Everyone sees success in a different way whether success is increasing your weight at the gym, getting your dream job or the simple success of getting through a hard day. In this episode you get to hear why Mr. Reshoevn8r thinks some succeed while others don’t and his view on success.

[Music] With situations that created Complications in my life like my Father's past decisions and Drug Addictions on my mother's death I love Your mom what's next I've already been Put to the test and I wanna let you both Know that I forgive you but I can't be Concerned yo yo yo what's popping what's Up what's up dude we're back it's been a Minute another episode that's it don't Ask me what number but I think it's 12. I think it's 12. I posted 10. I posted well 10 is scheduled okay there You go so I'm gonna I'm actually gonna Post it tomorrow I didn't realize that Was that far behind so we got to sit Down so yeah I don't think on that I Don't have to do that [ __ ] Um yeah so what's what's going on man How's it been what did you do this Weekend this weekend uh man That's thinking about it's kind of hard To even remember Do you work uh Saturday I worked Sunday Uh spent time with my girl oh I checked Out the new uh Spider-Man movie okay uh Good spider I liked it a lot okay I've Always been a fan of you know just Spider-Man and you know and uh Marvel And kind of like nerd culture so yeah You do that with your lady yeah yeah we Want to install it together she accepted Me for being a nerd so that's cool man I

Love her you want to go to Lake this Weekend Sunday I would but I'm gonna be In a Sneaker Con Chicago that's right That's right sneaky kind of Schaumburg Uh we in this this weekend or Was it a two-day event two days okay It's gonna be uh Saturday and Sunday First two-day event For a while okay so I'll be one show so This is kind of like summer times here You know it's fun our product get there You didn't screw that up did you hey and Luckily I'm not in charge of that Anymore we got our supply chain Management take care of that and it's Been there for like a week yeah okay Good products there yeah better better Safe than sorry yeah make sure I'll make Sure it gets uh scheduled to be Delivered for Friday so and you're going With Nick has Nick ever even done a show Never done a show in his life good thing He's a hard ass worker oh he's a great Worker yeah so he's gonna be good he Knows the product he knows the brand uh He knows the culture so it's gonna be Dope his friend having him take a camera Or anything too or not I'm not sure if He's essentially uh taking a camera but He's taking uh the social media phone Okay to essentially take some photos Create content uh if you don't know who Nick is he's our photographer here at Receiver a super dope photographer at

That so yeah that's gonna be some good Vibes out there does uh influencer Manager as well yeah hopefully uh he uh Create some new influencers uh yeah I Mean yeah Some Nick's a good good dude so What Cargo expensive cargo was that who's That Oh yeah okay I think that's uh on Nick's Plate as well I got enough Responsibilities being the show manager So he's so they're gonna take those back To him and yeah yeah Jake captured Collector from Chicago I'm not sure what He's doing I think it was just a long Time project that zvix worked on his Shoes yeah He restored him so he's just Taking him back yeah finally taking him Back after what like six months it's Okay we told yeah have you had him two Years Vic's talking to us from the background Yeah two years that's a long time but Whatever a year Yeah yeah Gotcha Okay Question I guess is are they worth more Than they were a year ago or is about The same More oh okay yeah yeah okay good awesome Hey I wonder if he's gonna try to send Us back with some more he's all right

When I got these places that's fine take Take this bring some heat back gives us Some content to create for sure yeah so Uh speakercon Chicago with Nick this uh This coming weekend you're about to hit The lake uh what else you got planned This weekend yeah I mean Sunday I think I'm gonna go to the lake Saturday I'll Be you know my wife's working so I'll be Hanging with Paige all day Um we might do something Saturday night Because akil's girlfriend's page it's Her birthday so they want to do some are They back yet they come back Saturday And they want to go out Saturday night Which I don't I don't know if it's a Girls thing or if it's supposed to be Everybody but she wants to do like Midnight bingo at the casino Um and then Katie actually leaves town For another week because I'm leaving Town Tuesday to go on my EO Retreat so She's going to go back to New Mexico and Do some more tattoos work and visit her Mom nice Um so she leaves Sunday So Sunday I'll go to the lake and uh Yeah it'll be fun you guys gonna be out There with you I haven't I haven't even Asked to kill just because he's in Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico doing his Thing and I don't know when he gets his Daughter back so we'll see I'll ask him Though yeah I think my buddy Scott might

Come up as well and then I asked a Couple yo guys if they wanted to go so Anyone else from the business I know you Also put a slack out to the company now Nobody ever wants to go bro I don't know Hey whatever intimidating man I'll keep Asking but at some point I'll stop Asking I've been under keep asking I'll Definitely get back on there with you Yeah no that wakeboard and uh kill Myself I think last time what it was is Because like I had shoulder surgery yeah Like I kind of felt the tug on my Shoulder and I just I gave up yeah I was Like oh no no like I don't want to like Risk it pull pull out of place or tweak My shoulder your shoulders better now Though I mean I've been in the gym you Should well you should look stronger you Should look into uh peptides for that What is that what it explains so Peptides is I mean it's kind of a Hormone replacement therapy thing but But it's basically the peptides are Going to help you heal much faster so Get a shot yeah it's a shot oh no no I Don't do needles man okay well yeah is It something that someone admitters Administers to you no you do it yourself But it's not it's a tiny insulin that's Like telling me you want me to cut Myself it's like a tiny insulin oh yeah I don't do anything subcutaneous yeah if Maybe if like the doctor was gonna do it

