Welcome back to another episode of Defy The Odds where Mr. Reshoevn8r and Pretty Boy Rob catch up on the week, cover weekly intentions, discuss their latest adventures and drop some knowledge. In today’s episode we get to recap two great trips from Sneakercon Chicago to a business retreat. Mr. Reshoevn8r came back from his retreat with a few key takeaways to bring back to the business; while PBR came back with yet another batch of Sneakercon memories.

What is one thing that you want to know about the two of them that has not been discussed?

[Music] Thank you could it be hard times with Situations that created complications in My life like my father's past decisions And Drug Addictions on my mother yo What's popping not much what's up with You dude hey man good to see you I Haven't seen you in a few weeks I know Man if you got rid of the beard what's New with you I mean that's about it uh Chopped a beard off it was about time I Had a it's getting hot summertime out Here it's definitely getting hot had to Go a summertime fine on them those of You that aren't uh from Arizona have Never been here it gets hot I named 20. Yeah it'll be hot It's still heating up though so yeah Yeah we've been lucky it's a little Slower this year which is cool but yeah It's getting up there it doesn't mean It's gonna be a hot September So Um so what else it's been a while since We've uh been able to chat because I Think we took a week off right a week Off you had a little Retreat yeah Definitely I can't wait to hear about That I had a retreat you had Sneaker Con Sneaker Connie up we went to Sneaker Con Chicago yep was a success for sure yeah Did we did we meet since snickercon Chicago or no we have not okay I think We we met and we were going to Sneaker

Con Chicago okay and then we'll hear About that first oh yeah it was a Success uh we uh took our photographer Out there Nick I know I'd love the Content content right yeah he did me Nice yeah yeah yeah he did me real nice He gave me two smooth little edits like On the fly it was cool yeah and then Plus he came up with a little you know Recap you know obviously dropped it off To the editors let them do their thing But yeah it was you know got was out There creating content taking pictures He's uh not only just a photographer and Like content creator for us but he's Also an ambassador manager so he was out There making you know connects that way As well It was work for him it was definitely Work for him but he busted his ass off He works hard yeah very hard working Dude yeah but He seemed like it was working he was Just like you know just just work and I'm like bro chill slow down I was like I'm a fast fast moving person I think I Moved too fast I think I hustle and I Moved fast he was faster than me yeah You gotta slow down that's what that Espresso coffee does in the morning well You also you make mistakes when you work That fast too so I I appreciate the Hustle for sure but it's just his first Time so he's like oh we got to get [ __ ]

Done and I was looking at I was like I'm Looking at the time I have plenty of Time man it doesn't relax chill you know His daughter called him I gotta go baby I'm working I was like bro talk to your Daughter like Like you know you deserve family time on The weekend as well and you you are bust Your ass working so you think he wants To do another one or no I think he would Yeah I don't know if he wants to I I'm Not in his head but I I think if Fran Told him to he's just that he's like a Yes man you know a friend said we want You on a singer con he's gonna say okay What do you need me to do what type of Content you know I think that was one Crazy thing is like Not only did he do like the short form Video he was also taking pictures yeah He just had like plus he was help Selling products yeah he was just Amazing product good yeah yeah I mean he Knows the product so it wasn't like he Doesn't like never seen the brand before You know he knows all of our products he Says well as I do you know he does YouTube videos cool he knows how to Clean shoes on that note before I forget You got to come up with a bonus plan for Selling at shows Because one of my Forum guys like you Got a Bonus plan because we were talking About you you guys going to Chicago or

Something he's like you got a Bonus plan I'm like I don't think we do matter of Fact I'm like I'll work on that because That's a good idea to incentivize you Guys to see I mean at the end of the day My goal is to sell out regardless no I Know but I still want to I want to Reward you guys for you know because It's going to make you work a little bit Harder I don't think so but either way Whatever yeah I'm out there grinding Regardless my whole goal is any show I Do is I don't want to fly with anything Of course the least I gotta carry the Easier it's gonna be when I have to wake Up at five o'clock in the morning Bringing stuff to the airport so how do We do at this show did we sell out we Did not sell out we brought about 5 000 Just because that was uh what we do About what we made two days so we took a Lot of product with us thinking we were Going to be able to sell it Chicago is Always a really good City uh you know we Broke a little over four so you know we Did have to bring some product back but I I just think it's just you know the Economy right now shipping cases back we Ship one box back on top of like what we Fly back with anyways yeah that's cool Whatever but I mean uh sneakercon DC is Coming up we're going to sell out that Time yeah was it busy at Sneaker Con Chicago I mean their Convention Center

