Hi, we’ve got a treat for you. Because we’re about to reveal the shoes that made it into our current rotations. Now if you’re a regular viewer of the channel, you’ll know that we test dozens – if not 100s – of shoes every year. So if a shoe finds its way into a Run Tester’s rotation. There’s a good chance it’s a pretty special shoe. For this video, we talk through up to three trusted shoes that we’re turning to right now to cover all our training and racing. We’ll tell you why we love them and how they suit our running, in the hope that you might find some helpful shoe recommendations that’ll match your own running needs. So let’s get into it. Here’s the best running shoes that made the Run Testers’ rotations right now.

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Hi people welcome to the Run testers and We've got a treat for you today because We're about to reveal the shoes that Made it into our current rotations now If you're a regular viewer of the Channel you'll know that we test dozens If not hundreds of shoes every year so If a shoe Finds Its way into a run Testers rotation there's a good chance It's a pretty special shoe now we've Each picked up to three trusted shoes That we're turning to right now in our Training to cover all of that training And racing we'll tell you why we love Them how they suit our running all of That in the hope that you might find Some helpful shoe recommendations that Will match your own running shoe needs So let's get into it so my current Rotation uh it's not going to be Anything particularly um exciting or Surprising for anybody who watches the Channel or if you don't watch the Channel it's not a particularly um Surprising selection of shoes but for my First one I'm still going for the Nike Alphafly 1 uh this shoe has become uh One of my favorit uh ra shoes of all Time uh this along with the S endorphin Pro 3 uh but I find that with the alpha Fly I think there's just a little bit More pop uh it's a little bit more Aggressive but I also find it to be Really really comfortable shoe so I tend

To use the outfly one for pretty much All of my main races that I do at the Moment I'm probably going to be using The S Dophin Pro for for Boston Marathon When I do it uh really because I want to Test that shoe out but also um because Uh really because I just want to test That shoe out but if I didn't have that Shoe I would go for the Ally one uh I've Used Ally one for every distance I've Used it for marathons I've used it for Park runs And it's my go-to shoe for racing and There even though I've got quite a few Other newer shoes that have come out Over the past year or couple of years Since this came out um I'm still going Back to the ALF one all the time as my Um reliable fast shoe uh just it just Has a lovely soft um base on it it's got A lovely bit of bounce on these airpods In the front uh and it's perfect for my Style of running and I'm currently Running a sub3 hour marathon and this Shoe just fits my style of running and What I want to get from a shoe over that Distance it's soft comfortable and just Makes me feel like I'm running running Faster so yeah still the Nike afly one For me when it comes to race day my next Shoe is a new one but it's not a Particularly different one from previous Versions that's the S Dophin speed 4 so Uh Speed Line has been one of our most

Popular shoes for daily training miles Um for a very very long time um they're All relatively similar the main changes Have been around the fit um and some of The geometry of the uh mids sole uh and The the upper design as well um but the Uh sofin speed 4 I've been using it uh Quite a bit recently I'm marathon Training at the moment so this fits into My tration as my go-to shoe when it Comes to uh all those sort of daily Miles but also the runs where I'm doing Um intervals where I'm doing fart Leck Anything like that where I don't want to Use Caron plate shoe I will use this uh And it is perfect for that a lot of the Runs that I do at the moment will have Uh quite large elements of them that are Run run at slow pace which for me is About 5 minute kilm and I'll probably Have 40 minutes in a run that I'm Running at that pace and then I'll have An interval SE section within it uh and Then I can really pick up the pace in The shoe so it's still a great shoe for That uh if you're going on holiday and You you've got to do lots of different Sessions and you can only take one Pro Shoes this is still one of the best Shoes that you can do for that I haven't Tested HW ma 6 or the New Balance fuel Cell Rebel V4 yet and hear they're very Good so that might once I get a chance To test those but at the moment this is

