The comment section has blown up about this sneaker for years and let’s just say this cleaning has been a long time coming! On Today’s episode we brought in the mastermind himself to take on the Black Cat Air Jordan 4s. This cleaning tutorial will show you all of the do’s and don’ts, the possible challenges and some solid results.

These might be one of the best Jordan 4s to ever release, but man they are rising in price quick! To take on this cleaning Vick relied on the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. For the first step as always you have to take the little elements out to give them the best clean possible. Vick relies on the air compressor to remove the surface dirt, but let us tell you that you do NOT have to have a compressor to get these results.

Once the surface dust was removed we used the pretreatment to give these sneakers a quick and effective clean. The 3 different brushes and Natural Solution work as a dynamic duo to breakdown the staining and create a lot of suds to bring the nubuck back to life. Now before you even say it… Yes he said he was putting them in the washing machine ????

The sneaker was fully flushed out with the laundry system plus it not smells 100X better. One thing to note is that this material didn’t bleed; which tells us the quality of these is solid. They don’t make them like this anymore! The final touches are to pay attention to the detail to give your sneakers the best look. Using a lint shaver is 100% optional, but it helps a lot.

Finally, even though it didn’t bleed color, there was a little bit of an ashy vibe, so to recondition the materials Vick used Mink Oil. Mink Oil not only revives the nubuck, but it conditions the materials and makes them last for longer.

Let us know in the comments what you thought about today’s video and what you want us to clean up next.
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What's up everybody? Welcome back to the channel, today we get
a Shoe Care Academy going on on my set and We're going to be taking care of these Super
Beat trash Black Cat Jordan 4s from 2019. This is one of the most requested shoes to
clean up on the channel that's why we're taking Care of today! Over the last couple years the specific retro
has really skyrocketed in value and it makes Sense the 2006 retro is no longer wearable. I don't think they're going to release the
SB fours that they tease us with maybe in The future, but for now this is all we have
and we gotta take care of it, but you guys Know us we did the complete opposite we did
not take care of them. We trashed them just so we can educate you
guys on the proper way to clean up these shoes This is worst case scenario nobody's wearing
their expensive Black Cat Fours to this point We did everything to these shoes we wore them
for several weeks straight, we covered them In Grime, brake dust, dirt, mud, poured liquids
on them after that we let it sit for several Days just so we can marinate in the material
and not just be surface dust. Now it's time to take care of this mess and
get them back to brand new condition using Our RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit
let's get started. First things first as always we got to put
the left shoe to the side for before and after Purposes and next we're going to take out
the shoelace and insole to give us a thorough Cleaning separately. [Music] Alright we got the lace and the insole out.The
guys at RESHOEVN8R did a great job during The shoe I would say some of this dust is
a bit overkill it's on the insole and on the Shoe it's kind of getting in the way, so before
I grab the air compressor I'm gonna grab my Trash can and get this shoe a good Bang [Music]. For this we're gonna go to Many Worlds because
they have a much nicer compressor [Music]. [Music] We got a lot of that grime and dust
completely off the shoe it's going to make This cleaning a lot more easier. I realize a lot of people don't have compressors
that's okay you can simply use our Soft Bristle Brush spend a few minutes, dry brush the entire
shoe all around inside and outside the idea Is to get as much surface dust off that way,
so you're not pushing the dust and grime deeper Into the material. Like I mentioned we are going to be using
our Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit and I am going To put the shoe inside the washing machine.

The Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit contains all
three brushes, medium, soft, and stiff you Need all three brushes to do a proper clean. It also contains our four ounce bottle of
solution, a RESHOEVN8R towel, our laundry Bag and two shoe trees we're also going to
be using our detergent pods to give the shoe A thorough clean in the washing machine. We got our trusty mat to keep everything nice
and tidy and of course we got our Dry Rack Bowl combo to keep the brushes nice and dry
after everything's done and the container To hold the water and solution. Let's get started first things first let's
grab our shoe tree adjust to the size and Put it inside the shoe right now we have a
little bit of creasing that can help get rid Of it. Next we're going to grab our solution and
square two squirts inside our bowl of water. Solution's in place we got the shoe all prepped
ready to go the first brush we're going to Be using is our Soft Bristle Brush the idea
right now is to get the shoe super lathered Up inside and out right now we just want to
break down the grime and dust that's been Built up on this black nubuck. Thank you [Music] All done with this Soft Bristle Brush the uppers and insides Look great anytime you're cleaning up Jordan
4 make sure you take your time and get in The little Corners such as Behind these little
eyelet pieces the wings the back tab a lot Of dust in debris get stuck in those areas
so make sure you brush that stuff out. Also when it comes to the netting there's
layers to it so also spend a lot of time in Those areas now I know this is an all black
sneaker you really can't see the grime and Dust anymore however if it was a white shoe
you would see it all day long the grime is On there that's why you got to take your time
even on a black shoe to get all that stuff Out even on the insides the insides matter
just as much as the outsides a lot of bacteria Can build up in there so make sure you wash
that stuff out. Next we're going to be using our Medium Bristle
Brush we're going to go over the entire midsole And air unit to get it nice and shiny again. [Music] GGood to go with the midsole the paint job
and the air unit look shiny again so we're All done with the Medium Bristle Brush. Next brush are Stiff Bristles we're going
to go over the entire rubber outsole to get It back to its brand new black color. [Music] Good to go with the cleaning this
Black Cat Jordan 4 looks amazing now let's