Was massive really like yeah it's a Massive convention since the same one Where they have to put the walls no Walls okay so there was no walls I think Before there's always a divider in it This time I think was one of the first Times I seen it where there was no walls It was wall-to-wall and uh yeah like the The bad thing is like I'm gonna picture This in my hand so people who are Listening probably not going to see the Picture this is the convention center Yeah we were on this side facing this Way so we had this much of the show we Were looking at meanwhile The whole other half so 70 percent of The convention center was all going that Way so the first day we did better in Sales but I was telling Nick like the Flow of traffic just wasn't there I'm Like yo I'm used to like floods of People just coming you know like are They putting us in a place Yeah we're we're in the brand alley uh We were right by the door but I just Think this due to the the flow of Traffic people just gravitated towards The other half but yeah we're like right In the brand alley right across from Monster Energy and I mean they have People getting monsters all day every Day you know they're giving free Monsters so we had a good location just In general to the brands but I'm not a

Big fan of that brand alley [ __ ] but When it came to like the just the flow The first day I was telling Nick like I Was just underwhelmed I was like bro I'm Used to just people flooding you know Lines of people kind of lining to buy Products and stuff versus this time it Was like just super slow I was like bro And then I was talking to someone the Next day and she told me she was like I Didn't even get to the side she said I Did all that over there got my stuff I Ended up leaving so I wanted this is Like when I came today like this is the My first half I wanted to come like Check out yeah so that's what I think it Was it was just so big you know Especially if you're going there just to Buy like a lot of people go there Looking for a shoe they know what they Want they want to get a certain deal They know the price what they want to Pay they looked on stockx seen what is Going for it might try to you know get Twenty dollars under or like or if They're lucky to get it right at what That buy now price is what you would get Uh but yeah I mean Successful show super Busy the second day was when I was like Okay like I noticed it like we were able To see the flow of traffic in front of Us first the second day again it was Just we were only looking at what was in Front of us thirty percent of the

Convention center essentially was like In front of our eyes versus the other 70 Was all behind us is there a New York Show schedule this year Man they put New York on this on the Schedule every single December every Year they're having a hard time finding A location but there's never been one so There's I think there was one at the Beginning of the year they sent a Schedule out but the last two years they Did the same thing so I I don't know I Think the the next big ones coming up DC Which we're going to be at in a few Weeks so all my East Coasters make sure Y'all pull up the following week uh we On the west coast for the bay Uh I think they got LA and they got some Big International shows I think you Should be a part of Steve yeah I mean You're gonna go to Brazil I just when is it I think it's in November right November so basically Uh sneakercon Mexico City which I think Is going to be another good show just Even for the brand like it'd be really Good beneficial for for us to be out There in Mexico City we have a presence Out there so we should probably start Planning that soon that's like the 18th And 19th and then the following week so They're doing Mexico City Brazil it's Like you know singer Khan's kind of Smart if they're going to go

International they're going to like of Course they're staying Travelers yeah no Point to go all the way back so the the Bad thing about Brazil is that's like Essentially Thanksgiving weekend or Black Friday weekend and just kind of Just our brand you know being an E-commerce business you know black Fridays you know it'd be crucial for us You know yeah so I mean I don't know That was like one like negative I kind Of saw I was like man for the Brazil Trip but I think Yeah we'll see dope yeah you know I'll Look at it I looked at it I mean I would Love to go there I just don't know Yeah if it'll work for me for traveling I know uh Vic would love to go Mexico City we would need big Almighty yeah I Mean again I'm totally down I think just Because we have a presence in Mexico City that it would be smart move we can Meet with our Distributors biggest city In the world right there yeah no it's Cool I mean I've been there so it's you Know I've never been not Mexico City That's one thing on my bucket list is to Like do the pyramids and yeah I didn't Get all that I worked I was trying to Source uh manufacturers but Um yeah I think that that's that's a Possibility would you put a meeting on The calendar pretty soon for sure yeah I'll let a kill Noah he uh handles all

That I just go out there and uh be the Face of the show there you go They're Gonna look pretty there you go pretty Boy Rob hey Greer in your ear bro yeah Bro Um yeah so I went to Vancouver Which was cool weather was nice well What was the weather like because Obviously I mean it was cool so around 90 100 degrees here so 70 degrees Vancouver that's on the west coast side Right it is yeah above uh Oregon yeah So it's on that side Um yeah it was I mean it was beautiful I Mean I don't know even how else to Explain it was like a camping trip no no It was a forum Retreat so it's like a Mastermind group so it's my Forum EO That I've talked about here on so so a Bunch of millionaires Yeah it was just eight of us eight of You guys yeah so we went we got a house Airbnb Airbnb uh yeah eight bedrooms the House was sick Um had a chef that was there like Probably three or four meals that that We had we went to dinner had you know we Did some uh development stuff and then We took like a tour when Bear searching and I guess they sold one Of my guys because one of my area search Like yours were hunting for one no no Just just like bear watching we try to