My go-to shoe that sits in the middle And really ticks off all of my training Miles which I'm doing for uh Boston Marathon my final shoe pick uh another One that's not going to be surprising if You're a viewer of this channel it's Socony Triumph 21 now this is the shoe That I use for everything from easy slow Miles uh recovery runs um but also like The S speed 4 it is quite versatile I Could use this to do intervals in I Wouldn't I'd probably go for the S Dophin Speed Most of the time but if I Was going out and maybe I wanted to Really skew towards the more comfortable Side of that run and then just throw in A few intervals into it this shoe is Fantastic it's really got really nice Soft mid soft foam um that soy Power Plus um and it just it's such a nice Shoe for uh it it veers more towards That daily shoe market now as opposed to The easy run Market but you can still Really use it for easy runs I could go Out and do a really long run I could do A marathon training session this shoe it Wouldn't feel sluggish it wouldn't feel Like it's holding me back I could go a Nice consistent Pace I could pick up the Pace a bit if I wanted to this shoe Could do it it's just a fantastic Allrounder and it's really comfortable As well it's one of the most comfortable Uh cushion shoes out there so I'm still

Sticking with the S Triumph 21 as my Easy uh day shoe as part of my current Rotation as some of you might know I've Recently had a baby so my kind of shoe Choice has really changed recently During pregnancy and just as I'm Starting to get back to running I found That I've I've always loved the super Super soft super cushion shoe and I Found I need a little bit more support Now I'm coming back and my shoe Rotations kind of reflect that I've only Picked two because I'm still getting Back into it and I'm still catching up With the new releases that happened when I wasn't running but my first pick is The an Old Faithful the New Balance 1080 V13 um I really love this shoe I've Always I've never really been a fan of The 1080 line I think I've said this in Past videos about the shoe I always Found it a little bit uncomfortable but I love this version I think it's super Soft and super plush but it still has a Good amount of support it's not got that Same kind of really bouncy really Sinking foam that you get in something Like the Nik Invincible um it's still Got a good amount of support and it's It's kind of a it is a really soft shoe But it's still a little bit firmer and I've been using this for kind of easy Miles a lot of run walking in the last Kind of stages of my pregnancy really

Really like this shoe and I think it's a Great shoe for marathon runners or Anyone looking to do a long distance has A good amount of ility definitely a Cushion shoe at heart but you can Definitely do a kind of variety of runs In this shoe and yeah big fan this is One that's still in my shoe rotation and Then the next shoe which again came out Pretty recently I wasn't in any of the Reviews because of yeah having a baby But it's the aex Nova blast it's the aex Nova blast 4 love love love love love This shoe I think it is a fantastic shoe If you're looking at kind of half Marathon half marathon Marathon distance It's really soft but it's got such a Good energy return again I've been on The fence with previous versions of this Shoe because I found that I you know I Definitely over prenate a little bit When I get tired at the lat stages of my Run and I always found like I needed a Little bit more arch support and this Seems to kind of give that good amount Of balance it's soft it's cushioned it's Bouncy it's fun you could definitely Wear it for faster stuff and Tempo Sessions but I found when I was doing Slower kind of easier runs in it it Still had a good amount of support I Didn't feel like I was unbalanced when I Was wearing the shoe and that was when I Was running when I was pregnant so I

Feel like now that I'm not pregnant I'm Really excited to do a lot more miles in It so these are two shoes in my rotation At the moment but I'm really excited to Catch up with some of the newer shoes That I guess the r testers are going to Talk about here so when it comes to Picking my running shoe rotation it's Nearly always related to marathon Training that's what I'm doing right now And when I was picking the shoes that I Would buy right now to round out a three Shoe rotation it usually has that in Mind so at the moment I'm training for The London Marathon I'm aiming for a 227 Ideally something like that for a PB I Am a pretty shuffly runner in terms of Running style I have quite a short Stride length and a very high Cadence I'm a hill Striker and fairly Lightweight Proby about 70 kilos so I Don't put that much impact into shoes Which is all related to the fact I don't Tend to go for very big cushion shoes For General easy training a lot of my Runs like at the moment I'm doing Mileage of around 70 miles a week I Think on average in this block and easy Runs I do a fair few do quite a lot of Easy running obviously but I often do Progression runs in my training weeks so To steady I don't tend to love just Using all out easy shoes and I don't Tend to find I need them because they're

