In today’s episode, Vick dives deep into the creative process as he crafts a one-of-a-kind Custom Nike Dunk for the Phoenix Suns organization. Inspired by the vibrant hues of the Phx Suns El Valle New Jerseys and the iconic low-rider car from their campaign, Vick’s creativity knows no bounds.

Starting with a blank canvas on Nike.com’s Nike By You platform, Vick meticulously designs a stunning gradient from orange to yellow on the swooshes, capturing the essence of the Suns’ spirited energy. But he doesn’t stop there! Vick adds intricate stencils throughout the sneakers, infusing them with personality and style.

Witness Vick’s masterful technique as he meticulously paints all the leather edges, ensuring every detail is perfect. But the real showstopper? The custom tongues! Vick takes it to the next level with insane custom tongues that truly elevate the entire design.

Throughout the entire process, Vick generously shares his expert tips and tricks, empowering viewers to embark on their own custom sneaker projects.

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[Music] What's up everybody I'm Vic and today We're going to be doing some Phoenix Suns Customs this year's City Edition And Via jerseys are some of the sickest Jerseys to ever come out it's heavily Inspired by my Heritage Cho culture and L writer Cuda they did an amazing job With the storytelling they even made a Low writer for this project when it Comes to this jersey the colors the Gradients the details is on point and on The sides you got some pin striping all Inspired by low riders my job today is To put the elv design onto these dunks Recently the Phoenix Suns had an Elva Launch party they had a bunch of Giveaways and one of the lucky winners Won a pair of custom dunks designed and Made by me the thing is in the market There isn't too many purple orange and White dunks so I had to go on Nike made By you and design some shoes from Scratch this is going to make my life a Lot easier the upper is are already Purple just like the Jersey so I don't Have to spend too much time applying a Bunch of purple onto the uppers there Isn't too much orange on the Jersey so I Just put it on the outsoles and on the Back for the sues on both sides I left Them white it's going to be a perfect Base to lay down a sick gradient paint Job everything else on the shoe is a

Perfect canvas to lay down a bunch of Cool details just like on the Jersey oh And if you guys haven't noticed my new Little hat I freaking love it shout out To the homies and Noggin boss let's get Started first things first I know I Sound crappy allergies are kicking my Butt here in Arizona to get the process Started we're going to take out the Laces insoles and remove the tongues We're going to be cutting off the Stitching down here to make room for Some new [Music] Ones Tong are off now we're on to the Prep work we're going to tape off Everything but the swooshes and back tab So we can prep it with some acetone and Cotton [Music] Balls prep is complete we're ready for Some paint this current tape drop is Pretty sloppy we're going to take it off And redo it with the perfect one this Time Shoes all taped up we got some white Swishes to work with the next step is to Lay down a gradient paint job just like On the number 35 we're going to be using A nice dark orange work our way up to a Nice golden yellow this is one of my Favorite things to do it's really easy To do with an airbrush we got our yellow And red colors I mix them up to create

These two tones for the yellow I just Added a little bit of red to create that Golden yellow and for this orange tone I Started with yellow once again but added More red I am going to be using metallic Colors for this gradient paint job to Give it a nice pop off that matte purple Leather [Music] Gradient pay drob is complete there's Nothing to it all you want to do is Start off with the lighter color then Lay down the second darker color next Then when it comes to the transition you Just lay down a little bit of overspray Not too much cuz you don't want to Create a harsh line next I'm going to go Outside and protect this paint job by Laying down a glossy clear Coat Paint job looks sick especially off that Purple leather now for the back tab We're going to be laying down some Angeles blue turquoise with the Paintbrush the trick is to work around That orange embroidered Logo [Applause] [Music] [Music] All done with the back tabs that Turquoise is a nice pop off that purple And orange I took my time on it to make Sure I got that paint on that leather

Cut without getting any paint on the Swooshes or purple I also made sure I Took my time around that purple Nike Logo it's very hard to get paint off That embroidery now Nike did do me a big Favor by leaving all the ledges of the Purple nice and white it's going to make It so much easier for me to go in and Paint just like a union Jordan one I'm Going to start off with light orange for The first half of the shoe and then work My way to a darker orange very similar To the gradient on the swos except this Time it'll be opposite and it'll be very Subtle cuz it'll just be on the edges For this step I'll just be using a small Detail brush [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] This looks really good I'm glad I did This step another element that makes a Shoe pop right around this area I Created a nice blend from Orange to Yellow this half is orange the other Half is yellow the good thing is it Wasn't that timec consuming the key is To take your time use a tiny little Detail brush and if you get any paint on The leather just use your finger or a Rejuvenator wipe to quickly wipe it off Now the suns are really cool to hook me Up with a bunch of Lia jerseys even some

Blank ones to chop up one of the coolest Details about the Jersey is obviously The pin stripes on the side on the Jersey it comes on both sides I figured It'd be a cool opportunity to put these Jersey pin stripes on the tongues we're Going to cut up the Jersey then we're Going to send it to my good friend Jordan to make some new tongues for me I Also got some new custom Elva tongue Tags made by my homie D nice Customs These came out sweet nice gradient with Some pin stripes all around we're going To cut up the Jersey send it to my Friend Jordan he'll send it back with Some brand new tongues [Music] Made Pin stripes are off The Jersey now There's still warm more element that I Don't want to go to waste the Elva a Good place for this is the insole while Jordan takes care of the tongues I'm Going to take care of this part luckily I'm working on a whole another Suns Project that requires a similar step as To what I just did so I have a whole Another Elva logo to play with for the Second insole then to start putting the Insoles together with the Elva Jersey I'm going to spray some spray glue on The insoles and then start putting Everything [Music]