Go watch Bears Um but I guess they sold him And we had two different cars Car I was in were looking for these Things and the car that the other guys Were in was like I don't know why you Guys even did this because ain't gonna Be no bears out here right now so Someone got you yeah yeah um so we ended Up you know just going and cruising and Getting lunch but it was cool man There's like a little like a camping Hoax I forgot what they're called but But essentially you're looking for a Bird you ever heard of that no it's like A sniper like you're supposed to make Like uh it's what parents tell the kids Like oh you do this and it's like a bird Call to get like some rare bird that Doesn't even exist or something never Heard of it I gotta look it up I Remember I went camping and I seen it or Like they kind of when I went with my Church that there was like a similar Thing they did when I was you know eight Nine ten years old and then I remember Watching the show King of the Hill and Like they did they went on a camping Trip and the same thing and like years Later I was like that's like the thing That my turds were trying to do I don't Even like I was so young don't even Remember until I was a teenager I've Seen it look at the church line

Why is the church lying they're lying to Kids God hey Don hey I mean that's you Know I don't know if that's really Acceptable if you're going to be from Church I I don't know I again I might be Speaking I think it's just like like a Game or something no I think that's Called dishonesty probably yeah You need to talk to your church about That I don't go there no more don't be Don't be dishonest to the kids that was 25 years ago you're teaching bad uh Habits over there but yeah that's kind Of what it sounds like it's just bear Watching you ain't getting no bears yeah It's like a bear tour and you know Basically we did see a bear's head pop Out but that's about it and it's funny Because the other car they turned around They're like screw this we're gonna go Drink some beer somewhere and they they Said that that was a smart group one of His buddies one of the guys the guy that Was driving the tour he said that hey There's been this bear over by my one of My buddy's house he's going through all The trash so they went there they sent Us a picture of a goddamn bear Big ass bear just walking down the Street and we're out in the middle of The Wilderness looking for him so they Saw it first they saw one first but it Was still cool I mean when they saw the Bear and drank some beers yeah but we

Also got to see a waterfall that they Didn't get to see which was really dope And then we went to this Lake that was Just just unbelievably like dope did you Get out and have to like hike to get There or was it just you drove up yeah It was an off-road drive that you had to Get there but it was cool yeah it was Really I got some photos of it but Obviously photos don't do it justice it Was just never it was peaceful Lake There was nobody out there crystal clear Water it was pretty sick so did you put Your feet in no Too cold probably cold as [ __ ] on yeah No I mean we touched it but I didn't It's yeah you know I would have [ __ ] I Would have went in it if it jumped in Canada no no towels no yeah no no no it Would have been too cold for that but Yeah it was cool it was a good trip I'm Glad to be back though got back the day Before uh uh Father's Day and hung out With my daughter what was your biggest Take on it because obviously it was like A business development biggest take yeah Well we talked about feedback and how Important feedback is Um like taking it or giving it or both Just feedback in general and how again I'm not even sure how we're gonna do it But incorporating it into the business Is something that People just need to learn how to expect

And they should just we you got to build It into the business up front so people Just expect it so when they get feedback They're not shocked like oh [ __ ] you Know what I mean and people don't think Because we haven't been giving feedback For however many you know however long That once they get it that they're like Totally shocked by it and they don't Even know what to do with it because It's it's so uh You know out of the ordinary I mean Being in any business setting you should Be able to expect construction we just Don't do a good job of it here so Um it was it was interesting it was it Was definitely something to learn and Then you know giving feedback is a skill In itself right yeah because you got to Know how to give you can't like you said We've talked up in the past like just Can't just come at someone being a dick And just tell them what it is yeah There's a there's an art to be there's An art and I'm not good at that art so Yeah well that's what you learned yeah Well I didn't learn that but Um I know that I need to learn how to do That and just really just figure out how To build it into the business is Something that people can expect all the Time these are treats is this something Like once a quarter once a year yeah Once a year that's pretty cool though

Yeah so yeah it was a good uh good Experience and Um you know I'll be uh ready for the Next one those other seven other dudes Are they all like local businesses here In Arizona or kind of all around yeah Local businesses Yeah so Um yeah no it was good so You know got to bond with them a little Bit because typically when we meet we're Just we're meeting we have a full day so We meet it I guess at 11. so our forum Is like from 11 to 4 30. Um or eleven to four and we meet once a Month but we're trying to cram a bunch Of [ __ ] in there yeah so there's not a Lot of time to just get to know each Other or elaborate on certain things Because we're on the time crunch Um so you know it was cool hanging out And going to dinner and it was it was a Good time you've been at Vancouver a Handful of times I'd imagine never not Even put on the stinkercon never been to Vancouver would you go back yeah we'll Go back I would take my family there Just because it was really like there's A lot of outdoor activities that you can Do yeah the weather was nice and yeah it Was I mean it was pretty yeah I've never Been to to Vancouver I went to Montreal I went to Montreal that's probably my Favorite spot in the world that I've