Kind of midlevel cushion shoes these Days are still also very cushioned and Comfortable so I find them perfectly Fine for my easy running which is why For my easy shoe my cushion shoe Rotation I have gone for the pummer Velocity Nitro 3 which is probably a bit More of an allrounder or a daily trainer For lots of people I find this more than Cushioned enough for all my easy runs It's still got a stack kite of like 36 Mm at the heel I find it a very Comfortable shoe to use for relaxed Running I really like the out soole Which all allows me to use it for kind Of a lot of off-road running for easy Runs on fairly mild Trails like Canal Topas or like the local forest and it's Not quite so muddy as it is right now Other thing I like about it is it's a Very narrow shoe so I have a very narrow Foot I think I probably should have said About myself as a runner I have really Narrow foot I like a narrow shoe like This because obviously it fits well but Also makes it a much more Nimble feeling Shoe and like say a high Cadence run I Like the high turnover you get with a Nimbler feeling shoe like the velocity Nitro which is not exceptionally light But it is a pretty versatile shoe it's Got a bit of Bounce there if you are get To up the pace and do things like easy To steady runs or even mild Tempo runs

You can do things like fart Le sessions In the shoe really well it's pretty good All rounder but for me I view it much More as that cushion shoe that I use for Easy runs really good value shoe as well And just all around a really comfortable Enjoyable shoe that's I think easy to Recommend to people because it is just a Solid neutral base to uh found your Running on it can do everything really It's not really giving you loads of Propulsion or anything like that like Play to choose but it is comfortable and It can do a bit of everything has a good Outsole pretty durable and good value Like I say on value I would say you can Look at the velocity Nitro 2 I think That's pretty much just as good a shoe With just slightly less cushioning so Velocity Nitro 2 or three would be the Cushion shoe I would op for in my Rotation that probably won't come as any Surprise to anyone as a fan of the Channel and nether one my second shoe is The socony Endorphin speed 4 I use the Shoe as a versatile do it all trainer Like it is quite comfortable for easy Runs and Recovery runs where I'd Normally use the velocity Nitro but the Speed can do all those runs and it's got The plate in there the nylon plate the Peber foam really good speed roll rocker And it does work well for faster runs as Well like the run always comes to mind

With this shoe is that I do like an Early stage of Marathon block this Marathon block every Friday I was doing Like a steady 60 minutes which steady Pace for me it's not like Tempo it's a Little bit below that but it's quite a Fast pace it's a good effort you know Something you can sustain for a long Time but it's really nice to do it in a Shoe like the S endorphin speed which Has a really good rocker gives you that Little bit of extra punch from the plate Just makes it a really comfortable Experience to do it in that's what I Think the super trainer really means to Me is that kind of session it is also Good for faster sessions down the track And it's good for long runs as well like It can really do everything so it is the Shoe that almost makes rotations Obsolete but at the same time when it Comes to my really key long sessions and Fastest sessions I would use a carbon Plate shoe and then just for General Cruising I would use something like the Velocity Nitro because of the better out Soole and a slightly cushier more Relaxed design sitting right in the Middle of that as the Endorphin speed it Can pick up loads of sessions you know Really is a good work or shoe that That's pretty durable it is expensive And again like the velosity Nitro I Would say you could get the previous

Version of the shoe the Endorphin Speed 3 you're not really losing out at all I Think they are pretty similar in terms Of level of performance so if you can Find a deal on the older shoe I Definitely do that but I slightly prefer The fit on the Endorphin speed 4 which Has a slightly narrower fit than the Three I found anyway and that's OB good For me having talked about my narrow Foot already so yeah endorphin speed 4 Would be the second shoe in my rotation Like I say if you have watched the Channel before probably neither of those Shoes will come as much as a surprise But I have G for something a bit Different to my usual Trend when it Comes to the carbon plate racing shoe This was the hardest one for me to pick I've actually delayed my video a little Bit because I've been doing more runs in The show I have picked to see if I Really do like it that much I think There are two shoes that really stand Out here which is Nike fly 3 but the Shoe I've actually gone for is the as6 Metas speed Sky Paris which I've been Testing out lately and I think it's an Absolutely phenomenal shoe it really Hits all the high notes of a modern Super Shoe racer you've got a big stack Of foam here so it's comfortable Protective you can go long in the shoe I Did a 30k running it this morning with

