Hey people welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re talking about the joy of socks. Running socks to be precise. No matter if you’re chasing fast marathon times or you just enjoy getting out for general fitness and feeling good, a reliable pair of running socks is an essential in your kit drawer. And while you don’t have to spend loads to get a good pair, it pays to hunt out running socks that feel great on your feet – and maybe even help ward off blisters. Here at The Run Testers we’ve tested hundreds of different socks from dozens of brands big and small. So if you want to know which tried and tested running socks we turn to time and time again, hit play for our pick of the best running socks.

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we are talking about The joy of socks running socks to be Precise now no matter if you're chasing Fast Marathon times or you just enjoy Getting out for general fitness and Feeling good a reliable pair of running Socks is an essential in your kit draw And while you don't have to spend loads To get a good pair it pays to hunt out Running socks that feel great on your Feet and maybe even help ward off those Blisters now here at the Run testers We've tested probably hundreds of Different socks over the years from Dozen of Brands big and small and in This video we've each picked our Favorites there are so many socks out There it's quite hard to whittle down That big list but if you want to know Which tried and tested running sock we Turn to time and time again you've come To the right [Music] Place so I'm going to hit you with three Of my absolute Staples really quickly The first one a brave endurance Performance socks these are a longtime Favorite of mine these are great Allround ERS I love them for the Different designs you can get there's Loads of different designs I've rotated A half a dozen pairs over the past three Years I use them to run nearly 1,800

Miles along the Danube and you can see By how faded these are that they've Swallowed a lot of miles and one of the Biggest things is their fantastic Durability but they also offer brilliant Comfort these are top socks they were on The old video I did second up I've Got The Stance performance run crew these Are some of my favorites I always choose These if they're clean I love the crew Cut but they're also just a nicely Balanced sock they're on the thicker Side overall but it's not overdone There's just lovely padding underfoot in The right places good wicking excellent Durability I definitely reach for them On longer runs while I might go for Something thinner and shorter for those Sort of shorter faster runs where I'm Using race fit shoes particularly but Overall I love these socks finally I've Got the sep reflective midcut socks sep Socks feature Stripes of reflective yarn That are stitched in to make you more Visitable when you're striding through The darkness these ones are silky snug And the padded zones on the toes on the Heels offer just the right comfy Thickness I think the lighter weave up Top also helps add breathability for Warmth without sweatiness these are Somewhat thinner and work better with Racier fitting shoes too but you still Get the Comfort underf foot now those

Three are excellent socks that I picked Out actually last time we brought you Our favorite socks last year that video Is still on the channel if you want to Go and check that they're all still Going strong in my sock lineup a year Later so thumbs up on durability and Despite having probably 150 pairs of Socks I'll often still choose those First but I've also added a few new Favorites from my testing this year and The first of those are these These are Smart wall run socks now if you're after Marino running socks smart wall has a Very strong selection though they're not 100% natural materials many of them mix Marino with other synthetic materials Like in these ones you've got nylon and Elain to give you the best of both Worlds where you get soft natural Feeling quick drying but with this kind Of stretch and durability too now one Pair from the range that I've reached For recently of the smart will run cold Wether crew a few things I love here There's lots of soft padding in the Heels and the toes what smart walkal Targeted cushioning but it's just Thicker material basically for some Added plushness and comfort now the bits That go up the legs are nice and thin Enough to sit nicely under leggings the Cuffs hold without digging in there's Virtually no seam in the toes here at

Least no rigid seam so that works to Kind of avoid irritation they dry fast They tend to stink less even if you Don't wash them every run they come in Mainly dark colors as well which are a Little more forgiving if you're going to Be running the muddy Trails now my Second edition of the sep cold weather Compression midcut another sock that Blends Marino with synthetic materials These sep socks are towards the thicker End for running socks and run somewhat Warmer which is great for the winter as Long as they don't overheat which I Found that these don't so they've been One of my go-tos when temperatures start To drop I like the close fitting feel That's really padded in all the right Places but not overweight and the mix of Polyamide wool and spandex seems to be Great offending off hot spots which is Key for longer runs the toes are Seamless too so no irritation there and The midcut collar stay put without Biting if you want a thick sock for Plush comfort and good breathable warmth Then I think these are spot on hi Runners I'm Laura I've got three pairs Of socks for you uh one cheap and two Little bit fancier um first off this is The saw ankle run sock it's um this is Red but it comes in lots of different Colors I'm not a big Marino sock person Um so this is uh synthetic lot of um lot