Been to so far and I've been to Japan a Couple times like just Montreal just Like the culture there it's cool yeah It's just very unique you know just Everyone's trilinguals speak three four Different languages for you to see Everything in French like it's just yeah Create a soup super unique experience And then when we went out there it was Like Festivals there was like every other Block there was a festival and I think I Actually like what's why there's all These festivals never just that's what They do Montreal is like the city of Festivals yeah there was like a graffiti Festival where the buildings were just Massive buildings just huge street art There was uh I don't even name of the festival some French uh French festival for some dude It's crazy though yeah no I went there For Sneaker Con once and I actually took Katie went with us I forget who else Went to that one but Um yeah it was pretty dope I remember we Went on a tour of the underground city Did you do that when you went there I Didn't you know tours it was just kind Of just yeah that's that's pretty that Was a cool tour too because there's a Whole city underneath there that like Subways or you said like a city like I Don't remember exactly not a Subway but

There's like there's there's like a City Underground damn I gotta look into that Yeah that sounds very interesting very Intriguing yeah so yeah I mean it's good Now but I'm glad to be back man glad to Be back what about you what about your Intentions what what's been going on With those uh well two weeks ago I set The intention to you know really Prioritize eating right like portions Portion control how's that going I mean I've been meal prepping yeah still Hungry as [ __ ] you got to kind of one Thing that I realized when I was doing This and you got to almost enjoy that Hungry that the stomach kind of You know the rumbling that you get you Almost kind of have to like that nah Yeah eating bro you don't see the belly No I'm not gonna lie with so pistol just Saw a little sidebar so uh the other day You know I weighed my I worked out I go Home shower I weighed myself I was I was Like 195 last time I was 186 and I was Like oh hell yeah I'm about to hit 185 Soon yeah and then I was like I decided I was like I didn't eat breakfast and I Was like came back from lunch and I was Like I'm not even gonna eat lunch I was Like I'm just gonna yeah I'm just gonna Starve and just eat one time today when I get home I got back home I weighed 190. I was like how the [ __ ] do I gain For four pounds to drink water yeah it

Was still four pounds of water don't Don't weigh yourself multiple times Throughout the day only wear yourself at One time and I highly recommend weighing Yourself right when you wake up that's The only time you should ever step on This yeah I did I was like one 185 Points something yeah and I almost said Like I'm not gonna eat today yeah Well on that note are you down to do a Three-day fast did we talk about this uh You brought it up essentially I know Like intermittent fasting maybe no like A three-day fast I don't know I mean I Could try you know it's I'm not ready to Do it yet but if you're down I would Definitely do it yeah yeah good to try Yeah Monday Tuesday Wednesday though That way yeah they say that uh yeah I Wouldn't do it on the week I wouldn't be Able to do it on the weekend yeah they Say once you can get through that 24 Hours so you eat a big meal on Sunday Night then you you know don't eat all Day Monday which I don't eat until one Anyway so yeah I don't eat breakfast Just go through the whole the rest of The day he said if you once you get Through that and go back to sleep the Next day is pretty easy I think the Thing is like I'm up at night too so Yeah that's more I don't get eight hours That would be hard I'm always just gonna Be like actually you probably shouldn't

Do it because that you need that sleep So yeah it's probably not a good idea I Think the I typically don't eat at night Though I uh when I go to work I have my Girl packed me this little fruit bowl or Like just a bunch of fruit and that's Like typically all I eat because I Already know like eating late at night Is not good for you either so I'm really Trying to lose weight like my goal is to Get 175 that's what I really want to be Able to stay at one like you know and Maintain it But yeah I was just so salty as hell you Know I [ __ ] weighed myself yeah don't Eat I don't do that oh really I didn't Eat I'm gonna hit 185 today I gained five or six pounds yeah that's True because we had a chef and you know When there's good food that there's more Made than you have it's like [ __ ] so I Ate and then we went to two really nice Restaurants at night and it was all we Paid for it so it was It's all paid for already so yeah you Got to get in yeah so you're gonna spend It you can use it yeah so it was uh yeah I came back with a little a little extra Weight on me so yeah but I mean portion Control I'm doing I was trying you know I uh when we did go to Chicago Nick's Vegan so I ate vegan that whole trip I Was like you know what I'm gonna that's Cool oh vegan you know that's what I

Think I went vegetarian because I think I had cheese yeah yeah I'm pretty sure That's what I did you find some decent Vegan or vegetarian spots and we had one One spot that was kind of like nice Because there are some good ones we went To a couple there was we had Mexican Like the best part was tacos and it was A hole in the wall Taco Shop I just Happened to have you know vegetarian Vegan tacos yeah that was the best part You know like in Chicago in Chicago yeah And we we had pizza but vegan pizza is Not to move no no no no no he was like Oh this pizza is so good and I'm just Like bro you don't know what you missed It man you need cheese yeah definitely Sure but uh so yeah I'm trying meals Going the meals yeah I mean eating them yeah it's avoiding You from overeating yeah that's the Biggest thing and that's that's why I Really did join this meal plan meal plan Prep meal prep plan yeah was because Again like if I'm gonna make food Like I'm gonna make probably a lot you Know I'm gonna make a bunch of food and Then if it's there I'm gonna eat it you Know and this is like giving me portion Control eating two of them a day you Know and then eating fruit at night time I mean I I think it's a good it's a good Start a good you know good kickstarted Me to really you know just trying to do