Like 32k run including the warm down and Yeah just felt very comfortable Throughout you've got the plate adding The extra pot you've got the new FF Turbo plus foam in this shoe which is a Bit bouncier and softer than the phones Used on the previous metas speeds and It's super lightweight so it's 188 G in My size which is a UK 9 and like I say As a high turnover Runner I appreciate a Bit of lightness now obviously aex has Two shoes and one of them is the metas Speed Edge Paris which in theory is Aimed at me more as a Cadence Runner who Has a high turnover and the sky is aimed At the more bounding Runners but with All previous generation of the shoes I Preferred the sky haven't tested the Edge Paris yet I'm very keen to I'm sure It'll be a great shoe as well but right Now the metas speed Sky Paris is the Shoe I'm planning to use for my big Races this spring including the London Marathon I ran a 1551 Park running it Yesterday like I said did 30k today with The last 10K at my marath pace of 330 Picquet Pace done really hard sessions On the track and every single time it's Not just done the job it's felt amazing Like doesn't necessarily feel as squishy Or something like the alphafly but You're getting a really good resilient Base to push against that is comfortable Then gives you a load of bounce back

Very lightweight so at the moment it is My top carbon shoe I reserve the right To panic and change my mind and just go Back to a Nike shoe for the London Marathon in a month's time just because I've always used Nike races but I do Think this is pretty much Flawless and It is a bit cheaper than quite a lot of Carbon shoes out there as well so yeah If I was buying a rotation right now I Would look at buying the metas speed Sky Paris maybe the edge Paris if you've Preferred the edge in the past I do Really look forward to testing that shoe And pitting it against the sky because It might s better with a bit more of a Rocker design but I've always felt that The sky gives you a bit more back in Previous generations so it'll be Interesting to see with the edge but Yeah that rounds out my rotation so Velocity Nitro 3 as my easy day shoe Good outso cruising shoe quite versatile If you need it to be but generally can Have a lot of mileage on mixed terrain Suing the Endorphin speed 4 as my do all Daily trainer that can do some speed Sessions can do some recovery runs as Well if I want to use that and in General just feels great for everything And the metas speed to Sky Paris as my Racer for any distance really and then Like I say key sessions as well when I Really want that extra boost of a top

Carbon shoe instead of just the Do-it All fast super trainer ride of the Endorphin speed 4 I me is like a lot of Runners at the moment I'm training for a Spring Marathon so my shoe rotation is Around easy shoe long run shoe and Something for those faster efforts and Tempo runs so first up my easy run shoe Is the New Balance 10 V13 lucky for us 13 uh not unlucky Because this is a great shoe it's Probably the comfiest running shoe that I have ever run in you'll see a theme Throughout these three that I do Prioritize comfort and I do like a nice Soft sole and this is absolutely fits That bill um it's almost like stepping Into some slippers uh it is that comfy For me you know got enough recoil that There's not it's not sapping your your Energy it's just a lovely comfortable Shoe to run in I've been doing a lot of Um coaching couch to 5K course this um Spring winter spring and um I've been Using this on the runs that I do with Those guys as well sometimes because It's nice for going at that really Really comfortable Pace um I haven't Taken out long it to me it's more of an Easy easy everyday shoot rather than Something that I feel like I want to go Long in so what I do go long in A6 GEL Nimbus 26 actually I'm saying the 26 but I've been using the 25 and the 26 pretty

Interchangeably they are very very Similar shoes to me so if you want to Save yourself I think around you can get Around 50 Quid possibly more um off by Going for the 25 I would AB absolutely Go for the 25 I've got the 26 and the 25 uh real main difference is the grip On the 26 but as you will probably see From um this footage I've been wearing The 25 a lot particularly in those um Long rainy runs I did a 20 mile race um In andall last week and it rained the Whole way around and I wore the um 25s For that it's just it's very comfortable It Can Go the Distance and I don't Really feel any difference you know when You get to the end of a long run and Sometimes something loses that that Feeling that you had in those first Yours it's pretty reliable it feels the Same way um all the way through that run Nice I do feel like it comes up almost Almost vergin on being like a high top Around the ankle the way that it comes Up around your ankle and I quite like That um it's not going to be something That everyone suits everyone but um for Me I like that extra support around There feels good so my speed work um Tempo runs sort of thing until this shoe Came into my life I was doing mainly in The Adidas Boston 12s I found that a Good good uptempo um shoe but then Obviously the Endorphin speed for

