As the podcast episodes keep rolling; you learn more and more about the man behind the brand and the team that’s on his side!

One thing that is important to the brand is leadership! This episode let’s you see the vulnerable side of Stephen Grear AKA Mr. Reshoevn8r as he works through the communication with not only his team, but in the professional world. A great leader plays into the success of a team and as he said deliverability plays a huge role!

Episode 10 is all about the growth of relationships whether it be a personal, professional or even just a friendly conversation in a bar.

2023; is the year of learning, the year of taking chances and so much more, just like PBR says! What goals did you set for 2023 and are you close to your goal?

[Music] Could it be hard times with situations That created complications in my life Like my father's past decisions and Drug Addictions on my mother's death I love Your mama What's next is the episode nine I Believe of the five dollars podcast Nina You know what I need to post Date you didn't post episode eight I Just realized that not the auto version Oh that will get posted very very soon We're just starting live on uh it's YouTube yeah that was a good one it's Unlocked what it was yeah I watched it yet or Oh no episode eight So we are nine here on ten You confusing me man I think we're on I Don't man I don't know nine or ten Because eight We did nine last week And we didn't post it the nine goes Live This week yeah let's be ten this is ten Nine or ten don't quote us yeah we're Back whatever two dudes just Bullshitting talking for the five Dollars podcast presented by rejuvenator That's it so what's up what's been Happening man I feel like we just talked Like a week ago it was less than a week Ago oh yeah because we did it on Thursday on Thursday and then today's Tuesday that's okay what do you what'd

You do what's been going on bro uh this Weekend man I was just uh worked so it Was a little special shift on Saturday Why because uh so a [ __ ] there or Something no no it's because uh normally I DJ I'm the DJ yeah but this weekend One of the managers out plus one of our Door guys quit it wasn't my week to DJ So they're like yo we need you to come Security guard they must have saw the Games man They saw the games they wanted you to Come work the door yeah it was VIP host How was that was that cool It was acceptable acceptable just Because like I used to work at Jaguars You know one of the better clubs in Arizona so I understand the concept of a VIP host when someone's to the club like Normally it's a [ __ ] show someone walks In you they just sit wherever they want But like I like control the club like Any group party two people I sat them Down gave them an experience that They're not used to getting really yeah Yeah I was great at the end of the night I was talking [ __ ] to everyone like man I'm the best DJ y'all got and I'm the Best vipos yeah because we don't got That concept of VIP house it's not that Really so the episode why do they call It a VIP host it's just a door guy I Mean the door guy are the dudes that Stay up at the front you know those are

The doorman the cedar yeah I was the Cedar I was you know creating the whole Time I'm thinking the VIP room the host For the VIP room making sure You know they're all VIP okay so I kind Of like sat them you know like a party Or two I got you guys get tips oh yeah Yeah yeah so I got tipped off the girls You know kind of for picking up their Money you know stage sweeper I did that Okay okay and then uh we have hookahs Too so there's a guy that sells hookahs He's just an he's just one of the Employees he counts the dances but he Has two because that he just has in the Back of the club so if anyone inquires He sells them I was out there slanging Them boys yeah pretty much any person That came down stopped them with their Little menu as soon as they need ones See if they wanted a hookah pretty much Just created like a VIP experience did You get good feedback from management or No they don't give a [ __ ] okay he Actually did tell me he said hey if you Want to come in because you know Obviously I get paid hourly and then at The end of the night you get like a Little like the tip pull out off the Girls yeah he told me he said if you Want to come in on the Saturday you're Not working like you know you normally Don't work to to do that they'll pay me Hourly but they're just not gonna pay me

Like like the tip pull out you know the Tip pool I won't be in the cut for the Tip pool 12 an hour plus what any tips I make is Essentially goes to me and it doesn't go How much did you make from just seating Dudes I think one guy gave me eight Dollars and that was about it okay well But but again it's because it's not made 16 bucks an hour it's just because like At that we don't we weren't like tables Weren't full you know it's just like Those clubs when there's no more tables And you seat someone down hey we don't Got no tables but if you need one for You and your people 20 bucks I got you a Table you know that's definitely a Hustle yeah and and that club's really It just wasn't as busy for me to push The tables but you know I still got Tipped off the girls picking up their Money walking into their car uh selling The hookahs I got commissioned ten Dollars per hookah sold I sold three Hookahs so okay you know solid 150 you Know the other night can't complain That's what's up that was my Saturday And then Sunday to spend time juice what Time do you guys open down there I Thought about going to see you because Katie was out of town oh you should have Pulled up I was too tired dude when Saturday or Friday Friday oh cause your Boy was in town right no it was last

Week that was last week so Friday and Saturday that was just uh I was in bed by eight o'clock Yeah you could have woke up yeah maybe Not about it I'm like two in the morning I should go see what's up my club opens At nine but we don't close until 5 36 in The morning on Friday Saturdays Do that Hey so uh just again uh you Obviously know of another club Local Club that's down the street from us a Very popular pristine Club Highlighter It's about two minutes away from my House I I heard that they're looking for A DJ oh that's good so I decided to go Down there and inquire about that oh When did you do that so I was supposed To do it on Friday okay like that's when The girls told me like hey you gotta Come Friday you got to come Friday but Like the club I work at like the the Managers they take care of me and I'm Saying like they've always so I just and It's kind of like a sister Club you can Say so I just didn't want to like just Show up and then try to get a job Without actually like telling my boss so Saturday night I kind of told him they Were talking [ __ ] to me and I was Talking [ __ ] back and I said well [ __ ] It I'm going a highlighter well [ __ ] you Guys yada yada yada and then like this Is obviously just joking and [ __ ] and he

Literally told me he's like you know What if you could get a job there you Should like that's a way better Club It's gonna be better for you so I I That's like my next Evolution you know Like obviously gets busy really busy Yeah daytime night time and if I did get A job there I wouldn't have to work till Five six in the morning now I could get Out at two Yeah Anna it's two minutes Away from Uh so I went down there yesterday Okay because again I wanted I just Didn't want to show up On that Friday then not really like at Least just to respect you know like tell My manager like hey just so you know Like I'm about to go apply see see What's up see if they're looking for Another DJ uh it turns out well the Girls told me they were and so that's Where I went down there I was like oh I Just thought I should go down there you Know what I'm saying they were or were Not no they were so I went down there Yesterday the guy told me he was like Hey man uh you got to come back on Wednesday he said that's the day to win The hiring manager who hired works with The DJs we all have our own lane here He's like I can't step on the DJ Managers you got to come talk to him and So that's gonna be my plan tomorrow try To go down there just to see if you know

