In today’s episode of Defy The Odds; we sit down with Mik who defies the odds daily through dunking. Mik not only is an excellent trainer for all high school athletes and anyone who wants to improve right next store, but his vertical is next level. As an individual who has to defy the odds when it comes to dunking and jumping higher no matter his size, he seemed like the perfect person to guest star!

We get to teach you about what it takes to improve your skills as an athlete and how to better yourself! But Mik isn’t always making perfect dunks; in fact he went viral for one of his biggest flops, so viral that it was picked up by Ridiculousness. Don’t let a flop keep you from chasing the dream!

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With situations that created Complications in my life like my Father's past decisions and Drug Addictions on my mother's death I love Your mom what's next what's up Lola well We got ourselves a little uh visitor Lola That's not the only visitor that's not The only visitor we got Mick today yeah Two dogs There you go see Lola peace So why don't you uh obviously welcome to The defy the odds podcast make why don't You kind of introduce yourself and I'll Give a little backstory on you and why We invited you to the podcast yeah Absolutely thank you guys for having me Um and I like the name too Um but my name is Mick rapchik I'm a Trainer you guys might have seen my uh Partner business partners podcast Earlier Shane Anderson we got a gym next To the rejuvenator guys and I primarily Work with like basketball athletes but I'll work with anybody and everybody Been a trainer for about nine or ten Years now Um 29 still got a long way to go though So What what got you into it number one and You know obviously the defy the odds Podcast one of the reasons that I wanted To bring you on is because of your story That I've heard a little bit about and

I'm interested in getting into more Detail about You know how tall are you Um five five you're five five you're White and you can dunk and you're pretty Damn good at it Um and it wasn't always the case you Actually defied the odds and worked your Way to be able to do that so why don't You just give us a little background and You know how you got into it how you met Shane just actually let's start where Were you born let's start from a younger Age uh I was I was born in Southern California but going to Arizona when I Was my memory goes back to Arizona okay Um specifically in this area too so I Haven't really left the hometown some Positive negatives to it but I love it Yeah Um from there played basketball my whole Life loved it played played all the Sports grown up but so so Junior High High School through it all like even Elementary school and all that Um If I knew I was going to be five five I Probably would have kept playing soccer But but I love basketball it's too much Fun flashy like growing up with and one Mixtape yeah I wanted to be on and one More than I wanted to play college Basketball well Um you know I know the guy that just set

Free the guy that that like created put The music and the video oh yeah yeah Yeah on the mixtapes yeah the mixtape I Got those on DVD stuff yeah yeah no I Know I know that guy oh yeah yeah we can Bring it back the next white chocolate Yeah I think it's got I think they're Trying to do it they are yeah Kenny Dobbs is doing a little bit I wish They'd invite Kenny on Associated too For sure although I'll be watching that For sure but yeah so grew up playing Basketball Um High School played basketball Football track little track a little bit Um but basketball is my main thing when Did you stop growing Oh like eighth grade okay like I was one Of those kids that like puberty fast Yeah like it helps being a trainer now But hippie really fast had muscles This Tall like I was it's pretty a pretty Athletic little Middle School Um so I had a lot of success when I was Young and obviously I stopped growing so You got to get better here there Um I like to think I was a pretty decent High school player um like talking to College coaches My recruitment was the same it was like Hey you're the you're the exact player We want just not the size which totally Makes sense Um my stubborn little 17 and 18 year old

Desk didn't understand it at the time But that's when you know everything yeah Yeah that's yeah just like everything Else [Music] Um so after high school not playing College sports it was like it's a 2012 Summer uh so summer olympics were on And I thought I'd be fine I was like you Know what I had basketball gave me a lot Had a lot of fun with it made tons of Friends Um but I'll be good I don't need Sports Anymore so you're 18 at this point yeah Just graduated high school I was going To go to Juco to be a firefighter Paramedic type And but that summer like a weekend of The summer and like as a high school Athlete you're playing sports All Summer Long so like a weekend I'm like dude I I Need to find something to do I'm going To lose my mind like and um so sure Enough 2012 Summer Olympics there's a Sport called team handball okay if You're not familiar with handball if Americans like handball we would have we Would have an absolute dominant sport Like you put LeBron James on a handball Court and it's a wrap Um if you have never heard it go ahead And YouTube it it's a very exciting Flashy sport it's essentially indoor Soccer and basketball combined okay

Um a lot of jumping a lot of fakes a lot Of no look passes like take the flash of Basketball throw like a little rugby Type aggressiveness in it and then like You're obviously shooting into a goal With a goalie and all that Um how big is the ball it's like about It I don't know it's like maybe tennis Volleyball no like a volleyball side Because you can dribble it like you Can't yank people like a basketball but You have to stay on top when you dribble You can catch take three steps but then You gotta dribble before you take that Fourth step or pass it or shoot and then There's a six meter ring that goes Around the goal and you can jump into The ring but you got to release the ball Before you hit the ground so guys are Taking off fouling's a good thing like If you were coming at me you have to Throw I'd want to grab your arm and wrap You up I don't want to take you to the Ground but it's like oh foul reset like That's how you you can't foul out Essentially you can get kicked out but You can't foul out yeah okay Um so you're watching the Olympics I see That's okay we played a PE version of it In high school and I always joked with My high school basketball coach my dad Might not play college basketball but if Team handball was a real sport yeah I'm Going to the league going College

Whatever it may be and all that stuff Well sure enough 2012 Summer Olympics I See a commercial for it and I'm sitting There going like no [ __ ] way this is A real thing like I'm [ __ ] playing Handball like what am I doing Search it there's a phoenix League had Tons of friends I haven't gone back and Played with them in Forever which I Should but the Phoenix League they were Just starting our Phoenix Club they were Just starting So I go out to like the first practice Whatever We're playing it and all that I meet the Coach his name was Peter he's from Germany very foreign sport very popular In Europe just not in the U.S And I tell them like hey like I know This is my first night but I I'm gonna I Want to make the USA team yeah and he's Looking at me he's like okay well like You know you're kind of short I'm like Yeah but you played professionally in Germany right he's like well yeah I go Okay you're 5'4 yeah so if you could Play pro I'm gonna take my chances yeah So the Phoenix handball family was super Kind they supported me helped me out had Like like called them my team handball Moms and all the stuff And uh first year learning the sport but From basketball and all the other sports I played was pretty damn good

Played for about three years and at my Last Nationals tournament I was like out Of like number five and overall scoring Or something like that so I thought and I had to try out with the USA team in my First year and I just wasn't definitely Not ready for it So two three years later like number Five and scoring at Nationals and I'm Like okay like this is the year I should At least get an advice yeah yeah at Least get asked to come try out and Practice uh how do USA player bring me Up to the USA Coach I got the same thing as basketball hey You're the player we want you're just Not the sides We're Not Gonna We're Not Gonna Take You So during that I was Training this is a height thing or yeah Like there's some big dudes on the floor There's like it's a bunch of foreign LeBron James's just taken off and Hitting each other and all that there's Room for some short guys but you got to Be extremely fast and very crafty with The ball well I guess I kind of skipped Apart but during that I was training With Shane okay Um and uh how did you how did you meet Shane how did you run into shape yeah so The little backtrack sorry I was trying With Shane I was training for the try to Make the USA team first day I ever Trained with Shane

