The Coros Pace 3 and Garmin Forerunner 265 are two of the best running watches we’ve tested in 2023 and if you’re trying to decide which one you should buy, we’re here to help.

Tester Mike has spent time with both watches and breaks down the key differences in terms of design, running features, smartwatch features and more to help you decide whether to go Coros Pace 3 or Garmin Forerunner 265 (Forerunner 265s tested in this video).


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00:00 – Intro
01:35 – Design
03:37 – Price
04:31 – Running Features
06:46 – Smartwatch Features
08:09 – Battery Life
09:35 – Verdict

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Foreign Testers and in this video we're going to Be talking about the key differences Between the chorus Pace 3 and the Garmin Forerunner 265 now this video has been Brought to you in partnership with our Friends at Precision Fuel and hydration Now if you're watching this video You're Clearly pretty serious about tracking Your runs but you should also be serious About how you're fueling and hydrating For your training runs and also on race Day now from my perspective I am Training for Manchester half which is on The 15th of October in terms of my own Viewing leads I'm kind of coming back From injury this is all part of you know Building up to kind of tackle another Marathon next year now in terms of my Training I always make sure that I grab Enough gels to kind of cover my training Runs now the gels that I've used over Kind of a good few years now have been a Precision fuel hydration Um energy gels and also the caffeine and Non-caffeine one so depending on the Types of runs I'm going to be doing and When I'm going to be doing those runs so If you're the kind of person that Doesn't really know what to do in terms Of those fueling and kind of hydration Needs then Precision Fuel and hydration Have a really good tool on their website That I will be using it's a kind of

Builds you with a fueling and hydration Plan to kind of help you make sure that You are doing the right things in terms Of that fueling during your training Runs and also when it comes to race day As well so you can go to the website to Create that fueling plan for your Training and if you want to grab Anything from the website we do have a 15 discount which will show up on screen And it'll also be in the caption as well To help you get started thank you Now what we want to do in this video is Really get down to the key differences That are really going to help you decide Whether you should go for the past three We should go for the Garmin front at 265. now we'll start with design now These are two kind of small lightweight Watches and if that's something that you Want then both of these deliver that now In terms of the key differences You are getting on the game in front of 265 you're getting a 265 and a 265s if You want a slightly bigger case size and You have the option to do that where's The pace three You only have the one case size option Now materials wise similar straps you're Getting removable straps as well you're Getting polymer cases when you look at The screens you are getting a Touchscreen display on both of these Watches you've kind of got to enable it

On the page three as wears with the Um Garden front of 265 it's kind of out Of the box the touchscreen support is There and in place now that is used on An AMOLED display compared to the LCD Display that you're getting on the pace View now what does that mean ultimately The ammo display in the Garmin gives you Something that feels a little bit more Like a smart watch it's more vibrant More colorful and if that's something That you want in terms of your Experience and that's what you're going To get if you use it and always on mode Then that's going to hit the battery Life a lot more with the pace 3 you've Got a more traditional kind of sports Watch display which kind of prioritizes Kind of those kind of viewing angles Also making sure you're getting strong Battery life as well so from a design Point of view the key thing is you need To look out here for is you're getting The 400 265 in 2K size option you're Getting an ablet display that is a Touchscreen display as well on the pace Three I'm getting 1K size option you are Getting an LCD always on display and you Do have a touchscreen functionality that You need to turn on so it does have that Ability there as well it's maybe not as Slick as it is on the Garmin 40265 so That's also something to keep in mind But those are kind of key design

Differences to think about here in terms Of what you're getting on the pace 3 and The 4Runner 265. foreign We do of course have to talk about price Here now these are two watches that Definitely sit in that kind of mid-range Kind of category but they definitely sit At different ends of that category with The chorus pastry that has jumped up in Price from the pace too but it Definitely is the more affordable option When you've got the Garmin 4 and a 265 At the other end which is more expensive Considering more expensive than the past Three the main reason driving that price Up is probably the AMOLED display which In general we've seen on Garmin watches And the smart watches in general that Does push the price up a little bit in Terms of what you're going to expect to Pay but feature sets are generally Similar but ultimately if you are Looking in terms of affordability pastry Is definitely a more affordable Mid-range watch whereas the guy in front Of 265 definitely sits at the more Expensive kind of high-end range mainly Because you've got the AMOLED display That and that's really what you're Paying extra for foreign Now we do of course have to talk about That kind of General run tracking Experience on these watches and the good News is it's pretty solid across both of

These now if you want things like dual Frequency kind of GPS or that kind of More accurate GPS mode that we're Starting to see on running watches both Of these watches offer that I think from A heart rate monitoring performance from That kind of wrist-based heart rate Monitoring you're getting very good Performance on both of these watches With the scope to kind of pair external Heart rate sensors as well to if you Care about navigation support both offer Breadcrumb navigation and the ability to Kind of upload routes via their kind of Respective apps and get them on the Watch yourself that's something that you Care about not getting that full mapping Support but you are getting that kind of Breadcrumb navigation style kind of fit Functionality but also that ability to Upload routes as well you're getting Training and Analysis features across These watches as well too if that's Something you want to kind of dig into a Little bit more When you have that capability to do that Here now I think that's probably one Area where maybe the watch is slightly Different in terms of the approaches the Training and Analysis I would say and we Would kind of generally say that maybe The approach on garmins is slightly Nicer a little bit more intuitive a Little bit easier to understand you've

