Hi people, welcome to The Run Testers and our first run look at the new Brooks Glycerin 21. This an easy day and daily trainer that Brooks says promises “supreme softness and ultimate comfort” particularly for longer runs. Changes from the last gen include more midsole stack and new knitted uppers. So how was it on our first run outings? Watch on for our first impressions of the Brooks Glycerin 21.

0:00 – Intro
0:25 – Details
0:49 – Shoe whip round
2:00 – Fit
2:52 – The Run Test
5:00 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And a first run look at the new Brooks Glycerin 21 now this is an easy day and Daily trainer that Brooks says promises Supreme softness and ultimate Comfort Particularly designed for longer runs Changes from the last generation include A bigger midsole stack and some new Knitted uppers so how was it on our First run alons we'll watch on for our First impressions of the Brooks Glycerin 21 first up some quick details then and The 21 packs 28 Ms in the heel 18 Ms in The 4T for a 10 mil drop when it comes To weight it tips the scales at 10 oz or 285 G in my UK men's 8 and a half testu That's slightly lighter than something Like a ghost Max pricewise it will set You back £65 in the UK and $160 in the US so let's give you a quick shoe whip BR then starting with that mids now the Big change here from the glycerin 20 is A larger midsole stat there's now two Extra millimeters of of nitrogen infused DNA Loft V3 foam cushioning here that's There to add more softness and Protection there's a nice broad platform Here and that's aiming to provide Stability and reliable Landings and also Smooth transitions now up top the uppers Have been streamlined with a new Engineered warp knit upper in a bit to Improve the fit comfort and security That's quite thick quite dense but nice

And flexible there's plenty of good Flex Here across the top of the toe box the Heel colors here are really highly Padded and plush as of the big thick Tongues that you've got now even the Laces are nicely padded this is Definitely shooting for that kind of Comfort plush feel overall flip them Over and you've got a strategic outsole Rubber this kind of Road Track rubber is Made from a mixture of rubber and Recycled silica that's there to provide The grip and to protect that exposed Midsole foam the glycerin 21 also comes In GTS stability designs and there's a Stealth fit option which is a bit more Of a snug racy fit but we tested the Regular glycerin 21 Fit then and I ran in my regular UK shoe Size which is an 8 and a half and I Found the fit pretty snug I'd say nicely Cocoon that's how I describe it as you Might expect from a big plush shoe That's what you're going to get there's A bit of flex in the toe box thanks to The way that the uppers move everything Stayed roughly where it should with good Heel hold it was decent pinch free Midfoot lock down paded Tong's helped With that and there's no troubling hot Spots from my run overall I mean it was Snug without being restricted And yeah I just felt there was good sort

Of volume in the toe box so overall I Think unless you've got particularly Long or wide feet I think you could Recommend going true to Siz in these Haven't tried the stealth knit fit Though so maybe that if you want Something a little bit more snug or a Bit more racy then maybe that will help There too but otherwise yeah I would Recommend going through to sizing these Shoes so for this first run test I've Actually done two runs I did one steady Five mile at a slower than my marathon Pace but still pushing hard enough to See if this is a shoe that can move up Through the gears I also did one 7 and 1/2 Mile very slow plot on very tired Beating up legs now the combination of The knitted uppers and the plush padding I think make for great step in comfort From the off with this shoe there's a Sort of hugging and held feel that you Get when you first put them on some Might find it a little snug but I found There was enough wiggle room in the Toebox thanks to these kind of flexible Knitted uppers that makes it sort of Feel it's nice and snug but roomy enough Now as you'll get with with all the Shoes in this kind of high cushion plush Comfort cruising bracket there's a lot Of shoe on the foot here with this but I Think the glycerin 21 manages to ride Lighter than you think it might when you

First look at it once you're moving the Ride feels pretty well balanced it's Soft but not too soft there's a good bit Of resilience in that DNA Loft V3 foam It takes the edge off your initial Impact but it doesn't take long to Compress and then fully return so Overall I think the ride is really Nicely cushioned but not overly squishy Which is something that I like now That's maybe helped a little by the Thick rubber outso you've got here that Perhaps stiffens things up a smidge but On these early miles I like the fact You've got good cushion comfort without Veering into being too dull and Ponderous now that meant I could quite Happily tick along at 7- minute mile Pace on that steady five mile run and I'd also say that it's protective with Pretty smooth Transitions and a ride That doesn't feel too leggy overall now Despite the wide midsole platform I Actually found on my really tired 7 and A half mile where I was properly hanging Make no bones I've done a few too many Recently my marathon training that was Where I found a little bit of wobble in The midsole actually I didn't feel as Stable as in some shoes I've tested Recently and that's something I'm Keen To test further out in our full review When I get some more miles in it just a Little bit of wobbling when I had kind

Of ragged form now another thing to note I plowed through some pretty wet and Slippy Co cobbles on my S Mile and the Grip from that substantial rubber I Thought was excellent It's nearly nice And reliable with The Landings it looks Like it'll be plenty durable too Verdict then I think this is my first Time running in a glycerin and being 100% honest I didn't think this would be A shoe for me I don't tend to go for the Big padded shoes in general I prefer Something that's a little less shoe on The foot But after those initial miles I've been quite pleasantly surprised by This shoe as an easy low and slow shoe I Think the glycerin 21 offers most of What you need great comfort on the foot Good cushion Landings and decent Protection for your feet even into sort Longer time on feet that hour and a half That I did without feeling overly soft And sinky it's a shoe I'd only really Lace up for my longer slower pla but if That's what you're after I think this Does that really well right now I think I'd probably pick the soccery ride 17 or The oncloud eclipse over the shoe based On those early runs that I've done Because they're a little snappier and a Little bit livelier I might shoot for The ghost Max Two for the allout comfort On long slow plots as well but I'll save That final judgment for when I've done

More miles in this we bring you the full Review as it stands I think Brooks has a Solid cushion daily trainer here so There you have it that's been our first Look at the Brooks gin 21 I hope you Found it useful don't forget to hit like And subscribe if you did subscribe to if You're fancy hearing when new content Arrives on the channel if you're looking For glycerin Alternatives I'm going to Pop two videos up on the channel just About now that you should watch for sure Otherwise it's been a pleasure to talk To you about this shoe thanks as ever For watching we hope to see you again Soon on the Run testers happy running Everyone