For me yeah no it's it's every day so It's I think it's five days okay shop Five days yeah that's how I got my Shoulder better My shoulder was terrible until I did That and it's just and in five days it Was better no no no no no it took it Took about 45 days but it less therapy Kind of or like well just working out no Therapy just taking it easy but yeah no I totally it helped me because I I was Like I'm not going to be able to work Out forever and once I started doing That it started to progress so if you Were doing it yourself yeah and then Where were you shooting it up at well I Was like heroin and [ __ ] I was just doing it in my stomach at First but after talking to Shane he did The same thing but he like double dosed And he did it right in shoulder so I Started doing it right in my shoulder in My bad shoulder Um yeah I don't feels a hundred times Better than it did though I might have To look into that and maybe have like Someone else like administer it to me Because it's just yeah I mean dude you'd Be you'd be fine something to yourself You'd be fine it's not that big of a Deal I don't know man quit being a butt Quit being a [ __ ] bro just you know hey Honestly the scariest thing in my life That I've ever done was uh bungee jump

You ever done that nope and I think I Remember when I first I'd be shaking my Knees would be shaking when I first did Or was about to do it I did at the State Fair in Arizona I was like oh I'm gonna Get up there I'm a swan diver yeah And I wish I was like yo because in my Whole the whole thing I was thinking in My head I was like yo this is like Committing suicide like climbing a Building I mean at the fair yeah yeah And I was like I would never commit Suicide to myself I never want to injure Or hurt myself and do that intentionally And that's the whole thing was just Rolling in my head like bro this is like I'm committing suicide just jumping off I mean you're trusting that [ __ ] guy at the hair that's so I jumped off I like it like a pencil bro Like a pencil that I said it's cool Though yeah it was cool yeah the Scariest thing I did in my life I did it Twice yeah I mean I could see that You having to make it if someone pushed Me or or if I jumped with someone and I Was just going along with the ride she Would be a blast but just you having to Take those final steps in just good for You hey I did it twice it's good for you The second time I was just as scared but I did it yeah that's good for you yeah That's the same way with that shot like You got to challenge yourself that's

Dude it's I can get a tattoo but if like Tattooing myself I could never do that I Just I could easy no problem you did get A new tattoo I did get a new tattoo yeah That's Paige's first signature right There like identical exact did you do The heart too or was the heart she did It yeah she she did it twice she Drew She Drew this one and another one this One just had a lowercase G which I Thought was better than all uppercase Good it looks cool a little different Yeah so yeah it's cool man what's the Next tattoo you got playing you got a Wife that does tattoos yeah but she's She's not you know it's just different Yeah I don't want a bunch of Fine Line Tattoos yeah no I mean if I were to get A new tattoo like a real one it'd Probably be a portrait of my daughter We're at uh I don't know that probably On my chest or something I don't know Depends like from like her baby photo or Her yeah I haven't I haven't decided That I don't know it's a good question And maybe it starts at baby and it's Like a transition so it's got her face Here and then it becomes her growing up Yeah who knows I don't know but I'm not In any Rush man I haven't been getting I Haven't gotten tattoos like regularly And 10 years probably like I do want a Tattoo but like I don't want just one

Tattoo like I want to get like if I'm Gonna get it I want to get like a sleeve It's a big commitment it's a big Commitment it's an expensive they're They're more expensive now than when I Was good yeah that's why it's like That's why I don't want no you know hood Tattoos you know I'm saying I want like Portrait you know like some angels like A religious sleeve or maybe like even Like a Japanese style sleeve yeah like Those that's the type of art you know It's not just tattoos it's art to me and I'm saying I would get like a leg sleeve Or like an arm sleeve I think that'd be Pretty dope but again I do I got Multiple thousands of dollars thousands And the weight good tattoo artists now Or like so books because yeah it's crazy When I was getting tattoos like I mean I'm 46 so I started getting tattoos over 20 years ago before it was like cool And now it's like everybody has them and Everybody wants them oh yeah yeah so It's like because I call this uh tattoo Artist that I found on Instagram and he Has a literally a two-year wait I Believe it yeah and you got to pay like Up front like yeah yeah and it's a full Day like you he he doesn't he doesn't They don't do it by the hour it's like You're just paying them for the day or The house Tapout session or something Yeah and I've I've gotten some where

I've almost tapped out I bet the one on My side bro I was that I was this close To saying okay three and a half hours in I'm just like counting down from a Thousand like just trying anything I Could to not it hurts so bad on my side Um and it's a decent piece with color Like it's yeah so it was uh That wasn't the last one but that was One of the last ones and also the older You get the more it hurts man that [ __ ] It hurts now yeah yeah it didn't I Didn't used to phase me at all obviously And now it's like man that [ __ ] Hurts what about the other one page is That her or was that pretty simple and Like Oh these don't hurt at all yeah about to Say like my tattoos experience has been Pretty light I only have words and Letters so it's just like I don't even Remember what it felt like I feel like It went numb Arms aren't that bad I mean when you get Into here it's a little bit worse and Yeah I got the vacuum you know like uh In the back of my arms tatted and I they Were saying oh that was gonna hurt but Again I don't even remember it was just It's just lines and light shading so It's like doesn't even I don't even Remember hurting well let's get into This podcast and really discuss last Week's intentions all right last week's