I can get a more Prestige gig maybe work Less days but get paid more money closer Less hours you know so yeah could be Beneficial I don't know keep my fingers Crossed there you go good luck but That's pretty much my weekend again Sunday was Mother's Day was Katie in Town no they were they were out of town Um so what time do you get home Currently Friday and Saturday morning or Yeah Saturday morning Sunday morning uh Seven in the morning a little that's What time you get back you get home Around seven o'clock in the morning yeah [ __ ] that because because the Club Closes at 5 36 in the morning gonna Start after after hour spot but then That's when we close we're kicking People out we still gotta you know count The money we gotta take care of the Girls make sure they get their in their Cars get their Ubers you know my manager Zombie my manager my manager like just Takes forever counting stuff you know so I I could probably just be like all Right I'm leaving but I'm not really a Dick like that I try to like I'm the Last person to leave that walks out with The manager as well and I want to make Sure the last girls walked out because That's a tip a potential tip for me you Know from there to the last girl [ __ ] That I won't sleep hey I get it I get it I get it good luck to you man good luck

To you hey yep that was my weekend again Sunday was Mother's Day uh you didn't Have your wife in town what'd you do for Mother's Day I hung out did you have Facetimer at all yeah we talked anything Special when she comes back in town to Make up for him yeah I mean I'm going to Leave early they'll be back uh Thursday So I just I didn't have any meetings so I just scheduled my time off I haven't Seen him in two weeks so because uh She's out there because her family's out There but you also said something about Tattooing right yeah so she's doing Tattoos and obviously Mother's Day and Then her mom's birthday is tomorrow They're kind of a collaboration thing Worked made you know a bunch of money And nice yeah so it's good so I've just Been really just been chilling You deserve it yeah Yeah I'm sure you deserve it We're talking about our Things here I brought you a book dude Yeah Hey well speaking of books we can uh Talk about our intentions right yeah That's what I'm getting into how how Well my intention wasn't to read a book This week what was it I don't remember It was to not be on social media oh yeah That's right how would that go I wasn't On social media okay like I said I Deleted the apps off my phone still yeah

Still got them off my phone okay yeah You're not missing much right it takes a Little getting used to it I mean I get Pretty bored at work sometimes not here Obviously but like my night job you know Just hanging out sometimes I get a Little bored but uh you just gotta find Other ways to entertain yourself that's Why I just be a little more social talk To people get that get out of my booth And go have conversations with people so Okay that I mean that makes sense so but But like you said you had to find Something else to do so I did start that Book okay I'm not gonna lie it was a little Challenging I told you it was it's not The first it's not the best book it Wasn't the best book I'm not okay so it Was a very short book The Art of War Yeah I started reading for probably About 20 30 minutes I've stopped and I said what the hell am I reading yeah I didn't comprehend I Knew that was Jack [ __ ] from the book Like at all I was like I've been reading For 20 minutes and I don't know what the [ __ ] like my brain couldn't comprehend It so I was like I already had this book I already started so I went to YouTube And I found the audio and I said you Know what if I'm gonna read this book I Got it here at least let me like listen To the audio and so that's what I did it

Was a little more easier for me to Comprehend but again yeah it just wasn't Like I knew that was gonna happen when He was in a book like that grabbed my Attention and just kept me like wanting To read that's not a starter book yeah Someone who's like an avid you just book Reader you want to be a reader and Really understand you know different Vocabulary and you want to be pretty Well read to really comprehend it but That's a good book for you The Power of Habit The Power of Habit Have you read it yeah How many times did you read this because I know you say you typically read a book A few times I mean I probably only read That once but I'm I actually really want To read it again yeah I did 250 pages I Mean take your time bro 364. If it ain't easy man How bad do you want it that's the thing So what is this but give me a quick uh Synopsis I guess you could say I mean It's all in the zone I don't yeah it's On the title The Power of Habit how Habits can have power yeah So check it out this is the one that I've been reading multipliers how to be The best leader Make everyone smarter don't kill the Vibe have you finished it or you're Better no no no this is but this is what I've been reading since we uh had last

Week's intentions how deep are you First page no no probably A third of the way through it okay So um yeah it's good I mean it's been a Good uh experience that's one of the Things I like about these weekly Intentions is you set like just a weekly Gold it's not overwhelming it's not Really anything that is gonna You know impact your life super crazy to Where you don't have time to do it and You get held accountable so that's That's the that's the key right there is Accountability yeah because you could Say you do something but if you don't Have someone or something Holding you to that then it's just like You just forget it you know out of sight Out of mind there's I mean Life Is Life Is a crazy thing right so you gotta deal With life and issues and all the other [ __ ] that goes on and you get distracted By things so and people that you know Scroll a lot or play video games or Whatever the case may be you know that's A distraction from something that could Be more beneficial to them he learned That from this book right here it is Power habit uh what was your intention Though my intention was to read again That was your intention to read So so did you start that book or were You already kind of now this I've this One's been on kind of my shelf like I

Said I got a few on myself that I bought That I haven't read and just so I'm Reading this one now so I seen the other Book you read last of purple cow it's Like you passed that along to Fran I Seen it seen on his desk no he bought it Because I told him to read it yeah so I Could give you that one too that's more Of a marketing book just about being Remarkable and standing out let's move On too Um I think what what I need is just Because like I'm gonna try this to see If I can you know My brain can comprehend and I think I Need like some like James Patterson book you know or like a Fantasy I mean that's something that's Gonna Keep Me Like hooked and wanting to Read and keep going versus Lifestyle yeah I mean try that and if That doesn't work we can go I got a good I got a couple good books although those Are a little bit hard to get into too But yeah we'll figure it out we'll help You for sure that is the plan I'm gonna Start this one how's how's the gym and Water going ah man I got some lemonade Today But lemonade bro you're not following The plan hey it's cucumber and mint Lemonade and sugar Um It's pretty Tangy yeah and sugar I don't

