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This is a pair that I've wanted for such A long time let's see the other pair oh My shoes we've got one of the pairs it Came with the box and everything Happy New Year's I know it's not New Year's Anymore but this is the first video I Dropped in 2024 and technically I'm Filming it on New Year's Day today's Video is going to be a little bit Different than a lot of the videos that I've been dropping on the channel Recently because today we are going to Be doing an oldfashioned unboxing which Honestly is one of my favorite kinds of Videos because it's just unboxing new Sneakers which is the best so over the Last couple weeks I've been kind of Going crazy on what not buying sneakers With money that I got from selling Sneakers and whatnot or credit that I Got from signups so I picked up a couple Grails shoes that I've been really Wanting to get for a long time but just Haven't been able to justify cuz you Know I need to spend money on real Things like house payments but because Like I said I've been saving up some Credit and also money from sneaker sales That I had made I felt like it was okay To splurge a little bit here comes the Money here we go oh and not only did I Grab some sneakers from whatnot I also Got some sneakers in from chase after The right price who you guys might know

From the video that I dropped a couple Months back where I went to his house And bought an entire sneaker collection Also he's just an awesome YouTuber that You guys have to check out but he he Just hit me up and was like yo let me Send you some sneakers you can give them Away keep them whatever you want to do With them but they're free and I Literally have no idea what's in here But before we dive into the unboxing I Want to give a huge thank you to the Sponsor of today's video whatnot which Actually this wasn't even planned but Like I said I bought all these sneakers From whatnot so it's kind of the perfect Promo for this video so if you haven't Heard whatnot is a live auction shopping Platform with sneaker auctions 24 hours A day some starting at just $1 and as You guys can see I use the platform all The time I sell a lot of sneakers on Whatnot but I also buy a lot of sneakers On whatnot and actually I've got a Whatnot live stream coming up where I'm Giving away this pair of Travis Scott Nike attacks or the Travis Scott Mac Attacks or the the Mac travises I forget Exactly what they're called but either Way we're giving these guys away for Free to one of you guys not only that I'm also going to give away some of the Sneakers that I got from chase after the Right price again don't know exactly

What those are going to be but it's Going to be a lot of sneakers that we're Giving away in the next whatnot live Stream and if you guys want to be there For that make sure to click the link at The top of the description below and if You sign up using that link you get $10 Towards your first purchase on whatnot Make sure to bookmark that upcoming live Stream because like I said I'm giving Away this pair of Travis Scots as well As some more sneakers what you guys will See and also I'll see later on in the Video but it is now the Moment of Truth Time to unbox this pair of uh well it Could be a couple pairs of sneakers I'm Actually not sure from chase after the Right price if you guys want to check Out his Channel or even the video that We did together make sure to click the Link at the top of the screen or the Link in the description below I'm Realizing now I probably should have Used a table for this I actually use a Table for my tech Channel which if you Guys haven't checked it out make sure to Click the link in the description below There's like a million links down there But they're all good we are giving away An Xbox series s on the tech channel so If you guys want to possibly win that For yourself should have used the table Cuz this is difficult and this is not a Life box what do we

Have got some packing peanuts we got a SLE right there at the top oh no oh no Okay let me pull these out one at a time Oh no no wow a lot of pairs of sneakers They all kind of fell out of the box While I was dumping the Peanuts here's what we've got inside the Box we've got two boxes and then also a Pair of sneakers and the pair that we Have that is not in a box seems to be This pair of Jordan team Jordans of some Kind I actually don't know exactly what These are so these are the Air Jordan True FL flight black basketball sneakers The True Flight metallic gold so there You go this is a team Jordan sort of Mashup sneaker it's cool it's fine Nothing wrong with this but we will be Giving this away for free on whatnot so Make sure to click that link in the Description below if you haven't yet it Is a size 12 very solid actually I've Been thinking a lot about buying mystery Boxes if you guys would be interested in Seeing me buy some mystery boxes let me Know in the comment section Down Below On to the next pair of sneakers from Chase let's see what we've got I'm not Going to read the label here we go from Jordan one Lowe's larger size size 12 The official colorway is black cyber White so I'm assuming the Cyber is the Green size 12 this is another free pair We'll be giving these away on whatnot