Um I'm supposed to have a 225 back squat Rep test okay I I think I'm hot [ __ ] I've been training for a year I'm fast I'm jumping high And like the trainer before Shane Definitely wasn't Shane and I had no Idea that was the only experience I had In sports performance world so I thought It was good training looking back on it Not quite So I got a 225 rep test for Shane I've Never met the guy Big dude I'm already talking [ __ ] I'm Gonna do that you better nothing's Changed we're gonna be here all day you Can leave a key at the gym I'll I'll Lock it So I get to like 25 reps I'm talking Through it I'm like talking smack during It and Shane finally he's like dude You're done rack Rack the bar let me Show you yeah and I'm like what the [ __ ] Do you mean I'm done I was just getting Started like And uh he goes we're gonna rest two Minutes and you're gonna squat full Depth yeah the guy trained me before Didn't even care if he got so parallel Like you could have just bent your knees And he would have been like oh yeah That's that's good that's how most People squat yeah and so I'm like all right whatever dude it's 225. yeah that [ __ ] buried me literally

Got to the bottom and just stuck and Then Shane's big ass comes over picks it Up curls it and then racks it and looks At me goes that's what I [ __ ] thought I remember being like 19 going oh [ __ ] Yeah maybe I'm not that athletic maybe I Should listen to the Jack dude that's Extremely athletic and not the other Trainer that's he's got big arms that's About it type anything like that so ever Since then me and Shane hit it off Um like you guys know Shane Shane's Competitive too so our competitive Nature kept driving each other So Shane trains me for handball I wasn't working as a trainer at the Time And I needed a summer job so I go to Nationals get the hay Too Short player We want too short Supposed to come in I get back from I Think we're in Reno come back that night Text Shannon go hey I know I'm supposed To work out tomorrow but I got the no I'm gonna take tomorrow off my friends Are at my apartment I was like I'm gonna Party and [ __ ] Um Shane being Shane don't be a dumbass Come work out I'm trying to give you a Job too and I got another idea Right all right like I'm not going to Say no to Shane and so go work out get My part-time job for the summer as a Trainer and he brings up Olympic

Weightlifting and so Olympic Weightlifting if you're not familiar You'd go snatches and then clean and Jerks just as heavy as you possibly can CrossFit made it pretty popular but Olympic weightlifting was going on well Before CrossFit And it's a short man's game like oh [ __ ] I've never I've never had an advantage In any sport I played I'm I'm super down For that yeah and so I picked it up like Pretty quick Um kind of Twitchy athlete kind of Explosive and so it carried over well I Picked it up quick uh qualified for University Nationals so college kids in The first like six months at the time I Started training I hadn't touched a Basketball I was like dude I don't want It's like PTSD I was like I don't want Anything to do with basketball My roommate had just finished playing College basketball And as I like come to the gym come to The gym and I'm like I don't know like I Don't really want to see you like so Finally go to the gym we go to like LA Fitness Play the first game and this is after Like six seven months of Olympic Weightlifting I'm like looking at him after the first Game like holy [ __ ] like Like do I look faster like he's like

Yeah I guess like I was like dude I feel So powerful like I can like my legs feel Good I can touch the [ __ ] room My roommate I played high school ball With it's like they've never even been Close to the rim right I'm like no I'm Telling you I Could Touch the RIM today Yeah and so LA Fitness the rims are a Little sketchy it's probably like 9 10 9 11. but I go up there and just Nick it And from that moment I was like dude [ __ ] that I'm dunking a basketball okay Nobody's telling me no there's no code 19. I was like 19 when I started 20 when I started Yeah I got my first dunk when I was 21. 21 and some months Um And so I'm like dude [ __ ] that like a Coach can tell me no everybody can tell Me no but this is straight up on me and If I don't because you know you're close At this point you're close at this point I'm like and you haven't even been Working towards it no I just started Working like Olympic weightlifting like I wasn't even that strong in the grand Scheme of it And I was like dude I think this is like A real thing yeah and um so I made it a Goal I used competing in Olympic Weightlifting as like my strength Development and then I just jumped my Ass off like every day

Um about a year later or so finally got My first dunk And that was like I don't know it was Kind of as cheesy as it sounds like for Just dunking total Euphoria like oh I Bet yeah I mean you've been working Towards it for well that and like uh you Know like in your early 20s there's like That phase where you're like What am I doing yeah like I thought I Had this idea coming out of high school I didn't really have like a true Identity yet like my identity was like The kid that hops between different Sports like trying something And so I was like okay and it just kind Of uh it was something that I had to Prove to myself that I thought I worked Hard in basketball I thought I worked Hard for handball There was a whole nother level yeah There's levels there's levels to it yeah And like that dunking made me understand Like hey when you think you gave Everything they're still like 10 or 20 More that you can dig out of yourself How many hours do you think you trained Just to be able to dunk a basketball I Don't know I mean in this what 24 hours In a day I would lift for about two Hours sometimes twice a day Then I would jump so hundreds of hours Hundreds if not thousands Like I mean I was full-blown you can ask

Shane I was like full obsessed it was The only thing I'd talk about I'll tell Everybody I met I'm in a dunk a Basketball And like my friends got to the point and My family got to the point where it's Like dude shut up like it's not gonna Happen can't do this and all that how Often were you trying to dunk For that during that year process that First one to get to the first one was Almost an everyday thing oh really yeah Like so so my legs just wouldn't work And then do it a little bit more and all That Um but it was like one of those and I Was in college I was at ASU so I was Partying my ass off then wake up Saturday GO train I probably would have Made a lot more progress if I'm just Sure Which we all could have done and stuff But yeah at least every day if not every Other day and if I wasn't trying to dunk I was trying to do the highest box jump Broad jump like any form of jumping Hurdle hops all that stuff I don't Recommend jumping every day but I didn't care and then so from a Progression standpoint like I'm sure It's about baby steps you're not going To see big results in a short period of Time and that's what a lot of people Don't understand is to get really good

At something or to be successful at Something it takes constant constant Work and it's it's the the results are So mind minor typically that you might Not even see them at some point until You almost achieve that goal yeah I Would agree with you Um I tried to the the farthest back Dated I could get by vertical numbers From back in the day was I was at 32 Inches on a running vert I gotta jump uh 30 39 inches 39 and a half inches just to Be high enough to clear the ball over And so like I got to that Mark but as if I wasn't a hundred percent I wasn't Jumping 39. yeah and so it took about a Year and a half or so to get to that Mark And then it took me another I broke into The 45 inch Mark two summers ago so it Almost took me five years to go from 42 To 45. wow and a lot of that was like Not necessarily focusing on it as much Like I probably could have gotten it Done faster But it's like anything else like the Higher you go the harder and harder it Gets to make those jumps So even like a half inch of progress After two months was like a huge win Huge win Um But yeah it was one of those things like

You just had to chip away at it I had to Do it for myself to prove to myself I Can work hard you can achieve granted It's dunking I feel kind of goofy Talking about it but for me it was a big Deal like that doing it to me was like Okay anything's achievable yeah after You got your first dunk did it like Propel you back into basketball even More I think like maybe you might have An opportunity yeah you want to go dunk On [ __ ] like it did uh like I Tell a lot of my kids that are kind of On that Verge it'll totally change your Perspective of the game oh I'm sure Because like as a as a short guy you're Looking at like LeBron James Russell West all these NBA guys just throwing Down and you're like that's just not me There's no way like it's like to before I made it a goal I never thought dunking Was even a possibility like even when I Was trying to play college basketball I Just didn't even worry about it I was Like that's so far out of the realm Don't even think about it Um But oh would you just ask I told you I Just said like just after Duncan do you Think you might be able to go college or Uh my Pro or just get back in there you Know I thought about it like Um the YouTube Dunk game was starting to Blow up big time that's actually one of

