggressive there's Certainly a case for grabbing the older Shoe on value alone but whichever Vapor Fly you pick up you could be sure you're Getting a top-notch racing