You got a perforated newu on the heel in Sort of this neon green you've got white Leather black leather it's worn but it's In surprisingly good condition and again Totally free and going to one of you Guys for free as well so that's pretty Cool huge thank you to chase again for Sending this stuff my way you really Didn't have to but I really appreciate It very very cool and then on to the Final pair of sneakers which actually Looks like it comes in an Air Jordan one Box which I'm really excited about now This doesn't look like it's a size n box But if it was a size n I'd be very Tempted to keep whatever it is let me See what size it it is without reading The color way size 13 ooh are they brand new oh they're Brand new oh my gosh you got these guys They are the shoot I should know these Are the pine green ones that dropped I Believe last year was it 2023 or was it 2022 I'm not 100% sure let's see oh wow 2020 wow okay so these dropped a while Back I actually have no idea how much These are going for so I guess we'll Give away all these pairs of sneakers Plus the travises in this upcoming Whatnot live stream huge thank you to Chase for these man these are so cool I Really appreciate all this generosity It's crazy thank you so much but uh yeah Super fire pair of sneakers one that uh

I'm pretty sure I had a pair of but I Don't know what I did with it I'm sure I Sold it or something surpris it's from 2020 or 2019 that's actually a lot Farther back than I expected all right Now that we've unboxed the stuff from Chase let's move into the Grails now be Honest I don't know which box is which I Know I bought three pairs of sneakers I Bought them all from net magnetism on uh Whatnot let's just start with uh I guess A small one I hope I'm not picking the Best one first let me see what's inside The box and I'll determine whether I Should show you guys this first or last I remember remember he said one of them Was shipping from Japan because he Didn't have it in my size in stock and This is the one from Japan but I just Don't remember which pair it was all Three of these pairs are pretty wild all Three of these pairs are pairs that I I Don't know why I'm cutting it like this All three of these pairs are pairs that I really wanted let's see which pair is This ooh I'm going to save this one this Is a good one this is probably my Favorite all right so because we didn't Go with that one first let me do this Box next I mean everything that I bought Is definitely a really solid sneaker but Two of them are legitimate grils one of Them is just a really great pair of Sneakers woohoo oh he sent multiple

Things so the first thing he sent Actually isn't something that I ordered He just sent this because he's awesome So this is one of his net magnetism uh Sneaker bricks I think is the name of it It's really sick he has his own line of Sneaker Bricks now I'm actually not Going to show you guys the box cuz if I Show you guys the box it's going to ruin One of the sneakers cuz he uh very Nicely picked a pair that I was unboxing In today's video that I bought from him Thank you so much this is so awesome I'm So excited to build this I'm not going To tell you guys what it is until later On in the video cuz it'll ruin the Surprise but very very cool all right so Moving into the first pair of sneakers We've got a pair of off white Nike Dunks This is a size n my true size I don't Remember exactly which number of the lot This is or which Lot number it is but We've got one of the pairs right here Keeping the suspense cuz it's it's put In uh bottom first looks like he uses Soul protector on the bottom which is Cool on the heelo look at that I I Didn't even realize it came with a blue Um zip tie that's so sick number 19 of 50 now the reason I grabbed this is Because one it was a great price and two I really love the suede versions of These off-white Nike Dunk Clothes I was about to say it's in great

Condition but it might not be anymore oh My gosh this is why I need to use a Table so here it is the off-white Nike Dunkow Lot 19 of50 in very very nice Condition with the heel protector let me Pull that off I really appreciate that They use these whoever pair this was Because it definitely kept the heel Minty fresh but I'm not going to wear it With this wow the heel looks I mean Almost perfect it's a very very clean Pair of sneakers absolutely love the way It looks I love the orange laces I love The blue tongue that's so cool I'm Honestly not too familiar with all the Different lots and what the differences Are I know they're all sort of like White leather uppers accident by some Kind of well no they're not all white Leather uppers some of them are canvas Some of them are leather but this is my Favorite variation the leather with the Suede and the pair that I had before was A canvas and leather pair so I'm really Happy to have this pair now I got rid of The old pair it's super clean it's Already worn don't have to worry about Creasing it up which actually is one of The reasons why this shoe was priced so Well because it is worn let me know in The comment section which pair that we Unbox today is your favorite pair but With that being said let's move on to The next one actually you guys want to

