The winter has arrived here in the UK, and The Run Tester team will all be donning gloves for the majority of their runs for the foreseeable future. We’ve tested a lot of gloves between us over the years, and in this video five of the team pick out their favourite gloves that they go back to time and time again for running in cold and wet conditions.

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:25 – Jane’s Pick – Tracksmith Inverno
02:09 – Kieran’s Picks – Inov-8 Race Elite 3-in-1 & New Balance Team Knit
04:27 – Nick’s Picks – Nathan Hypernight Convertible Mitt & Montane Prism Dry Line Mitt
07:22 – Mike’s Picks – Soar Winter & The North Face ETIP
09:57 – Tom’s Pick – Sealskinz Gissing

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and in this video we're going to Be talking through our favorite set of Running gloves now a few of the Run Testers have each picked out one or two Pairs that they use regularly and have Done for a few years in many cases this Is out of all the gloves we've tested so You know you're getting a pretty solid Pair of gloves here we'll also talk About why we like them what kind of Conditions we use them for and why we' Recommend them so on to the Gloves my Goto The only pair of running gloves I Actually regularly run with every winter I swear by them are The tracksmith Inferno gloves they're £32 $32 they come In four different colorways and two Different sizes small medium and then Large extra large and I just love these Gloves they are lightweight enough that You don't have to take them off I've Never had that awful where your palms Feel really sweaty and you have to take Them off after after you warm up and Then you have to carry them and not lose One every time you get your phone out Never had that problem with these you Can comfortably wear them for the entire Run because they are lightweight they Are breathable but they're still warm in The in the winter when it's really cold They're still warm they're really soft

Against the Skin So when you're wiping Your nose maybe that's gross maybe That's just me but when you're wiping Your nose in the winter you're not going To be left with really red scratchy Marks on your face from them and they Have the tech Fingers here and and the thumb so that You can swipe up it's still difficult to Text it's always difficult to text Wearing gloves but you can swipe up and You can use your phone screen or your Watch screen with these on without Having to take them off they fit really Nicely I've washed them loads I've had Them for years I've got two pairs in Case I ever lose a pair and I just I Just love these gloves they've got the Little tracksmith logo on the wrist with These gloves luckily never lost one of These gloves cuz I would be distraught And I have bought them for every Runner I know as a Christmas present because I Absolutely love them and they've got the Little tracksmith logo on so they look Great see are my Go-to now at £45 I know you might look At the price and think £45 for a pair of Gloves you've absolutely lost your mind But hear me out for a second because This isn't just one pair of gloves it's Actually a threein one glove mitt mashup That basically covers a lot of different Levels of cold where you might have to

Have two or three pairs of gloves the Gloves are thin with a second skin fit And they can be used on their own when You need just a little bit of extra Protection so that's good for just Moving to the Autumn months but they Come with a detachable waterproof Running mitt that gives you some Optional lightweight waterproof Protection over the top for when you're Running in wet conditions or you just Wanted a bit of boosted warmth in the Cold you can also use these mits they've Got thumbs use the mits for lightweight Water protection on their own so you've Got three different options to flex now The mits have stretchable sort of wrist Loops so there's less chance of losing Them you can get them on and off pretty Quick and they're really light and Packable the mitts actually stash into a Pocket at the top of the gloves though It's not that comfy when you do that you Get a little bit of a lump here but it's Okay if you need to switch to uh just You want to run with gloves without Detaching the Ms the cuffs on these are Really nice and soft and they stay in Place they sort of hold really well There are some silicone grips on the Index fingers as well and the thumb Which is good for holding on to stuff Like running poles but overall what I Really like about these is the fact you

Can Flex up and down and use them Through various different sort of months Different temperatures so yeah that's an Option now when it comes to the New Balance team knitted gloves there's no Bells and whistles here these are just a Cheap simple but effective pair of sort Of classic sort of Woolen field gloves They they're all about that old school Kind of woen feeling Comfort they're Nice and thick but they're really Flexible unrestrictive they take the Edge nicely off all but the coldest Temperatures I wouldn't use them when it Gets close to zero I don't get enough Protection I get a bit of rain ORS so I Need more than that but most UK Autumn Winter runs they'll do a good job and You can still do stuff with them when They're on like unzip Pockets there are Also some smartphone textured pads on The swipey fingers though I still sort Of find they're a little bit hit and Miss so I always take my gloves off when I'm using them but overall nice big Thick cuffs as well they'll sit under a Jacket nice and easy and I think they're Currently on sale at under a tener so They're pretty cheap as well they're Gloves that you don't necessarily mind Too much if you lose them I lose my Gloves a lot so that's a more simple Option my first pick is the Nathan Hypernite convertible mitt gloves

Reflective the word reflective is in There as well there's too many words in The name but these are really good Gloves these are the ones that I use day In day out throughout the winter they're Pretty warm gloves I have very cold Hands I tend to get chill blaines my Hands get really cold in the winter so Even when it starts dropping below Single digits Celsius that is I pop These on and they'll use I'll use them In the kind of glove form for the first Few weeks and as it gets cold or if I'm Running into a cold wind or something Like that you can pop on the outer layer As well for that extra bit of warmth all Those reflective details on there which Will help with visibility in low light Conditions the gloves have your Classic Touch sense touchscreen working panels On the fingertips and then silicon bits To make sure your phone doesn't slip out Of your hand the moment you pull out of Your pocket and a nice soft bit on the Outside of the thumb there which you can Use to basically wipe your nose on the Run uh these are pretty warm gloves like I say they work through the winter for Me pretty much apart from when it gets Really cold if it drops below zero or Very close to zero or it's really wet I Will pop on another set of gloves I'll Talk about in a second but for the most Part these gloves will see me through