Intentions uh I guess I'll go first sure Bringing it up yeah my intention was That now no fast food and I didn't eat No fast food good for you I even took my Girl to Chick-fil-A because that's she Loves that [ __ ] yeah she only eats her Mom's Mexican food and Chick-fil-A and They don't make no sense okay well but She don't like anything else except Chick-fil-A and her mom's Mexican food But yeah you wouldn't have to expand That palette a little bit I even thought I was like you know what I mean what if I get the grilled chicken but I was like Nope I got food at the house yeah I'll Get you some Chick-fil-A and then you Know I eat at home awesome Good job I don't even remember what mine Was Last week's intention for you we Interviewed Mick yeah yeah I remember That I don't remember I knew that I Couldn't start it until a specific day Because of whatever it was I don't Remember reading I don't think it was reading because I Wouldn't have thought that that's how Bad yeah I'm not doing very well with These intentions and it's your idea I Know well hey you know whatever hey but I do know what the weeks before Intention was yeah I know do you Remember that yeah I've slacked on that one too I've put

Some thought into it I just haven't put Anything on paper so because Mick we Brought oh I remember what it was yeah It was to to build more of a structure For the no that was two weeks ago but I Remember what last week what was it if You don't remember that means you Haven't been doing it well I probably Haven't you were supposed to not Journal But essentially write out affirmation Totally forgot all right totally forgot Your intentions in Africa that's good That's a good call and I have thought About it but I forgot that was my Intention so Shame on Steve shame on you Steve but For people who are just listening Breakdown essentially what like what Your goal for that was what essentially Were you doing every morning when you Woke up yeah it's just affirmations just Just writing affirmations and Um Uh basically you know what the hell is It called I can't even think right now Affirmations down on what I want to do What I want to achieve the man that I Want to become and then gratitude Gratitude yeah so what I'm thankful for Because a lot of times you know you you Just don't realize what you're really Grateful for you you don't think about It enough because there's so much in Life to be grateful for that you kind of

Focus on the negative [ __ ] and not on The positive stuff that's going on so Really just I want to develop a habit where I just Remember that stuff every day and it's One of the things that a lot of people Talk about like for success is just Really developing that habit to show Gratitude every day and you know write What you want to do because if you think It you can achieve it and if you think About it all the time then it's going to Be top of mind and you will hopefully Work towards that so I want to do a real Life example right now you woke up this Morning What were your what are you gratitude For today and then what are you thankful For today and then uh what is the last One what is your what are you affirming So We have Incorporated this in the Business yeah yeah Monday morning so if I were to pick something today I would Be thankful and again this is you know It's kind of a cop-out but my family I Mean at the end of the day Katie and I Get along so well we're like good Teammates obviously you know we bicker Sometimes and everything but we don't Fight my daughter's amazing Um so today would be my family I would Say but I got a lot to be thankful for At the end of the day for sure the

Reason why I kind of ask is like you Said we do this every Monday in our Monday morning you know we write it out And that's the last question of the Thing uh and honestly I feel like I just Put the most cliche I don't know what to Put like when I get there I'm just like How is this related what is this gonna Do for me I just I'm thankful I put this In I'm thankful for my family I'm Thankful for my bad I'm thankful for Sleep you know if you're thankful to be Able to wake up in the morning like you Do again I just feel like we've been Doing it for so long it's like man I Already said this answer what can I do This week like well you could it could Change to your girlfriend I'm thankful For my job I'm thankful for I said those Already but it's okay to continue to be Thankful guys as long as you're giving Me the green light if I could put the Same thing every week you should think About it and try to like that is part of The challenge is really thinking about Other things that you're thankful for Um like you're you should be thankful For your ability to stick to the things That you're doing like yeah like this Podcast thankful for the podcast because It's starting to get you to work out and Eat better and do like you gotta like Dig a little deeper and that's why I Sent out to the team that seven uh the

The Um I forget what it's called yeah like what You want exceptions to identify like What you want and but it teaches you to Go deep because why do you want it I Think I got the question too and then it Was like the uh then we actually had our Meeting and then I just you know I Forgot all about that you should go it Gets lost in slack you get posted and Then yeah I did want to go back but uh You know just on a Monday catching up to Work of course I think I started it Click the first one what do you want I Said oh I want to buy a house the next One was like why do you want it and I Think I was like I think I started Thinking like you know like oh yeah like Why do I really want you you should do That even like I go back to it and do The strategy because really what it'll Get you to think is why do you really Want it okay I want to own a house Because that's what people do Okay but it really gets you when you got To answer that question seven times so When you do the first answer why you Know I want a house or I want to buy a House why do you want it that's one okay Why why what like you got to go deeper And deeper and deeper and deeper Um so it was a good process that uh one Of my guys from EO sent to me and and

You filled it out yeah I did it and what Was your Do you remember what your example was or What you started with I think it was Raise money for the business So I think it was find an investor or a Strategic partner okay for the business Because what I did he challenged us to Go for one of our goals so in EO we have Goals that we set for the year and one Of my goals is to find a strategic Partner so we're halfway done with the Year man yeah I know I know but it's It's good because it got me to think About why I really wanted it and this That and the other Um so it was a good It was a good experience or not Experience but uh Uh whatever you want to call it it was An experience yeah not really an Experience but it was a good lesson yeah Not even a lesson I can't think of the Word I'm looking for but that's okay Whatever all right it is what it is but Yeah I actually uh six months in uh and Uh my cousin's locked up you know so I Try to like you know send him some Positive advice you know I was telling Them you know kind of just listened to My goals I was like hey you're halfway Done with the year man I wrote some Goals for myself I kind of told them What they were and where I was in them

