We were big fans of the COROS Pace 2. Bang for buck it was one of the best GPS running watches going. So we’ve been excited to test its successor – the COROS Pace 3. The upgrades here are evolution not revolution, with a bigger battery life, Dual Frequency GPS and some new sport modes among the headlines. We’ll bring your our complete, considered multi-tester review once we’ve done our full rigorous tests. But in this video we’ll give you a quick snapshot of what’s new. Along with some early first impressions on how it performs, including design, GPS, heart rate and battery life. Hit play for our first impressions COROS Pace 3 review.

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – What’s new?
3:01 – The Run Test: Design
6:00 – Battery life
8:33 – GPS
11:33 – Heart rate
13:48 – Early verdict

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Hi people welcome to the Run testers and Our first look at the new koros page Three now we were big fans of the pace 2 Bang for buck one of the best GPS Running watches going so we've been Excited to test this new successor we'll Bring you our complete considered Multitester review once we've done our Full rigorous tests but in this video We're going to give you a quick snapshot Of what's new along with some early First Impressions on how the new chorus Space 3 performs including design GPS Heart rate and battery life in our early Tests so let's get into it So what's new then well the Top Line Upgrades from the pace 2 include a Bigger battery life the addition of all Systems and dual frequency GPS there's a New trail running mode so that will come To the PACE to in time there's a pulse Oximeter sensor plus music storage and Playback with four gigabytes of space Now chorus's trademark is long battery Life and with a page three they've also Improved things here again on paper in Standard GPS mode you're going to get 38 Hours run time with all system Satellites on you're going to get 25 Hours and in dual frequency that drops To 15 hours the daily use battery life Is now 24 hours that's four days longer Than the pace two design wise there's a 1.2 inch transflective 240 by 240 memory

And pixel always on touch screen display That's the same size and resolution as The pace 2 but Cora says it's higher Quality that's also scratch resistant Glass which sits in a lightweight fiber Reinforced polymer bezel and casing now The pastry weighs 30 grams with a nylon Strap on that's one gram heavy heavier Than the pace too but only one gram so You're barely going to notice that There's also Bluetooth 5.0 a four Gigabyte memory and it's water resistant To 50 meters when it comes to sensors There's a smaller Optical HR with less Bulge which is supposed to be for a Better fit and improved Comfort you're Also now getting spo2 there's also a Barometric altimeter in there when it Comes to tracking and features the big News is the addition of some new sport Modes that includes trail running ski Snowboard and cross-country ski but Those like I said earlier will come to The PACE too by 2024 otherwise there's The same Suite of Evo lab training Recovery and fitness insights plus the Usual sleep activity tracking and all Those gubbins that come with the old Pace too navigation smarts includes In-app route planning turn-by-turn Navigation breadcrumb navigation back to Start elevation profile you've got Distance to destination GPS coordinates And storm alerts as well there's not

Much here by web Smart Watch smarts There's notifications of Music those Kind of things bit of watch face Customization but there's no contactless Payments and no Spotify playback on Price the chorus page 3 will cost 229 Dollars in the US 219 pounds in the UK That's 50 and 20 pounds pricier than the Pace 2 at launch but still considerably Cheaper than things like the Garmin 4Runner 265 which is probably the Closest rival when it comes to overall Capabilities of this watch Now when it comes to the run test we've Only had the chorus page three for just Under a week really so we haven't had a Full time to test it but here is what we Have found out in the miles that we've Done let's start with the design but This is a light and compact watch the Nylon strap isn't the soft it's not Quite as soft as some of those apple Ones you get but overall it's nice and Comfortable to where it's easy to have On 24 7 and you kind of forget that it's There that's how lightweight it is you Can change those straps as well and it Ships with two spare pins which I think Is a good thing because I'm a little bit Worried actually overall about how Strong these pins are sometimes when You're pulling that strap tight they Feel a bit flimsy now the screen is Pretty small but this is a compact watch

It's also no match for the brightest and Sharpest displays either that's Somewhere the 400 965 is going to have An edge but it's perfectly legible in Most lights though the auto raise Backlight was a bit hit and miss it Didn't always fire when we lifted our Wrists overall the design is tidy it's Not a great deal has changed here from The paste two it's still perhaps a Little bit plastic feeling but that is What keeps it light and I think it's Actually a benefit really so in terms of The design of the cars pastry it's not Too far removed from the past two which I actually think is a good thing and There's just kind of some minor changes That might be a big deal for some not so For others I think first starting off You're getting a similar sized case The screen size and resolution has Stayed the same as well you're getting That plastic case as well which maybe Feels a touch nicer than the one on the Original page two you're getting the Same Um setup in terms of buttons now what You have got here is um the added Touchscreen functionality which we've Seen on other cars watches now you can Set that to have be used all the time When you're interacting with a watch or It can you could be more selective in Terms of the kind of menus and features