Arrived and um it's a lot more Comfortable than the Boston 12 the Boston 12 was never never something that I put on and thought oh that's really Comfortable mainly because of the upper Whereas this one you've got that same um Pep underneath the underneath the shoe But the upper is very comfortable so I Find this really nice to wear for some Efforts uh I wore it at the weekend to Do park run but it was a park run sort Of tempo run Ran 2 and 1/2 miles there Did the park Run 2 and 1 half miles back And I really enjoyed it and it went nice And fast for me around the course um but Still does have that comfort so my Experiments now will be whether I could Actually do some longer runs in this um We'll see that but at the moment very Good for temper runs faster efforts but With a bit of comfort there too so those Are my pcks Um yeah I just like being comfortable When I go out running really so shoe Rotation is an interest one because Given what we do the amount of shoes That we get into test you're almost kind Of constantly weaving those new shoes to Test obviously into kind of your Training and it's kind of probably Replacing or is replacing shoes that you Would regularly kind of be able to kind Of turn to For Those runs where you need It and you want that kind of familiarity

In that kind of shoe experience so it's I've tried to kind of settle some shoes In this kind of marathan uh kind of Training that I've been doing for London And I have had a few issues where I have Settled I've been able to kind of return To or revert to when I have had certain Runs that I needed to do now I haven't Had any trail shoes in my rotation I Haven't done any trail running at all I've kind of Ste clear the trails and I've start kind of Road running and so That's kind of reflects my rotation now The first shoe in my rotation is a shoe That is kind of for my easy runs also For my kind of longer runs where I'm not Kind of running at my kind of quicker Pace is marathon pace half marathon pace You know I just want to go out and get That time in my leg so the shoe that's Been doing that for me in my rotation Right now is the New Balance 1080 v13 Now I've never been a massive fan of the Previous shoes but I think in terms of What you're getting in the shoe it's Much lighter it is got a good level of Cushioning I think to give you that Comfort over the kind of longer easier Runs but I do think there's quite a nice Rocker in the here as well and you know It's not massively aggressive rocker but There's another rocker where I felt with The combination of the weight of this Shoe has been nice enough for me to be

Able to run a little bit more Up Tempo In this shoe and I think when I've kind Of gone 10 around 10 miles it felt very Very good if I wanted to pick up the Pace in places I've been able to do that In the shoe and the out Soo has been Holding up very well I've got this in Two pairs and that this is the shoe that I've been using for those kind of easy Runs and the shoe you know where you Know I'm not having to run you know at My quickest uh in that kind of training Uh block so My kind of long easy day um running shoe And long run shoe is new bance 1080 V13 and then we get into kind of the Daily train is shoe which you know I Kind of Veer toward something that has a Faster Edge to it or more uptempo Edge To it now generally I have been I would Turn to the haaker Mac 5 haven't got the Mac 6 in yet but that has changed I feel Like it's changing and I feel like I've Just had a shoe that is going to replace The Mac in my rotation that is there Another New Balance shoe and it is the New Balance um Rebel V4 now I've never Run in the rebel before but this is Absolut definition of an uptempo daily Trainer you can definitely ease off in It but I definitely think it's more Geared towards you running quicker and It feels lovely to do it there's some Bounce there but it's it's controlled

And it just there's a lovely rocket in This shoe and I think for those kind of Daily Trainer I think for those types of runs Where I do want to run a little bit Quicker or kind of progression runs Where you fin you know you are going to End up running a bit quicker then this Is a fantastic shoe to do it and it's at A very good price as well which I think Is a nice added bonus so that's my kind Of currently my kind of uptempo verstile Daily Trend shoe that I would turn to And then we get into those kind of long Runs and maybe when I'm running I want To run close to my marathon pace close To my half marathon pace and I just want To put a lot of time in my legs at that Kind of pace and make sure that it's Comfortable and I'm protected over that Distance and the shoe that's really well Well for me and during the kind of all The shoes that we've had to test Marathon Super Shoes that we had to test The shoe that I've been desperate to go Back and run back in is the hawell X1 And it's just a shoe that every time I've gone out and running I felt really Good on over those longer distances There's a lovely rocker in it there's a Good level of balce so it's you know It's enjoyable to go and run longer in It but I feel like it's a pretty you Know while it is a kind of aggressive