Know how much I paid for each one of These pairs I don't know if you guys Care but just in case you do so I bought This pair for $300 even which I thought Was an amazing price so huge thank you To net magnetism for that uh really Stoked on this pickup I know I don't Usually tell you guys how much I pay for Sneakers unless it's for a review but Just because I'm talking about how good Of a deal I got in all these shoes I Might as well tell you guys how much I Paid for them oh no way we've got Another sneaker brick right here this One actually is not a pair that I bought So I don't mind showing you guys this is The aj1 frag Travis this is sick oh my Gosh look at this we've got the Instruction manual which shows you oh no Which shows you um what sneaker you're Trying to build I actually have like a Real problem with Lego um it's an Addiction these are my Ladies this is Jill this is my lady Amy Little Susie Brianna you know why we Call her Brianna right I bought the Titanic when I hit a million subscribers Instead of going to a bar or something I Bought the Titanic and built it with my Wife that's what I do so he didn't know That but I'm super thankful that he sent Me these sneaker bricks cuz now I'm Going to build these that's awesome Thank you so much I'm really excited to

Build these I'm 30 it's what I do all Right getting into the next pair of Sneakers I forgot about this one I I Think I will wear this pair the most out Of the three sneakers that I bought from Net magnetism because this is a pair That I've wanted for a very long time And I could not buy it when I was in Japan because someone else bought it out Front of my feet that's a good price Dude 729 I think it's a good price 520 That's a good price that's a good pickup Dude that is a really good pickup I'm Jealous those are actually really fire And that of course is the Air Max One Atmos look at this now unfortunately There was no box so that was one of the Reasons why I got this pair for such a Good price but I mean the pair itself is In like incredible condition now I Forget if this is a size 8 and half or N I think I had to go with a size it is a Size 8 and half so I did have to go with A size 8 and half because unfortunately He did not have a size n but uh for the Price that I paid I'll squeeze I'll make It work incredibly clean like it's Obviously been worn some of the Nubs are Missing on the out soole but he did a Really good job of cleaning it I assume You've got an extra set of laces uh Which I don't think are the original Laces still very cool that he added a Second set you've also still got the

Printing on the insole which is amazing Especially for a worn pair like this and I'm actually going to wear this to the Office tomorrow morning and get Everyone's opinions on these so uh stay Tuned for that this is a pair that I've Wanted for such a long time and I'm so Soaked to finally have it for such a Good price which was let me check I got These guys for $67.50 which is a really really solid Price oh man I'm definitely going to Throw these on feet ASAP like literally Tomorrow morning now obviously this is The second release of the collab it's The pair that I think released back in 2017 was the most recent release 2016 no 2017 these released for Air Max Day 2017 Back when I used to live in New York City I actually went to the drop for These but I couldn't grab them and of Course of course I I wanted the original Release pair as well but unfortunately I Couldn't get them uh just like the Second release so to have these These Are literally an Air Max grail for me This is a pair that I've wanted for so Long it's just such a wearable pair You've got the elephant print on the Mudu guard of the sneaker you've got the White leather you've got the black newbu You've got sort of the Tiffany green uh Patent leather Nike Swoosh and what's Cool about this pair or I guess kind of

Meaningful about this pair is that one Of my favorite sneaker stores in Philly Is actually Atmos it used to be ubic uh But they got bought out by Atmos who Just got bought out by Foot Locker and Unfortunately they're leaving the United States completely three Atmos stores in The United States are going away which Is awful so um I wanted to buy this pair Just to kind of commemorate the store Cuz I love it I actually don't know if It's closed yet because they're just Kind of trying to sell out of all their Inventory and then leaving so I might Try and wear these to Atmos this week See if anyone notices we'll see I don't Know that'll be a fun Tik Tok or real Actually follow me on Tik Tok if you Haven't yet at real Seth Balor I'd Really appreciate the support I know I'm Going off in a tangent but I feel like This is one of those fun videos where I Can just talk really really happy with This kind of wish it was a size n but I Know a size 8 and half will fit so happy With it regardless now we get to the Final pair the pair that I opened up First and realized what it was and Decided to wait so this pair actually Funny story uh shipped from Japan and That's because when I ordered it I Ordered a size eight because that was The only size that was available but net Magnetism reached out and said sorry I

Don't have the8 and a half anymore would You take a nine and I was like that Actually is perfect that works out even Better than I thought so he sent me a Size n but he had to send it from Japan Instead of where he's actually located Because he did not have one at his Location and here it Is crazy pair of sneakers oh my gosh This is so wild These are the off-white Nike Air Max 97s In this beautiful silver color way with The uh I don't know what to call it the Rainbow Nike Swoosh I believe the Official name of this pair is menta the Air Max 97 mentas and it's a pair that I've wanted since they dropped but I Just could never get them and now I have Them in my size which is amazing cuz Like I said I bought these in a size 8 And a half but now I have them in a size N9 I'm so stoked on these now there is Definitely some yellowing in the upper Of the shoe because the material that They use using off white sneakers is Sort of like a rip stop material or Plasticky material does yellow uh very Very quickly it hasn't yellowed on my Well it has a little bit on my off-white Ones which actually is mostly foam so That doesn't really count the Presto is Of yellowed the Nike Swoosh is yellowed A bunch the Nike Swoosh actually is Almost completely yellow it's what