Together [Music] [Music] Oh These turned out way better than I Expected I can't wait to put them inside The shoes now to lock the jersey in Place with the insole we're going to use The post bed to create a stitch All Around The [Music] Edge these came out perfect they're Fully wearable we'll slide them inside The shoes at at the end of the video This morning though I did come into a Package on my desk brand new tongues From my good friend Jordan diab he Killed it on these on one side we got Part of the jersey and on the opposite Side we got the other half the tongues Are nice and vibrant for The Binding he Added a beautiful iridescent Violet Leather that's going to go perfect with The SES on the shoe he also sewed on the Elva tongue tag that I sent over right In the center honestly this is one of my Favorite tongues we've ever customized The materials and colors are all there Thanks again Jordan for always coming Through now we're going to attach them Onto the shoes first we'll apply some Glue to the bottom part of the tongue Same thing on the shoe we'll let the Glue cure for a few minutes then we'll

Stick it all together head to the Patcher and sew it in [Music] [Music] Place [Music] So far so good we got the tongues fully Attached onto the shoes that Jersey Looks great on the shoe next before we Can get back to painting we got to Create some stencils we're going to make One for the heel area and on top of the Toe box for this back piece we're going To be printing out the alternative son's Logo on top of the beautiful Ela logo They also made this one it's a nice Basketball with some beautiful Line work I figured that' be a perfect place for The back of the shoe as far as the front Of the toe boox goes we're going to take Some inspiration from one of my favorite Dunks the Huffs right in the front it Has the Tex Huff we're going to do the Exact same thing but with the sun's logo Let's print out some [Music] Stencils stencils are ready to go we're Going to use some transfer paper to lay It down on on the shoes we got to get Them perfectly lined [Music] Up all taped up first we're going to lay Down a white base coat with the airbrush And then we'll lay down the metallic

Yellow [Music] [Music] Suns in the toe box and the sun's logo On the back came out super clean Lin are On point the color looks really vibrant Off that purple let's keep it moving Next part we're going to be laying down Stencils on this side panel this side Panel and on the opposite side so we got To print out four more stencils for each Shoe I'm thinking we're going to do the Exact same line work that's on the [Music] Jersey this part was more tedious than The first set of stencils but all four Stencils on each shoe are fully laid Down for this part we're going to lay Down an orange to a darker orange Gradient [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Ping job is fully complete last time you Got to work work on is the laces we're Going to print something out real quick So we can iron them [Music] On all done with the laces the sun's Logo is a nice subtle detail you can Only see it when certain angles of the Light hits it we're going to lace them Up put some gold tips and wrap it

Up the reason why I'm putting tape on The lace tip is because the aget is way Too big to create a better fit the tape Comes in Handy all right guys that's going to Bring us to an end on these Phoenix Suns Elvet dunks I'm not going to lie I'm Blown Away how this custom turned out Way better than I expected and honestly It all started off with a good Bas shoe I went on Nike made by you and made my Life a lot easier by designing a shoe That already had a lot of purple with Orange accents so I can just focus on The details once they were fully made And shipped to me it was time to get to Work we started the deconstruction Process by removing the tongues we Chopped up two original Elva jerseys to Get the pen Stripes from the sides shout Out to my boy Jordan diab for making us Some new tongues we also created some Brand new Elva tongue tags he so them Onto the tongues and finished it off With this beautiful iridescent purple Binding but I didn't want the rest of The Jersey to go to waste so we got both Elva logos chopped them up as well and Made some brand new insoles and I got to Say this is probably by far my favorite Detail for the rest of the shoe it was All about the paint for the edges on the Leather we hit it with a nice subtle Gradient from yellow to Orange on the

Swooshes we added a sick gradient from Yellow to Orange using met colors on the Back piece around the orange we added a Nice turquoise then we finished it off With some beautiful Line work on the toe Boxes are both shoes we got the sun stex On there that's a nice beautiful touch Off that purple then on the back we got The alternative Suns logo with a nice Iridescent yellow as well with a little Bit of fading orange on the edges and Lastly we got some more pin striping From the jerseys on all four sides same Thing a nice gradient from yellow to Darker orange at this point over the Last couple of years I've done so many Phoenix Suns Customs but I got to say This is one of my favorite ones I just Love the iridescent tones Line work and Those tongues now I know you guys are Dying to know what to with this hat Stand up from the crowd and head over to Nogin boss.com and get your custom Larger the life Noggin choose from over A dozen different colors each waiting to Become a canvas for your creativity Whether you're repping a team business Brand or cause upload your design and Let the experts at Noggin boss do the Rest Noggin bosses are made with the Highest quality canvas and embroider Patches so you can bring your ideas to Life and showcase your Noggin with pride Be seen make a statement and let your

Noggin do the talking ruinator has Teamed up with Noggin boss to give away A custom hat designed by you and $100 With the rejuvenator products to ENT you Got to be following rejuvenator and Noggin boss on Instagram and comment Down below your favorite part about the Sun's Customs hope you guys enjoyed this Video good luck everybody this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See you [Music] Guys He