The Hyperion Elite 3 sits at the top of Brooks’s Hyperion range of fast training and racing shoes, with its higher stack and carbon plate differentiating it from the Hyperion Max and Tempo. Unfortunately, while the essential ingredients of a super-shoe are all present in the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3, it doesn’t live up to the standards set by other carbon shoes in our experience. Run Tester Nick delivers his verdict on the shoe here.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our review of the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3. So appearing Elite three is Brooks's top Of the range carbon racing shoe it sits Above the other shoes in the Hyperion Fast shoe range like the uh Hyperion Max Hyperion tempo as the most expensive Racing option with a carbon plate uh It's 190 pounds in the UK 250 in the US It's got some eight millimeter drop or The stack height of 35 millimeters at The heel and 27 millimeters at the Forefoot and it's quite a heavy shoot For a confirmation fear it's 249 grams Or 8.8 ounces in a UK size nine now That's a bit of a jump in weight on Iberian Elite 2 which was 223 grams in My UK size nine and that's all down to The change in Upper that Brooks has put On this shoe this so this new quick knit Upper is quite a thick knitted upper It's quite a roomy one it's a Comfortable one but it's certainly a lot Heavier than the thin mesh you had on The Hyperion or E2 that upper might have Caused some problems in terms of the fit Of it but yeah it's a slightly odd Decision Brooks has made here just to Replace it with a much heavier knitted Upper beneath that upper the shoe is the Same as appear in the lead to two you've Got a DNA flash midsole which is a Nitrogenfused EVA foam with a carbon

Plate running the length of it you've Got Brooks's rapid role rocker geometry Set up there which is also used in shoes Like Hyperion Max and then you've got a Thin rubber outsole with coverage on the Forefoot and at the heel with quite a Lot of exposed foam in the mid foot There but that is all this DNA flash Phone which is a fairly resilient phone So it shouldn't be too much of a concern In terms of durability All right this does fit quite big for me Though I appear in Elite three I've got My normal size here in UK EU and US Sizes across the board it's my normal Running shoe size and I've got a bit too Much room in the toe box that I'd like Especially in a racing shoe one that's Slightly more dialed in feel so I'd Probably look at going half side down Myself I have a fairly narrow foot and I'm usually a little bit small for my Size but yeah this has got way too much Room in the toe box for a racing shoot In my opinion hasn't really been a Problem on the run though I've had no Slippage or moving around I've been held Securely at the Midfield and heel that Whole design seems quite good on this Shoe but it does come up a little bit Big in my opinion so I'd look at maybe Sizing down Thank you So first run I did an apparently uh

Three we've got a video up on the Channel I did a 23k run with a Progression seven kilometers in the Middle moving from around 345k to 330 Okay and was quite disappointed by the Shoe as I was as I said in that video it Felt pretty nice and cruisy at the Slower Paces either side of that Progression and it was fast enough to Get through that feeling okay but Certainly lacked the explosive repulsive Feel you expect from a carbon Super Shoe Like this it's got quite a flat stable Feeling but none of the Squish and pop Of some shoes or a very smooth and Aggressive rocker or anything like that I don't really feel the rocker on the Shoe that much at all I had to say and Yeah it left me feeling a little bit Like okay I enjoy doing a long run in That shoe I nearly always fine with Brooks's DNA flash shoes or actually any Of their shoes that the longer you run In it the more you tend to enjoy their Shoes they've got a very consistent feel They never bottom out or anything like That but at the same time it didn't Really wow me and the times I was Enjoying the shoe the most was mostly Just that easy Paces when I was probably Running a little bit faster than I'd Expect for the effort I was putting in But that's not really what you're Looking for from a car which you want to

The fast stuff and it really feel like It lacked a little bit there compared to Other shoes I've been testing and the First in the Run since I've gone on and Done a couple more uh hard runs in the Shoe and it's probably I like it even Less now than they did after that first Run I did a progression 10K moving from Easy to steady paces and then a a steady 10K in around 36 minutes and Just yeah it was just left wanting by The the feeling of the shoe Like It Gets You Through Those runs it's got a stable Feel but you know I've done those kind Of runs in lots of different shoes Especially like the easy to study run so I'm doing pretty much every ratio I test And that's from like you know big heavy Cushion shoes daily trainers through to Carbon racing and I run to kind of Effort or heart rate it's usually just The weapon I check my heart rate as well And I usually have a good idea about What the paces will be coming out I've Done this run so many times in all Different conditions and different Surfaces and when I see what I was Putting out in the Hyper Elite three and The effort it was involving it really Did feel much more like a training shoe Than a carbon Super Shoe like doing an Easy steady run uh in a in a shoe is Normally a bit of a treat for me in a Carbon shoe because something you know