The guys is Porter Mayberry I saw on YouTube who's 5'4 actually and he was Thrown down and I was like nah [ __ ] that If he can do it I can do it type of Thing but I wanted to go more of like The dunk contest route Um I know there's like some actual like TV shows or stream shows about it and I Was leaning back to my and one Roots I Was like dude [ __ ] playing college Basketball like I want to go run at the Parks play like pick up throw down on Somebody and all that Um But I really only did a few dunk Contests and then I would just play on Three on three tournaments and hoop Again and it was so much more fun like I Could actually drive to the Lane and Jump with guys and finish and all that Stuff uh but so definitely after dunking I was trying to hoop all the time all The time so you got your first dunk how Long did it take until you dunked on Someone dude I actually haven't oh you Never dunked anyone yet no in-game dunks Are tough I don't have the biggest hands So like dribbling and going up is Difficult most of my dunks are off a lob Or if somebody's like holding the ball Um I have been so [ __ ] close so many Times like to the point where like some Of these dunks if they would have just Gone in I would have retired I was like

Is that your next goal though to dunk on Someone yeah and it's I'm running out of Time It's uh I heard some conversations about Your weight and how much that affects You yeah because when you how much were You weighing at the time when you were Really at your Peak Um I was floating between 150 and 155. And you're what now I'm like 160 right Now Shane likes to talking [ __ ] about so It's not it's not as bad as you know Changes I was at one of my best though at like 142. okay it was actually during 2020 Summer and so it's about 25 shut down Yeah the whole world 20 pounds Strapped 20 pounds to your billions That way to invest yeah that's that's Affecting your yeah that I mean but like Jumping zone Force production the Lighter you are the more Force you could Produce the higher you go and so at 140 I was still dead lifting the same amount Of weight I was at 155. yeah my squat Dropped a little bit but it was still Really high for a guy weighing 140. and So I think that combination was great Just being light and still maintaining My strength yeah Um but yeah as I've gotten older I kind Of just care about General Health now And I just want to make Shane try to try To make Shane feel small in the near

Future yeah but good luck yeah 29 I want To dunk when I'm 30 and then after that I'm trying to just get jacked honestly Still hooped I'll still be able to hoop A little bit yeah Um but and so ever since so when Shane Hired you as a trainer what what was Your introduction to that what were you Doing uh mostly working with just kids Um the only stuff I knew is what they Taught me at the time so it was like a Good way to just be their employee Because I knew the whole system I did The whole system and this was at the Physical therapy it was yeah it's called Fast up there And uh so I primarily took care of the Kids and then slowly just have a Personal training client then another One then another one then another one The next thing you know you got a full Book And obviously my vertical stuff through Social media got a decent attention Especially in the neighborhood Um Especially in the neighborhood and being In the neighborhood I grew up in like I Still know all my coaches my little Sister grew up in the neighborhood like Her friends are seeing it so I just Started getting requests like hey I just Want to do vertical work vertical Vertical work I mean you proved that if

You work at it you can do it because I Wouldn't before I heard your kind of Story and it went in there like I didn't Really know that if you Because I used to be able to grab the Rim I don't know if I could do it now Just because I'm old yeah you know but I Didn't know that if I really wanted to Work on that and really focus that I Probably could have been a Duncan fool Yeah yeah it's possible especially I Mean if if at my height I can do it Without any significant I mean I have Decent genetics but I wasn't like Jumping out of the gym before if I can Do it it's possible I got a couple of Friends in their 40s or I should say uh One of my friends made it a goal to I Think his was a 40 inch vertical by 40 And now he runs a dunk camp that dunk Camp I'll go to oh wow um and so like It's it's very possible it's just might Be more difficult starting wherever You're at of course like that yeah Um but like you got to think if you're Over six foot you're standing reach Is a little over eight feet probably And so you really only need 24 inches to Get to the rim and then another six or Seven after that 16 to 30 and 32 inch Yeah like as long as your standing Reaches a little over eight feet it's Really not out of the realm yeah and we Get blown away by basketball players on

TV we also got to remember they're like Six seven yeah like some of them are Touching someone touching the rim they Haven't even left the ground they make It they make it look easy yeah exactly But I I would say anybody can do it Um age might make it more difficult Maybe some other Body issues might make it more difficult You might have to work longer than Somebody else but If it's worth it that's always been my Thing too it taught me like if Something's truly worth it to you the Length of time doesn't matter how bad do You want it yes so am I say in this Podcast all the time how bad do you Really want people say they want Something but if you're not willing to Do what it takes and sacrifice you don't You just don't want it that bad and That's okay yeah right it's okay yeah It's not for everybody throughout your Whole training process so have you had Any like major injuries that set you Back uh luckily not anything major I've Torn my shoulder a few times but not Like I like my last competition ever I had a Torn rotator cuff And literally just went I don't know if I can well I guess I'm not a usaw Competitor anymore but shot it up with Cortisone just numbed it and just

[ __ ] went for it so it wasn't like Anything like I needed surgery or Anything like that so how long did it Take you to get like how long did you do The uh Olympic weightlifting and what Was Shane's like when he pitched you the Idea because you said hey I got a Different he said I got a different idea For you how'd he pitch it to you And how long did you do it did you enjoy Doing that well Shane used to Olympic he Did he did yeah Um yeah I mean it was like he hit me up It was like a Friday night I was gonna Party instead well I still partied but Then I went to the gym worked out And uh we were literally just lifting we Were talking about job like the job and He brought it up and uh he's like he Knew like ever since a kid I always want To just be an athlete and do some sort Of a pro athlete and I was still chasing That because you saw potential yeah and So he's like well why not like you're Already kind of Twitchy your short man's Game yeah and like I've always needed Something extra like work is one thing School is one thing but I have I don't I don't know what the Right way to say that is I gotta have Some sort of competition or goal to Really keep me disciplined of course Um and that's what most people do they Just don't know it yeah so to me that's

What it really was and it was like kind Of at a I guess I don't know if Rocky time in my Life's the right way to put that but Trying to figure out stuff going through Family stuff trying to go to school work Uh manage all that and really just Mature and become a man in the community Um it was like the perfect amount of Discipline that I needed like it kept me True it wasn't I wasn't binge drinking with constantly With all the college guys and all that Like I would have my fun but at the end Of the day I was like hey if I do this Tomorrow's gonna suck oh yeah and so it Definitely kept me very disciplined at a Time in my life where I needed it yeah And I don't know if I was aware of that At the time but it had the feeling there Yeah I totally see that because I was The opposite I had nothing I just got Plastered and yeah acted like a [ __ ] Yeah hey while you were in school though Were you working towards your degree was It health and wellness related or was it Completely different uh no actually Um I was so I went to Junior College Phoenix College and I got my associate's Degree in fire management Um so firefighter stuff paramedic I Thought about going to the military Um like I wanted I really liked that Paramedic route

