The Brighton 10k is one of the city’s most popular races. On a good day it’s an incredibly fast course boasting cheering crowds and beautiful scenery. On a bad day you can expect heavy winds, rain and lots of umbrellas.

For the Brighton 10k 2023 we managed to avoid the rain but had some pretty tough wind to deal with.

Tom and Nick took on the race wearing the original Nike Alphafly, the Suunto Race and the Polar Vantage V3.

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00:00​​41 – Brighton 10k Race Review
03:01 – Nike Alphafly
06:06 – Suunto Race & Polar Vantage V3

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Hey it is Tom and Nick here we are in Brighton I'm always in Brighton I live Here but Nick's down we've just been Doing the Brighton Brighton so this is Nice this is the first time you've been In Brighton since I've lived here So mendous occasion yeah we're down for The Brighton 10K I 10K no yes B AC Running so which is basically uh 10K Route Around The Sea front um we did Mean to do a video before the race but We forgot so uh this is our intro to the Video [Music] Hey we're back in exactly same spot Remarkable yeah yeah it's good that we Found this same location afterwards it Look exactly the same right so the Brighton and hope 10K think well it's a ridiculously good Course if it's not a 25 wind miles per Hour wind day it was M we what we did we Did a just over a k into a headwind then Had a lovely long stretch down to around Five and a half G with the wind and then We turned around horrible into the wind Till just after 9k then turned around in A ridiculously fast 800 me straight with The win so yeah it was really hard to Pace it's fair to say but I had a good Old day I ran R A 338 first in a while And yeah that PB for 10K 30 30 well That's pretty good goodness in the win Today yeah I think I might have been I

Would probably in quite people shape but Like yeah I did did like a 16 12 out and Then we did three 330s into the wind Held it there then like a 303 down the Down the wind but you told me you race Yesterday so it wasn't such a big big I Race yesterday I'm in bits today Normally after I race a half marathon or 10K my legs are fine but I'm absolutely Wrecked I could B probably yesterday I Don't know what's wrong with me probably Just not very fit that's probably is it Yeah well you did a decent half Yesterday 125 yeah yeah I'm going to be Doing the video of that lat later as Well might before this here this lovely Sport yeah lovely perfect Um right yeah so uh well I basically Jogged it but it is a nice little course Isn't it I mean there few here isn't it So I'd like to come back and I like the Fact it wasn't straight out of B that Little dog leg just gives you something To aim for before the finish the Difference with this one is you have the Bright and 10K which is part of the Bright and Marathon Festival that's a Really good one okay uh this one is a Really good one most of them don't use The Roop so they only use the sea and Those ones aren't are not as good they Have to be laps so road is good so this Is this is probably just the best second Best one in Brighton I'd say yeah just

November is risky I mean you hear to see Behind us it is absolutely it's crazy The wi and it was directly at our back And Direct in our face pretty much so um But I did I I raced I got my PB here Three or four weeks ago and it was Beautiful no wind at all absolutely but That's very rare yeah don't don't plan On come down and get PB if you want to Do this race next year it was good field As well because into counties today so Good people to run with good groups yeah Good okay then let's talk about kit Yes well well uh we we decided it's fun To do a throwback today and get out the OG Al flies uh the pair I bought for the Berlin Marathon then didn't use the Berlin Marathon so I've been using them A bit recently in training and uh They're just brilliant aren't they They're really are very very good I Nick Says bringing them out retirement They're basically my main ratio at the Moment so I constantly us them but I I Think I definitely I remember we did a Lot of videos where I was always like The vapor fly is my favorite Al second Al is first the vly for me every so the Thing is like it is it is light you know Considering the batch of shoes that came Out afterward like the 3 and the Alpha 2 Are a lot heavier than it Alp 3 coming That's why I want to get it out because Alp 3 is coming hopefully soonish and I

