Making the classic all white Air Force 1 wedding ready for the man behind the brand!

Mr. RESHOEVN8R is set to tie the knot with his beautiful bride, but how can you own a sneaker care brand without rocking fresh kicks? In today’s episode of Customs with Vick he will walk you through everything you need to know to make perfect, yet simple kicks for your wedding. The sneakers featured hidden details that made them that much better.

To start we had to call in Nick Wilson to engrave the date… This is by far the HARDEST and most complicated part of the entire custom. After the dates were engraved it was all about the paint job. The paint job featured simple and neutral colors to match the vibe of the beach wedding! Once the custom was ready it was time to party in Cabo San Lucas!

Stay tuned to see exactly how Mr. and Mrs. RESHOEVN8R celebrate their love! Some of our employees and a whole lot of friends and family got to experience the wedding of the year!

Would you rock a pair of Vick’s customs on your wedding day?!

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What's up everybody we got a big project Ahead of us today the boss man here at Rejuvenator Steven Greer is finally Getting married with his soon to be wife Katie they've been together for a really Long time and they're getting married in Mexico to show my appreciation to Steve I bought a bunch of Air Force Ones for The groomsman and bridesmaides we're Going to be doing Customs for every Single one of them including for Steve And Katie it's going to be a big Surprise and we have a lot of work ahead Of us so let's get Started before I got started on this Custom I needed to meet with Katie and Steve for a quick design session we Review the color palette for the the Wedding along with the elements that They wanted to add to the sneakers we Decided on some simple color blocking For the toe boox and swsh that will Match their outfits along with some Laser engraving details on each pair Before we get started I'm going to do The Grooms and Bright's pair on camera The rest are going to get done off Camera first we're going to take out the Laces and insoles so we get started Laser Engraving all right so we're here with Nick Wilson the guy that does it all we Got to do some laser engraving for the Guys pair we're going to laser engrave

The date directly on the leather and for The women's pair we're going to laser Engrave it right here onto the rubber Midsole we only get one shot at this so Let's let's make it Right now that we got the shoes in the Laser it's time to start the engraving Process the laser is a versatile and Powerful tool that can be used to create Stunning designs on a variety of Materials including leather and rubber As shown here with these Air Force Ones With its precision and accuracy the Laser can produce intricate details time And time again what do you think Dude you killed it I know that's what I Do you always do bro I know get back to Work man all right this isn't really Your Job off to a good start that by far is The hardest part about any custom cuz You only get one shot at it everything Looks good let's keep it moving next we Got to do some prep work we're going to Be prepping the soses on the men's pair And the toe box on the woman's pair We're going to keep this custom nice and Simple cuz Stephen Kitty is all about [Music] Simplicity this step is is very Important when it comes to painting Leather you got to get that factory Finish off using aceton and cotton balls If you don't that paint can crack or

Peel in the long Run prep is done on the leather we're Ready to start painting for the woman's Shoe we're going to tape off everything But the laser engraving that we just did So we can paint inside of that using an Airbrush for the men's pair we're going To tape off everything but the Sees all right we're all done with the Taping for the woman's shoe we're going To be painting the swishes and the to Box and for the men Sho just as sues for Both of these shoes We're going to be Using colors from their wedding for the Men shoe we're going to be using a tone That's very similar to the woman's but This one has more of an olive tone and For the woman's shoe it's going to be a Nice creamy tone both very similar to Each other for this we're going to be Using the [Music] [Music] Airbrush [Music] [Applause] Paint job is complete now to protect it We got to go outside and spray some k at Finish [Music] Paint is protected before we go back Inside let's take out the tape out Here paint up is all done I know it's Simple but they're going to going to

