Cleaning quite possibly one of the most questionable releases of 2023 with RESHOEVN8R. The Big Red Boot is one in a million just like our shoe cleaner; try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments what you think. #shorts

One point people were paying two Thousand dollars for this big boot and Riding a dirt bike in these things might Have been the most fun I've ever had Making a video so I'm gonna attempt to Use the rejuvenator signature cleaning Kit to bring these things back to life But I have absolutely no promises All right let's go a lot of these marks That are in the boots are like deep in The rubber I can see with the foam it's Pulling up a lot of that dirt look at How chewed up the bottoms of these Things are all right this is the moment Of truth to be honest we kind of did That these boots didn't come out half Bad just look at the before and this is The after let me know what should we do With these next