Know oh it should trust me there's Lemonade without sugar lemonade tastes Like bitter yeah but that's what the Cucumber and mint is for to give it that Refreshing crisp well again how bad do You want to get rid of the belly that's The question You know what I need to get rid of it I Just go I got a long time I got the rest Of the year the question on me Steve the Question is how bad do you want it no Yeah I do want to trust me I'll be in The gym yeah I know three times I know Hey I'm proud of you for doing that but Today like I said the security guard They saw the games yeah I'm not sure if That's I think they were just more Hurting for somebody It's not really uh the gains but that's Okay yeah yeah I appreciate it hey it Made me feel good it'd be like oh yeah I Didn't notice the game like they're like Your security yeah Yeah How come you just didn't Were you required to work or they uh Just offered it to you I mean they Offered it they needed someone and I was Like I'm I Love Money Steve no money's on the Table I mean I'm gonna do what I gotta Do to get that money you know like I Mean I'm a money fiend but what about

Your lady was she off No no no no no she was home she was home She was at her house yeah yeah okay but It's all right she she understands okay She appreciates you know like my work Ethic you know she she probably doesn't Like it but you know she can respect you Know how much I work you know because She understands like what I want for Myself yeah and what I want for our Future you know speaking of that what's Up with the house I mean it's taking time okay do you give Them access to your bank accounts yet oh Yeah so I I did the Naka did I ever tell You about that no oh dude this was Horrible I almost wanted to smack the Dude what just it just he just well I Might be taking this a little too Personal but when I went to meet the Dude from NACA he said he called me he Said oh so you're my two o'clock and I Took that route I don't know maybe again I'm just what just I'm a person I'm not Knowing it's two o'clock like this Person should be a counselor to help me He's not a counselor that's what they Are no the program is counselors the Counselors are financial counselor it's Not a counselor to make you feel warm And fuzzy no no he should be helping me On my own online journey I think and Treating me like I'm a human being my Name is Roberto the third okay

I'm not two o'clock and that's that that Was just the jump again maybe I was Taking digging I have a feeling what What time was this how was this two O'clock yeah but what like Yeah I I think you took that the wrong Way it's my two o'clock okay no no so so Just just getting into it yeah so the Two o'clock the fourth that was the Meeting okay at three o'clock kids we Weren't even halfway done he kept Speeding me saying all right we gotta Hurry up we gotta hurry up we gotta Hurry up we gotta hurry up and we Weren't even an hour into the meeting And he was just like rushing the whole Process he's probably got a three O'clock today he had a four o'clock Because it was for four o'clock but Again if you're really trying to help Someone with their Journey you shouldn't Rush them you know if that was my first Meeting I had a lot of questions I Wanted to ask him it's a job to that guy He does not really give a [ __ ] and it Shouldn't be that that's what I'm saying The program I'm just telling you what it Is that's what it was to me it was just A job you know it wasn't like he was Really trying to help me go through this Home buying Journey which that's what They preached about the whole thing was Like Hey you know like this is we're in This to like really help you you also

Got to understand he probably deals with A bunch of people to just say they want It and they don't really want to put in The effort to make it happen so he's Probably dealing with a lot of you know People that waste his time yeah so You're just folded into that mix and you Know he doesn't know he might just think That you're full of [ __ ] all right well Fast sword again he was just kept Rushing and rushing I didn't really like That okay and then later towards towards The end he was like put all the numbers And crunched it down he said all right You qualify for a house based on what You presented you qualify for a house 280 000 and I said what am I going to Get a trailer on the south side for that [ __ ] like have you seen the market right Now and he told me he literally told me No you can get a really really nice House In Casa Grande yeah look like who the [ __ ] wants to live in cats and Grand bro Like I got two jobs like I can't drive An hour to work and then back like it Just doesn't make sense I was like I Cannot live in Casa Grande yeah so then I was trying to tell him I was like all Right well this is this is and then I Guess it was like he said my mortgage I Qualified for like 1800 a month and I said okay well I need To get to at least two thousand dollars

A month for my mortgage I was like and I tried to tell I was Like I get tips at my job I'm gonna be claiming a lot of back Dated taxes it's just what I have to do So I so I can he responding his Estimation off what you've claimed yeah What I've claimed in the past so then I Told him I was like look I know I'm Going to be claiming back data taxes This year for last year and this year Whatever I need to do I'm gonna do that So I can get this number higher then he Just like he got upset at me Well I'm not I'm not a a tax expert You're well I forgot what the word he Used and he's like I can't tell you what To do and I was like I'm not asking you To tell me what to do I'm telling you What I'm gonna do like will this work And he literally just got kind of crazy With me saying like I you need to talk To a tax person I'm not a tax person Yada yada and I was and I told I was oh Okay I understand I was like I got the Right questions I'm just asking the Wrong person and and then he just got Even more upset at that and I was like All right man well because he probably Thought you were asking him about like Filing tax questions when you really Weren't you were just informing him that This is what I'm gonna do to get that The amount up but he he probably took it

As you were Asking him for advice or asking him if That would help But really he's saying well that you got To talk to your accountant about that Yeah yeah because I don't know anything About Post-dated or backdated so you know he's So after I told him that question he Finally gave me the answer I needed okay He said uh when it comes to tipping Industries you have to be there a Minimum of two years okay for you to be Able to claim it as income otherwise Like he said I have Uber drivers that I've worked with and they said they get Tips but if they haven't done it for two Years and have it on paper saying that They did it for two years Then it doesn't work you know nothing And a letter from an employer is going To say he makes this much and I was like Well why didn't you tell me that in the Beginning I didn't say that within my Head I was like well why didn't you tell Me that in the first place rather than Coming at me sideways saying you're not Accounting yeah you can't help me and I Was like I was telling him I'm not Asking you to give me the answers like I'm telling you what I'm gonna do so What's the conclusion to this the Conclusion to This was oh didn't even Get to it the dude only worked there for

Like six months okay so that that was Like in my head I was like I wanted to Like complain say I want someone else Who's been there for years who really Knows this program and knows the steps So I can you know really utilize this Program the right way but I didn't I Just kept it uh you know long story Short he told me I submitted all my stuff he said if you Want you could get a house in a month Like if you want but again I only Qualify for that 280 000 and that's not What I want you know I like if I'm gonna Invest in something I want something nice you know like 280 Right now is not no it's nothing a Trailer and you're going far yeah super West Side so my price range what I know Is I want at least what I want is Somewhere from 300 to 400. 400 would be Ideal but again that's mortgage is Insane 2500 a mortgage you know probably 26 maybe to get that at this current Rate you know it's pricey you know to Live in Phoenix Arizona probably Anywhere freaking the nation is super Expensive but again that's my goal I so He told me Then he told me like again I don't know It's my first time in the program and he Said so when do you want to meet again I don't know you tell me what I'm Supposed to meet with you again like

