In this video we’re getting into the nitty and the gritty on the new Brooks Hyperion – a lightweight non-plated training shoe that’s built for speedy sessions. It’s an interesting shoe that drops in cheaper than the plated Brooks Hyperion Max. And asks: do we really need plates to train fast?

So is it any good? Hit play on our Brooks Hyperion review to find out…

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Design details
1:39 – Fit
3:03 – The Run Test
8:57 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers in This video we're getting to the nitty And the gritty on the new Brooks Hyperion this is a lightweight Non-plated training shoe that's built For Speedy sessions it's an interesting Shoe that drops in Cheaper Than The Hip Here and Max and ask the question if It's pricier sibling do we really need Plates to train fast so is it any good We'll watch our Hyperion review to find Out [Music] First up some quick details then well The new Brooks Hyperion has an eight mil Drop with a low stack of 22 mils in the Hill and 14 mils in the forefoot it's The lightest training shoe in Brooks's Lineup and it comes in at 8.1 ounces or 230 grams in our UK men's size 9 test Shoot that's 10 grams heavier than the Max but a shade lighter than something Like the sockony Endorphin speed 3. Price wise it's 140 pounds or 140 Dollars in the US let's have a quick Whip around to this shoe then well let's Start with the midsole first you've got A nitrogen infused DNA flash midsole That's the same midsole foam you find in The Hyperion Max it also has the same Drop as the Hyperion Max but an eight Mil lower stack overall both in the heel And in the forefoot up top you've got a Warp knit mesh upper it's fairly thick

Fairly foot wrapping there's more to it Than you get on the thinner and baggier Hyperion Max as well you've got medium Padded heel collars with a structured Heel counter for good hold and support You've also got a slightly flared heel Here away from the Achilles there's a Thin and racy tongue that textured Lacing for secure lace-up and a Partially gusseted tongue flip them over And there's a good covering of outsole Rubber for drip and durability [Music] So I've had the high period in a UK size 8 and I would definitely say it fits a Little on the snug sign that's coming From somebody's got pretty kind of Skinny narrow feet It generally gets on With narrow fitting shoes in general It's mainly does the fact you get quite A narrow fit at the mid foot of this Shoe it does open up a little bit more And you do get a good amount of space up Front of the toe so there's no problems There but it definitely is an area at The middle and a little bit further back In this shoe and going half size up I Think is going to make it too long so That's not really an issue here but that Is something to be mindful of in terms Of what you're getting here on the shoe Elsewhere I was pretty happy in terms of Lockdown you get these laces and this Kind of v-shaped tongue it's quite

Skinny as well that tongue and it's not Generous amounts of padding here around The hill collar but just enough to kind Of offer a little bit more Comfort here Predominantly it's about keeping this Upper kind of nice and lightweight for The types of runs it's designed for so Yeah I would say snug fitting for my UK Size eight something to be a kind of Mindful of and definitely is a little Bit on the narrow side particularly in The mid foot of the issue fit then I ran In a UK size nine I'm somewhere between A size eight and a half and nine by ten To go eight and a half in most shoes and Actually this nine was a little bit too Long for me in this shoe so having Tested half a size up I'd actually Recommend going true to size in these Shoes now as Mike says they are a little Bit narrower across the midfoot and that Is something you might want to pay Attention to [Music] Foreign Test and I have to confess I did about 18 miles in these shoes over two runs Before I even looked at the tech sheet To find out what they were for and on Those runs I mostly moved at easier Paces and then I checked out Brooks's Info on the shoe and realized that They're targeted at faster training Efforts so I took them out for a few

Speedier sessions to see how they got on There as well now overall I've logged 35 Miles in the Hyperion and as usual I Mixed my miles between the roads of West London's and the light off-road River Pods alongside the Thames and some Park Paths as well now step in comfort for me Was good from the get-go the up was Wrapped in Hell Without restricting There's good lockdown there's no Slipping in the hill for me it holds Really nicely and once you get moving The first thing that you notice is in a World of big bouncy midsoles and springy Plate combos the Hyperion run a little More traditional it's all just a little Bit more old school underfoot and some Of them sort of super trainers that We've seen now that's not necessarily a Bad thing I think they're responsive but Not springy they're definitely on the Firmer side when it comes to this type Of shoes now but without being foot Punishingly direct I think this is Definitely a shoe that Demands a faster Turnover but it's not without protection Too which is why I manage an easy 90 Minute 10 Mile without too much bother Actually but then I like firmer shoes if You prefer things a little bit softer or More bouncy or highly cushioned you'll Probably find this a little bit too Direct for that kind of running but I I Kind of tend to cope in it but when I up