It's my daily training I'd normally just Doing it in a normal shoe but doing it Accomplish is great because the last few Kilometers are moving through through The gears to steady Paces you feel Amazing because you're running really Quick because you're in a carbon shoe And in this that just wasn't the case it Feels much more like a plated training Shoe if there was a lot more akin to Things like the um Puma deviate Nitro 2 Or the soccer needle for Speed 3 or Asics magic Speed 2 terms of what I get From it when I'm running at those kind Of training paces and even there I think I prefer those other shoes because They're a bit lighter you've got a bit More of a rocker the Foams are better in Them this is just a big high platform Stable platform of a pretty good phone But not an amazing phone and what I Think it really had going for it in the Past was that it was very lightweight Zone uh DNA flashlight the bricks are Appear in the League 2 was a slightly More stable carbon shoe than most it was Nice and light you could run quick in it I did some really hard sessions in that Shoe and enjoyed using it and now it's Just a bit heavier and that takes away I Think from the appeal of this phone Which was that it is quite lightweight And a bit different to all the stuff on The market I don't really understand why

Bricks made those changes and I said I Think they've made them a better shoe And or one that is at all competitive Either as a carbon superhero or even When you're putting it against the Plated training shoes that are out there These days that cost a lot less and our Lights are just a bit more impressive so Uh yeah I didn't dislike running in the Shoe I just I just really felt like it Didn't give anyone near as much back as You get from other shoes it's just got Quite a flat ride and you know it's fine But it's not 190 pound shoe or 250 shoes Looking at the rest of the Brooks range Like if you're doing show up sessions I Would certainly much rather be in the Hyperion Max for example it's a Lightweight shoe Nimble same thing but Just a really lightweight feel to it Whereas this is better for longer stuff But the times I've enjoyed the shoe most Have been on long runs or cruising Around at an easy pace and it feels Really good for that it's actually quite Similar to what I had with the Hoka Carbon um X3 it's just oh this is quite A fun shoe to cruise around in I'm Running pretty well here for just an Easy Pace but you know you don't need That it's nice to feel good on your easy Runs but you can do that in nice Comfortable much cheaper cushion shoes That cost under 100 pounds rather than

Splashing out on a carbon shooter then Doesn't really impress when it comes to The crunch of fast runs and race day so Yeah all in all my run experience this Year has been a bit of a letdown I don't Really understand the changes made and I Don't really feel like it's that Competitive in the market it's in So I think the Brooks up here in Elite Is a bit of a Miss unfortunately for the Brand I apparently two wasn't like a Brilliant carbon racing shoe but it was A shoe that had some appealing Characteristics and being nice and light Pretty Nimble decently stable for a Carbon shoe and I should certainly use For fast running the changes made to the Upper Elite three haven't improved the Midsole which is a little bit behind What other brands are offering and then I've just made the shoe a fair bit Heavier it's now the same way as things Like the alpha Fly 2 or the adios Pro 3 Which is just far more propulsive Explosive shoes like really amazing Shoes were running quick at any distance And this just doesn't have anywhere near That level of Bounce right There's an idea here that maybe if you Want a more stable shoe and you don't Really get on with some of the carbon Shoes then there's a case looking at This you know this is a quite a stable Shoe and it's the first shoe but don't

Come in expecting the level of Um a performance you get from Super Shoes like the adios Pro 3 the alpha Like the vaporfly the Endorphin Pro the Rocket X2 all of them basically on that Basis the price is way too high and even If it was a fair bit cheaper it would be Butting up against an excellent training Partnerships like the Asics magic Speed 2 or 3 now and the suck in the end Office B3 which I preferred running Quick into this shoe so that's obviously A big blow against it if the other Brands are putting out actually their Second tier training part issues that I Think have a bit more of a lively ride Bit more performance in them then Brooks Has really got to go back to the drawing Board I think with that appear in the League three they've got some good far Shoes in the Hyperion range so Tempo and Max are a bit different to what else is On the market they're quite like natural Feeling shoes they're very lightweight They're not supercharged in terms of the Stack height but they are really fast And fun to run in them but foam is very Consistent they're reliable and they Kind of work as an alternative to what's Available on the market but the Apparently three doesn't really because It doesn't provide a convincing Alternative to what you can get from Carbon shoes in terms of performance

It's just a bit too heavy it doesn't Return energy in the same way it's not As comfortable and soft it just doesn't Really match up on across the board and Then even actually comparing it to the Other Fusion that I've hearing range if I was going out to get a fast training Shoot I'd probably look at the Hyperion Max just because it is that so much Lighter a bit cheaper and probably more Fun for things like track workouts we're Doing short reps because this is quite a Big shoot it's certainly quick you know It's not a problem that it's a big shoe But I don't really know what I'd use it For apart from cruising around long run So I could use pretty much any shoe so Unfortunately this is a mess of roadside Brooks is really smashing some areas out The path because they're obviously very Good on their training shoes but I think They're still behind when it comes to Top tier carbon Racing shoes and we'll See hopefully that's something that Changes soon like most brands who have Been behind have got it together and I Think Brooks will in the future but for Now I'd be avoiding my opinion Elite Three myself So that's our view of apparently three Let us know what you think in the Comments below please do like subscribe Ring little bell see you next time