And I was like so what are your goals You know six months you know like and Just really trying to get him to think You know being locked up uh it's kind of Like your uh you're on pause you know Like from from the world you don't Really see what's going on other people Are dealing with life obviously it's a Challenge to be locked up but it's like Other people you know are dealing with Real bills you know real life Experiences that essentially elevates And you know evolves them but I feel Like when you're locked up it's like you Don't really get that opportunity to Grow you're kind of stuck in time you're Stuck in place till you get out well you Know you know what they say do the time Don't let the time do you or no yeah so You should listen to the recent Joe Rogan podcast that I just listened to Um it's about I forget the guy's name I Want to invite him on the show and I I Should I mean I doubt he would do it Unless we paid him which I might pay This guy to do to come do the podcast Um he basically got locked up wrongful Conviction conviction for murder and did 29 to 30 years in jail but he his Outlook on it was I'm not going to let I'm not I'm going to do the time I'm not Going to let the time do me so he Studied and like I don't even want to chop up his story

But they got him out on a wrong Acquitted him or whatever pardon him or Whatever it is that they do and just his Story on everything that he's done he's Like super smart you know probably read Every book in the library if you're if Your cousin isn't reading and taken Advantage of that time because when I Was in jail I read more books in jail Than I have Ever yeah because there's nothing to do So you might as well spend it wisely Right one of my goals was to read two Books so I asked him I was like like I Said you got more time than me what Books are you reading and I kind of you Know broke down every goal and just try To you know it's hard once you're locked Up and you know you know does he write Back he does so it's a little easier uh Because I don't have to send him letters It's all like electronic oh it is that's Cool It's kind of like an email I'm sending Him an email yeah unfortunately it's Just like I don't even write them just As much as I should of course you know It's just life it comes at you know and I don't have every second to just to Give you know but again last night I Wrote like a a long ass message you know I'm just uh you know try to put some Positivity in his life yeah that's good I mean that could be a good intention

For you is just make sure you're writing Them once a month or whatever yeah what I really need to do is uh one of my Intentions for this year I didn't really Write it on my list but I need to I Essentially tried to get uh approved Just to go visit him phone calls and I Got denied for some reason I don't know Why what it was you got a record I mean I was on probation and asked me Questions about probation and I kind of Just like Guest I think like I was just like oh it Was 2012 ish yeah and I put stuff like That so I think I really need to like Figure out why like call them and say Hey I'm trying to get approved I was Denied you know this month I just need To figure out what and what I answered Incorrectly and how do I get that Information the correct information but That is definitely something that I need To really sit down and do for just for For my cousin I'm saying he was my best Friend growing up you know I'm saying Yeah since I was 18 you know we lived Together roommates you know we worked at The strip clubs together like that's my Road dog I won a cross-country road trip Together like yeah I appreciated Everything together so yeah I think that That's probably a valuable use of time Just to figure that out because again I've never done that much time I'm

Guessing you got seven years uh eight And a half yeah nine I mean a ten piece Actually but like good good time time And a half time served yeah you got like Six more years it's a long time yeah Yeah so how long does it normally take Them to respond to you uh it really all Depends like uh when we're we are going Back and forth it can be a day sometimes It takes uh like time just for them to Approve a message you know like the Facility has to essentially you're going To go through it yeah through it and I Sometimes it can be pretty quick other Days he says bro I always put the date In the time stamp like when I put he's Like I didn't get this until today yeah And you know it does take a couple days Other days I'm sure he sees it he just Doesn't want to waste his stamp to Essentially you know like we're not Texting back and forth you know it's More like a letter type yeah Vibe it's Cool that they updated that though and You're not actually sending in actual Letters which avoids Contraband and so Some facilities are like that I can have I have another really close friend you Know I've known since I was you know 17 18 and he's locked up you know doing Around the same amount of time and uh he Still got to write him letters you know What I'm saying oh really yeah still Write him letters interesting it's

Challenging man to be really to Sometimes to get the time to be able to Just do that stuff I just get so caught Up in life uh work you know my Girlfriend you know just my dog just Everything you know you got to tell me Yeah I got a hard time calling people That I've known for years that are you Know Out and can answer the phone let alone Sit down and write a letter yeah I tried Telling him like it's my mom like bro Man I don't see my mom as much as I Should like don't don't take it Personally you know but when you're in That situation you know you have nothing Else to do but take [ __ ] personally you Know yeah well or you just realize that I [ __ ] up and it ain't it's my fault That I'm in here and I can't I can't Really You know be upset with somebody else That's living out there living their Life that didn't get in trouble I mean There's a couple ways to look at it Right so I I think that you know if I Had to do that much time I wouldn't be Angry if people didn't come visit me and [ __ ] it's like man I I put myself here It's also a self-centered and artistic Bastard so well that could be one reason Why he's in there So so that's it's like it's like Did he have because he definitely had a

Girl when you guys yeah yeah like if I Had a girl and I had to go to jail I Would tell her just go do your thing and Then when I get done like when I'm out Let's talk if it's even there Yeah I would never ask a girl she can't Expect that no I want to trust a girl Well I mean it's just yeah it's just not Fair yeah for sure Um well I mean that kind of leads into One of the questions that I wanted to Ask there's a couple things and I'll let You choose so One of the topics that I wanted to Discuss on this podcast at some point Was what makes people do the things that They do what drives people what how does Growing up in the situation that you're Brought up in affect who you are and You know and and basically determine Your life per se so that's one of the Things well let's just do that one and Then we'll save the other ones okay First one on top of mine so break down That question one more time so I'm just Curious about because because from from The from the jump my first thought is a Lot of it's hardwired unfortunately Well but you are a you are a Product of your environment 100 you know So how much of it is the environment That you grow up in and then if you grow Up in an environment that is negative And limits your you know uh