My tempo for those intervals I enjoyed Them a lot here these shoes really kind Of came into their own that's when the Light and direct response sort of really Started to kick in I think it provides Good energy without any sluggishness but Doing it in a more traditional way the New bouncy kind of plated super trainers That you get so if you like things a Little bit more old school I think the Issues might be for you at a fast Turnover I think they definitely came Alive and I like the shoe isn't one of Those shoes that tries to do all the Work for you you still are going to have To have a foot fast foot pickup and You're still doing some of the work I Also don't think I really found myself Wanting a plate in this shoe I think They performed really well without them There's good stability too they're coped On road and light Trails equally well And I have to say overall I'm impressed Would I buy it over the likes of the Speed 3 or the Mac X I'll let you know In the verdict so Internet run test now I haven't run it in the Hyperion Tempo And when the Hyperion Max arrived at me I was very much injured I was doing no Running so I didn't really have any Running in that shoot either so I was Definitely intrigued to spend some time With one of those kind of more Tempo Hyperion shoes now first thing I say I

Do like about the shoe is that it is Nice and light it's maybe not as light As something like the Asics Magics PC Which I've spent a lot of time in Recently but it's definitely on the Right side in terms of Weights in terms Of being something that's suitable for Kind of those more Up Tempo runs don't Absolutely leave this colorway obviously Colorway is not everything but I do Think you can make a good green or Attractive green shoe sockony endorphin Lead being a good example of that I Don't think it quite works on the Hyperion colorway aside I obviously in Terms of what you're getting in the Midsole you are getting kind of DNA Flash Um which is that kind of nitrogen base Midsole that Um bricks has been using it's similar to What we've got in the Hyperion tempo as Well too in terms of what that offers And in terms of you know feeling you Know you're not getting a massively Stacked shoe here it's pretty low to the Ground feeling in terms of what you're Getting here It's pretty responsive Um is it as Snappy and explosive as some Other kind of shoes that pretty low to The ground obviously the the natural one For me would be the Essex magic speed Three now I my first session this was a

Track session and it felt pretty good in General but I think it lacked the pop That you get in something like the Magic Sp3 in comparison to that shoe maybe Feels a little bit more geared to racing Whereas I think this is a bit more in Terms of you know this is something You're using for your training overall Um but I do think maybe when you're Running a bit harder in it a bit shorter With that kind of faster stuff then it You need to work a little bit harder to Get the most out of the shoe but it is Responsive it is Snappy maybe just Doesn't explode at those quicker Paces Where I actually found it was a little Bit nicer was the kind of more Up Tempo Kind of tempo style runs that I did in This shoe I definitely felt when you Settle in you've got a kind of smooth I Would say pretty stable uh ride in General it's pretty uh consistent in Terms of what you're getting here in the Shoe there's a gentle kind of rocker Feeling to give you that kind of nice Little push when you are running a Little bit more quick in this shoe and It felt pretty good overall I didn't Feel the overall stiffness in it I think You know you probably wouldn't want to Go further than kind of you know 10 Miles half you know up to kind of half An hour at the distance and it Definitely feels like a shoe for kind of

Shorter sharper distances for me but for Me it just lacks that extra pop you're Getting some other Speedy daily trains Which I'll get into in the verdict Anyway I think I do really like about The shoe is the outsole there's a lot of Rubber here particularly up front here Of the shoe so gripping wise was Absolutely fine I didn't have to run in Any kind of wet conditions kind of rain Hasn't been as frequent here or at the Time I've gone out to running the shoe It hasn't hadn't had to run in any rain Yet but I do think there's enough rubber Here in the outsole to handle some Lighter Trail stuff as well and I do Think it's going to offer good leather Durability so if you are using it on a Regular basis and I do feel like it's a Shoe that's going to handle plenty of Running as well too but yeah as I say It's a very good solid shoe I did find That it felt nicer at my kind of tempo Uh Pace kind of 10K Pace whereas I think The shorter sharper stuff Um I was always almost feeling like I Wanted a little bit more from it I had To work a little bit harder for it to Feel a little bit nicer on those faster Kind of sessions where I think it just Lacked a little bit of that pop but I do Find on some other kind of Speedy daily Trainers but solid overall Um yeah no bad runs in here overall a

