So appearing Elite three is Brooks's top Of the range carbon racing shoe it sits Above the other shoes in the Hyperion Fast shoe range like the Hyperion Max And Hyperion tempo as the most expensive Racing option with a carbon plate uh It's 190 pounds in the UK 250 in the US It's got some eight millimeter drop with A stack height of 35 millimeters of the Hill and 27 millimeters at the forefoot And it's quite a heavy shoot for a Confirmation fee with 249 grams or 8.8 Ounces in a UK size nine now that's a Bit of a jump in weight on the appearing Elite 2 which was 223 grams in my UK Size nine and that's all down to the Change in Upper that Brooks has put on This shoe this so this new quick knit Upper is quite a thick knitted upper It's quite a roomy one it's a Comfortable one but it's certainly a lot Heavier than the thin mesh you had on The Hyperion only to that upper might Have caused some problems in terms of The fit of it but yeah it's a slightly Odd decision Brooks has made here just To replace it with a much heavier Knitted upper beneath that upper the Shoe is the same as the Hub here in Elite two