What's the best way to explain this Limit your Your ability to exceed in certain areas Just due to the [ __ ] you got to go Through Um like how come some people can break Through that And come out the other side positively And then why do some people just Continue to make poor decisions and put Themselves back into that negative again To me I think a lot of it has to do with Just like how you're hardwired to your Brain how it works and how it functions Because some people have a great life Had a great upbringing And I still don't do [ __ ] they're still Lazy they're still this they're still That and then there's people who went Through you know I'm saying the works But they are they're able like you said To break through uh one thing I'm Thinking of I might be saying the saying Wrong but it's kind of like nature Versus nurture you know that does have a Lot to do with it but again it's just Like How you yeah I mean I don't know that's A deep question you know I'm saying it's Kind of hard for well and that's why I Was I've just been thinking about it Because You know everybody's different and the Opportunity for people is

Like the opportunity is there but some People are handicapped based on the way That they Grow up in the situation that they come From yeah Um so it's just really interesting to me To like think about why people You know How some people have the ability to cut Through the [ __ ] and change their Life like I think what sparked this is That Joe Rogan podcast that I listened To with this guy because he was I mean I Think being wrongfully convicted Probably has something to do with that Too because you you're like [ __ ] that Like I'm not gonna because I'm put in This position and they did this to me You could either be Okay You want me to be this you could and a Lot of people might do that yeah and Then some people might just do what he Did and really try to make turn whatever It is into a positive so yeah I don't Know but it's it's definitely a question Because you can what's the the saying You can uh lead a horse to rot to water But you can't make them drink it yeah It's kind of the same thing like you Could dangle a carrot or you could help Somebody as much as you can but really It's up to them I can only speak on just like my

Personal experiences and I feel like as A kid in juvenile I did go through a lot You know I was in the system uh Child Protective Service you know uh all the Way up until I was 18 and I was in boot Camps for 10 months that was pretty much Like a jail you know and uh and then I I Just you know I knew that wasn't what I Wanted for myself just at a young age I Feel like I've always had just a drive And a a wanting uh like to succeed and I Wasn't gonna let you know whatever I was Given you know to find me who I was Other people they do you know and I have A friend who's a lot who's been locked Up multiple times uh and again like I Would love to say when he gets out he's Going to learn his lesson but like I Just know him as a person and I it's sad To say like I don't think when he gets Out I think there's a really good chance He's probably gonna get locked up well And and which is and he just doesn't Want it for himself and he just yeah Well which is understandable I I think Part of that though is too they make it Very challenging for you to succeed like The the system is built it's a business Right like the system is built to thrive And make money at the end of the day They want you to come back they're not They're not putting tons of energy and Resources into making sure that people

Don't come back but there are those Resources out there and issues there are If they're going to take advantage of Them or not or if they're just going to Become another number and it's just once You have that felony on your record your Your opportunities you know again you're Talking to a felon yeah that I that I Know that I knew that I had to do Something like I couldn't wait for Something else to happen I had to do Something Um Yeah it's an interesting interesting uh Topic though yeah 100 it's just hard to Kind of like there's not a Defined Answer for that you know what I'm saying Because everyone is different you know Like you said something but is it so on That note though you feel like when you Started getting in trouble what do you Think it is like how old were you when You started getting into trouble who was Around like I don't remember exactly Your story about from the time you were Born till you know if you're 14 15 Really you become the person you are I Think what a lot what a lot that has to Do with it is Your your years that you're developing The most yeah so from like Like six to twelve I think are like the Crucial years for you and if if you have Somewhat of a

Uh regular life and a good you know Um Parents or parent or someone guiding you At least during those times I think that You're a little bit more Um You you have a little head start In regard like in comparison to somebody That their formative years they just Don't have that I think also though like When you're at that age let's say six to Twelve you don't know better no I 100 Because like I was with my family like If you would have asked me when I was Six seven years old I didn't think I was poor I didn't know We were poor I didn't know yeah we Didn't have much food in the house but Like I didn't really know I was poor Growing up until I was in like high School and a teenager and realized like God damn like I used to go to school With holes in my socks dirty draws dirty Dirty socks like hand-me-down clothes Like like I probably was like looked Like a bum in school you know I'm saying Like if I would have looked at myself Now Probably Gum this gooey sticky dirty you know I'm Saying I hate to shower I can see I can See a dirty ass look yeah I thought we Were badass little kid right around Barefoot you know a dirty ass feet you

Know what I'm saying and I just didn't Realize but did you have structure at That point to an extent yeah they were Like I had Parents until probably until I was about 11 years old and they kind Of split up you know and I got in Trouble uh not really in trouble at that Age but just like uh Just like my parents split and you know I got in like CPS custody so but that to Me that that's kind of now what about Your cousin was what was his home Situation like a much better much better Much better yeah he had uh well not much Better again he had his challenges too But I'm saying like he had a good Parents that you know well-off parents At least a stepfather until he was about You know 1450 maybe like in high school and then His stepdad became like a meth addict You know and then it kind of grew up With a single mom you know and he Resents his mom for for you know not Really essentially providing the best She could but on the outside looking in Like my aunt is probably one of the Strongest woman's I I'd know to this day Most women when they're in that you know Uh they're you know they're going Through a divorce or single they just uh They're accustomed to having another Male figure in their life this like kind Of like what you said about your mom she

Never brought a male around you know Like and that's kudos to that because I Wish my mom was a little stronger like That like when they split my mom and dad Like she had to have you know some People yeah some people need attention Someone to essentially control her you Know and then when I'm 13 years old I Don't want no random dude trying to tell Me what I need to do and he's just Dating my mom you're like get the [ __ ] Out yeah like you know I used to fight With my mom's boyfriend fist fight you Know I was 14 years old you know what I'm saying it's just I wasn't gonna let Some dude tell me I'm grounded because I Came home five minutes later or just try To be controlling over me so to me my Aunt is one of the strongest woman's I Know just because she was able to be a Single mother of two kids you know I'm Saying and put him through Sports in High school pretty much get them you Know all the stuff she wanted could she Have done better probably yeah but again It just from from the outside looking in And seeing like you know years down the Road I'm like I give my aunt nothing but Respect you know how she raised her kids For like what she went through years on Your cousin do drugs I mean he smoked Weed you know drank alcohol but not like Mighty that's some cocaine off a Stripper's titty once or twice in his