Think that'll be back probably to a Similar weight to the AL one but uh it's Just it's so bouncy so today just you Know gliding With the Wind bounce bounce Bounce and then when you pick it up or You're Charing giv you that extra bit of Boost and propulsion compared to some of The I do like the very um the Lightweight higher drop kind of bfly Salamon X hand they're much more you Know easier to turn the legs over cuz They're very lightweight and kind of Ticky forward whereas the AL is bit more Booming bounce but it is it's pretty Special like I mean I don't can't say For sure the AL is definitely not I've Not tried I'm going to get the AL 2 when It comes in the Black Friday sales it's Good the al2 but it's much bigger and Much more like INR you're bouncing along But it's not got that Nimble Edge you Suddenly want a kick like today with the Wind like with the group obviously You're sitting behind it and then you go I should probably do a stick in the Front here and picking up the pace a Little bit you know is it's okay in the AL one and the AL 2 is not so easy I Think so yeah it's fantastic too I have An absolute blast using it I've been Yeah I've been enjoying using train Lately well I was I did the um baty ha In the turn on that doing hold it for a Bit oh yeah you hold

It so when I I did the baty half in the Hot X2 it's the first time I've done a Half marathon race in the X2 yeah and The difference in the feel of that shoe Against the Al flly it's just ridiculous It's you feel that padding but I love That P yeah the rock is a good shoe but It just doesn't have that they they fit A lot of foam here it's really is Positive like and it almost feels like The apple and B Ming together a bit 3 Was also very springy but um yeah I yeah I loved it today um I think it's it's Hard to say that everything was better In the years since and it's back in it's Now available again for back Friday at The moment but not really reduced Anything that is I don't know shoe That's been in theory made two years ago I know and then you've also got if the New if the new one does come out when It's meant to come out next year yeah Two is going to become a bit Cheaper what does that mean the one's Going going down well just not available Clear the decks now that's the problem Yeah maybe maybe I pick one up maybe get One more pair yeah I mean mine were 100 Quid on eBay yeah year ago you know eBay Certified so if they are fake they Deliver so that's well my friend bought Some and they definitely Were anything else T what watch I've got Story about watches but you just of your

Phoenix aren't you Phoenix aren good 10 10K distance on but absolutely bang on Always is always is yeah it's brilliant So I had two today sunto race and the Polar Vantage V3 OB two new exciting Race watches suto race has been Absolutely brilliant in testing I've Loved it and it was about to give it the Most glowing review crashed today turn Itself turn itself off out of the theity About 5k just looked down and was back In the home like what Earth so that's Really bad cuz really good the full Review yet no no it's coming and that's B time I'm on my second po Advantage V The three because the first one uh just Screen gled out and broke but today it Was brilliant you know ran 10.09 Something like that all the lp markers Pretty much bang on easy to Pace with it So the polar which you know hasn't been As good as the sunto in testing in General I'm not going to lie GPS Everything really had a better day I Can't believe the sunto crashed so Actually I've warn these both these Watch two races now both of them been Brilliant in training first race play The GPS went banana got an incredible GPS track show on the video at some Point second race soon just crashed so But I really like they're finally I Think really know catching up a garment Really closing the game you and then it

Comes to it and before the in in the Space of you know the 3 weeks of testing They've both crashed or messed up in a Race like come on so Frustrating definitely you are very Frustrated AR it's just like I don't It's a hard thing to doing the review Now it's been a brilliant watch on the Day it mattered the most it crashed and I I wouldn't have had any record of the Raceway anything else anything positive That you tested well I I'll give some Positive for the same actually will say On the mark it was tracking it was back On but Advantage was great and Everything else today was just my usual Kit really some s kit um put be on a Cloud a little cool down at a minute Before I drive all way back to London I'm testing my Brighton Phoenix c yeah She says very hot uh it actually wasn't Too bad I think I was just get I'm Wearing a lot of clothes today you are It was so warm in the first half of the Race you must have been I'm double Layered with but this SEI top is really Warm that's that's not a base layer it's Like a top layer yeah I'm I love that Top good job I wasn't rting today I Would have pass well I I got quite first Half with the wind my hat was like Filling with sweat going actually as Quite sweaty now um yeah take let's go Yeah I know it's going to be cold when

We turn around but I'm really glad I Didn't wear a basement I was going to Wear the St Race Face we'll talk about Soon which is really a face L for the Winter but didn't be there today I think It's probably time we go now cuz uh yeah I'm got to drive all the way home yeah I I'm go P well thanks a lot for watching cheers Guys Al on you see in the sale maybe We're him catch you next Time