Tell me what my next steps are so he Gave me next steps and then I emailed Them all and I said let me know like What I need to get done before we meet Again you didn't respond so I kind of Just let them on a Hiatus I I know I Still need to Save and that's my biggest goal really This year was to save save save I knew I Wasn't going to get a house in 2023. Look at that that wasn't you know it Just didn't make sense for me but what This this year was supposed to do is set Me up so next year I can have all my Ducks in a line ready to pull that Trigger right when my lease is up I can Just yeah it'll probably be a better Time hopefully I don't think so I mean The interest rate might go down but I Don't think houses I mean interest rate Is a lot of that the mortgage payment Yeah I mean so I still want to pursue This program but again my biggest thing Is to just save save save at the Beginning of the year like I had money In my savings I told myself I wanted to Save an additional six thousand I hit that pretty much pretty quick so My new goal was twelve thousand dollars By the end of the year save an Additional twelve thousand dollars in my Bank account Clap it up because Two thousand dollars away and the year's

Not even over yet so I'm doing good when was the last time You've saved this much money Never no no when I when I was 18 I had Like a a really good like Financial Start to like my just young adult life I Probably had about 8 000 to my name Which was you know it being 18 you know That's really nice I just got a lot of Trouble with the law and probation fees They got me yeah but but so this is the First time though in your adult life That you've actually saved Yeah yeah the money I got is probably The most but again I used to work at a Club before you know and I was making a Lot of money I just didn't keep it in my Account it was just cash that I would Just spend and then you know once I did Get fired I went on a huge cross-country Road trip spent you know six thousand Dollars you know for a whole month just So stupid what's the new goal we haven't Even hit uh The end of the second quarter that's What I'm saying I gotta come up with a New Financial goal for myself 15 G's That's pretty much is what I'm thinking You know like I think to be able to set Myself up for success I need 20 racks to Be able to get a house and just jump in It not go with this knock-up program if I had 20 grand safe I could probably get With my credit I could probably get into

Any house I need to Yeah the problem is then you still got The PMI that that's the problem yeah and That's what this program is it's saving Me 300 a month 200 300 a month by going Through this program two to four hundred Yeah depending on the house yeah so I Still want to go through the program Again but if I could hit that 15 by the End of the year yeah and then still Continue going on to next year like I Mean I'm doing really good my thing is There's no rush man if you're content Where you're living right it's a decent Place and you're able to save money stay There for two and a half two three years I mean I just I'm content but content's Not always good don't don't just don't Rush buying a house and I'm not going to That's what I'm saying that's why I'm Not when he told me you could buy one in A month and he was like and then I was Trying to tell him I was like no like I Was like I need to save still and then He tried to tell me he was like well Just know where you're staying now You're putting money into an apartment You know you're not say you're not Investing and then I was trying I was About to tell him I was like well There's such things as bad Investments Yeah that's that's the thing is a bad Investment buying a lemon of a house and Then two years later you know the

Air-conditioned bus pipes bust sewage Issues there you go yeah that's gonna Happen if I buy a shitty ass house in Two to five years you know some major Issue is going to happen to the house That I'd be responsible for so there Goes this PMI that I've been saving it's Like it really doesn't add up in two Years is in two or three years isn't Going to make that big of an impact on Owning a house anyway in this market if You would have bought it two or three Years ago it would have been said yeah But it's totally different because it's At the peak interesting well uh I mean That's good that you're still going Through it and hopefully it's still Saving that's okay Yeah keep saving I still spend but you Know I need to some days I need to just Focus on that and not really Spanned by stupid don't jump on the Sneakers app and buy shoes I just but Again they're Investments Yeah You know maybe I mean I wish I could say That I made money on all the shoes I Bought but I've lost quite a bit for Sure But you know whatever it is what it is I Feel it yeah so what else what else Going on anything else that's pretty Much all in my life what about you Steve Man

You know I'm just trying to figure out Life like everybody else man so how is Uh treating people nice I think it's going pretty good I don't Think so no no well yesterday Sometime this week it was early in the Morning we got in I was getting a Band-Aid rather than you telling me good Morning you screaming at me what the Hell are you doing over there in the Dark I was joking But it's a good joke a good morning Would have been a little more like good Morning sir how's it going over there do You need help with that Band-Aid I Didn't know you were getting a Band-Aid I just saw you I saw you shuffling Around in the dark that would have been A little more nice I said hey what are You doing in the dark I was joking and He said well why do you turn the light On and I said because I was too late It's not it's not how it it's not at all See and that's part of my issue is my Finesse yeah yeah because that's not at All how I wanted it I didn't fake it Like that I'm just yeah but it was more Like what are you doing in the dark why Don't you turn on the light dude I'm Trying to help you out yeah but a good Morning good morning sir yeah how's it Going Robert how'd you sleeping what do You want me to do what are you doing in The dark dude no I am just playing but

You think you're doing good that's all That matters right I mean I'm I'm trying Again that's a work in progress because One of my issues is I'm very blunt and I Don't I'm not good with finesse because There's some conversations that I want To have right now I just don't I don't Have the ability to have them in a way Where I am not going to offend somebody When I'm not trying to offend him yeah Yeah right so it's just working on that I was supposed to start some uh coaching Too and then We had issues and then today I had to Cancel so hopefully I'll start that next Week I need to reach out what is this Coaching just just uh leadership Coaching Um you know just help me be a better Leader and just communicate really I Think is this through that program that You're in you said uh entrepreneurs no No this is through The lady that's helping us Implement EOS Okay Um but really just One of the things that I've realized Over the years is there's delivery is Like everything 100 yeah because you can Say the same thing two different ways And it totally changes everything about It yeah like a good morning and what are You doing in the dark would have been a Better delivery okay sure good morning

Hey do you need some help you okay yeah Exactly my point but it meant I meant The same thing I was just saying it Totally different for sure yeah yeah so Really figuring out how to do that I Think if I could perfect that and really Um Excel Um in in my communication and being able To do that I'd it would be beneficial so Is this uh this counseling class is it Like an ongoing thing is no it's just a Coaching it's professional coaching Executive coaching type thing it's like A I haven't done it yet oh no but is it Like uh again like just a one-time Deal Or No No this would be this would be a Continuing every every week you're Taking these classes every week we would Meet yeah and there would be some I Haven't done it yet so I don't know but I would I would do it as long As I felt I was getting value out of it Yeah if that makes sense yeah if you're Doing it and not getting value then yeah So the plan I mean because it's not you Know it's not cheap it's probably like a Thousand bucks a month Um so if if I can get some value out of It and it teaches me how to communicate Better I'm all for it right so yeah Um so really yeah I don't know I've been Trying but again it's just not my Personality to be super social so it's It's really a stretch man it's hard I