That it's kind of a scientist if that's Something you want then that's something You've got there as well too in terms of The straps there is kind of the nylon And the silicone strap option I had the Nylon and chorus also simply the Silicon Version but I actually found the nylon Strap a lot nice uh um to wear a couple Of days I've had using it Um and also it's definitely a nicer 9 Strap than I had on the pacesuit which I Think was one of the early versions when They kind of sent us the early kind of Test units um to use on the paste too I Think what I've mentioned here that I've Kind of noticed in my time is the Software seems to run a little bit Smoother than it did on the pace 2 just Seems a little bit Slicker doesn't feel As laggy I mean it wasn't massively Laggy on the um paste too but it is Something that I've kind of noticed it Is a little bit Slicker overall so from That point if you interact with it day To day and kind of you know going Through those menus it does feel a Little bit nicer to do so yeah Ultimately very similar to what we've Got on the pace tube in terms of the Size in terms of screen uh kind of set Up other straps and ultimately looking At that kind of touchscreen Functionality added and I think in terms Of processor kind of performance and

Overall performance in terms of Interacting with the Um watch it definitely feels a lot nicer A lot more smoother overall Now on battery life in my early tests The battery life was solid the overnight Burn averaged around three percent That's really good it talks about 30 in Three days of General use that included Eight hours of GPS tracking which also Broke down as burning eight percent from Two and a half hours in standard GPS Oddly spurned seven percent from four And a half hours in an all systems GPS Run while one hour dual frequency Exercise burned four percent now those Numbers should roughly scale to the Match build battery times which is good But more testing to be done okay so into Battery life on the chorus phase three I Think in general we should say that kind Of chorus watches that's you know this Is something that has been renowned for Whether it's kind of in you know Tracking mode but also in standby mode The battery life has always been very Strong across its range now in terms of What we're seeing on the pace 3 we are Seeing promise improves in terms of that Day-to-day battery life kind of you know Kind of daily use Smart Watch mode and We're also seeing improvements in terms That kind of standard GPS battery mode As well and now also you have the dual

Band GPS mode which like other watches That support these types of kind of dual Band mode does see the battery life drop It off a little bit more compared to When you're kind of using a standard GPS Mode so I think that the chorus pays Three promises kind of up to 15 hours of Kind of dual band GPS battery life now I Did just an oh over an hour of running Basically in my first run with it Um I saw the battery life dropped by Eight percent so maybe that's kind of You know just over 10 hours I think it Kind of works out too in terms of that Kind of dual band GPS battery life Performance so not quite maybe the 15 Hours but it's going to be over 10 hours I think ultimately but it what's clear Is that having that um kind of higher Accuracy mode in play does impact on the Battery life and you think of things That I've used recently like the senso Vertical where it's held that battery up A lot better in a kind of dual band mode Probably the best than any watch that I've tried in that dual band mode uh but It's kind of in line with other watches That offer this kind of support so from That point of view in that highest Accuracy mode You are going to see the battery life Drop off a compared standard mode it Looks like from a kind of day-to-day use You're gonna get kind of a few more days

Out of it as well Um so crucially you are seeing Improvements and kind of all fronts in Terms of that battery life in terms of What's promise and also like the Dual Band modes on other watches it looks Like it's going to hit the battery life A little bit more but that's kind of not Really massively surprising uh based on The testing of other watches with that Kind of dual band mode as well On GPS in these early tests this was a Bit hit and miss in a standard GPS mode It had a tendency to read long compared To the Garmin in Euro 2 and when you Look at the tracks even in dual Frequency it has a habit of Meandering Slightly they go a little bit off it's Nothing too crazy just small bits here And there but these little bits add up Particularly when you're going longer Distances and the pastry was often Quarter of a mile ahead of the other two Or three watches that we tested it Against so these were much pricier Watches in General on one occasion it Also struggled really badly with the Stop it bounced around adding distance It's not unique to the page three it Happened to the Garmin Enduro 2 in our Tests but it might not be that great if You're thinking of using this for Ultra And you're going to be doing aid station Stops without pausing your watch it was