Winter I really like having that Convertible ability to them the Mitten Just feels so much warmer they cost £30 Or $35 which is regionally expensive but Not crazy expensive for something you Can use you know day in day out for a Few years and I have noticed that they Do drop in sales fairly regularly as Well so that's the Nathan hypernight Reflective convertible mits Nathan Reflective those gloves all those words They'll be a they'll be a caption my Second pick uh for gloves is the Montaine prism dryline waterproof Ms These are kind of gloves of Last Resort And that's reflected in the price cuz They are very expensive they're £70 or $90 they're almost more hiking gloves Really and how thick they are but these Are the gloves I turn to when it's Really really cold and I need to protect My hands and basically thin running Gloves aren't cutting it anymore so they Are very pricey not one I'd recommend if You've got reasonably warm hands cuz They do get sweaty but if you do have Very cold hands like me get chill blanes Just really want the Extra Protection These are fantastic option they're Waterproof they're fleece line they're Really cozy really comfy I really like Using these especially actually on Things like Trail runs where you're Especially in the winter like I go and

Run Hills in Scotland sometimes and You're coming down very steep hills and Actually you can't really run down them Cuz it's a bit icy and you're going Slowly your body temperature starts to Drop the wind's hitting you and my hands Get absolutely freezing this is the kind Of time when these gloves come in really Handy or in general when it's Subzero Very wet cold rain wind icy wind that Kind of thing I go for the nuclear Option of these very very thick very Enjoyable gloves um the free cozy they Do pack up quite easily which is quite Handy if you do find on a run that They're too warm you can also slip them On over another glove so you can wear These over the Nathan gloves I use and As an extra layer if you really need it And then take them off and pop them in a Backpack or even a pocket if you can Shove them in there so they are Expensive they are really warm they Won't work for lots of Runners but if You're in really cold conditions or have Very cold hands sometimes it's worth Investing in a really really thick pair Of waterproof gloves like this which you Can then use actually in the rest of Your life these are the gloves I use Every day uh for everything so it's not Like they're just a running glove Investment but they are very useful when It's really cold on your

Runs so three things I look for in a Good pair of R gloves first thing is They need to be small they need to be Packable and also it's a nice little Bonus if you are still able to still use Your phone and also interact with your Watch as well to through the gloves That's mainly because I like really Wearing at the first few kilometers of My run I take them off and then I want Them at the back at the end of my run When I'm all done now in terms of the First pair I'm going to pick it is these Gloves here these are the sore winter Gloves now what I like about these Gloves first and foremost they are nice And small so tick that first box they Are very packable as well whether I'm Going to put them in my jacket pockets Whether it's in the same pocket or Whether it's in two pockets but it also Fits inside my running belt as well too It's just enough in terms of that Thickness it is a kind of nice small Glove that I like and is enough in terms Of warmth but it's not overly thick Which it's not something that I would be Looking for what I also like that you do Have the ability to kind of use or kind Of interact with your phone and your Touchcreen through the kind of surfaces That you're getting or the kind of extra Grippier surface you're getting on these Gloves but ultim I think they are better

Glove designed for kind of you know you That functionality But ultimately They're small light very packable offer Enough warmth and I think they're good Enough to kind of do Long training runs Also do some kind of Sprint work and Speed work as well that's my first pick They are the saw winter running gloves So my second running glove pick are These These are the North Face etip Gloves now unlike the saw gloves that I Mentioned these are a little bit bigger They are still pretty packable I would Say if I'm taking these and I need to Put them away it's normally going in the Kind of side kind of jacket Pockets I Have as opposed to my running belt which I think they're not heavy but they do Feel a little bit bulkier in there Ultimately now what I like about these Gloves part of the fact that they are Just about the right size not too big Not too bulky I do like the fact that You get a big surface area it's really What the etip clubes about in ter in Terms of letting you interact and use Your phone if you need to use it what I Also like and what I found best with These clubes is if I want to use or Interact with my watch which obviously You know these watches now have Touchscreen displays I use the in for a 965 that has a touchcreen and these are The gloves I found work best in terms of

Interacting with my watch or kind of my Go-to watch at the moment a nice little Thing I also like is like socks I'm Really bad at keeping gloves together The Northface ones have just simple Clips you can just clip them together Chuck them in your kind of you know Drawer and they're a bit easier to find When you need to kind of locate them for That colder run so that is my second Running glove pick and those are the North Face etip Gloves My pick for gloves is the seal skins Gissin waterproof all weather Lightweight glove uh there's a lot of Words in that um they've also got Fusion Control in the title as well now these Gloves aren't necessarily running gloves What I find a lot the time with running Gloves that they tend to be quite thin It's quite cold in the UK at the moment And when I'm going for an easy run Really thin lightweight running gloves Aren't really doing the job so what I Tend to use is these pretty much all the Time when it gets really cold they're Quite thick um but they're still Relatively lean to wear uh they're not Like massive gloves uh they do a Fantastic job at keeping your hands warm They're completely windproof they're Waterproof so really good in the British Winter when it's getting really wet and

Rainy they've got a little connector That uh fits the two gloves together so You don't lose them and they've got Touch sensitivity on the fingertips and Thumb tips as well which works very well So if you you're the sort of Runner that Gets really cold hands when you're out Running especially if you're doing those Easy runs where you're not really Getting your heart rate up too high and Sweating I definitely wouldn't use this If I was doing an interval session or a Race or anything like that but for those Long easy runs in the cold definitely When I'm on bright and seafront and it's Almost storm conditions uh this these Are absolutely fantastic keep your hands Really warm um and just perfect for Everything I need also double is very Good Norm gloves as well so a lot of the Running gloves I've got I would never Use for walking around in if it was cold These ones are just great gloves that You can use for running so well worth Taking a look if you're the sort of Runner that gets very cold Hands