Life but like but no he's he's not no Hard drugs you know I'm saying like like Yeah okay so we're not not a typical Addict no no because that'll make you Partier that'll make you do some crazy Crazy [ __ ] yeah no no he he he's a great Head on his shoulders always has but Again like I I'm like we're like best Friends so like no one knows him like as Well as I know him yeah he just said it Earlier he said self-centered a Narcissist bastard you know I'm saying Like that is how I Define him and I'll Tell Ashley to his face and I'm saying Like so do you think he's going to be Successful getting up oh I know he will Man yeah yeah he's uh he's uh always uh Hustler mentality that drives you know I'm saying when he was 17 18 you know Moved out on his own had his own you Know always had cars always figured [ __ ] Out you know he got in trouble before You know again being 21 years old on a Mill Ave on the street got in a fight With a kid hit him dude fell back one Time dude fell back essentially one of The coma almost died yeah so now he was Looking at some some crazy time and he Was able to bounce back from that you Know and really you know just be Successful you know and I mean success Is in the by the eyes of the holder you Know yeah you can't really Define one Man's success but he was always good

Yeah he was he was straight and I know When he gets out he'll be straight for Sure yeah that's good like he's in there He's reading he's looking at essentially Trades you know trying to become an Electrician learning Spanish I hope I'm Learning Spanish when I get out I'm About to get all the Latinos that's Funny yeah I thought I got him before Wait till I get out I mean that's that's Using the time wisely yeah yeah no so he Has a drive like comparing him to like You know my cousin to like my close Friend like he's gonna bounce back you Know he's gonna be resilient you know I Know he has that drive to to do that for Himself and his kids versus you know Like my other friend like he's yeah it's Got to be it's got to be crazy man is Having kids and being stuck in jail and Not really being able to see him I know That my daughter man I would go nuts bro If I couldn't give her a hug and just Hang with her man so that's got to be That's got to be one of the most Challenging things about being in there Yeah well luckily he has a good uh good First uh mother of his child so she's Like uh we'll do calls with him so he Could like FaceTime his son they drive Out to the jail so he could spend time With his son cool uh the second baby Mama no not the best yeah well you know That's what happens

That's what happens when you have Multiple baby mamas oh yeah yeah your Chances of a good one uh they go up but Your chances of a bad one go up too Oh man interesting well [ __ ] what else We got well how do you feel about that Obviously I shed a lot of light on it What do you what is your take on yeah I Mean I I don't know I think that again I Into my questions about the formative Years I think it has a lot to do with That like just your What your situation looks like during Those times and if you have Um a positive role model in your life I Think that if you don't have one during Those times your life Man that's that's not a good thing Um and that's going to pose a lot more Challenges luckily again for me my mom Was a positive role model in my life Until I was 15 and then it switched so I Think that Um if it wasn't for her You know raising me into that point then Things could have been a lot different But yeah I never really thought about This until like you know again years Later till you really think about your Childhood I didn't have really that Positive role model in my life but I do Kind of stem you know some of my like Success and work ethic drive to a man Named Tim I used to go around selling

Door-to-door candy and he was just you Know me my brother my sister we all sold Candy and that pretty much just taught Me the value of a dollar at a young age And I was like yo [ __ ] if I want Something my parents aren't going to buy It for me I gotta buy this myself how Old were you when you're I was 11 years Old when I first started selling candy Yeah and but then I did it pretty much All the way to high school until I was High school I said [ __ ] that dude I'm Gonna go Dollar Store buy my own bin and Sell my own candy yeah yeah at like you Know qt or you know Walmart parking lot And just running around to people but I Did a lot really you know during my Adolescence and it kind of just again Just taught me the value of a dollar and Work ethic and if I want something you Know I don't get handouts you know my Life never got no hand out it was like If I want something I got to get it and It's just crazy you know years years Down the road you know uh I've always Been in touch with the guy uh again that He got my he started working in the Strip clubs as well and he got my cousin His first job in a strip club because he Was like a manager at the strip club and My cousin used to sell candy for the Dude uh and then it's just that kind of So he was like it wasn't he was selling Candy you guys were selling candy for

Him personally yeah no so he had there Was a not just him but it was an Organization called like teen ambition Yeah yeah multiple drivers these [ __ ] had come to my house yeah They had multiple drivers paying 8.99 For Reese's Peanut Butter Cups seven Dollars and you got a dollar fifty out Of it but the hustle was you would get The tips or like the donations donate But again I I knew like it was a whole Spiel a hustle like sales pitch I had All the jokes for for the gummy like the Gummy bears the candy the peanut brittle Like I knew every joke for every product And then if they would try to tell me oh I can't afford it I hit him with that oh So you can't afford a uh there's what'd I say like you can't put a price tag on Keeping teenagers away from gangs drugs And alcohol and that was like the oh They melted they were like okay I hear Here's something here's five bucks I Don't need one and you can't even get Out of here go I just had like that and Don't go to the neighbor because they're Gonna shoot you over there so yeah just That dude you know he kind of really Just put put in like that sales pitch to Me you know and like that's good 11 Years meanwhile you know we used to Fight we used to make the kids fighting [ __ ] really But you were like you know they're just