Completely understand I feel the same Way sometimes like I'm the most social Anti-social person I know if that makes Sense so give me some drinks and um I'm I'm good to go but yeah yeah liquid Courage look just just loosen up man I Don't know what it is you can't do that At work though about nah about being Uptight and just you know a little tense But yeah a few drinks and it's that Social lubricant man I don't know I got A much easier time You know Communicating after a couple drinks So you think it's like that with you Know work situation too or just in General what do you mean like it was uh Obviously you're saying like you know You're going out just in day-to-day life If you're like you go to a bar obviously You probably don't go to bars anymore Like that but you're more obligated to Have a conversation with the person next To you I'm not drinking I'm not yeah I'm Not good at sparking up uh conversations Either with people that I don't know I'll do it occasionally just to like Test myself Um if I micro dose on mushrooms that Typically helps a little bit too helps Me communicate a little bit better Um so it really just depends but I do Try to force myself like if I'm in an Uber or something I try to just spark up

A conversation just to practice yeah Like I went to eat lunch over the Weekend and went to uh I forget the name of the restaurant and There was I was sitting at the bar Because it was just me everyone was out Of town and I was taken up I knew there Was three seats I sit in the middle see knowing that Okay there's gonna be two people that Are going to come ask me for to scoot Over Um but I didn't want to just sit next to This old lady and her husband if I Didn't have to so I sat in the middle And then of course some dude came up He's like hey is there any way you can Like yeah yeah of course I was expecting This to happen Um so I just sparked up a conversation What you tell me yeah you said on my lap No no he was with his wife bro So Basically I sparked up a conversation With them asked him where they're from And it was it was cool like we kind of Had a little conversation but did you Have drinks in your system at this time I did have a drink Yeah yeah yeah I wasn't completely sober But I I mean I had just had like I Hadn't had drinks yet I was drinking my First drink Um

So yeah I mean I guess I was cheating a Little bit but you know even then Sometimes I'm trying that's all I matter Yeah I'm trying man I'm trying That's it I gotta put myself out there And be comfortable being uncomfortable So yeah I mean that's pretty much it Chilled Um this weekend I'm really you know just Trying to figure out the next steps on What to do so and we're trying to hire a Marketing director right now as I've Probably mentioned on this podcast Before so We just started working with recruiters Um there's a lot of you know a lot of Things happening in the business right Now that we're trying to to get going so We just brought on a new Amazon agency So Providing them a bunch of information Going through interviews going through Resumes There's a lot happening cool kind of got A personal question for you sure it's Kind of uh Relatable obviously we talked about Mother's Day yep was being uh Sunday Your wife wasn't in town Did obviously you've had a you know your Mother committed suicide you brought up On the podcast before did you do you Ever like miss her on Mother's Day's More think about it more especially

Because now you're by yourself where You're a little maybe maybe that's why I Was drinking beer at home by myself on Mother's Day honestly I'd Didn't even think about it didn't even Think about it I mean I I guess I did But I didn't harp on it's been I mean It's been 30 years for sure yeah Um but now that I'm thinking about it I I mean I probably I was probably Drinking a little that day yeah which Isn't a good thing but um [Music] Yeah I honestly didn't even think about It till you brought it up but uh like Growing up as a kid did you ever like Yeah yeah close to your mom and get her Stuff for Mother's Day of course yeah Yeah it never like sparked up memories Like on a Mother's Day 100 I mean it Still does Mother's Day and her birthday For sure Um especially just with your wife being Gone you know when your daughter yeah it Was oh it was super lonely Saturday Saturday I'm like can you please come Back like this is during the week it's Not so bad because I'm working all day I Get home I'm tired I eat feed the dogs You know do some [ __ ] around the house And then either read or go to bed or Whatever it is Um but on the weekends you wake up and It's like crickets

Normally my daughter's coming in the Room jumping on the bed and making her Breakfast we're going to do something so Yeah uh the weekend I was like I need You guys to get back because this [ __ ] Is boring how's your daughter taking ACA Would you say she's fine without you or Is she like a daddy's girl that she's Like missing you it it goes both ways So she's very entertained there like She's got her grandma there her mom There her TT is there they're going to Her great grandma's house she's got her Little cousin that's come her age Younger younger so she's very she's Preoccupied so there's been some times When she's called me crying saying she's Missed me and then there's been times Where I call or I'm talking to Katie on The phone you know FaceTime and she Doesn't want nothing to do with me It sounds like kids though yeah so I Don't take it personally I'm like I love You I'll see you guys uh next week So yeah no but uh you know it's been Pretty good it's just the longest I've Been away from them yeah two weeks a Long time and I swear I feel like my Daughter's already bigger I haven't seen Her but I have a feeling when she comes Back I'm going to think that she's grown And because by the words you think or Like her attitude is just yeah just the Way she acts her hair how she acts yeah

And Katie keeps sending me like Snapchats of previous years like a year Ago Snapchats and all that stuff and I'm Like man she's getting so big it's so Fast it's so crazy it's a beautiful Thing now yeah no it's cool I'm not Looking forward to the teenage years But um yeah it's I'll I'll enjoy it Until she's you don't need some coaching For that until she's I'm gonna need a Lot more than that I'm gonna need a lot More than that I'm sure so hopefully she Is not doesn't take after my wife Um When it comes to Teenage years because He was a little rebellious She didn't want to have a girl because Of the hell she put her mom through Yeah so she she wanted a boy because she Was such a probably such a little [ __ ] That I've always heard like they say Like your kids are like 10 times worse Than you were I mean let's hope not do You see yourself you and Katie have Another another kid another daughter Another son no no she doesn't want yeah I mean I'd have another one but it's not My body I don't have oh yeah yeah for Sure which I'm cool I'm cool with one I Mean I just the the main reason that I Love babies and I love little kids but Just I was an only child so growing up An only child can be lonely sometimes so

It's really for her more than anybody Just to have that companion and somebody That you know you truly care about and You know you're kind of your best friend Let's say Katie changes her mind on kids But she doesn't want to have one she Wants to adopt are you willing to adopt She would never adopt I would adopt Before she would you would yeah but There's always a chance we're gonna end Up having one on accident anyway so for Sure yeah we'll see no I was just Curious you know getting old I'm just as as uh couples in a Relationship I'm sure these are just Conversations that you guys have you Know like adoption yeah when are you Having a baby that's the question hey I Gotta get married first okay well you Don't technically have to get married First I'm trying to keep you traditional Oh here we go well then you probably Shouldn't be uh having sex with her Either then yeah not that traditional Okay well I mean come on hey no but yeah She actually did bring up to me you know About like you know we've been together For over a year you know marriage and Kids uh and she kind of got upset at me About my answer would you I I told her I Was like uh I don't I think I had a Great answer but I said right now Marriage is not a priority and she Flipped marriages in her parody I was