It I'm gonna do this for at least a Month to see like how it affects me Other than my wallet yeah because it's Hitting the wallet yeah I mean it's not I mean that's not super expensive yeah It's not bad in comparison to eating out It's probably about the same I mean You're gonna spend about 10 bucks eating Out 10 to 12 regardless well mine was uh What was mine mine was affirmations and You did that for a week I did it for a Little more than week and then I went on My trip and I yeah totally dropped the Ball that's when you really needed to do It no I know trust me I know but I did It for the week I need to start doing it Again but I also want to redo it because I need to figure out a way because I had People ask me what's uh what is this Yeah yeah so I'm not doing a good job of Promoting it like if I could put a link To the podcast I had to like tell seen The graphic yeah you had the graphic I Had the graphic but people I need to Make it easier for people to understand Because that's why I did it is so people Would like kind of reference the podcast But they weren't putting one-on-one Together I think you need to make like Like a actual graph like a full graphic That has like you know follow the Podcast you know and then like the logo And then like two little just boxes and Then you can just type in you know like

I kind of did that So I build out you know kind of whatever The uh format was yeah the template Um but I I need to do a better job of it So the logo was looking good though yeah Looks cool a little red right yeah you Got the Black and White Version and the Red one yeah yeah thanks to Daniel shout Out to Daniel for uh hooking that up hey Hype D so Um so we both accomplished them but we Kind of went two weeks now because we Weren't uh We didn't meet last week I was gone all Week and then I was here you were here yeah so Um what what are your intentions going To be this week uh this week man I Really haven't put too much thought into It uh But obviously I still need to go to the Gym but I actually need to take a light Little break on the gym okay why I hurt My wrist man you did it's like not hurt But it's like what were you doing I Don't know it was from the gym you think Yeah it had to be you know it's just my Left hand it's like it happened on Thursdays kind of when I noticed it but I said [ __ ] it I'm up what are you doing Girls That this these yeah I don't know I just Noticed like I would only uh you know Associate it to working out probably

Just improper techniques you know like Scale of one to ten oh it's not I mean It it hurts but not right now right now It's not bad yeah but like in the Morning when I wake up or like when I Like put down or go up Aries how bad one to ten one to five I Won't give you so many options no I Would probably say about like a three Like maybe like a two right now like It's sore it feels bruised it's Definitely bruised but like Dirt as I was working out so Friday I Was like all right I'm gonna work out Anyways I told myself I'm gonna do leg Days Friday but once I got there I was Just like nah [ __ ] pick up these weights I'm just gonna keep doing it and like I Worked through it like while I was Working out it wasn't bad but then like Later that night or when I'm going to Sleep that's like I just feel it kind of Throbbing and like I have to ice it it Don't look swollen and I got still got a Skinny ass wrist get some get some CBD Oil on that thing no but I was icing it Putting you know some ice on it kind of Elevate it as I was like laying down on My pillow I think it's all in the mind I Think that probably hurts at a point Five and you're just saying it's right Now yeah you know it don't hurt right Now yeah I don't know man well I think That we got to get you in the gym

Working out I told you you'd have this Week you did tell me not something I Can't like yeah not this one next week My wrist I need I think this whole week I'm gonna do like really try to focus on Legs and cardio so just do the stair Stepper I've been adding that every day 20 minutes starting next week it's a new Week anyway so you can uh work out with Me next week starting next week one day No all week all week yeah you do five Days four days what are you doing do Five days I typically do like three or Four and next week is is that the entry Into Fourth of July no I don't think so No not yet I think it is I think it is Buddy I think uh Fourth of July Yes so next week yeah Friday is going Into Fourth of July weekend so that this Friday or no next next Friday okay so Next week the 26th through the 30th Um I don't know if I'll be here the 30th Because we're going to Rocky Point for Fourth of July but Um we'll see but at least Yeah I gave everyone that Monday off too So Let's go four day weekend Hey love to hear that so I mean before Because we've kind of been shooting the [ __ ] that's great but let's provide some Value to people so really you know I Want to get back into the conversation Of what makes people change their life

Right only you can do it only you can do It right only you can and your own You're you're you are the one that is Responsible so regardless of what Happens to you in your life nobody can Change your life with you like at the End of the day it is up to you to do it So Um those of you that have heard my story And you know we can go into more detail About that there's a couple options that I could have been I could have I could Have gone the wrong path and been Addicted to drugs I could have kept Selling I could have kept selling drugs And been in jail Um I could probably be dead for numerous Reasons Um but I decided that that wasn't the Life that I was going to live and I Changed my life regardless of the Circumstances that I'd been involved in So really it's you have to if if you're Listening to this podcast and you want To change your life it's up to you like Do not wait for somebody to help you Don't wait for somebody to guide you you Know the other thing that I was thinking About Is you are who you hang out with too so Your surroundings so really if you are Hanging out with people that are not a Positive impact on your life and they're Not doing things that are positively