Kids being kids yeah dealing with a Bunch of 14 15 16 17 year old kids in The back of a van you know and just oh He would drive you guys around he would Dry out he would pick us up from our House drop us off some people did like Door-to-door other people kind of like Parking lot businesses and that was kind Of like you know my cup of tea was just I was like I hate going door to door but If I'm in a parking lot it's just more Fast paced next next that explains is Why you're good at shows and you're good At that stuff I like being out there and Just I started selling candy in junior High but it was more you come to me I Ain't out there slanging I'm not I'm not Going I did that too yeah I would still Steal stuff from Food City you know what I'm saying in the morning I never did That chocolate bars I had you know say I'll take the paint markers sold them to All the taggers I would sell literally Anything that's funny anything I could Get yeah packs of gum at all like would Sell it all I saw you a single slice of Gum yeah for the right price one dollar So I mean you know back to the Conversation I think that that has a lot To do with it it just it trips me out Because some people just They they can change their life and some People can't and it just it's like Psychology I don't know that much about

Psychology I should have probably taken Some psychology classes but it's it's Interesting that some people can connect The dots and some people just can't or They don't care or they don't want to or Whatever because some people are cool With hey that that that's what they know Maybe that's all they've seen in life And that's just what they're gonna do Um so yeah I mean an interesting topic But I I wish I had the answer because I'd be a billionaire probably right Seven books yeah seven books no books no Books no books but you do want to write A book right I am gonna I am gonna write A Autobiography kind of let me guess it's Gonna be called defy the odds as well Well probably defy the odds yeah I might As well keep it keep it going yeah just Fellas branding yeah and the the other Conversation that I wanted to talk about Is When And you're not going to have the answer But this is something that I've been Struggling with my mind that I've been Talking to some people about Is when do I get out of the way so when Do I bring in somebody to replace me Here in the business and I think that Time is pretty much now that way I can Focus on being the founder and more the Face of the brand tell the story write

The book and have somebody that's just Much more better running business and Has a higher business Acumen than me it Come in and actually really try to to Fuel and put you know fuel on the fire Yeah Um so the question is is you know really Is when is that right time And you know what How do I get away from being nervous About that transition because I've been Doing this for 12 years there's a little Ego hit that you've got to take because I feel like I've maxed my ability here Um to to really take it to the next Level so But being self-aware that's one you know That's one advantage that I have that I'm so you know not proud of but I Appreciate about myself as being Self-aware and not being an egotistical [ __ ] crazy person that thinks I'm the Best [ __ ] in the world Um so really just figuring out the right Time and how to make that transition is Kind of something that's been on my mind For I mean really like a year okay um But I'm I think I'm finally at the point Where it's like man I think that I need To make this decision make this Transition so as soon as we hire this New marketing director that's what I'm Gonna start focusing on is finding Somebody else to run this business so

Now you're going to have a CEO uh Define Your position your title so it would be More just a Founder role and the face of The brand so incorporate my story Into The Brand so because one of the things That we have great products but we don't Really have a good there's no story Right so really just hopefully being Able to connect to people On a deeper level than just say hey you Know buy our shoe care products that's Kind of the goal and then that's Challenging for me because I'm gonna Have to be much more active on social Media I'll probably have to do some Speaking engagements which I'm not very Uh thrilled about but it's really going To challenge me in a different way than Running this business is it's it's it's Going to be a totally different Challenge that I'm up for Um but it's going to be it's gonna be Hard man like so what is the title just Essentially just obviously found her You're always going to be there I don't I don't I don't know if there will be a Title brain Ambassador Who knows what I don't I don't man I Don't give a [ __ ] about titles I think Titles are stupid to be honest with you Um I get why people have them but I just Think I'm just not a big title person I Don't care so at that time let's say you Know a new CEO comes in are you still in

The office or are you doing more I would Probably be in the office less that's The other like there's like a Double-edged sword it'll probably give Me a lot more freedom if they come in And people are bought in and they're Good right and I don't need to worry About it and all I get all I need is Reports and come in once a month or Whatever like I would still be here Creating content and doing stuff like That but it might give me a lot of Freedom also honestly to do other things Because right now I'm working in the Business I'm not working on the business So it'll free me up to really do the High level Visionary thinking that I'm Good at anyway and not be so bogged down By You know just the minutia of running the Damn business there's so much involved That it's like hard to to really think Big yep so I'm not really too much Business savvy but uh you're a little More than me I would imagine so at what Point do like companies go public if That makes sense so where you have like Board members you know and stuff like That obvious not a small business yeah Kind of like corporations but at what Point do you think rejuvenator could get To that level where you're the founder You're just a board member there's a CEO There's all this other stuff going on

You know essentially maybe there's Shares you could you know share Recruiter shares on the stock market Like how exactly does that work Um I mean I'm probably the wrong person To ask what I do know about that is you To go public you want to make sure that That business is going to continue to Grow and grow and grow and grow because Once people start investing in stocks Yeah if you're not showing positive Returns the stock market drops for sure Yeah so really if it's a business that Could do that so there's probably some Sort of You know process to to address the Business and just make sure it's even a Business that's possible to go public so Certain business aren't oh yeah yeah Yeah so certain businesses some Businesses never go public yeah and some People want to keep it private too Because you you lose some of that Control once you go public Um so you know I think that you need to Show Proof of concept as far as scalability Too and be able to again Show that there's the ability to Continuously grow year over year over Year over year over year at some point I Mean it's a shoe care product line yeah You would have to really diversify the Business and you know there's something

