New sneaker pickup alert so this is a Pair of sneakers that I somehow won on The sneakers app I don't know how it Happened and I got to be honest I'm Hyped to have it look at these on the Top of the box it says masasa sucasa and Soulfly because obviously this is a Soulfly Jordan brand collaboration grabb A size n my true size and the official Colorway is sale metallic gold Fossil Smells like new sneakers and these are Fire the Soulfly air jordan8 mikaza Sucasa my favorite part though is the SF Right there in the midfoot it's stands For Soulfly but it could also stand for Seth Bor which is me so this shoe Released on December 16th for a retail Price of 2 $25 and it's one of the best Air Jordan eights to release all year And yes I mean including the playoff Eights the materials are so premium and Not usually what you see in a pair of Air jordan8 and apparently the Inspiration behind this shoe for a Soulfly which is a Miami Bay Sneaker Boutique is baseball and Latino culture I love the color blocking on this shoe The cream the red the gold hits the blue It's fire let me know what you guys Think of these