Like no that's not what I'm saying I'm Saying right now like my main priority Is to buy a house and get a house for me And my future family I was like getting Married is going to be very expensive Yeah I only want to get married one time I'm not getting if I'm only getting Married once yeah if it doesn't happen Then I'm not going to get married again But I want to do it right you know I Want to have a nice wedding I wanted to Invite my family my friends have a dope Reception party I can it's gonna be Expensive you know you're either buying A house or you're getting married yeah And that's what I told her I was like And I'm bougie like and I want the same Thing for like my wife like if I get a Ring she's gonna have a fat ass ring on Her finger just because that's just like I it's what I would want you know like So yeah I just I'd like to take care of My girl so like I tell her like if if we Get married it's going to be very very Expensive and I was like right now I Want to buy a house that is my main Priority in my life is to get a house Focus on a house for for me and you and Our future kids you know I was like but If we got married there goes all that Money for for a party you know and yeah And a rock on your finger you know or You're just elope to Vegas and just do it for cheap I mean

She even brought up a courthouse and I Said no like again well you could always Have the ceremony later I mean like I Said I only give I only want to get Married once and that's what it is you Know and I just if I'm here to get Married just so you I'm not ready yet That's all you got to say oh good Because like I'm ready like I would Marry I told her like she's a dope girl Like she really like takes care of me And like I could see myself with her and I do see myself with her okay just I Want to be with you well okay there's There's always that uh you know ask her For a hand in marriage and and then just Put a long Uh what's it called engagement Engagement yeah but again and again it's The ring you know the Ring's gonna how Much did Katie's ring costs if you don't Mind me asking is that you know Confidential I would just imagine six to Ten minimum Oh you're on a different tax bracket for Which one yeah exactly see so she has Two I could see myself getting like you Know spending about six to ten thousand On you know in a wedding ring I I just Engagement ring right I don't even know The difference between a wedding ring And engagement rings same [ __ ] but Different yeah one you get has The Rock Taylor which is the band or something I

Think the engagement ring is the one With the diamond diamond yeah diamond And then you get married it's the second Ring yeah I don't even know that [ __ ] You know yeah so I just went and bought A Diamond at a jewelry store and add Something custom made you can typically Save some money doing that because less Markup But yeah hers was more than that see That's what I'm saying the other tax Bracket but again I could see myself Spending you know 10 grand at most for a Ring you know that's a nice ring that's You can get a pretty nice ring for team Yeah you know carry and a half or Something Not two carrots I mean depends on the quality oh it Needs to be a A g or an I I don't you're not I started Looking I really have looked at like It all depends on the grade there's it's The cut the clarity I like the the tear Drop oh they're pretty fire okay well You gotta ask her what she likes not What you like she likes what I like okay Then you got a good girl that could be Annoying though too so just be careful With that for sure yeah but yeah I mean House is obviously priority over a Marriage or kids you know so that's me I'm just chilling what would you like to Work on

For yourself like personally before you Get married so you know that it's a Successful marriage Well I think I'm a great communicator I Like I really deep down wholeheartedly Think I'm a good communicator I don't think my girl is okay like she Knows it too like when she gets upset She cuts herself off doesn't want to Talk and I'm the complete opposite if I Do something wrong I [ __ ] up I'm like Well let's sit down let's talk about This what can I do to improve what can I Do to be better how can I fix this she's Cut Cuts everything off and just you Know doesn't want to talk for two days Type [ __ ] you know yeah like I mean Katie's the same way and I'm just like No like if we're gonna be in a Relationship you know communication they Always say communication is key yeah you Gotta talk it and work it out I mean That there's truth to that but you also Need some people just some people need More time than others just to Because what you don't want to do is Have a conversation when there's still Emotions that's what she tells me yeah Yeah so you know I've learned I used to When we would get into some and we don't Fight which is so good but when we've Gotten into little you know arguments or Whatever the case may be Um I'm kind of more like you where I

Want to discuss it and have a Conversation and she's not having it so I've learned over the years just to let Her be And when she's ready I mean and she just She'll she'll basically let me know Um but I may get ignored for two days But like it going back to me I'm trying To push it on her what I could work on Is pretty much just uh Not like not empathetical but like I can't think of the word what I'm Trying to say but in my head I know what I'm trying to say it's like just Compassion empathy empathy yeah like you Know like I understand sometimes I just Say [ __ ] you know like I guess I brought Up last time like I just joke around Yeah and I'm not meaning to be you know Hurtful to her but she just you know She's grew up different than me so when I say something if I bring up Conversations that happen at the strip Club she gets upset about that there's Certain things that you just don't Talk about yes and I think that's what It is again I like to communicate Everything I need to filter what I say Or how I say it so I I if something Happens I just want to tell her Everything how my day went and then I Say something she gets upset at me Because I brought it up and I'm just

Like did she ask you about your day or You just go home and start telling her About it I mean it's like vice versa she Asked but again it's just like I don't know I guess I just over Communicate some things that to the Point where she's like you did not need To tell me that yada yada like it hurts Your feelings because I say things I Mean I can see that I mean yeah it's Interesting so if you two are telling Stories How much detail do you get into the Story verse how much detail would she Provide you because when when I talk to Katie Katie is I mean I have sometimes I have to ask her to Summarize Because it's like every little detail The grass was Green You know the grass is green the Twigs Were falling the clouds were you know Six feet above the Sun and this that and I'm like What's the point yeah like I I Appreciate you trying to explain this to Me but I I just want to know what what Where are you going with this see that's Probably me I'm probably the one more Again over communicating too much detail Too much detail and she's probably a Little more to the point and just tells Me what it is okay yeah so it's probably Rose reverse in our situation I could