Much better in dual frequency mode where It matched the Garmin Enduro dual Frequency overall much better for Accuracy in that mode and you know Matching pricier watches okay so into GPS performance and that is a big kind Of headline change for the karos pace 3 As well you now have the the Dual Frequency GPS mode that we've seen on The kind of chorus Apex 2 and on the Chorus vertex suit and obviously a lot Of other kind of running watches from Garmin from Polar from sinto as well Well I've seen kind of varying Experiences and performances of those Kind of dual band uh kind of GPS modes On all of those watches Um I think it's been okay on the chorus Watches in general but I think you know Probably Garmin and sinto probably Performed the best for me in terms of What I've seen in that GPS accuracy so I've only done one run I did a kind of 14k run Um I had the pace 3 on my left wrist and Then I had the gum from a 965 and it's Kind of A multi-band mode which is kind of one Of the best performing kind of Multi-band kind of dual band modes that I've tested and in terms of what I saw From the corals post fee all look pretty Good in terms of that first run and I'm Going to dig kind of dug through into

The kind of data to see how those kind Of routes and kind of map routes kind of Looks they look pretty good the Subsequent metrics that kind of you know Came from it looked very similar to what I got from the Garmin Um Safe America initial kind of GPS Performance it all looks pretty good to Me in terms of that kind of dual band Support obviously like other watches at Support modes like this it's Gonna Knock The battery life a little bit I'll get Into that how that kind of performed in The battery section But ultimately in Terms of GPS performance the metrics Around that I saw around it they all Look pretty good and pretty much in line With what I saw with the 40965 so GPS Looked pretty good for me Um no major issues in that first run so Far Um but you know as I kind of do a few More runs with it maybe take it to a few More areas where that signal can be uh Kind of challenged and just you know can Be obstructed whether it will still Deliver that kind of good strong data And also the metrics that are tied to it We'll find out but so far so good for me On the chorus page 3 and its new dual Band GPS mode On heart rate I tested the pastry Optical center up against other Optical Heart rate sensors the political variety

Sense a chest strap and of course his Own heart rate monitor and this is Probably where the chorus pays 3 Struggled most in my early test at times It struggled for the first 10 minutes With a lot of high spikes as well during Those runs it was prone to high spikes Throughout really and it often failed to Pick up drops in HR as well when I Stopped and had rest periods now on one Hiking test where you expect it to be Able to cope on those low intensities it Really struggled getting locked on much Higher bpms for longer periods of time And overall it was a long way off the Max and average heart rates as well as Being nowhere near how I felt in the Moment so into that heart rate Monitoring performance now that is Something that has changed on the pace So you compared to the Pacer you now Have an upgraded Optical heart rate Sensor you do still have the ability to Pair external heart rate sensors as well Too if you don't trust that heart rate Monitor data now my experience with the Pace 2 has been pretty good overall I Think you know I always have a better Experience those kind of smaller running Watches and sports watches in terms of Optical heart rate data and accuracy Overall now I've only done one run so Far with the page three I did a pretty Easy Pace run so what I really want to

See is how it performs a kind of high Intensity and kind of efforts which I Haven't been able to I haven't had time To do yet but in terms of that steady Pace run I used it against the Garmin 40965 paired to a Garmin hm Pro Plus Chest strap monitor and in terms of the Average heart rate ratings the maximum Heart rate readings all look pretty good To me and as I said you know this for Those kind of steady runs the pace 2 has Performed pretty well for me it looks Like it's going to be more the same on The page three as I said I really want To see how it performs and those kind of High-intensity tests which I haven't Been able to do just yet I've just had It for two small amount of time to be Able to kind of fit that in but as I Said in that one run I've been able to Do the heart rate data has looked pretty Good where you know some Optical heart Rate sensors can kind of struggle even Those kind of very gentle kind of paste Rounds with where you're not going at Your most you know your quickest or your Fastest so yeah so far so good on the Heart rate sensor performance I would Definitely like to see how it performs On those kind of high intensity efforts To see if those changes in the heart Rate sensor technology has really made a Difference overall Verdict then so I'm not going to give

You a verdict after less than a week With the chorus paste too I'll save that For the full review but here are my Quick First Impressions after four or Five days using this watch this is Evolution not Revolution with just a few Tweaks here and there things we love to See like longer battery life they're Here it's still light and compact they Haven't deviated much from the design And for the price it's still well built And there's a nice Simplicity to that Feel of it I think the GPS was solid Compared to much pricier watches but not Entirely infallible the battery life Pretty much lived up to billing and this Remains a real strength for chorus it's Way ahead in terms of its overall Longevity the much pricier watches the Optical heart rate was one area where it Wasn't great in our test so far it was Probably more missed than hit overall Though I think the pace 3 Builds on the Bang for buck strength of the pace 2 but With more testing required so some Initial thoughts on some pretty limited Time with ecos Pace 3 and it feels like A pretty nice update on the chorus paste Tea so far based on my testing now the Pace 2 is I think one of the best Watches still available out there if You're looking for a very affordable Kind of Route into buying a running Watch if you're looking for good value