Um And just the like team factor and um Kind of the risk of it like I kind of I Kind of like the dangerous side of it Made it feel a little more exciting Um so I was going to school for that and Uh transferred out to ASU they had an Emergency management program and it was Like right when I was starting the Training stuff and then after like a Year and I dunked I was like [ __ ] I'm Trying to be a paramedic in the military Like no not trying to be rude because It's one of the most amazing jobs ever And not everybody can do that It's like it'd be a lot cooler to stay Home and teach kids how to jump higher And dunk and do all that stuff and a lot Safer yeah Um And so Swap to exercise and wellness I did one Semester and was like [ __ ] this like Like I'm out this is I'm not paying for This yeah you learn more on the job yeah I had already worked as a trainer for Like two hours two years or so and like One of my classes and I'm paying my own Tuition so I'm very picky about my Dollars like I'm awful decision to do to The college kids out there and I'm not Telling you to drop out it's college is There for purposes I knew the exact minute per dollar

Rate that I was paying because I was Paying it out of my own pocket and I Didn't want to take a loan so I was dead Broke So I walk into a 45-minute class that Class cost me about 400 every time I'm In there and the teacher wants to talk About their weekend for 15 minutes okay That's a hundred dollars out the window And I didn't learn anything And then one of the last like Last Stand I had was we took a class In the gym About how to properly get on and off Exercise equipment that's interesting And I'm like dude I'm paying two almost Two grand for this [ __ ] this semester Yeah I'm out like I just learned Three times as much in six months Working at the gym yeah than that no Offense I it's a good route for some People but it wasn't my route at all Yeah Um and so I was trying to do exercise And wellness and I just stubborn 21 year Old 22 year old paying their own tuition As I do this isn't worth it and that was Kind of a big dilemma in my family Um my dad has I think he's got two Bachelor's degrees and a master's degree My mom didn't graduate college so she Was she was heated like she was not Having it So I go talk to my dad about it and my

Dad who's actually been through college For like seven years all this stuff it's Like dude I've been waiting for you to Say this [ __ ] for like a year and a half And I'm like what he goes dude and As your legs you're only going to have Your legs for so long and so I was going To school full time working full-time And training twice a day yeah you can go To school whenever exactly my dad's like Dude you you have your youth you have Your legs I never thought you were gonna Dunk either so why don't you just see Where it can take you ASU will always Take your money you can always go back To ASU and so once he said that I was Like oh Yeah I'm done with this we're going to Train full-time train people full time And uh sure enough it's led to having a Gym next to you guys so Yeah Like age demographic you like working With Uh Not I don't want to say I like have a Favorite but each age has like a Different best part if that makes sense So like I love the middle school age Kids like fifth through eighth grade or Even a little younger than that as long As they're somewhat focused is one it Just keeps you kind of youthful you're Always on your toes you never know what

A sixth grader is going to throw at you And especially yes sir Robert yes And two Like a kid coming in and being like I Made the seventh grade team I made the Seventh grade team it's exciting that's Super exciting they look up to you yeah Exactly like there's a little more big Brother kind of bond there you get into The high school age and it gets a little More serious it's like do you want to Play college sports like and so you can Kind of see these high school kids Transition from Goofy Middle School to like a young Professional and that's always really Cool College is fun because there's a lot More at stake you're a college athlete Maybe you want to go pro But it can get I don't know if I want to Say boring but it can get boring because Of almost how serious you have to be all The time I'm not a very serious trainer Like I think training should be fun no Matter what level you're at obviously There's a time and place for it but if You're not enjoying the training Like what are you doing and then you go Into like the adult adult population and Like so many of my adult clients moms And dads Aunts Uncles whatever it may be Have given me so much life experience Like we joke that personal training's

Kind of like uh like a therapist and it Works both ways like I'll have an adult Tell me something or whatever And then I'll bring up something and It's like oh I dealt with that when I Was in my 20s like here's how I did it And so each each age group brings like a Different advantage to training it the Best ever though is starting them in Middle school and taking them all the Way up have you had a client that liked That so far uh all the way through College Because you know what you said 21 Started training you're 29 so you got Yeah so yeah I'm like eight nine years In Um Almost I've done from middle school all The way to college and not the pro jump I've done High School through college And some of those kids have a chance to Go pro so I'm we're almost there Um you have some kids that are starting College and then go like Pro overseas I've never taken a kid from middle School high school D1 MBA or anything Like that and so I'm hoping we got a Couple kids that I think have a a chance In the next couple of years a couple we Mean like five to ten Um but that journey is like the coolest Thing because you know when there's [ __ ] little eighth grader talking

Smack to oh I'm starting to feel myself In high school to getting confident it's Like oh [ __ ] we're at the big likes like We're in college now so question on that Can you tell right away because Obviously as you pointed out work ethic And the amount of work you put in is Gonna have Some It's it's basically going to determine How far you go yeah Can you tell right away what someone's Work ethic is or is that something you Can coach somebody on or is it like kind Of just personality uh I would I would Say like a combo of the both like I've Seen kids go from not hard working to Like some of our best workers by far I've seen some kids that are extremely Hard working and burn out yeah and don't Make it well they make it to college but They're not in a good mindset for College because mental is I mean it's Got to be half oh it's more than yeah if Not one of my old High School coaches Always says the game's 90 mental 10 Physical yeah Um and that's not just in the game That's the whole your whole life type of Thing yeah because even outside of the Game it that is still part of the game Yeah yeah um you're stressed outside It's gonna carry over into your sport Type of thing

Um Yeah so a little bit of both you can Bring it out of people but I think as Like nine ten years in now it's so Psychological Like there's almost ways to set them up To where Like you almost want somebody to think They're working hard and they get Comfortable working at that level and Then you just turn it on ramp it up a Little bit yeah it's like oh that was Really hard but yeah you did it and then Ramp it up a little bit more God damn that was really hard but you Did it yeah and then you get to this Level where it's like oh I can see that I just grind and it works itself out the Progression that that instead of being Terrified of it you kind of ease him Into yeah yeah different ways and then There's other people where like If the time frame if we don't have that Long of a time frame they'll part of me Is like dude we're throwing you into the Fire and just see what you do I don't Care what the end result is of today but I'm gonna push you through the [ __ ] and I and I'm gonna know right away whether You're down with the [ __ ] or yeah you Don't want anything to do with it yeah Because I'm assuming that some kids Probably have a lot of talent but their Mental game is weak yeah and and that is

What's holding them back and then you Got the other kids whose mental game Strong they're just not quite as gifted Physically Um That's Yeah it's usually how it goes it's hard To find the perfect yeah like I've had a Lot of kids that are They're disciplined they work their ass Off and they're just not that good yeah But you know they're gonna do good Things and whatever password issues and I've had kids that are Uber talented and It's like pulling teeth to get them to Work out yeah and it's like dude this Talent's only going to take you so far You'd rather be smoking weed and doing Conditions Okay yeah doing whatever like yeah yeah Instead of them being on 2K they're Playing 2K playing other people I bring That up all the time too you know you Know when it's really cool to play 2K When it's you you can play yourself okay Yeah I mean I would also assume I could Be wrong though but like when you're Dealing with some kids that are maybe Elementary or middle school like how Much of it is the parents are just Forcing that on them versus at they're At that age and they know that's what They want for themselves uh it's like Very case to case we've had a lot of