Shoe I haven't felt like it's been too Unstable for me I just feel like I can Effortly you go and soak up some kind of Quicker longer mileage in the shoe now I Think you know maybe if IID had you know One of the lighter shoes that kind of Sit around this or things like the al53 It might be that shoe but I think this Is the shoe that I've got and this is The shoe when I've gone and tested Another kind of marathan shoe this is The shoe I can't wait to go back into And it's a shoe that I'll continue to L Kind of use my longdistance kind of Marathon pace half marathon pace um kind Of training runs and that's what I've Been using so yeah my rotation Haka SE X1 new bance Rebel V4 and the New Balance 1080 v13 now I'm currently Training hard for the Manchester Marathon with Adidas and for the first Time in a while I've got a rotation that Covers everything from long slow easy Right up to Speedy shoes 5K Pace Intervals that kind of thing now for Context I tend to prefer firmer Responsive rocket rides over big pillowy Soft Alternatives and I'm not a fan of Shoes that feel like a lot of shoe on The foot I currently weigh in just shy Of 80 kilos not quite sure what that is In pounds my Marathon Pace would be 650 Minutes per mile I've recently logged a Half marathon in 125 and a 10K in 37

Something so that's where I'm at with my Running right now now for my long slow Short slow and generally easy miles I've Been reaching for the socety ride 17 I've enjoyed these shoes a lot from the Moment I put them on I found that they Felt natural easy disappearing on the Foot and they make for a really nice Balanced shoe for moving along easy just Sort of clipping there's an airiness and Nice roominess and sort of plenty of toe Flex from the uppers your feet have some Freedom to breathe your toes have plenty Of room to wiggle they're not cramped as In the Triumph 21 the power run plus Foam midsole provides a softness that Takes the edge off your Landings when You need it for that bit of protection But it's not too sinky it bites back at The right time and along with the rocker Ring and the speed roll I think you get Really smooth transitions in a shoe that I find has Great Clip along across a Wide range of Paces they are heavier Than easy run rival shoes like the Nova Blast 4 or the New Balance 1080 v13 but I don't think they feel heavy on the Foot and I just love the easy non Nonsense ride that you get here it's Reliable it's comfortable it's Protective there's good stability it's Just a great shoe for slow and easy they Can be used as well for some of the Midpac runs too I've even bashed out at

The odd kind of fast 5k in them just to Test them but they're at their best when You're moving easy and enjoying your Running going slow with a low heart rate Quick shout out to another shoe that I Think came really close for me here for That easy cushion comfort and that was The Brooks ghost Max that's another well Balanced reliable slow Miler that I have Occasionally reached for as well so Right now for the majority of my Training miles I am reaching for the Socony Endorphin speed 4 absolutely love This shoe and since it landed it's been My first choice for a lot of my training Miles where I need to pick up the tempo Particularly so I'm doing a session that Does something like it mixes slower Miles with a warmup with marathon and Half marathon pace intervals over longer Distances even this is the shoe that I Will choose for me the speed 4 offers More of the same as the Speed 3 there's Excellent stepping comfort from a shoe That feels natural and unfussy like the Ride 17 in fact it has that easy Disappearing feel that signifies a good Shoe the ride is balanced enough to run At almost any Pace like the speed three Was there's a Snappy lightweight Cushioned ease to moving in the speed 4 What you're getting here is a winning Mix of speed protection and comfort in One happy shoe now when you get moving

There's plenty of energy from this Midsole with lots of spring there's also Bucket loads of protection from that Proly plus foam the cushions the road Without sinking too far the midsole Returns right when you need it to to get A lively Punchy feel for me this shoe Can handle almost every run and though It's closing in on the top price that You'll pay for a daily trainer that Versatility that you get here with the Speed 4 I think makes it excellent value And I'd almost argue that this shoe Could be in a higher rotation on its own Now a shout out to one other shoe that Came close for me in this role and That's the HX 6 which is another Excellent versatile daily shoe that you Might want to look at so for my fter Selection I've chosen a shoe that's only Recently burst into my rotation and that Is the aex metas speed Sky par Now before this landed I was doing my Top end training in the Coca carbon Rocket X2 mainly and a lot in the Endorphin speed 4 as well but the metas Speed Sky Paris has barged its way into My rotation very recently for when I'm Shooting for my fastest intervals and I'm considering whether or not this will Actually be my marathon Race shoe too When I race Manchester to that end I Recently did a solo Marathon distance Training run in them with 10 mil at