Impacting you or or wanting the best for You you may need to look at your friends And be like you know what I think it's Time that I probably either do my own Thing or find some new friends and as Hard as that is to hear you know Sometimes your friends don't really want The best for you because misery loves For them yeah misery loves company and They don't want you to succeed because They know that they don't know how to do It or they're not they don't have the Drive or whatever it may be so You know thinking about that more Um I just wanted to touch on that so What are your thoughts on that yeah with That being said I'm gonna go to your Guys's trip next year I'm trying to be a Millionaire too yeah I'm gonna go to the Form Group by me I mean there's some Prerequisites that you have to do at Least a million dollars in business a Year oh yeah for sure yeah yeah no I Would just but but it is no but the First thing when you brought it up was Like a conversation we had when I first Started going to the gym you were like Where's the Keel yeah and I was like I Don't [ __ ] know I'm only responsible For myself 100 and where is the kill uh He was how many how many days did he do You think maybe five maybe five at most Five I would give him see that's a short Run man I gotta hand it to you I gotta

Hand it to you because the amount you Work and the dedication that you have Like if you really set your mind to Something I have a feeling you'll be Able to do it no I mean like I said I've Always been a firm believer of that you Know and I I want better things for my Life I don't expect handouts you know I Told myself I need to get rid of this Little Pudge yeah it's slowly but surely You know on that note I told you to find A way that you could get some more sleep If you put much thought or a plan yeah I Thought I thought about it just having To discussed it with akilia because he's My direct supervisor okay well I'm Bypassing that conversation and you can Come straight to the bus Yeah yeah so if you have a plan I was Just gonna say uh come in at nine every Day you know just get an extra hour of Sleep I think that can be beneficial so This is what I want you to do one three One one three one okay this is your one Three one yep you need more sleep what Are the options all right so one you Don't need to tell me now next week so For those of you guys that are listening Break it down we we just implemented a One three one strategy which is a Problem-solving strategy so instead of All the problems bubbling up to the top Where it creates a bottleneck because I Can only solve so many problems at once

Um I am empowering the team to use this 131 Strategy so what it is is if somebody Has an issue What they're going to do is they're Going to fill out this form they're Going to notate the issue that is the First one the three is going to be three Solutions or possible solutions to that Issue and then the last one is going to Be the solution that they chose So I think that there are some team Members that are working on some of These things right now I just submitted One did you Got brought up to the L10 last week but You weren't here to yeah it wasn't here Awesome so I loved it I'd love to hear That so Props kudos for that one Um and basically what it's going to do Is it's going to allow the leader or the Supervisor to analyze the 131 and then They're going to have a conversation With the teammate or the direct report To make sure that it solves the problem Right so that's really what you want to Figure out so out of the three solutions Which is the best and does it actually Solve the problem So I can't wait to hear what yours is But why don't you do one for the sleep Thing because I want to see three where Your brain goes for the three different Things and then I want to work with you

To make sure that it's the best like is This going to be live on the podcast Next yeah I think so I think it's a Great thing that's my intention No no no no we need a different Intention because that's just something That you just need to do cool well we'll Just get straight into it what you got For your intention this week Um My intention is I'm going to go back to The Daily Affirmations and uh Gonna Keep Them Up yeah I'm gonna keep them up I Need to redesign that thing Um You know and uh and maybe post more on Social media well I mean just posting Them on social media that's one yeah but That's that's small I mean outside of That too have you posted a a grid post About the fighting guys podcast no that Could be your first one like hey 10 plus Episodes deep check out divide the odds Yeah that's simple you could be a Graphic you know it can be you smiling You with a blank shirt with the logo on It Greer in your ear rear in your ear Come on I might have to change the name of the Podcast from the five the odds to Green Hey shout out to Zion for that one yeah That was good so Um what else I mean you tell me what else so you're

Gonna do the affirmations uh and us and You're gonna post more on social media Yep because for me I hate posting I'm Gonna come up with the one three one I Know you said that's not yeah and I'm Gonna lose some weight I mean that's That's always the goal for me but one Three one and next week I'm gonna try to go in the gym with you I can't promise it just because there's No trouble I got it my my wrist then you Go light I'm gonna go light no excuse Yeah I'm gonna go but I even read it it Said like Like a light sprain it takes two three Weeks to heal a medium Springs like six Weeks I don't know I think it's not even A spray and I just think You think you're Yeah I just think you got uh Hey trust me I'm still in the gym but Again I'm gonna go light this week That's gonna be an intention this week Is is uh focus on my legs and cardio Something I normally don't do no I'm Gonna really feel it's gonna be your Attention so just hit hit more cardio That's more cardio more cardio and legs You know lower body versus really trying To like you know strain my you know my Wrist I need rest you know that's Another intention you know get rest you Guys need rest obviously Steve keeps