See yeah but again I mean we're still a Year deep into our relationship which is Still learning and growing together That's honeymoon phase buddy hey I do Really good like I don't get angry And that's one thing I can say like in Most of my relationships like if someone Like if like in the previous Relationships you would have said some Of this stuff to me I probably would Have just tripped and flipped and Snapped but like I've been really calm With her and caring so have you guys Because this is one of the things That I feel is super important with Relationships Is Once you kind of cross the line with Verbal disrespect it's really hard to Come back from that So once you guys start calling each Other names or talking [ __ ] or really You know trying to humiliate or and That's what I'm saying I've never done That to it no no I've never Katie and I Have never done that either ever in most Of my other relationships like if I'm Upset that's my go-to like I'm trying [ __ ] [ __ ] I'm trying to text Something to be evil or mean Petty yeah And and literally I would say every Relationship I've ever been in except This girl I've never done anything Petty Or so why do you think that's different

Now than before just because I I respect Her and like I understand that she Really is a dope girl and like Yeah she's like super like So I'm assuming that she does not do the Like so it's not She doesn't do it to you so you don't do It to her no yeah yeah if you guys are In an argument you're you just we've had Very little arguments yeah that's cool For the most part you know obviously the Little yeah yeah I mean she gets upset It's always she gets upset at some Stupid [ __ ] I say but I'm not saying it To be hurtful mean or ugly I'm just Jo Like you know I say a joke we have that Conversation yeah like and I I don't Even recognize that what I'm saying is Potentially hurting her feelings and Like it does you know that's why I said That's what I would need to work on you Know being able to really recognize you Know uh you don't need to be a smart ass Yeah but with everything and that's just My personality well yeah but but hey Three months in she liked it she thought I was funny of course You're so funny three months later You're not [ __ ] funny I I told you That that's I stopped doing that I used To be the same way in relationships and I realized one time I'm like okay it's Funny at first but then people start Taking it personally and then it's not a

Good thing so yeah yeah Well that's good yeah I mean Relationships are challenging for sure I Mean it's definitely One of the most challenging things in Life I would say is to maintain a good Relationship and Um how long have you been with Katie Right now should I think it'll be 10 Years 10 years hey that's all in there That's good yeah I think it'll be 10 Years because we met when I moved here About a month after I moved to Phoenix From Tucson And it was in 2013. so I think this year it'll be 10 Years [ __ ] I'm gonna have to do Something special I'm gonna have to do Something special and another diamond And when I met her I we met online and I Was lying about my age So I know I'll tell you a quick story About it which is funny because it Didn't really start up a startup Start us off on the wrong foot but Online dating In my age bracket I think at the time I Was 35 or 36. So I was 36. How'd you say you were I said I was 29 Okay The reason being is because all the Girls that were in my age bracket at 30 Works you could just see how old they

Were they were not 36. they they were 40 Plus saying they were 36. yeah so I'm Like well [ __ ] that sucks so I lied you Know not expecting to meet yeah the love Of your life yeah like mother your Daughter um it was just you know just Seeing what was up I just moved here try To meet people you know maybe you know Get some ass or something Um And So I met her She didn't ask how old I was none of That because I probably was I could have Passed for 29 years old at that point Um And then my birthday comes around Because we met we met in June my Birthday's in July yeah And she buys me she already knew because I was staying at her house but she Looked at my ID because I would just Leave my wallet on the counter and she Just one day looked at my idea to see What year I was born she's like 1976. [ __ ] how old is this guy And uh so she brings me cupcakes for my Birthday just waiting to see if I would Tell her and I'm like oh thanks and then Shoot I forget what was happening but She was going out of town or we were Leaving or something Um and then just one day she said you Know I know how old you are right and

I'm like Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah how old am I yeah Um so it was an interesting dynamic Because I was afraid to tell her yeah it Was like one of those things it's like Oh we've already kind of been hanging Out now how do how do you how do I say This You just got to be like oh I didn't make The dating profile my friend made it for Me I didn't even know yeah but I'm not a Liar though that's a thing yeah me Neither yeah so I I mean it well I say That I'm not a liar meanwhile I'm 29 Years old but I'm not I don't like to Like putting that Onto a you know program or whatever on a Website is different than saying that to Somebody in their face So yeah it was a pretty interesting Pretty interesting uh experience for me Because I'd never lied about my age and Yeah it's funny because it's just like Growing up when you were a kid you would Always tell people you're older yeah so You got older you tell people you're Younger it's just like a I remember I Was 14 telling people I was 16. 13 telling people I was 15 you know I Think you're just a liar bro I don't Know I think I just think he'd like lion no I Think it was just a common thing I never Said that I was older you never told

Anyone because show me your goddamn Driver's license how come you don't Drive then [ __ ] I mean I never Said I was 18. I'm just saying like when I was like like 13 I would say I was Older you know yeah I I always felt Older but I never said that I was older I don't think but either way you got 10 Years some have to do something special Now that I'm thinking about that I'm Gonna have to figure that out I'm about To start working on that because that's Coming up pretty damn soon is that uh June right well June is when we met but We didn't she actually told me that I Was her boyfriend in August okay so you Know June July August so two months After we met she basically we were down In Tucson after we ran into two of my Ex-girlfriends in my key got card Um or my my car got keyed Um she basically said you're my Boyfriend and I'm like okay so I gotta Figure out how this works you've Obviously been in a relationship for 10 Years you guys got your August date Essentially that you guys you know she Asked you out yeah then you have I would Imagine your engagement date yep and Then your wedding date yeah what is like The what do you guys celebrate I don't Know bro like I just don't know like I Wouldn't you just have to be at this Point because the wedding date is like

That's your anniversary your wedding Date yeah from from there the engagement Data I don't think we're too worried About don't worry about that I don't Think we're too worried about that Because I don't say that and then when The engagement day comes and then Katie's like you don't know what the [ __ ] day it is Like I think that's the conversation you Need to have like yeah well what is the Date well we didn't I don't think we I'm Trying to think if we uh celebrated that Last year which I don't think we did so I think I'm in the clear there but Definitely our anniversary of when we Started dating and then our wedding Anniversary are going to be big ones and That's insane I just don't know how that Works you know or like the day you met Like is that a joke no I mean she wanted To do that but we don't really remember The exact day that we met but we do have Photos from the night that she said You're my boyfriend so that's kind of Why another date you guys got that Solidified yeah yeah I always wonder Because like when I met my girlfriend One of my good buddies told you know he Started dating his girlfriend on Valentine's Day and he was like bro you Gotta teach your girl Valentine's Day Valentine's Valentine's I don't know Valentine's Valentine's Day he started