Marathon pace after a sixmile warmup and Then the final miles are easy and they Performed really well over that 20 6.2 The new Midol foam has great spring to It there's a nice stiffness to the ride That really adds to that feeling of Propulsion incredibly light they're Really nicely agile and precise with That punch you want from a carbon Rao I Kind of argue there's a smidge of the Original vaporfly about these shoes or At least the vaporfly 2 compared at Least compared to the bigger carbon Shoes that we've seen like the Nike Alphafly next per the New Balance SC Elite V4 So dorphin Pro 4 and if you've Been hankering after a fit that feels a Bit more strip back secure and racy Without being cramped a bit less you on The foot that is what you get here one Word of caution though they aren't very Stable when you're moving slower I had To be running with good focused form to Get the most out of these shoes I don't Think they're really going to be your Best friend at Mile 22 if your form has Gone to the dogs but for everything from Fast Track work to marathon pace Sessions I think aex has made a cracking Shoe here and it has become a welcome Addition to my rotation normally about This time of the year I would be deep in Marathon training and my shoe rotation Would be something like

Um an easy day shoe like the ride 17 or Something like that and then something a Bit more poppy like the speed 30 or four And then maybe a carbon plate shoe like A fuel cell Elite or the equivalent Super comp now or the hacker rocket to Or something like that or maybe even the Muno wave Rebellion for shorter stuff But I am not marathon training um due to A plant te and being 36 weeks pregnant And so my shoe rotation looks a little Bit different this time round Uh so at the moment the shoe is getting The most usage largely on the treadmill I have to admit and at very steady Paces Generally are these two shoes the sany Ride 17 is first up it's 259 G in my Size 7 which is a little bit on the Heavy side um but that's not so much of An issue at the moment because I'm not Trying to do Pace work um weighs so Weighs quite a lot more than the 16 Which I was a big fan of but the power Run plus foam which they've added in in The 17 gives it a nice return and some Comfort and a good ride so it's not Completely stodgy and it's got extra Cushioning um but it's not too soft um I Found the Triumph and uh a little bit Too soft and the shift a little bit too Hard um so I prefer the ride for this Kind of situation um and it's got a Great wide base it's really stable which Is perfect at the moment because

Obviously my center of Mobility is a bit All over the place um uh probably not a Tempo shoe but that's not a problem for Me at the moment so that is my kind of Go-to everyday Slug It Out the treadmill Kind of shoe my other one that's gotting A lot of usage at the moment and to be Fair got a lot of usage straight off the Back of my planter tear as I was coming Back into running and starting to pick Things up and even do some speed again Was is the Hoka MAAC 5 it's a great shoe It's really responsive it's only 205 Gram so quite considerably lighter than The salky ride 17 um again it's got a Really wide base it's soft but not too Soft and you can get some pop out of it It's got a great lock down and it's Plenty wide enough in the toe box as Well which again both these shoes I need That because when you're pregnant your Ligaments kind of stretch um and your Feet expand and so the risk of kind of Plant fasciitis and things like that is A lot bigger plus also my history so I Need something that's going to be really Kind on my feet but not too squishy and Stress them out so yeah the hook Mac 5 Um great lockdown really stable if I'm Having a bit more of an energetic day or I want to do something a bit more faster Paced in my current scheme of things Than it's the H of Mac 5 for me both of Those shoes I've run about 200 miles in

Not at the moment but overall and um There's hardly anywhere at all if any Really noticeable on the underside of Them so the grip is great still um you Know they're not breaking down which is Just a really good uh good sign I think And some really solid shoes there Regardless so that is what I'm wearing At the moment the hak 5 and the ride 7 Salony ride 17 So there you have it those are our Current running shoe rotations there's Lots of excellent shoes to choose from There we hope you found that useful let Us know in the comments what's currently In your rotations don't forget to hit Like subscribe if you're not already Maybe share this with some other Runners That you know might need some help Finding good shoes or might enjoy the Video all of that stuff really helps us To keep testing and sharing our insights On the channel so we definitely Appreciate the support if you can do it Now if you're looking for a marathon Racing shoe I'm popping a video up on The channel now that you probably need To watch otherwise it's been a pleasure Chatting shoe rotations with you and we Hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers as ever happy running people