Parents Um definitely on the like force route Have you had to check any parents like Hey relax like I'm sure that's a touchy Subject because a lot of a lot of Parents I mean I never had it because my Dad wasn't around but I've seen videos Of oh just crazy [ __ ] dads that are Just out of their [ __ ] oh yeah and It's and it's like I'm in basketball but It's and it's every sport like every Sport everybody thinks they have the Next LeBron James and I'm looking at Them like dude we wouldn't know if you Have the whole world would know if you Had the next LeBron James He's okay yeah he's good yeah he's all Right yeah and um and so I don't know if I I feel like I've I've always like been in like a Confrontation type mode like if I gotta Confront a parent even just growing up I've always been kind of like calmer Confrontation type person yeah and so I Won't necessarily say they're like doing Too much but I'll list things that could Happen if you keep making in practice Five times a day or whatever it may be And it's like all these things and then If the light bulb doesn't go off then You got to be like dude I'm not training Your kid today yeah like or Sorry so the parents out there there's Been times where a kid walks in and I

Know they're dead and Mom and Dad don't Come in here's a foam roller here's a Yoga mat go take a nap like if your mom Or dad asks you worked your ass off Today that's cool so there's there's Like a relationship you have to build Like I'm not saying I want to go behind Parents backs yeah but I'll let them Know that some hey this isn't right he's Too tired blah blah or whatever maybe She's too tired she's banged up she Needs a couple times off But now is kind of our resume and Experience of doing it parents have Listened a lot more type of thing Um yeah because it's the best interest Of the kid at the end of the day like Hey You know what I mean like I would love To train your child but at some point You know recovery is very critical yeah Well that's that's just as important as Uh the workout itself it doesn't matter If your body doesn't work I don't care How strong you are if you don't work Then yeah it doesn't matter and um Recovery and it's and it's okay to be a Kid yeah like yeah yeah there's been Plenty of times where I'm like oh can I Come in on Saturday I'm like ah it's got A pool party or something to go to right Just go go be a kid dude go hang with Your homies you want to play basketball Go to the park especially if they're not

Somebody that you really think is gonna Like it has a real shot of making it It's like it's like You're doing good yeah it's a it's a Marathon right it's a marathon like And that stuff adds up Um like you see in kids have all the Skills trainers now yeah it's crazy and They're and like yeah they're very very Skilled and they're good But he's 12 years old yeah he can't even Play college basketball for another six Years are we sure he's going to enjoy Basketball by that time because it only Gets more and more as you go And uh we've got a few parents like I've There's been a few parents where like oh Uh her vertical's not going up or all The stuff I'm like all right well how Much volleyball are you playing well Every day so I do to take for what it's Worth Please take one week off of volleyball Just one week off of volleyball and then And this basketball really any sport do Anything else come you can come lift Just don't play your sport for a week And every single time the kid goes back Feeling better they want to go play Again and all that stuff so there has Been some scenarios where we've had to Have some conversations with parents but It's never been like too aggressive or Anything like that

Um and you start to see like I always Bring up like hey Again NBA guy plays 82 games in a season And then they get like four months off Yeah but we expect our kids to just play Year round so a grown adult fully Developed has the biggest budget in the World for training recovery and all that Is expected to take three to four months Off our kids who are still growing have All these other issues School tons of Other stressors yeah we expect them to Just perform year round Doesn't make sense to me type of thing Yeah it's interesting did you Because back to your story getting out Of high school I think you were lucky That you found something to do because I Had a buddy I think I mentioned him on The podcast before probably around your Height maybe a little shorter strongest It was the Superman of the team for a Strong strongest pound for pound and He was a star right yeah Hot girlfriend from CDO and in Tucson Like North North Tucson in the day He graduated It was all gone yeah and he I think it [ __ ] him up oh I'm sure Because he didn't find something else That he could put that energy and and Excel at and he was like totally lost The game of [ __ ] managed out of Jack in The Box

I mean no he I mean he has worked the Same I got him the job at a at a place In Tucson and he's still there to this Day it's like 25 years he's worked there But I know that you know being a star And then you kind of go from being that Star and the populist the most popular Kid on campus to like almost overnight Like nobody cares that's got to be a Mental mind [ __ ] oh for sure Um I mean we see it you see it all the Way up to like the professional level oh I'm sure like there's some guys that get Out of the league whatever League They're in and just totally fall off Your whole life it's your identity it's All that and yeah I would agree with you Like that I I remember the first week of Not having anything like very vividly I Was angry I was antsy I was anxious like I was like dude I'm used to waking up And going to compete right away and then You're good the rest of the day yeah and So I don't know if I realized that's What was going on but it was definitely Something like dude I gotta go I gotta Play some sort of sport I gotta have Contact I got to be a little violent Compete do all that But yeah there's definitely identity Crisis all the way up until like that First dunk like it was like the [ __ ] am I like not a college athlete like I Thought I would always be

I went to Juco which there's nothing Wrong with Juco it's to me it's probably The smarter save money and get the same Education almost for the most part But at that time I thought it wasn't Cool to go to Junior College and all That and so like I was working at a School like after school program And I was just really like what the [ __ ] You know I could walk on the high school Campus and know every single person and Now I walk onto Phoenix College and Nobody knows who the family yeah you Didn't try to play sports there like Basketball I try to I try to play at GCC And I got the same thing hey you're the You're the player we want just not the Size type of thing so I heard that [ __ ] You D1 D2 D3 and Juco all of them oh and Uh yeah at the tryout at GCC though Um was a seven footer it was between me And a seven footer oh I'm taking the Seven footer off yeah of course yeah you Can't even be mad about it I couldn't Touch the rim at that time yeah so like Yeah as soon as we walked in I played Against them in high school and I was Like oh [ __ ] here we go like I better do Something crazy in this tryout yeah but You got to take the seven footer all day That's a no-brainer but so yeah I tried It but just one of those things and so Yeah I was kind of just searching for The identity trying out another sport

Trying out another sport but I could Definitely see how your friend for sure I mean you feel like you're on top of The worlds then you're in the real world Yeah and and I can't imagine it because I wasn't the popular guy I was friends With a lot of people but it wasn't like I was a I didn't play sports so I wasn't Star yeah you know what I mean so I Didn't I had the opposite yeah situation I got out of high school and I became The cool dude because I had a house and I had all this [ __ ] so my like it was an Opposite experience as soon as I got out Of high school I was like [ __ ] school I'm so glad to be out of there I like This Yeah so that's nah that's yeah I would Say like I definitely had a great High School all that stuff like the Basketball player starter Captain all That [ __ ] and then not having that was The wake-up call going like oh you're Really you really ain't [ __ ] yeah you're Not playing college sports you don't Even have a job how do you have Conversations with like that with the Kids that you train now like because I'm Sure that that happens with a lot of Um you know high school athletes that You know our quote unquote stars but They they're not quite because I I had Another buddy his friend too he was very Small and he he ran track he played

Football really fast he was so small Though like his 40 was he would beat Anyone in a 40 just because he could but Once that 40 people would just have a Stride stick over there take over but he Really thought he was going to go into The NFL yeah I remember in high school Talking to him and I'm looking at him Like bro there's no way you're going Into the NFL and he really really truly Believed when he was 16 17 that he was Going to be in the NFL so he probably Had a wake-up call too Um he did yeah Um you know I've been pretty fortunate Most of the kids that Now with like social media and the Recruiting networks and all that it's Totally different I guess yeah there's Like one of one of the kids I trained Well this is a long time I think he is Graduating colleges here just graduated Maybe another semester They had a really good basketball team At Sunnyslope up the street and he was Like the 10th Man like barely played but Because of Club ball and all the Networks for recruiting and all that he Had D3 offers we didn't have the Recruiting networks like I was just Before that time Um so a lot of these kids are still Finding opportunities to play at the Next level