Grab our towel so we can patted down dry. [Music] Alright let's put this to the side
for a second and move on to the lace and the Insole the lace and the insole are black you
can't wait to let it dirty but they are dusty And they can look a lot better than this so
real quick we're gonna grab our medium bristle Brush and get the insole a good scrub oh [Music]. [Music] [Music] All done with the pre-treatment of
the shoes lace and the insole as is they look Great the black is Back to black I could leave
it as this and finish it off here. However these shoes have been worn by somebody
here at the office he completely destroyed Them I know there's a lot of sweat and germs
inside the sneaker the best way to get all That stuff flushed out is by putting them
in the washing machine. This specific sneaker is 100% safe to put
in the wash not all black suede shoes are Safe, but the nubuck on the shoe is safe so
the idea is to put the shoe inside the single Laundry bag put them in the washing machine
with the insole and Lace as well as the detergent Pods after that we let the shoe dry and we'll
have a clean disinfected sneaker. [Music] Got the shoes out of the washing machine we
let them dry for several hours next to a fan And I gotta say this shoe looks great it's
back to being fully black all the grime and Dirt that was sitting on the suede that was
making the shoe feel really crusty got fully Washed away. The sneaker also smells good inside and out
that thanks to the single laundry system. The shoe tree also worked wonders and reshaped
this toe box nicely as I mentioned it before Nobody in the right mind is going to ever
beat up their Black Cat Fours as bad as we Did. We did that on purpose to show you guys that
our products work wonders and that the shoe Is 100% safe to put in the washing machine
as you can see nowhere on the sneaker is there Any separation also the nubuck on the sneaker
does not bleed so you don't have to worry About that if your Black Cat Fours are dirty
from average wear and tear you can get away With just using a dry brush cleaning simply
by using our soft bristle brush with no solution Go around the entire sneaker to brush off
any surface dust. You can also use a compressor or can there
to remove all the surface dust like I did It works wonders if it's a little dirtier
than that you could use our Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit it comes with our soft, medium
and stiff bristle brush between all those Three brushes and our solution you can give
this shoe a good deep clean, Pat it down dry

And it'll be back to black real quick. Before we lace it up a clear indication that
the shoe's been worn a lot are the laces on The end of both sides there's a lot of fraying
and lint going on I don't like that so real Quick with the lint shaver we're going to
shave that off. [Music] Let's go ahead and lace this shoe up and put
the insole inside, so we can do the last step. All laced up the shoe is basically done all
we have to do it use Mink Oil and our Horsehair Brush. The shoe doesn't bleed, it doesn't fade however
nubuck has a tendency of looking ashy depending On where the material is combed so real quick
we're going to spray it onto the brush brush It all around the sneaker and get a nice consistent
black [Music]. [Music] [Music] Alright guys that's going to bring
us to an end on this cleaning of his 2019 Black Cat Jordan 4s for this one we used our
Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit, our detergent Pods, our cleaning mat and our dry rack Bowl
combo to give the shoe a proper deep clean Inside and out. These shoes were completely filthy inside
and out so we put them in the washing machine However not every Black Cat 4 is going to
need that. You can use our dry brush kit and our Essential
Shoe Cleaning kit to give the shoe a proper Deep clean it all depends on the condition
of your Black Cats. Last thing we use is our RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil
to get a nice consistent black all around These sneakers you want to use this stuff
on any cleaning you do on these shoes just, So you guys know these Black Cat 4S are super
easy to clean up if you follow this video Carefully you shouldn't have any issues at
all hope you guys enjoyed this video this Is Vick Almighty I'll catch you guys next
Monday see y'all [Music] thank you [Music]