These are my top most worn sneakers of The year so far starting things off with Number five we've got the J Balvin Air Jordan 3s you've got these gradient Details on a heel Tab and on the midsole That are meant to represent a sunset Yeah I wear this shoe all the time Number four the staple Timberland field Booth obviously it's winter time it Snowed a lot here in Philadelphia I was Just in Denver a couple weeks ago and The snow was crazy so it makes sense That one of my most worn sneakers of the Last couple weeks is a pair of Tims Number three the Kobe 6 protor Grinch This sneaker is not only one of the most Popular Kobe colorways of all time but It's also a great basketball sneaker and Actually if you plan to play basketball On your Kobes or any other pair of Sneakers in your collection I definitely Recommend checking out Victory insoles Victory insoles are made of carbon fiber They help you jump higher run faster and Protect you from injury it's no wonder Why tens of thousands of amateur Athletes use Victory insoles number two The as6 gel Koo 14 this shoe was not Only incredibly comfortable on foot but The colorway is amazing and it's Inspired by 2000's running sneakers Number one the Travis Scout one low Olive when a pair of Jordan 1es come out And a colorway this clean and this

Wearable I've got to grab it and at this Point I probably wear this pair of Sneakers about four times a week