Is it always the best scenario maybe not Yeah but they get to chase their dream And that's cool and all that you pay for Some school yeah pay for some school Hopefully and then get out of state like Travel a little bit make new friends I Haven't really had anybody where I was Like super concerned And if we have the conversation I didn't Word it that way it's like well Hey just in case like basketball doesn't Work out football doesn't work out have You thought about yeah what else you're Gonna do yeah and luckily like in the Neighborhood we're in it's kind of like A Melting Pot like you kind of got People come from all different Backgrounds but there's as Elise as far As I've been a working adult in the Neighborhood there's a lot of support For kids around a lot of local Businesses where kids can go work during The Summers and kind of start feeling Out jobs and all that and a lot of uh Parents in the area have their own Businesses or work for a major company That they can help kind of get people Started there's only been a few Instances where I'm like [ __ ] if he Doesn't play like Wait we might not know the kid yeah Three years from now Um but just been super fortunate on that Aspect I haven't really had anybody

That didn't at least have a backup plan And that maybe didn't have a backup plan But where it was legitimately content With not playing at the next level yeah I kind of want to just play for fun now At that point some guys are like yeah I'm kind of over it anyway yeah like They just want to go whether it's Basketball football is like I just want To play for fun So what's next For you you've kind of set that goal to Be able to dunk you've achieved that Goal Um you guys obviously own a strength and Conditioning gym next door what you you Know you said you need some sort of goal To stay motivated what's next for you I Think I think like business is finally Becoming that um like I've always had Business goals but they were never Like the hunger for dunking I really Haven't been able to match until like Recent years because I've gotten older You obviously start realizing I mean you Know it's important but then start Thinking like I want a family I want This all that stuff and so I think it's Become more of business stuff Um where we're going to take Mach 1 I'm Not really sure obviously and I'm not Really a bigger the better I'm more like The higher the quality the better yeah Um so whether we like try to go

Nationwide I don't really know if that's In our future but I want to have just The best absolute gym in Phoenix Arizona And then eventually have a gym with a Basketball court in it and have guys run Skills out of it and do all that Um I mean our next step is expanding Yeah and the immediate goal is to just Max that out to the point where like how We did now is like we don't have a Choice we have to expand and that's kind Of how me and Shane have done it we had A very small gym Expanded that came down to you small Again Starting to expand that now and it's Kind of like well there's a lot of Different ways to expand is it a second Location is it one big location And I'm kind of on the the quality side So Like obviously me and Shane talk about It all the time I would like to see us To just make this the absolute best gym Possible and then maybe go put another Small location in Scottsdale or Tempe or Something like that Um but I think business is like the next One and Put some weight on try to make Shane Actually feel small yeah but Um yeah it's definitely business stuff Now Um I used to fall asleep to watching

Dunking videos Olympic weightlifting Videos like obsessed with it and now my Instagram feed is business mindset ideas Yeah it's interesting how that yeah with Age how that changes some people it's Interesting too that some people get That much earlier like there's some Really successful young 20-something People that I was just I mean I was Selling weed so I was doing it a Different way but I mean it's Interesting how that comes into play at Different times in people's lives yeah When you're you know paying your own Bills and oh yeah you know realize how Much money you don't have oh yeah yeah And you gotta grind to get it yeah the Same way as 20s I was like oh [ __ ] I got 100 bucks am I checking account yeah Let's go get a 30 rack like I'm rich Dude I got 100 bucks don't ask me to get Gas though that's a budget but now like Yeah exactly I'd agree with you it's Like all right that stuff was fun But like if I have kids in the future I Have all this stuff like that's [ __ ] Costs a lot of money yeah and so I'm Definitely looking more at the business Side I don't have like a dollar Mark or Anything like that I just want to have The best damn gym yeah I mean you guys Are growing for sure since you know and I don't know the ins and outs but I've I've definitely seen growth in the fact

That you guys are taking over the new Space Um and I really think again we've had Conversations about how to like maximize What you guys are doing I saw somebody In there shooting the other day I don't Know who that was with the camera but Yeah that was one of my one of my old Athletes he's done he's out of high School now he wants to get into Journalism okay and so I'm always for That too uh especially with the youth You can come shoot for free you can come Do whatever you want you can come learn For free Um anybody in high school or younger That just wants to get better at Something you can use our gym anytime But yeah he just hit me up because I did I need content for my college portfolio Awesome exactly come in all day every Day I don't care like send me some of The stuff so I can use it yeah of course Would you say it's a goal to like uh Train like professional athletes yeah Like I've I've had a few here there Um mostly like overseas Um just started like dabbling with NBA League guys like half and half type Um I I definitely want to get into it more But I also still want to save time for My fifth sixth seventh graders I am Biased towards like that whole journey

Um yeah I was talking about it with one Of my guys uh he's in college and I just Finished his freshman year playing Basketball And uh we were joking because we kind of Got like some Borderline MBA to NBA guys in recently I Mean when are you gonna big time in I'm Like What do you mean Big Time view right Yeah these guys I just met for a week And they're leaving yeah it's cool to Meet them it's cool to train them for a Little bit and like help them out as Best as you can It's really cool to know that I started Working new with you when you're 16 and Now you're 24. so that's a lifetime Connection yeah and I think that that's Ultimately I think the goal probably is To start working with kids when they're 16 15 whatever and then get them help Them get to the league and then continue To train them exactly you get three or Four of those guys man that's oh it's Yeah that's awesome and like um like Basketball's such a skill based sport Like the weight room helps but the Weight room's not going to decide Whether you go to the NBA or not and so When you get a guy that is just in town For three weeks It's like dude I can't really do Anything to make you more athletic I can

Keep you healthy for three weeks make Sure you don't get hurt in here three Weeks isn't enough time but at least From the strength coach side it's like It's not very rewarding yeah it's cool Get to meet some guys talk the game and All that but it's not as rewarding yeah I can see that now like if a pro guy Came in and was like Hey dude I want to Do all summer with you and then the next Summer the next summer totally different Story yeah Um but definitely want to get into the Pro market but still save time for the Ones coming up That's awesome What else uh I want to get into Nutrition because obviously you said Shane you know hounds you about you're Overweight I'm [ __ ] 190 and freaking got a belly So what is your uh like nutrition diet Look like uh right now dude I just he's He's hitting their burritos and [ __ ] oh Yeah dude breakfast burritos are my [ __ ] Um I'll have a breakfast burrito for Breakfast lunch and dinner Um But it's it's really mostly protein Based like realistically if I am cooking It's honestly steak and eggs like I Could eat steak and eggs breakfast lunch And dinner and then I think it's because I I just blame it on being Irish like I

Gotta have potatoes like I I've always Had roasted potatoes is that my problem I'm Scottish I wish maybe that's part That's what I'm saying potatoes a Lineage thing yeah Um but I'm a super simple eater I'm not Like I don't I don't want to necessarily Say I'm a pick eater I'll try anything But I know what I like and I know what Works for me Any sort of red meat or fish and a Protein or a carb like a potato or Something like that sweet potatoes and I'm good to go Um I'll have some veggies here there but I'm really not a huge veggie type person In terms of gaining weight the beauty of Starting that gym we like had time for Like one meal a day and so just eating Three meals a day I've added like 10 Pounds type of thing like that Definitely not the way to lose well Definitely not the healthiest thing but Yeah just the fact that I'm eating three Solid meals a day I've added 10 to 12 Pounds and it's primarily protein and Carb based and fat base how do you Balance essentially your personal Workout versus like training everyone Because I mean are you what are you in There five days a week training people I Would imagine yeah Um you still need to get your personal Gains in yeah uh there is a there's a