Happens you can't even really see it Anymore and then the UNCC ones they Didn't yellow cuz I think they use a Different material but either way this Is a pair that I really wanted to add And it wasn't a pair that I could add From the $20 sneaker collection because Unfortunately it's not part of the Original 10 at least not this colorway So this is a pair that I was going to Have to buy on my own now obviously it Is worn the outsole is definitely uh Worn a little bit it's still got a lot Of the Nubs but it's a little dark Really great condition I mean there's Really no scuffs or anything it's mainly Just yellowing that's the only issue on The shoe in fact you still have the Printing on the insole that usually Wears off first so that's really cool Produced between March 23rd 18 And June 23rd 18 so yeah definitely a Slightly older sneaker now around 6 Years cuz we hit 2024 uh and of course You got the offl paragraph there on the Inside of the shoe such a dope sneaker Man I'm so excited about this this is Crazy let me check out the other one I Haven't seen the other side of the pair Yet maybe it's totally destroyed I don't Know oh here we go oh wait and we've got The zip tie still so you've got this Grayish sort of bluish zip tie that Didn't really match the upper of the

Shoe but was close enough wow you got a Second set of laces you got these teal Laces which match the uh the end of the Nike Swoosh $4.95 wow I actually paid Less for these than for these that's Crazy now I did pay $4.95 for the size 8 And a half so maybe the size 9 is worth More and he cut me a deal I'm not sure But uh either way got the for a steel in My opinion an absolute steel because They still come with the box and the Laces and the zip tie yeah they've got All the original packaging the box is Like almost in perfect condition it's It's nuts all right so I just pulled up With the Apothecary office cuz I want to Show ausman sneakers that I picked up Inside this bag we got a couple pairs Okay I like this the suede's way nicer It dude it really is I think I got oh The nice too this is the um these my Size they are actually a size n what are You doing with them I'm going to keep Them I think I want to rock them they're So dirty Dude I like these oh and then I got Another pair oh you only only brought One side yeah I brought one side but I Got another pair I can't even count them You see the other pair oh my shoes That's cool where those same place I Bought them all from net magnetism on Whatnot good prices yeah actually solid So this one is a size8 and half so it's

A little small but it fits that one I Ordered an 8 and a half cuz that's all He had but then he actually is like yo I Actually got a size nine do you want That instead and I was like that one I Paid like $450 for these ones was closer To six what did I B do you remember Around the same around the same yeah oh She going for it they're like very warm The one that I'm not sure about if I'm Keeping or not is this one cuz I just Don't know if I need these but well if You don't want these I don't know if I'm Going to pay that though they look good Especially with the pink on your shirt Too yeah they look good what did you pay I think it was like 450 450 or 5 I'm not Sure but it came with the box and Everything like all the laces everything What would you rank these pickups out of A 10 yeah all three like two all Combined yeah all combined seven seven Okay okay man I'm so stoked on these Pickups here let me grab them all and Show them to you guys really quick so Here they are the rail pickups we've got The atmos Nike Air Max ones we've got The off-white Nike Air Max 97 mentas and Then of course the off-white Lot 19 Nike Dunk low let me know in the comments Section down below which pair is your Favorite I originally was thinking the Off-white 97 Mentos but now that I see The atmos is in person um I I might have

To go with these these might be the Pickup also these are the most expensive Pair which I didn't realize so yeah Really stoked in all these pickups again If you guys want to win some pairs of Sneakers for free for yourself make sure To check out my upcoming whatnot live Stream Linked In the description below You can win Travis Scots you can win Some Jordan 1es a lot of really great Stuff that you guys can pick up through Whatnot so again click that link in the Description below and bookmark my Upcoming live stream but of course thank You all so much for watching make sure To subscribe to the channel if you Haven't yet let me know what kind of Videos you guys would like to see for me In 2024 it's something that I've really Been thinking about a lot I want to Change things up a little bit but not Too much so let me know what you guys Would like to see in the comment section Down below but Happy New Year to you Guys see you soon