Preaching it to me about getting sleep You know and I think knowing when to Rest is very crucial you need sleep dude You're gonna yeah I just had a my annual Physical so I have a concierge doctor And he does a pretty in-depth that's why You're sitting funny They don't do that Um no they they check your arteries with Uh sonar some [ __ ] and they do a bunch Of different things but that's good as Men's Health if you uh you 40 plus like Steve make sure you guys doing that I'm Young yeah based on all the results Though I'm actually much younger than my Age so that's a good thing I mean you Eat good I mean but I've also not taken Care of myself over the years I mean Again here you've seen this photo right I don't think I have it you have a Chunky when you were chunky you haven't Well because I had to show it to the Guys you told me you were going to show Me I'd never seen it okay here you go Buddy we got to post this on the screen Yeah we can we can post it Um for the people that have never seen It Oh wow yeah yeah I'm pretty chunky in The face oh that was big dude how old Were you uh it's a great question I Don't know how old I was if I had to get 20s late 20s If I had to guess it was

Probably early 20s And that was the biggest you've ever Been in your life it's the biggest I Have a photo of I don't know to be Honest it could have been a little Bigger what do you think you were Weighing at that time Oh man the heaviest I ever weighed Myself was 245. okay but you look at That and then you look at This is 10 years ago No yeah much Yeah yeah totally different So and on that note for those people That are listening again I used to be a fat [ __ ] again 250 pounds I weigh 195 usually right now So 50 60 pounds and that's what I Weighed myself at I think I got up to a Size 40 pants oh uh big yeah Um So you you can turn that around too you Just have to put in the work and eat Right it's a lifestyle change it's not You know something that it's going to Happen overnight you have to work at it And really put in the effort so if if You're not willing to do that it's just Not going to happen at the end of the Day so Um I came up with this Did I tell you the the uh thought that I Had about 80 percent effort Um to tell me a little more you might

Have 80 effort and then 20 diet no no no No so let me let me pull it up because I Got it in notes I was uh I was taking Notes the other night I was I was Thinking of a few things and this was One of them Um So 20 Talent no no so Really number one is believe in yourself Okay you have to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself It doesn't matter what other people People people might have so much belief In you and and think that you can do Things but if you don't believe it in Yourself it's never gonna [ __ ] happen So believe in yourself number one Number two eighty percent is not enough I think the 80 effort really only Provides 60 results because you don't You can't you don't get for every ounce Of effort you're not getting the exact Same results back so eighty percent Effort is 60 results Um and you have to be obsessed if you Want to be anywhere close to 90 percent So if you want to lose weight and get in Good shape that does not happen by Itself like it needs to be a priority in Your life it needs to come before when You're making decisions that needs to be At the top of the decision making thing Right for sure yeah so if if you're not Willing to do that you might be able to

Do it at 80 percent it's just going to Take you you know twice as long or you Know Um And then what what other notes do I have Okay speaking on the 80 I'm probably on Like 75.4 percent You're at 75.4 yeah that's how much Effort you're putting in yeah I mean I Just like food like you know but I am a Portioning I'm trying I just man food But again it's something that I I know I'm struggling with and I'm trying you Know and I'm Day by day you know might be 76 tomorrow Well I do I'd be 78 next week I do the Same thing before I know you know I Might be a 90 you know and really just Feeling I'm sure once I like you once You see the results it's like you uh You're like once you see you're almost Towards the the goal like why give up Now you know you're you're already Almost there like just keep pushing if You just keep going and keep going You're gonna hit that goal why turn Around when you're like halfway there Already well because it's easy to turn Around I've told you the story the fat Man skinny guy Mindset tell me again so In the e-myth the book and again it's Been a while since I've read this so Don't quote me and I'm pretty sure it's

From this book They discuss The this the fat guy mentality and the Skinny guy mentality So There's a fat guy you're sitting on the Couch and you're eating chips and eating Drinking soda and watching TV and you Know whatever one day you realize man I'm tired of being you look at yourself In the mirror and you're like I'm tired Of being this fat [ __ ] I'm gonna do Something I'm gonna change my life and I'm going to get in shape I'll make you Better and I'm exercise right so that Skinny guy mental the mentality comes And he takes over so it is from e-myth Because they're talking about As an entrepreneur you have the Entrepreneur in your mind you have the Manager and you have the technician so They're all fighting for power yeah Right so if you're not able to Be the entrepreneur the manager and the Technician at the same time if one takes Over more than the other then some Things you're going to drop the ball on Others so it's the same thing with this Fat guy skinny skinny guy so the skinny Guy takes over you're running every day You're eating better you're losing Weight you're feeling really good and Then it rains one day and you don't go Running

And then the next day you're like I Already missed a day it's okay and you Fall back the fat guy mentality comes Back and he takes over and it happens so Often that you need to make sure that You understand that it is your mind Playing tricks on you and you have to Control your mind that is the most Important thing that you can do is learn How to control your mind so it happens To everybody though yeah yeah for sure So discipline is the other thing too That if you can figure out how to really Get have good discipline when it comes To these things that's when other things Get easier and that's something that I'm Working out because I'll go through phases where I am Militant right and I'll be really good And then I'll either smoke some weed or I'll do Something or after a night of drinking Then I your your body is not craving Healthy food after a night of drink oh You just want to sleep all day well Sleep all day you want to eat fatty Foods to absorb some of that alcohol and That poison so your your body craves Does not crave healthy food Um so Having the discipline either not to Drink or to choose a healthier option But that's crazy after I drink that's Actually what I want I want like a