Concept that Corey Schlesinger from the Phoenix Sun strength coach he actually When he was at Stanford this was years Ago Made a couple posts and has talked about A little bit about micro dosing workouts And so when we're really busy it's like Dude I got 20 minutes pick one exercise Just hammer it so I'm good today good Yeah exactly you just go hard for 20 Minutes as hard as you can and so like During the Summers I was just thinking About that today like like yesterday I Went 5 30 a.m to 6 p.m just non-stop Um and I was thinking about that today I Was like [ __ ] when am I gonna actually Work out and you just simplify it a Little bit like hey I got a 30 minute Gap I'm gonna hit squats later in the Day I got a 30 minute Gap I'm gonna do Pull-ups like bang for your buck Exercises Um for a while there we were training Well I was training with Steve Shane and Arthur four or five days a week I wasn't always in them but for the most Part at least get in three to four days In and I was just doing whatever Shane Was doing it's one day's lower body one Day's upper body squatting deadlift Image and all that Um but as I've gotten less caring about My vertical and all that I'll do whatever I feel like that day

Type of thing uh there's something in Like training Where you can um Like we call it living off interest like I I trained so hard from 19 to 25 that For me to get it like truly out of shape Would take months and months of not Training and just eating like [ __ ] and So like even now like if I won't jump For I won't jump for four to six weeks Just incorporate a little bit and I'll Be right back to what my old stuff was Type of thing like that Um so now it's to me it's really just Maintaining That that's why you got to start when You're young because otherwise if you Start later in life that [ __ ] goes away Yeah you if you like in a bad eating You bro Steve well well and I'm I'm the Type of [ __ ] I go all in or I Don't like I'm All or Nothing so when I'm not like when I'm off the wagon I'm off I'm drinking I'm eating pizza Like I'm going I'm not counting one cat Like I am going for it And then when I come back I'm back on it 100 yeah I don't it's hard for me to Find that middle ground when it comes to That which I wish I had a little more Discipline but I'm like [ __ ] it yeah 100 Or zero yeah I'm pretty I'm pretty Similar like or whatever that test we Had pretty similar

Um you talk about the bang for your buck What is the best bang for my buck to get Rid of this belly what exercises do I Need to do Yeah for me if you had to pick like one Exercise one exercise I would say just Straight up sprinting 40 yard 50 yard 60 yard Sprints it's Actually the fastest way to burn fat Sprinting and jumping but jumping takes A lot more tolls kind of don't Polymetrics in the gym yeah maybe not Maybe not maybe not yet Uh or lunging lunging yeah there's a There's one uh trainer bodybuilding type That I follow that he does it he has a Lot of his people do it it's 400 meters Of lunges a day Just a lap just lunging a lap around the Track sore ass is what that is yeah but Because you got a I mean in a lunge you Gotta stabilize it's it really would be A total body workout for the most part Especially at that distance dumbbells You can hold dumbbells you can go body Weight whatever you need to do uh I Haven't really had any of my clients do It uh we use lunges like crazy but Following uh I think it's Corey G Fitness Corey G Um He's posted a lot of great results with His people just doing lunges yeah and Like 400 meter lunges that's a long ass

Time I think what it comes down to is Do something yeah just move like do Something Um and food I mean really like we said 90 10. Food's in that it is like 80 to 90 Percent is Diet especially if you're Trying to lose it it's hard oh I know Yeah it's it's a lifestyle change man It's not food too much we always one of My High School coaches said I'll keep it Forever Is if you had a Ferrari what kind of gas You're going to put in the Ferrari Premium exactly you are a body like a Ferrari you're going to treat it like a Beat-ass Honda Civic and you can just Throw whatever in it'll run but so we Always say like yeah what kind of gas You're going to put in a Ferrari you Want to be a Ferrari or you want to be An Oldsmobile that you can throw Vegetable oil in it and it'll just start Going Sputters down the road With some bubbles coming out of the Exhaust and stuff so so diet And you're gonna have to get more sleep Because you sleep like three hours a day And that's not enough trying that too Yeah So I'll say weed helps with that yeah It's crazy because I can stop smoking Without an issue but eating

That's that's my advice right now yeah It's it's my Euphoria eating some good Food yeah I mean it's an emotional I'm An emotional eater too if I'm stressed Or pissed off I tend to eat a little More yeah if I'm happy if I'm sad If I'm awake Yeah the kitchen is 500 feet away from Me I mean that's what you got to work on Yeah definitely trying I think we could Just get every week have you listen to Podcasts we create intentions for Ourselves yeah and obviously having a Health Guru on that has to be my Intention this week yeah health related Uh eating I think I'm not gonna eat no Faster I haven't been but I think I'm Just gonna really try no fast food yeah Yeah that's definitely that's a good So like Rob would help be when I first Started so I competed with Olympic Weightlifting at 151 pounds but when I Started I was 165. Shane I went like like it's very popular But like Keto And I wouldn't have less I would have More than 100 carbs a day I don't know How to count that though how do you Count carbs oh we don't even have like a Bar system you need to read in the back Yeah but Um like we won't go down that road But don't eat fast food every yes every Sunday

I would slam an XL Pizza to myself like That was my hey it's the end of the week Yeah like almost like like I'm a very uh Like dopamine driven competition like no [ __ ] like you don't get to eat [ __ ] until you do this And then that loads is the best goddamn Pizza I'd ever have every week Um but so like something up you gotta Set something up like that like a reward System almost like it sounds like corny As [ __ ] but like the kids little Stickers like you had a good day today You had a good day today and do it on Sunday because what I've learned is if You try to do it on Friday or Saturday Then you just continue it to Sunday yeah The weekend and then Monday you start Over again yeah and I would even fast on Sunday so I wouldn't eat in the mornings And then that way like got to like lunch Time one o'clock two o'clock starving And because I'm in a fasted State and Whether Shane can do the science side of This in my head I was like well I Haven't eaten all day this isn't gonna Hurt me as bad as it would if I had all My meals and then had a large pizza type Of thing so I'd always like pick and Choose like Like I I still have my burritos and all That like if you see me eating a burrito Over there it's probably because I Haven't eaten it like

20 hours type of thing like that and so You just got to pick and choose when you Do eat that stuff Because I'm I'm all for like living life Too yeah yeah you can't be miserable and So well you know it's pictures I gotta Eat chicken and broccoli the rest of my Life I said what yeah I mean it's got to Be part of your diet yeah Yeah chicken broccoli fish I mean it's a Lifestyle you know what they say is Somebody said this to me a long time ago And it it's stuck with me as Um Being in shape or it's not the correct Term but being skinny feels better than Good tastes if that makes sense so like Feeling skinny being skinny in good Shape feels better than good food tastes Does that make sense to you nah because I was always skinny uh growing up and I Was like an insecurity of mine I was too Skinny now I'm fat and it's an Insecurities I just need to find a border the happy Medium Yeah medium Um that you reminded me of something With that too I can't space it so uh It's Shane Shane trained it in me when I Was starting Food is fuel yeah it's not an enjoyment Thing it's not a it's not a party it's Not any of that it's literally just Fuel And it got me to the point where I was