Very good run solid shoe Um is it the shoe that's going to blow Everyone away and everyone should buy I'll get into that in the verdict [Music] So my verdicts on the Brooks Hyperion I Think I feel like I do like about some Of the other shoes in bricks range I Think of things like what Brooks has Done with the ghost where it hasn't Tried to change too much and I think Ultimately it feels like this is what They've done with the Hyperion I think If you like the Hyperion Tempo and what That offered in terms of the types of Runs that it's designed for It's something you want that feels Familiar and it's going to give you that Kind of low to ground feel that Responsive ride and a good kind of you Know durable outsole as well and a light Upper as well then that's kind of what You're getting it's more the same here I Would say ultimately if you look at it In terms of other Speedy daily trainers And does it give you that kind of Amazing kind of pop and excitement when You're running quicker now I don't think It absolutely matches up with some other Shoes I think of things like the Um obviously the Asics magical P3 the Sockney dolphin Speed 3 as well Um I would probably throw the Hocker Mach 5 in there as well it's another

Obviously non-plated shoe as well and I Feel like these just feel a little bit More lively that kind of quicker Paces That I've done in those shoes ultimately I do think you know that's not a a knock Against the Hyperion I do think there's A lot to like about it it does feel very Solid it's cheaper than those shoes in General as well so if you were looking For something that as I said very Similar to the Hyperion Tempo offers you Something that can handle I think a lot Of you know a lot of time on your feet Um offers that kind of you know as I Said connected low to the ground feel And that responsive midsole then that's What you're going to get in this shoe I Just think that if you are looking for Something a bit more exciting uh there Are better shoes out there but that's You know as I said I've had very good Runs in a Hyperion I just think for me Personally is it going to slot into my Rotation over other shoes I would Probably grab it no issue and it would Be absolutely fine but I do think There's other shoes that can do a lot of What this shoe already does or maybe Excels at mostly so yeah that's my take On the Hyperion pretty solid a you know As I said for something that's not Running the Hyperion Tempo and the Hyperion Max Um pretty uh solid experience overall I

Just think there are other shoes for me Personally in that kind of Speedy daily Trainer profile that just feel a little Bit more exciting overall so my verdict Then I think if you like the Hyperion Max you'll probably like these as well Because there's not a huge amount to Choose between those two shoes from Brooks even though once plated one's not Now this is a good fast effort shoe it's The kind of shoe I think that's made for Intervals I think you'll need to like Your shoes a little bit more traditional A little bit more firm to enjoy it Particularly when you compare to some of The super trains we're starting to see But if you do like that I think you'll Like these they take a lot of the right Boxes they're light they're Snappy I Think they encourage a faster turnover They work best when you're moving with Fast feet at higher Paces relative to Your own pace but they can soak up the Slower stuff as well as recovery Segments when you're moving they're kind Of okay too there's protection there now I really like these for kind of one hour Mile interval sessions where I was doing Kind of one mile slow one mile fast That's when they really work for me best Like the Hyperion Max these weren't a Wow shoe for me though I like them and I think you're getting a Good pretty good versatile shoe for 140

Pounds but looking at how they compare To other popular daily trainers I think They don't top things like the sock in The Endorphin speed for you know for Which I think does the top speed and the Slower stuff better has more of Versatility overall I also think that They're more comfortable though than the Mac X they're lighter and livelier than The Mach 5 and I think I'd probably buy Them over the Hyperion Max as well so There you have it that's been our review Of the Brooks Hyperion I hope you've Found it useful hit like And subscribe If so if you want to see what we made of The Brooks Hyperion Max that video will Be appearing on the channel just about Now Otherwise thanks for watching and we Hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers happy running people good luck With whatever it is that you're trying To achieve out there