Got that kind of same level of kind of Analysis going on on the chorus but Maybe you need to do a little bit work To kind of better kind of understand and Kind of get to grips with that Information where I think things like Training readiness on the Garmin front Of 265 Things like kind of daily suggested Workouts those kind of features that Really kind of touch a drive to offer Recommendations and advice in terms of What you should be doing A little bit better executed on the Garmin from the 265 but they do offer Those training analysis features across Both watches just feels that maybe the Execution of it is slightly nicer on the Garmin 40265 but that pure kind of core Running tracking experience and that Kind of dual frequency GPS mode heart Rate monitor thing all the kind of Metrics that you'd expect to come with It they're very similar in terms of that Experience so from that point of view You're getting very good run tracking on Both of these watches you maybe get a Little bit more in terms of the approach And execution of the training and Analysis features on the Garmin over the Course PC but it's definitely improving In terms of chorus's own ecosystem and Delivering those features as well Now the other area that's going to help

You choose between these two watches is The Smart Watch support you're getting Across and they'll both work with Android and iOS and it's pretty Consistent in terms of that experience Kind of use it across those two Platforms now in terms of which gives You more of that Smartwatch experience It definitely is the Garmin you you know Both these watches you can view Notifications you have music players Here as well too so those are kind of Things that you're looking for from your Smart experience And you've got that on the Garmin you Can kind of respond quickly to Notification which you can't do on the Chorus that's it's a lot more basic in Terms of that support you have obviously An app store on the um Garmin watch Where you don't have that on the chorus Either Um you're looking at things like the Music player support ultimately you're Getting support for kind of streaming Services or to store music from Streaming services like Spotify on the Garmin you don't have that on the chorus Page three that's more about kind of Dragging and dropping your own music When you're connected to a computer to Get that music on there you get an app Store on the Garmin Um as well too which you don't get that

On the chorus basically so ultimately if You are looking for a Slicker kind of Smart watch experience from your running Watch then you're definitely going to Get that on the garden you're going to Get aspects of it on the chorus Pace 3 But you're definitely going to get more Of it on the Garmin 400 265 and 265s Then we do of course have to talk about Battery life now if you're looking for The watch here that's going to last Longer off a single charge it's going to Be the chorus pastry but ultimately These are two watches that can handle Kind of a week's worth of training now With the chorus page 3 you don't have That AMOLED display and you have that AMOLED display set to always on on the Garmin it's going to hit the battery Life a lot more and you're going to get Less than a week out of it but if you're Willing to use the raised awake gesture Support it is going to go longer has the Capability to go beyond the week but Ultimately it's probably going to max Out for you for around a week now with The cost pays three Promising more days in terms of that Kind of smart watch mode daily usage Mode obviously things like using the Dual frequency GPS mode like the Multiband mode on the Garmin that's Going to hit the battery life a little Bit more

Um and ultimately that's something You're going to have to deal with on Both of these watches but in terms of The watch Being sat in standby mode it's Not draining as much as the Garmin so Ultimately it's going to last a little Bit longer but bottom line these are two Watches that are gonna hold up for a Week's worth of training If you want one that can last a little Bit longer in between charges and we'd Probably say the Crosby three just about Edges here in terms of you're going to Get it mainly because you don't have That AMOLED on display and when it's in Standby mode it's not you know Monitoring or you know doing too much to Kind of hurt the kind of battery life When you're not using it for tracking Okay so there you have it those are the Key differences we think will help you Decide whether you should go for the Chorus page three or the Garmin 4Runner 265. so just a refresh I think from a Design point of view if you really want An AMOLED display then you go for the Garmin 40265 if you want the better Smartwatch experience then again you go For the 265 as well if you want best Value for money if you want a better Battery life performance and all the Kind of same kind of run tracking Experience that you're going to Generally get from the Garmin then you

Go for the chorus phase three and it's You know despite them being in different Price categories the feature sets are Very similar in terms of what you're Getting it really is thinking about Whether what you know what you value in Terms of design in terms of batch Performance and really about having a Smart watch to kind of live with as well As well as something that attracts you Or runs and those are kind of the key Things we think we'll help you decide Whether you should go for the chorus Pace 3 or the Garmin Foreigner 265. Okay so they have it the key running Differences between the chorus page 3 And the Garmin for Honor 265 now if You've got any questions about these Watches well actually you want to see The pastry compared to in other videos And do let us know and then comment as Always like And subscribe hit that Little bell to find out about latest Videos and yeah we'll see for the next Round test this video Foreign