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Whether you only have a hundred dollars Or less to spend or you've been working Multiple jobs like I used to do to save Up for something special I got you Covered in this video we are going to be Looking at the best shoes to buy at six Different price points so let's start Off at the first price point if I had a Hundred dollars or less to spend on any Shoe right now it would be the Adidas Samba now that might seem like a simple Or a generic answer by today's seniors Because it's so popular but it's popular For a reason it's super wearable and Goes with a ton of different styles and Looks whether it's streetwear or more Menswear casual it's a hundred dollars Retail price and recently they have come Out with a number of different colorways That add a little bit of flash of color If you want but ultimately will still go With a lot of your wardrobe for each Category I'm going to be providing Honorable mentions so honorable mentions Of course goes all to the Reebok Club C85 this is a shoe that you can buy for Ninety dollars and like I said similar To the Adidas song but a nice slim Silhouette can be styled in a number of Different ways and another great shoe From Adidas is the Adidas campus 2000 This is one of my favorite shoes to wear At the moment I love this green color as Well as the black with the gum sole it

Has a nice chunky silhouette which is Becoming a little bit of like a micro Trend right now in sneaker culture these Like puffy shoes but either way it goes Great with some bag of your pants if you Like that type of look so let me know in The comments what you guys would pick up At each category we have six in this Video I'm dying to know what you guys Taste is like so that I can help taper My videos my content towards what you Guys are into so be sure to let me know In the comments what you guys would pick For each category for the next price Point of two hundred dollars man you can Get so many good shoes for 200 I would Go retail 200 I would go with these Salomon xt6 it is a great summer shoe With all the flashes of color that they Have however if that's not your type of Vibe they have a bunch of wearable Colorways as well like this green one or All white or the All Blacks now if you Wanted to pay resell you can go on Stockx and find a ton of great shoes Like the New Balance 2002 R protection Pack rain Cloud I had no idea this shoe Has dropped so much in value this is one Of my all-time favorite shoes that I Have picked up man when I did get them I Paid up to 400 for them I had gotten it For like a good price because they shot Up to like 700 but I guess uh New Balance has been releasing them uh and

Releasing them so they've dropped down In value I literally had no idea if you Look at some of the past sales on stockx They're going for a really great price You can also get the Air Jordan one Washed black that just came out um those Are around 180 as well that is probably One of the better uh Air Jordan one Colorways to have released it has that Reimagined type of vibe to it um and There should also be a sign that the Air Jordan 1 market is sort of cooling down Because those were very easy to get Which is good if you are a fellow Air Jordan 1 collector and lover because you Know they should be easier to get which Is always appreciated and the last of The 200 range is that metallic shoe Trend that's super popular that I'm a Huge fan of the A6 gel condo 14. you can Get a bunch of those cool metallic Colorways as well and a new favorite of Mine is the New Balance 860 V2 you can Grab these uh they're on the Canadian Side I live in Canada they're on the Canadian side for some reason they're Not on the US but if you can get your Hands on these then you should Definitely pick them up for the next Price point is 300 we're getting into Some serious heat categories over here We are going to start off with the Air Jordan 3 white cement reimagine that Just came out recently this shoe is

Hovering around 270 dollars on stockx Right now and it is one of the most Iconic shoes of all time literally Without this shoe there may not have Been a Jordan brand they almost closed The line off after the two because it Wasn't very successful that being said It is such a wearable shoe whether you Wear with jeans in the fall or the Winter time or you're wearing them with Shorts and socks in the summer time it Is just so much wearability and value That you're gonna get out of for three Hundred dollars honorable mentions also Include the Air Max One patter this is Another shoe that I had no idea was Super undervalued it is going for around 250 or so dollars on stockx right now Another shoe is the Air Jordan 4 crop That is hovering around 320 350 dollars Another one of my personal favorites Super super sleeper shoe the colorway is Very wearable it has just tones of gray So regardless of when or where you wear Them they will always look good moving Forward to the next category which is The 400 range guys if you've been saving Your money I used to work two jobs I Used to have my salary job as a Marketing specialist and I was Catering Weddings to be able to afford some of my Favorite sneakers like the Air Jordan One red which at the time cost me like 600 so if this is something that you

Guys are doing 400 you can get a ton of Heat so let's start off with the similar One is the Air Jordan one lost and found This is one of the most iconic shoes of All time similar to the threes Um because of the history so the shoe Will never necessarily go down in value Just because you will always be able to Rest on on those iconic photos and the Dunk contest memories plus it looks Great on feet the Air Jordan 1 is just a Super wearable shoe some other great Shoes that you can get at this price Point are the union Air Jordan for Desert Moss which is sitting around 360 Dollars you can get these stucy Air Force One which is another Super sleeper Shoe moving on to the next category Which is 700 we did a little bit of a Jump just because eventually there's a Lot of diminishing returns I would Personally grab the Travis Scott Air Jordan one low in that new Olive Colorway it is around 690 it's becoming A little bit exhausting in terms of Those same patterns and colorways maybe But also the right colorway Um can also Revitalize the shoe I think The fragment is one of the best shoes of Like the last 10 years let's fragment One lows excellent action shoe another One is the jam New Balance 990 B3 how to Show some love to New Balance next up Would be the Air Jordan 2 off white

Which you can get around 680 dollars Moving along to a thousand dollars guys A thousand dollars this is like a fun Category a thousand dollars I obviously I know that people can't you know not Everybody can spend a thousand dollars Including myself thousand bucks on a Pair of shoes is I'd have never spent That much on a pair of shoes and what I I think I would if it was the perfect Shoe a Grail of mine is the Nike Air Yeezy two Um and I just I have this feeling that I'm gonna have that shoe by the end of The year like I really have it in the Back of my mind that I could get that Shoe and I'm working towards it but it Is gonna be one of those purchases where It's like oh for retail for a thousand Dollars I would start looking at like an LV trainer you know what I mean started Dipping into luxury because with that You are gonna get a an insane buying Experience that is gonna be unlike any Other right they come with calfskin Leather apparently it takes seven hours Of stitching for one pair of shoes so The craftsmanship is gonna be Bar None It's gonna be excellent another Honorable mention uh similar to luxury Would be the Adidas Gucci gazelle in This green colorway this is a shoe that I want so bad I want I love this shoe so So much it is like number one on my list

Of like shoes and a very expensive price Point that I want that I feel like I'm Just coming to terms of the fact that I Won't own it but you never know another Great shoe is the Yeezy 750 gray gum This is another personal Grail of mine Um so this shoe is maybe this category Is less of like the best to get at a Thousand in like more so like oh stuff That I want uh but regardless Yeezy 700 750 gray gum excellent action shoe and One that I love a lot so once again let Me know in the comments what shoes that You would get in these price categories Let's think blue skies here let's have a Lot of fun and if you want to check out Some other great shoes Um super underrated ones that are Releasing here you can check out that Video right there or if you want to Learn about some of the very best summer Fashion trends check this video out Right there so why don't we click on one Of those and I'll meet you guys there Peace