Dating his girl on Valentine's Day he's Like bro that's what you got to do you Gotta do two birds in one stone and I Was like you know what that is clutch I'm gonna do it till Valentine's Valentine's Day came around And I got scared what I don't know I Just not that I got scared it's just Like I was always the one that I never Want to force anything like when it Happens it happens like for to me like I Felt like I was forcing it you know like If I would have said I don't know how long have you guys been Talking uh months you know November to February you know four months right November December January yeah I mean I Think that's good yeah so like that was My plan was like all right I'm gonna Make this easy only got to get her one Gift So what when did you actually ask her Out uh so I took her so yeah so that was February March was her birthday so then Uh you know March 14th is her birthday March 13th you know we were on this Weekend long getaway and she started Breaking down crying to me you're not Even my boyfriend oh so I was like I was Like all right let's you're officially My girlfriend so you would have been in The clear on uh I should have do Valentine's Day yeah okay but I told her I said look woman don't expect you're

Getting two kids I said you get your birthday we'll do Like a birthday Anniversary like together like every Year and that's kind of how I played it Off well I mean that's still killing two Birds with one stone yes and no I trust Me I still get your stuff for each day But it's just like that was kind of like My plan I was like all right well now We're doing like a weekend getaway or Something like you know The whole time you know it's celebrating You But I don't know I always wondered like If I engaged to her like is that another Anniversary we're supposed to celebrate And then like our way yeah that's what I Was asking you like how does that work Yeah I mean every relationship is Different maybe I never put that much Thought into trying to beat the system Like that I don't know hopefully my girlfriend Listen she don't think I'm a scumbag no I'm not trying to work the system it's Just because even just a nice card is You know oh yeah it goes a long way yeah I'm not too worried about it the guys That are doing that are you know a Little suspect no offense but so whoever Gave you that information is probably Not the best guy to be listening to yeah He's a good guy is he he's a good guy is

He married Someday he will be How many times has he been married Nine okay either way Yeah all right well we can just uh we Have been rambling on about Relationships yeah it's good Relationships are good man I think a Good time to set our intentions you gave Me this book so I'm guessing uh just Like working out you forced me with that Intention now you're forcing me reading This book why you keep looking over a Vic I'm not I'm just oh okay okay I'm Like it was this what are you looking Over at Vic for man just looking at you Okay I'm not forcing you to do anything Let's get it straight no no no I'm Trying to guide you I did tell you at the beginning of the Year like that this was one of my goals Yeah read two books so this obviously Gonna be my intention I tried the Art of War I had to audiobook it it's okay well What's your take on that is that Considered reading or is that no that's A cop-out yeah it's not considered Reading some people consider it reading You do obtain some information but it's Not going to be it's not gonna be as Good as for as good for your brain as Reading so there's going to be benefits To it better do that than not do Anything okay but reading is definitely

Is going to be more beneficial because I Was trying to audiobook it says reading Is going to help you with vocabulary Just lots of things I don't read enough Either I I really wish I was somebody That was addicted to reading and always Wanted to have a book in my hand yeah Unfortunately that's not the case for me Either so I kind of have to force myself To do it but Um I do know that it's super super Valuable for you I mean just people in General if they do it so Yeah well that is my intention and what About you what you got well I mean I Guess I'm just gonna keep stacking Because I haven't finished this book so I'm gonna have to you know I don't Consider working out as a intelligence That's something you do eating drinking Water that's your lifestyle Um lifestyle it's your lifestyle now too Which is good so I'm gonna keep reading This what's a good intention I think my Intention this week is to spend as most As much time as I can with my family That makes a lot of sense after not Seeing them for two weeks yeah so I'll Probably I think my lady is going to Work Saturday and do some tattoos but I'll hang out with my daughter we'll do Something fun and then you know try to Uh spend as much time with them and Enjoy family bonding as much as possible

Anything specific lined up Anything specific for this weekend your Family yeah no no no no no no I no not Yet but Um I just want to see what her schedule Is but that's easy we'll figure Something out Um and then really you know try and plan Something for a memorial day so that's Two weeks away I mean one week it's a Week and a half away now yeah so I Should plan something too you gave us Off right We're gonna I'm giving everybody Friday Off hell yeah clap that up yep and then Monday is obviously Memorial Day so It'll be a four day weekend nice I gotta Figure something out too maybe a little San Diego trip or something [ __ ] you Want to go to the lake man I might be Out at the lake so just let me know the Ocean ocean you going in Yeah I might get my toes wet okay well My toes hey don't say I never invited You oh you have invited me I've been on The boat yeah well I invite people all The time and nobody ever wants to go Blows my mind I'd be jumping at the Chance to go to the lake on the boat on My I think it's just because I I did That what is it the wakeboarding wake Surfing wake surfing I sucked I can't Even stand up on it bro you tried it Once

You can't expect to be [ __ ] you know Some some Professional Service yeah well How long did it take you to get good at That because you're pretty good uh I Mean I've done it if you know I've got a Hundred hours on my boat so you know However long you know you know I don't Know I've done it probably You know 20 times maybe times yeah at What did you just pick it up right away Though or did it I mean I got up right Away but I've also I snowboard yeah and Do other things that are you know Related To that I guess movement and stuff and Balance so But I and I'm nowhere even near where I Would love to be doing that thing that Thing I'd be jumping in 360s I almost Got the 360 when we went out last time Um like a week ago almost got it man it Was so close like two times I and just Fell out of the wave unfortunately so if Anyone knows how to wake surf really Really well maybe uh I'll send you a Video what I'm doing wrong and you can Teach me what the hell I need to do Right so I can land that thing so if you Want YouTube you could drop a comment Down below but all that being said any Last minute thoughts before we bounce no Man um this was good Um you know next week uh we'll figure Out what we're gonna have have a

Conversation about I think I talked to I Talked to Mick earlier today Um he said he'd be down for next week so We can hear his story about how he's you Know five four five five and he can dunk A basketball maybe provide some video of Him he got some his video shared on uh What's that ridiculous ridiculous He hit his head on the ground yeah yeah But it's impressive seeing him Jump Man And he's a white dude so he you know He's got hops oh yeah yeah um and he Really had to apply by the odds he did He had defy gravity and You know it really is because of the Training that Shane who was on the last Podcast Um or a couple podcasts ago trained him And got him to the point where he could Dunk because he he wasn't able to do it When he was in high school and then After high school he started training And doing the right training Um practices and was able he conduct I Mean he's he's pretty impressive Actually I've seen him a couple videos Yeah so we'll bring him on hopefully Next week and we'll hear his story and Kind of go from there All right man that's gonna wrap it up For today's episode cool peace [Music] Again we're leaving there [Music]