Of stretch in it uh it's very comfy a Lot of padding around the heel very Comfortable heel on this um it's like More than double the the thickness of The rest of the sock stays in place Running um looks nice on you've got the Little saw brand in there that the on Your on your ankle or bit higher than Ankle it's a nice sock it's £18 which Was surprising to me I was expecting Maybe to be a you know it's not cheap For a sock but I was expecting maybe a Bit more but um nice sock if you like The brand uh and you want it on your Ankle there you go there's a nice red Pair plenty of other colors second sock I have is the Brooks carbon ey running Sock this one um is as part of the Run Visible range so this is a little Reflective you can see my light is um Making that reflective in the daylight You wouldn't see that it just seem like A a dark colored sock but in the um when You're out running and you catch the the Light headlights of a car it's got that On the front and the back of your ankle So that will be picking up the light as You're running along so that's a nice Little Easy Touch there to just pull on And have a little bit of Reflectiveness um on your ankles so Comfortable sock work works fine as a Sock is it stays on your foot didn't Move about good amount of stretch um and

That is 20b so I think for you know if You think that um little lights or Little reflective straps that you might Put on your body um would cost that Themselves so there you go they have Been through the wash um obviously CU I've worn them a couple of times and the Reflectiveness still going well and Finally I have um given these socks I Mentioned before always buy these myself Um carry more ankle run socks I ran Cross country at the weekend we had to Do a um a water feature we had to cross It a a swollen river twice it was more Than ankle Deep are you going to run that sort of Race in a 20 plus sock I'm not I run in These um and then I forgot to take them Out of my bag and they were a bit not This exact pair they were a bit stinky But that's that's where I'm going to be Wearing them we're going to be splashing Through muddy puddles going through Going from my trail runs with a pair of Carry Mo socks because these are $12.99 For a pack of two actually they're not Even that much because usually if you go In sports Direct um you will get them cheaper than That they usually on some sort of offer But the the the most expensive I've seen Them priced is $12.99 for a pack of two Which works out what £650 per pair of sock um yeah I've got

Loads of them all around so they they're Easy you know they're probably not even Paired anymore because the lefts and the Lefts and the rights and the rights get Mixed up but they're cheap and they do The job and I don't get blisters with Them that's it that's all you need to Know about carry more carry more socks Definitely Ely every Runner should have At least one pair in their um cupboard So I've gone for three very much tried And tested sets of socks for my picks And the first of those is The Stance Crew sock I've been using and enjoying Stance running socks for ages now Probably over five years and I've still Got some pairs I got right at the start Of that period that are still good for Running they have stiffened up a fair Bit through lots of washing but they're Still comfortable once you get them on And start running so they are certainly Very durable socks they come with a good Guarantee to back you up on that come in A nice wide range of designs these are The Gully socks with a nice pattern They've got on them there lots of Tie-ins with TV shows and stuff like That comfortable padded dry very quickly After long runs just everything you Really want in running socks at £17 or $20 they're not the cheapest socks in The world but they are very durable and I often find you can get them for deals

Around Christmas Black Friday they're Often things that I get for other people As Christmas gifts actually so I've Noticed that then my second pick are Sports's socks I've talked about these In some race videos cuz I really like Using these socks in particular for Racing because they are really really Thin and lightweight and breathable Which is great obviously if you're going To be pushing hard especially in hot Conditions but also if you have Racing Shoes of a slightly tighter fit than Your regular running shoes it's nice to Have a really thin sock like this again There's loads and loads of designs of These I've got some Panda ones that are My particular favorite for racing but I'm not sure they're still available but There are some Stars and Stripes ones I've got there and just loads of Different designs basically they cost 17 In the UK $22 a lot of them are build as Cycling socks but I've used some of Their cycling range for running as well And they're perfectly fine but there are Also running socks on the website like I Said they're very lightweight really Good for hot runs and racing not as Durable as some other socks they are so Thin especially on the top of the sock And I've wrecked pair with a couple of Cross country races before but in General you a really good option if you

Like a very thin lightweight sock for Your running then my last pick is the Sep ultra light compression sock I use Compression socks for a lot of this year From spring into summer I had some um Slight lower mild lower leg issues Little niggles that I felt that Compression socks are helping with Probably all a PBA effect but I really Liked using them for long runs in Particular as I training to do my first Ultra distance event and yeah they're Really comfortable they're very thin and Lightweight they're not very cheap They're 8 or $60 but I've tested quite a Few compression socks at range of price Points this summer and these are the Standouts I used them for an 8 Hour 80k Run in the summer also done lots of Short fast runs in them as well and when I was using compression socks for all my Races I raced at Half Marathon distance And shorter distances in these socks as Well good supportive amount of Compression without feeling too Claustrophobic or thick or anything like That so they are really good for those Faster runs if you do use compression Socks and like to use them for your Races or training in general as well so Yeah that's the sep ultra light Compression socks I also like the Standard sep the Run socks 4.0 I think But the slightly lighter weight fabric

