The idea to make a sneaker out of hat materials really came to life when Hat Club did a pop up in the same parking lot as our office. We picked up over $700 in hats to make this dream a reality. I mean after all hats and sneakers are 2 of Vick’s favorite accessories. After picking up the materials it was only right that he called in another talented customizer in the game.

Check out the final results on the channel. #shorts

What is up everybody Vic Almighty here At Hat Club they have a sick Papa right Next to many roads they have so many Clean hats we're about to do some Shopping I really want to get some cool Vibrant hats because I plan on doing a Custom we're going to take them apart Make a shoot out of them so let's start Shopping [Music] So after looking at all these hats and Some really sick ones I'm trying to Think shoes because a lot of these sets I want to wear for myself but I'm Thinking vibrant colors We do need some white another Arizona Diamondbacks hat at this point let's Just get Arizona Diamondbacks hats all Right so I'm thinking This one's a fire hat cool clean colors Yellow and pink that gray we don't have Anywhere on these other hats same thing With the teal show with this one So we just dropped about a 786 bucks now We need some shoes let's get to work