Smoothie Frozen like fruit smoothie I Don't know why That's that's like my hangover no no Hamburgers or no no I want like a Smoothie I don't know why it's Interesting or an ice cold Powerade I mean that's like those are like yeah I can see that too I can see that too And I'm I mean I I like a Naked Juice You know the Naked smoothies every time I'm in Vegas I gotta spend eight dollars To get it naked because it just it it Makes me feel better about my body like Damn I drink a lot hey let me put some Fruits and vegetables I want like I want Like a Breakfast burrito or that's while I'm Drunk like drunk drunk as [ __ ] at night I mean it's like drunk well that too Yeah but in the morning see I don't Typically eat at night after I've been Drinking so it's probably just a delayed Reaction for me yeah Um but anyways back to the point is 80 effort only gets 60 results it's not Less yeah if not less that's just what I Came up with because I was thinking About it you know because I I feel like I put in 80 effort when it comes to my Eating habits as well and and I know That if I really dialed that in and I Was really really you know just dialed In and I I for like one month I would be right about where I want to

Be yep but I don't have the discipline Right now and I mean that's good that's How I need to look at it too like you Know uh 80 ain't gonna cut it because I'm probably right there too you know Like I'm trying I'm getting these meal Preps you know I'm only eating two times A day I'm put a lot of fruits in my bed My diet so I mean Can I do better yeah you know and I Think that's pretty much what is it's More like Like that home-cooked food you know what I'm saying like when like my girl cooks For me if I go to her house well and you Just mom's like Oh my food more food Just do it in moderation yeah yeah it's You got to have that discipline okay to Say no trust me it is hard believe me When we went on this Retreat we had a Chef and he was he made like I think for Breakfast So the first night we had a five course Meal with wine pairings on every single Like every single course so I'm drinking Different wine I'm eating you know steak And all kinds of different stuff that Was easy because it was already Portioned Breakfast the next morning was a Turkish Breakfast with like these eggs on this Yogurt with Turkish eggs on yogurt but It picture Mediterranean style like like A like a Mediterranean yogurt not not

Greek yogurt it's more of like a tahini Style I don't it's hard to explain but Eggs on that with turkey turkey kind of Like a hummus but yeah Um Turkish bread with hummus and Falafels and this this you know I think It was a quinoa salad or something and I Just could not stop eating it I might Have to look it up never heard of a Turkish breakfast I was good yeah it was It was pretty good I love breakfast it's Actually one of my favorite foods yeah For sure so Um I could not control overeating on This trip and I wish I could so I really Need to work on my discipline too and Again it is baby steps going from zero To a hundred is very hard so if you if You can compartmentalize Start at 25 and then just know hey at 25 I'm gonna do 25 for two weeks right yeah And then say okay just have it planned Out then I'm gonna go to 50 and I'm Gonna I'm gonna I'm just gonna Progressively incrementally get better Um that way you don't freak yourself out When You know if you if you try to do it Against and some people are different Some people have to go from zero to a Hundred Um I think I'm a levels type person as Well you know like slowly but sadly as Long as you know you have that end

Vision and know where you want to go and What you want to see yeah you know it Doesn't matter how long it takes you Yeah you know everyone has a different Journey like life is a journey and it's A lifestyle yeah for everything Yeah so I mean that's really all I got for today I don't know hey I mean we've been Chopping it up for a little bit we can Definitely just wrap it up any uh just Recap our intentions one more time so we Don't forget so I'm gonna do morning Affirmations and Uh gratitude Mr dot rejuvenator you guys Can hold me accountable Hey go follow the kid And then for me I'm gonna do a lot of [ __ ] that's something I just wanted to Recap because I don't really know what My uh my intention for next week the Intention was going to be more cardio Yeah yeah well well I'm gonna do that This week I'm gonna finish this week but Like next week I'm gonna try to be at a gym with pops Yep that's it so show them the guns if You watch another YouTube so I know what I need I need to work on them catch up Too all right I'll show you the guns Here you go right here oh you just Showed me the 10 years ago picture there Was some pythons some pythons but it was Some big old joints make it in my head

And I got a big one put those in there Yeah just to show people the difference Of what you can do if you yeah hard work Put put in the work so cool well I think Uh this was good good talking to you I'm Glad we were able to shoot the [ __ ] yes Sir that was a pleasure I do want the One three one I'm coming for you to get More sleep during the week so you talk About that next week so you can Um recuperate because recovery is so Important to everything too except when It comes to the wrist guys Except when it comes to what the wrist Dude that's stupid risk bro hey we yeah [Music] [Music]