What’s new with the Brooks Glycerin 21? We break down the key differences between the 21 and the great Glycerin 20.

This is the Brooks Glycerin 21 and this Is the Brooks Glycerin 20 these are the Key differences between Brooks's latest And previous plush cushion daily Trainer Shoe start with the weight and the Gin 20 is the lighter of the two shoes with A UK men size eight weighing in at 280 G Compared to 301 G for the same size in The glycerin 20 in the upper the Glycerin 20 uses an engineer mesh upper While the 21 uses a warp knit upper to Provide a roomier and more supportive Upper feeli than the 20 while both shoes Have a 10 mm drop the glycerin 21 has an Extra 2 mm of Brooks's nitrogen injected DNA Loft V3 foam to offer a plusher feel Over a wider platform at the out soole The Gin 21 uses a new rotac one that Uses a mix of rubber and recycled silica And offers a more segmented design Compared to the Gin 20 similarly durable Rubber outsole you can check out our Full review of the Brooks Glon 21 in the Caption below