Eating stuff that I didn't even like but I knew I was like oh I'm feeling like Waking up I could see a six-pack APAC Like I could see everything and like I Did whatever I could to take the Enjoyment out of eating and just know That like I just have to do this to Function it gets what I want and then I Would slam that pizza on Sundays and you Kind of get used to that too yes the Meal prep stuff that we're getting from You know wherever you guys do those they Don't really taste that good no um but After like two weeks of eating them you Your body starts getting used to it and Then it actually gets better and you Start you stop having cravings like I Noticed I ate like [ __ ] all weekend Because I was at the lake and I'm still Today I'm still having these Cravings That I didn't have before I went to the Lake so it's going to take me about a Week to get back on to where I feel like Okay I'm good I don't need this [ __ ] I Think I might have to jump on that meal Prep deal it's a pretty I I it what it Does for me is to not have to worry About cooking [ __ ] Yeah and it's portion control which I Have a hard time with that's my thing Too yeah so if it's there I want to eat It yeah so that's the other thing that I Like about it um it just takes a little Get you know it got it takes a little

Getting used to and if you need a little Salt and some a little extra flavored in There and yeah the portion control is Huge yeah for me so just to tell you Guys yesterday I made some sandwiches I Had some bacon so I'm gonna cook the Whole pack of bacon and I'm gonna uh Save it for the rest of the week and Make sandwiches I mean if that's all you ate you'd be in Ketosis probably you'd lose weight but Yeah Um well that and uh just all the [ __ ] they put in our food yeah yes It's are the you American food is so bad Even when you're getting good food it's Technically not that good depending on Where you get it from but another rule Is If it runs swims or flies all foods That's it yeah like you go like straight Caveman gross a couple veggies here There and now we got all the processed The sugars all that stuff it's literally Made to be addictive like it's made to Make you want to keep crabbing it type Of thing like that uh but that's a That's there's you could go down that Rabbit hole for another podcast and We'll have to teach you how to count Carbs yeah we have to learn that too Yeah they are called carbohydrates Like what is the average like intake You're supposed to take I don't know

That's what I'm saying that would be Like research that I just have to even Do on what is the average well like he Said I think you start at 100 grams of carbs A day I've gotten it down to 50 and That's when I was really probably yeah Ripped or shredded that um but a hundred You'd be surprised Hundreds hard to do it is you have a Tortilla boom yeah yeah I mean that Drink those drinks you drink that's like 50 grams of carbs right there so you're Already done that one juice that you Have your lemonade oh yeah bro see how Do I know if I go to the lemonade and Get eliminated it doesn't say you don't Or go get the lemonade I mean I'm just Telling you right now everybody right Next to them I'm telling you there's a Lot of sugar drinking water yeah I drink A lot of water actually yeah that's good That's so again how bad do you want it That's what it comes down to and if you Have the willpower to say no and like he Said you don't have to be perfect yeah But ninety percent of the time you Should try to be and then reward Yourself a little bit it's the next step One one step at a time so so you're Gonna do for your intentions this week No fast food no fast food and try to do Carbs too no carbs or is that going to Be hard see if you can limit it to a

Hundred start counting your carbs and Carbs is like what bread grain rice Pasta oh yeah there's a lot of different Sugars of carbs Sugar Sugar Um yeah there's so many different things They put carbs in everything just so you Know So it's like so basically fast so beef Jerky eggs Steak meat Um you can have some you know vegetables Even though there's some carbs in that Salad is okay typically depending on What you're putting in it oh wait time Out time out time out is salad and go Fast food Yeah that that's that's acceptable I Would not be acceptable I would say if You're going to do fast food that's the One to do yeah yeah I would say because You're going to make a sound the only Thing you don't know is what they're Putting in that uh Their salad dressing but they're they're Meat freaks me out something's not right Like you don't have like chicken and all That ready like that Yeah you can I mean I guess you can Yeah lots of fast food places Like McDonald's the chicken's great What so what's going to be your weekly Intention you got to set an intention For this week that you know hold Yourself accountable and challenge

Yourself slightly I think uh I've fallen Off my Instagram game big time and so I Started it this week but to finish out The week a post or two every day Is it all health related Um yeah I usually just post my like high School athletes Um College athletes I haven't really Given in any like educational posts in a While I kind of just share like hey this Is what we're doing today or uh this is What he's been doing last week or some Progress here there Um are you talking about your personal Instagram or the business Um I guess kind of both because my Personal work says the business for a While okay but I will do that we'll step It up a challenge uh individual posts For each no collaboration post finish Out all the way till Sunday one for Mach One one for my personal institution Shout them out so if People's listening They want to follow the page yeah it's Uh our gym page is at M1 Sports Performance and then uh my personal page Is just my name but it's M i k h r a b c z u k there's no there's No other anybody else out there yeah so It'll probably pop up once you get to The HR part of it but But yeah those are the two pages they'll Be posting all week I gotta figure out how to mock one

Person I keep wanting to do that too but That's going to be such an undertaking And such a pain yes for me that I just Keep pushing that off Um yeah because it's like a whole nother Job I think this week I'm going to start With Get back into my morning routine With uh gratitude And I used to do like a gratitude section And then my intentions okay that's what It's like oh you're reading it or you're Writing no I'm right writing it out yeah Journaling in the mornings yeah so not Quite journaling but really showing Gratitude what I'm thankful for and What's the word I'm looking for it's not Intention it's my uh Affirmation affirmations yep yeah so That's what I'm gonna start because I Know I remember when I was doing that Regularly for like a month I did notice And then I just go on vacation and I Stopped doing it yeah so vacations suck But they're so much fun So that's it man well I appreciate you Joining and uh we'll definitely do it Again and you know uh bring you guys Both back on if you guys anyone's Listening they got Children or they want a explain the gym Before we leave because you you do other Things other than Sports Performance

Explain the open gym kind of Programs yeah so uh Sports performances In our name but like I would look at it as more of like a Human performance right like everybody's An athlete to some extent like you got To carry groceries in you got to pick up Your kids you got to play with your kids You got to build the deck in the Backyard like you're gonna run into some Sort of strength or mobility issue and So we try to provide Like the op optimal Human Performance if That makes sense to people that aren't Playing sports so you might have an achy Back you might have a knee you might Want to lose some weight we kind of take Care of that for you I can't say we take Care of that for you we'll give you the Road map to do that yeah and so we train Anybody and everybody as long as you Want to get better there's been plenty Of people that haven't made it in the Gym Because we're not babysitters it's hey You either want the work or you don't I'll motivate you a little bit here There but like we talked about you Either want it or you don't yeah and so Whatever we try to tailor to each Personal uh person whether it's weight Loss we provide for that whether it's my Joints are achy we provide for that it's Like hey my son's starting to get

Stronger than me I want to be able to Bully my son back again cool we'll take Care of you we'll get the dad strength Going but I would say like a optimal Human Performance is really encompasses The whole gym and that type of Performance just depends on where you're At in life yeah because when I go in There it's not you do have some student Athletes but there's also just normal Regular people in there that are just Getting their exercise lifting weights Doing some sort of thing so eight years Old all the way to 80 years old yeah That's awesome home [Music] For the flame but not to play the part