For money as well and obviously you're Getting on the multi-sport functionality As well there too so it's not just for Running as well too Now in terms of the past three it has Become more expensive than the past two It's going to go above that kind of 200 Pound 200 price Mark now what are you Getting in return for that well mainly You're getting that touchscreen Functionality You are getting I would say a kind of Slicker software performance as well Overall you're getting that dual band GPS mode you are getting that upgraded Heart rate sensor Optical heart rate Sensor you're getting a built-in Um four gigabyte music player as well That's something you care about as well And then all the kind of promises in Terms of improved battery life across Those kind of different kind of usage And scenarios as well too so there are Some reasons to maybe potentially think About upgrading but I think you know if You're not that fuss about the Dual Band GPS mode I think the music player I Think you're not that fussed about the Software performance as well then maybe There's that massive reason to upgrade For the pay suit and I still think that Stands as a very good watch but it does Feel like that extra money you're Spending does get you some nice features

Now Obviously things like breadcrumb Navigation and we are going to get turn By turn uh kind of support which is kind Of in beta at the moment you know that's Going to roll out or has already rolled Out on the Um car space too so that's still getting That functionality as well so if that's Something you care about you could Potentially pick it up on the cheaper Watch and then you look at the kind of More expensive chorus watches as well Now you're going up to the Apex 2 and The Apex to promo Apex 2 doesn't have That uh dual bow manage the Apex 2 Pro And that's going to get you probably Nicer materials you're going to get that Full mapping support which you don't get On the Um paste 2 or the pace 3 as well so and You're obviously going to get a bit more Of a boost in battery life as well too Just because you've got a bigger watch And a bigger battery to kind of host There but I think In terms of courses range it feels like A nice update to the PACE 2 and also Maybe you know it's gonna if you're Gonna choose between this and something Like the Apex 2 and you don't really Care about the full mapping then I think You're going to get good value for only Pace 3 helps me looking at other watches

That are out there around this price as I said it's going to jumped in price and It kind of moved away from things like The Garmin 455 and it's offering a lot More than the 55 in terms of that Breadcrumb navigation the Dual Band GPS Mode that's kind of kind of music player Features as well if that's something you Care about you look at things like as I Said the Carmen Foreigner 255 which I Think it's starting to kind of creep Closer towards and that's got um you Know that's a very very good watch I Think you know it kind of matches up Pretty well on that front I think maybe The ultimately the Garmin ecosystem in Terms of smart watch features just works A little bit nicer and that support that You're getting so if that's something You care about that would be it may be a Reason to go for something like the 255 The 400 255 whereas I think with the Pace three I think elsewhere in terms of The support in terms of the metrics in Terms of what you're getting in terms of The Dual Band GPS mode here now as well It kind of sits pretty well with that 255 so I think yeah the pastry is a nice Update to the PACE 2 overall Um I watched that I think you know Offers some nice updates on the previous Watch I don't think it entirely removes The need to go for the pace to make it Feel like a good option to go for but I

Think if you care as I said about having That dual band GPS mode having that Touchscreen functionality that improves Software kind of running performance a Music player some of those features that We've seen on the other chorus watches Then we're now going to get that in the Page three I think as I said yeah I feel Like it's a nice update so far I want to See how well that dual band GPS mode and Things like the battery life performance And the heart rate performance at high Intensity performs to see whether it is A worthwhile and a huge kind of Worthwhile upgrade over the pace 2 but So far I feel like I've you know it's Been a nice watch to you so far And I think you know this for me is the Favorite Um I've got chorus's watches in its kind Of collection and I feel like it's going To be another one that's going to offer Very good value for money even though It's jumped up a little bit in price So there you have it that's been my Quick first look at the new chorus Pace 3. hope you found it useful we will do More in-depth testing the rest of the Team have watches in right now and they Are doing that testing as we speak and As soon as we've done our usual rigorous Drills and testing we'll bring you the Full review so don't forget to subscribe And ring that Bell to hear when that

Full chorus pastry review lands hit us Up in the comments Below in the meantime If there's anything you'd like us to Test specifically otherwise it's been a Pleasure to chat to you as always and We'll hope to see you again soon on the Run testers happy running everyone good Luck with whatever it is that you're Doing out there