Love it Last Detail we got to do is add Some charms to the laces these are the Original ones we don't like these so We're going to be replacing them with These nice gold ones for the men's pair We got a nice Air Force One custom made And for the women's pair specifically Katie's we're going to be putting Mrs Greer her new last Name all right guys that's going to Bring us to an end on Stephen Katie's Custom shoot for their wedding the next Time you see them they're going to be on Their feet in the beach of Mexico I love How these turned out they're nice and Simple and matches their wedding Perfectly now I only have two of the 11 Pairs fully done so I got to get back to It Stephen ktie congratulations on your Wedding wus we're here in Cabo San Lucas For Stephen Katie's wedding so excited For this Moment came down here for 5 or 6 days Hanging out in a small shack it's got a Little bit of water Celebrating Katie and Steve hanging out And becoming one and completing their Family honestly for lunch we went to Bagel we got to see Katie and Steve Really open up and have a great time With their friends family the drinks Were amazing the food was absolutely Delicious and we were getting ready for Our boat ride after that the music was

Popping could not have been there with More incredible people during bagil There was a gentleman walking down on The beach with a couple iguanas aill ran Down there to get some pictures with the Iguana and the guy put the iguanas on Ail's head good moments things that you Just don't see in America boat ride to uh chase the sunset Was amazing the music was going the the Water was incredible blue color Everybody was dancing and having so much Fun there was so so many moments on There I got to talk about aill real Quick he's trying to dance and the boat Was in some rougher Waters and he's Trying to move with it and each step was Big it was good to see but uh the best Part of it was just watching steveen Katie look into each other's eyes and Get all the pictures with the the sunset And the Incredible video opportunities That that we all had the opportuni to Take good time it's uh pretty Spectacular being out there on the water With all those people hanging out and Being able to do whatever we want on a Private boat we appreciate the hell out Of you guys putting together such an Amazing party for us this has definitely Been a a once- in a-lifetime experience For myself and my wife as Well finally here November 5th we're Down here in Cabo my man Steve my

Brother it's his wedding this has been An incredible experience we've got the Craziest house it's been years coming so Excited so happy for them them we're all Blessed to be here closest friends and Family like let's go we celebrating love And my man and his new [Music] Bride you know Steve I've known you since we were 5 6 Years old and and uh you've been nothing But a brother to me and you've been Somebody that has been family my whole Life and sometimes we did not see eye to Eye but I've always looked up to you Want you to know how much I love you and I love your family and I'll always be Here for you so I'm congratulating you On this day I think it's amazing you Picked such a beautiful wife and you Have such amazing friends and it's in a Great occasion so congratulations Brother congrat congratulations Katie And Steve see you on the Greer side I'm So happy you guys finally did this so Inspired and I love you guys do you have Anything you want to say to your mommy And daddy No the best part of the whole entire Trip for sure was Spending the time that we did on the Beach with our toes in the sand in some Chairs watching the Greers become one And we kind of figured it was a wedding

Party only thing to take the shoes off And then I think all the guests kind of Decided to take it into their own hands And do the same thing because why would You not want to go put your feet in the Sand at a wedding and uh listen to some Crashing waves I mean I the the waves Were so awesome that day we at times Couldn't hear the uh the vows because The waves were so loud by far the most Amazing wedding I've been a part of and Can't say thank you enough to the Greers For Putting together such an amazing event They sent it way over the top for Everybody and made sure everybody had a Good time being down on the beach Watching one of my best friends and a Mentor of Mine finally get tied down was uh pretty Spectacular in the sand that's for [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Sure [Music] He did it friend yes he Didoo like I did it but you did it [Music] I made Katie wait eight years or so and I always told her good things come to Those that wait so you know it was

Actually my idea to just get a smaller House I want to have a huge wedding and Invite a bunch of people that I got to Pay for their food when you know I Really don't have that many close Friends anyway so I wanted a smaller Wedding it's just really it's a cool Again intimate experience that you just Get to hang with you know really close People in your life and and bond with Them during a special time of your life Um and they're definitely memories that I'll never forget and I want to do Again [Applause] [Music] Ready broke bread for an hour and a half Told a bunch of stories and then got on The dance floor and started dancing our Asses off for a few hours till we shut It down and security had to kick us out That's how we party and I don't expect anything less out of the [Music] [Applause] [Music] Greers [Music] Oh