You get here I do prefer uh especially Using full races I am going to start my Sock recommendations with a real old Favorite theyve been going for years um I did one of this brand in our last Year's sock recommendations but I'm Going for a slightly different version This time and that is the couldn't find It um is the runderwear jewel layer sock Now you can see from the color of this That it's been through the wash quite a Few times but these are amazing they are Properly dual lay like you can pull them Apart and you think that would really Rub but actually it doesn't um there you Go um they're really durable these have Been going forever they've got no signs Of wear they've got this tab that stops From slipping down and they've just got Thick heels and thick toes and then Fairly light in the Middle with a bit of Structure along here they're just really Good socks that last for absolutely ever And don't give you blisters and are very Comfortable and you can get them in a Multi pack which makes them cheaper Hooray number two is a new brand to me This year Win I think it's pronounced u y n they Are a kind of cycling e brand I think They're based in Italy and they Specialized in circular knitted 3D Seamless garments um some of the guys From the Run testers went to see their

Factory you can see videos about that on The site as well but these are their Runners one socks um they are super Lightweight in the middle um and then They have these reinforced sections that Run just under where the laces come and Also just around the ankles and then Thicker heels and thicker toes and and Then light around the ankles here again And then a bit thicker at the top to Hold them in place um it's as I say it's A new brand to me I really like their Stuff um I've got some cycling gear with Them which is brilliant but not for this Channel obviously um and they're on sale At the moment so that is the Hinn or uyn Uh Runners one sock and finally if You're feeling Deja Vu then you are Right because this is the Bela noow Hidden hidden Contour sock um just the Bler no show sock and I recommended this Last year and you can see it's still Going strong nowhere it's still the one That I reach for every single time again I love these tabs that run around the Back because they really stop um your Socks from slipping down especially when You're wearing like race like trainers That don't have much structure around The heel it's got a really padded heel Really padded toe but it doesn't get in The way and it's just a great sock that Keeps on going they're a South African Company um they make all their socks in

Either South Africa or California and um With American thread and they do various Um different Community projects as well They work with back on my feet which Helps um homeless individuals to Reintegrate into society and help them Kind of achieve things through being Active and they work with various other Projects as well so they're a really Good company to get involved with and Their socks are just like excellent Workhorse socks that you can race in or Train in or whatever and yeah I mean These have been going strong for well Over a year and there's no way they're Going anywhere at the moment so I Couldn't help but recommend them again Finally my Whistle Stop tour of socks I've got a couple of honorable mentions If that's right I'm going to sneak in so These are the iner socks um which only Arrived two days ago so I can't really Recommend them fully because I've not Tested them for that long but so far I Really like them it's a new company to Me and they also make insoles and things These are their energy run socks they Are super super light um you can really See your hands through them um when you But they structured around again like Structured around the heels nice T have Around the back and the front so they Don't slip and you don't get rub under The tongue either so you know everything

You want from a sock the only thing I Would say is they look like the kind of Socks that you get given in one of those Bouncy castle or trampoline parks that You go to with kids so I'm not a massive Fan of the colorway um but I can get Behind the design and I think again they Have been great racing socks um because They're so light and breathable they Also reckon there's some kind of like um Net energy infrared technology going on With them in the thread I don't Understand science about that but I will Um say that they are good socks running So far and I am looking forward to Putting lots more miles in these and Then finally it's something which isn't Technically a sock it's the C um it's their compression planter Sleeve uh something which has featured Highly in my year with um planter wos And they've just been really useful they Just give a bit more support um Obviously they're not really a sock Because they don't come of your toes um But they give some great support under Your foot while you're running and you Can wear them with socks and they don't Get in the way too much or just around The house for a bit of extra support so I just thought I'd throw that in there Cuz really fit into any other category So there you have it that's our list of Tried and tested running socks we hope

That's been useful if so we'd really Appreciate a like maybe a share to Another Runner or go Full Tilt and hit That subscribe button if you're not Already subscribed that really helps us Keep testing and bringing you the best Multitester running kit advice on the Internet now speaking of advice if you Have any killer sock recommendations Help your fellow run tester viewers out By sticking them in the comments below Otherwise it's been a pleasure chatting To you and we hope to see you again soon On the Run testers happy running Everyone