Are reimagine bread 4 is better than the Ogs since its first release back in 1989 The Air Jordan 4 bread has been one of The most iconic sneakers of all time and Even though over the last 35 years since Its first release we've had a couple Retros of the shoe they've changed up Small details but never really the Materials but in 2024 all of that Changes with the Air Jordan 4 bread Reimagined at first glance this looks Like every other pair of bread fours but When you look a little bit closer you'll Notice that they Chang the material on The upper of the shoe from new buuck to Tumbled leather and for some Jordan fans It's kind of been a point of contention They don't like they've changed up the Original sneer from its original form But I will say that the leather used on The upper of this shoe does look really Solid but really other than changing the New buuck to leather on the upper of This shoe it looks pretty much exactly The same as the original and if you're Trying to grab a pair of these they Released officially on February 17th for 215 bucks but let me know in the Comments