RESHOEVN8R is more than just a Sneaker Cleaning brand! Today’s video is something different, but something that we are very proud to be a part of. Cleaning sneakers for a cause is a different type of feeling, being able to give back to the less fortunate and meet incredible people along the way is one thing that makes this brand proud and authentic! Thank you Orange High School and everyone involved for allowing us to be a part of your Sneakout event and for letting us build the community by your side!

For Today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we aren’t focused on cleaning one shoe in particular or cleaning the hypest sneaker we can find. We are focused on cleaning as many shoes as we can find to give one person a chance to rock their kicks with confidence. This video follows our Videographer/ On camera talent and our Global Sales Manager as they travel to New Jersey to partner with a very special soul to help the community one scrub at a time. Orange High School gave their students the opportunity to do community service by cleaning not one pair of shoes, but over 100 pairs to give back and hearing the excitement in these seniors made the experience even more incredible.

The cleaning process for all of these different types of sneakers started with our all natural Cleaning Solution and our 3 different Brushes. The cleaning method was able to deep clean and quick clean all of these sneakers to prepare for the donation. After they were cleaned and ready to go the owner of Sneakout took it one step further to wrap them like presents. The care that the Orange High School team put into this project is one and a million.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project and for choosing RESHOEVN8R! We hope to do more of these soon. Let us know in the comments if you know a charity or non- profit that we should work with next.

PRO TIP: In this world if you can give back even if you think it is in a small way; that act of giving back could be the BIGGEST thing in the world to someone else. Give back, build the community, make someone’s day and I promise you won’t regret being a part of something bigger than yourself!

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Thank you RESHOEVN8R and thank you for Sneak Out. It's your boy Megell Street and 
y'all might have seen me on the channel before cleaning up Sneakers, but today we got something 
totally different for y'all. We're actually going to be traveling to New Jersey we partnered up 
with Orange High School out there and a bunch of   Their seniors are going to be using RESHOEVN8R
products cleaning up a whole bunch of different   Sneakers and then donating them, so I'm gonna take 
y'all with me I'm gonna take you along the process   But first we gotta pack this drip [Music]. May or may not have went to the wrong gate… Run [Music]   What's going on YouTube? This is Akil here 
we finally made it to Newark after a long   And grueling red eye. Don't have a layover on a 
red eye is the worst, but we're here at Orange   High School we're meeting up with Daryl Pope and 
what we're doing is we're bringing the students   Into this to clean sneakers for the unfortunate, 
the homeless those people who are less fortunate   Than ourselves. You can't give away no busted 
shoes so you're about to go in there check out   The whole process talk to a few of the students 
and then document the whole thing let's do it.   Once I give you your stuff you have to 
go get your sneakers hand me your cups please. I came up with the name Sneak Out because 
of course I sneak out the dirt and I started   Thinking about when I was a teenager 
I used to walk the streets of Newark   I would go out with my friends and my socks 
would sneak out of my sneakers oh wow and I   Put it together. I said well maybe I can 
do something for the homeless so that's   When I started doing sneaker drives and I was 
asking people to donate to me they're slightly   Worn or good sneakers that I could clean and 
give to the homeless and the people in need ,  So all of a sudden I started thinking why not 
see if I can incorporate the students to help   Me clean the sneakers because what I didn't 
know was they had to have community service   Hours before they graduated. I had a meeting 
with the principal and when I got finished   Explaining this to them they actually clapped 
at the end of the presentation I was in tears. Wow, it's all good man it's all good, because it 
was something that I dreamed about and thought   About since last year I've been here 10 years and 
this is the first year ever that I found my niche. Mr. Paul always say not too much and not too 
little. Oh yeah I love sneakers, okay I'm not   Like a sneakerhead because I met a lot of sneaker 
heads I'm like wow you know a lot of sneakers. My   Favorite sneaker that I own actually is the Jordan 
11 Cherries when I clean my sneakers or haven't   Just clean sneakers my fit looks better everything 
looks good, it makes me feel better about myself  Because I'm not even doing it for myself I'm 
doing it for the people who actually need it   Because some people might have a hole in their shoe
right now and then tomorrow they're gonna have   A brand new pair of Kyrie's or Jordans on their 
feet. I actually feel proud I don't really like   See as a negative thing that have to take time 
out of today I think it's important because like  

Sometimes we don't notice how much we're lucky to 
have stuff like say if we start three o'clock in   The afternoon we're able to fill up a crate maybe 
a crate and a half or two before two hours or so   Because I got a good crew here. The process is this 
if they're flat enough I won't use a rubber band   But if they're not flat enough I use a rubber band 
to hold them closer together and I just roll it   Over roll it over generally I like to just make 
it look like a nice little package for somebody. Uh and instead of just giving them the sneakers 
like this I like to wrap it a little bit give   Them something to look forward to. So since I saw 
that my nephew was using RESHOEVN8R that's when   I bought the Executive Kit plus I like the way 
they spelled their name re-shoe vn8r and I   Happened to reach out to the global sales rep 
Akil Rodriguez and not only did he lead me to   The waters he helped me out he sent me two big 
boxes of sneakers, four gallons of the cleaning   Solution and also two boxes of the three types 
of different brushes that we use so he gave me   A Leg up, so there's no way nobody can come to me 
and tell me about any other cleaning products   Imma RESHOEVN8R man. I need y'all to meet me 
downstairs in the library at 10 o'clock. I've been   Talking to Daryl on and off for the past you know 
two months to kind of get this thing set up it's   Been real heartfelt he's doing something very 
positive for the community here an Orange and   RESHOEVN8R to support what they're doing has been 
a true blessing. I say day one was a major success   And I can't wait to donate these shoes and take 
it to the next step. Y'all let's see it let's do it. This is part two of our mission once again my 
name is Daryl Pope I'm the owner of Sneak Out   Not sure exactly how many sneakers there are 
but I'm sure there's over at least 100 Pair   We're getting ready to take them down to 
St James Social Services to dispense them   Among the people that are waiting for us. 
Well I'm getting a good workout [Music]. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing to have a nice pair of 
sneakers even as an adult it's something.   My name is Vesta Godwin Clark and I am 
the executive director of St James Social   Service Corporation. When he told me that 
he wanted to do this in conjunction with   Orange High School; not only were they 
doing the cleaning but then to come   Here and distribute distribute as well this is 
what you call real community service [Music]. [Music] You got the classics [Music]   You really scrubbed the shoes I'm just so 
happy that they're they get to wear them I just   Felt like what we did was honorable, we should 
take much more pride in this organization to   Bring it next year. I tell anybody that has any 
sneakers and together so we can continue this   And give more and more and more and more thank 
you to the students of Orange High School for   Sure you know and of course thank you to Mr. Pope 
who you know has amazing heart and is doing an   Outstanding job I am just so overwhelmed and on 
top of that with the help I got from RESHOEVN8R

Akil Rodriguez and Megell who came from Arizona To help us out overall the collaboration with 
Sneak Out. Orange High School and RESHOEVN8R Has been outstanding we were able to satisfy a 
lot of people, but guess what Sneak Out is going   To be around because we sneak out to dinner 
everything's just a line the turnout was good   I mean to me this couldn't have went any better 
it was a blessing to be a part of it a blessing   To document this and hopefully we can make 
it back out here to do it again see y'all [Music] thank you [Music]