Called M A which is merger and Acquisition where you would You would have to acquire one of the Strategies would be to acquire other Brands and you know they're all under The umbrella that's one of the ways that People do it is they just acquire more Brands which adds to their revenue Number and their bottom line and that's How they grow so there's a few different Ways that you could probably do it I Don't know enough about it to really you Know Give you any more examples in that Series like if there was ever gonna be Receiving yeah that's not the goal I Mean really what it would be probably is If we were to find a strategic partner Get an investment we would grow it to a Certain point that strategic partner Would help us find another buyer so you Know the way I see it happening is we Get a investment sell some of the Business let's just say I'm throwing Random numbers out there fifty percent Of the business that strategic partner Would really help us accelerate the Growth So they can get their money out of it so They buy it at this valuation you know Just say they buy it at 50 million bucks They help get it to 200 then they reap The benefits of that Um so that's kind of the strategy that

I'm looking for is Get it to a certain degree You know get it to the point where Strategic investors Strategic investors interested which We've already had multiple people Interested unfortunately last year Wasn't that great so I'm trying to turn Things back around and then find that Strategic partner have them help us Accelerate it and then hopefully sell it Twice so if if I can Get to a point where we can get someone To invests money I take a little money Off the top whatever and then you know Basically they would accelerate that Growth and then sell it again hopefully What is like the CEO kind of the same as The investor or is this completely Totally different yeah totally different Investors don't want to be running the Business that's yeah they but They also have good Operators and CEOs that they know can Take a business from you know point A to Point B so you know there's some value In that too they're not going to come in Personally unless that's part of their You know the strategy or their deal or Their offerings yeah they may have Somebody in-house that they you know who Knows I don't know I mean I've never Done it so it's just it's really I I've realized over the last two years

Since we've plateaued that man I need to Get somebody else in here So but since we're talking about the Busy uh the business and I'm a nosy [ __ ] How's this a marketing manager at Hunt Going I mean I've been in the process a Few weeks now I would say it's Challenging because We've attempted to hire for this Position three times okay so we Initially and again I take full Responsibility for these miss these Misses on hires originally hired Um who is our first John John so John brought him in he just Didn't have the experience really to do What we needed to do that's my fault I Was trying to get a Deal like I was you know I think he I Think we were paying him 90 grand at the Time We're at like a 150 to 180 000 position Now so obviously you get what you pay For 100 scale you can't scale or Something like that yeah so he just you Know I John was a good guy I like John But um unfortunately I just don't think He had the skill set or the experience To really do what we needed him to do Um the next person was Kyle who was just A fraud Total con artist Um do you think that uh in the position There's a lot of people like that that

Are just well that's I'm getting there Yeah so we hired him he had a successful Business but there were signs like right Away that I was like why doesn't he own A car he gets an Uber to work which is Weird to me like and it's not because He's trying to save I mean if you're Trying to save on emissions or something You're riding the bike yeah you're not Taking an Uber so it's not that so there Was just some weird Things that were happening and we Basically gave him a deadline for a Marketing plan and he had some good Ideas Um but gave him a deadline for a Marketing plan and then he asked for More time and then finally we're like Okay no your 90 days is about up so we Need it today he called he basically Emailed me the morning the marketing Plan was doing said Um I'm gonna put in my resignation and He just milked it for as long as he Could Um and then obviously Jacob was the Third So Jacob I knew I knew right away I just Didn't listen to my gut his His personality wasn't probably going to Mesh well with the team Um and unfortunately you know He came in and was just like a bull in a China shop and just didn't really

He didn't approach the situation the way He probably should have Um so that's the three in the last you Know however many two two years what About in the current pool of like Potential silver some good ones or is it Yeah so that's the challenge that's the Thing man you would think in that pay Scale that you're gonna have rock stars I haven't really like there's a couple People that are potential but again Until wow factors until they come in you Just don't know right but you know we're Asking basic questions and you would Think that These people would know the answer and They they just dance around the question Or they're not specific enough like one Of the questions is How do you What's let me think about how what is How's this question worded Um How do you determine When And I'm chopping this up I'm trying to Think about what it is but it's really How the question in essence is how do You make decisions whether or not to Scale or optimize a campaign So and it's worded a little differently The word that I'm looking for is the Data I'm gonna analyze the data with whatever

Tools that I use and I'm going to make Decisions based on the data no like Nobody's saying that and then there's Other questions that we're asking you Know like just certain things and they Don't have enough experience in You know digital marketing like they're Good marketers maybe but in the digital Space with what we do social media They're just not finding that person That has really data-driven analytical Skills and is a good Storyteller Marketer I'm realizing it's really hard To find it's because also just social Media marketing is such a New Concept You know you can't have I mean it's not Though I mean the last 10 years 10 years Is 10 years it's 10 years 10 years of Experience should be pretty good yeah I Mean we've been doing it for 10 years Yeah so I really I'm not going to hire Somebody and I've tell I've told every Candidate this if you can't come in and Drive Revenue to pay for your job I just Don't need you like I'm just being I'm Trying to scare people away even like we Sent out a a letter to all the Applicants telling them Like what you're going to get yourself Into if you come here and you need to Have some thick skin because I'm very Direct and I don't I'm not really good At sugarcoating things Um and you're gonna need to you're gonna

Need to earn your respect from the team Everybody's going to be looking at this Person Not everybody some people more than Others with a fine-tooth comb to see if They're worth the money that we're Paying them so this person needs to come In and really be a rock star if they're Not a rock star I just don't want you no I mean I again with that salary you got To be yeah so I'm taking my um we are Taking our time on this one I don't want To it's but there's a fine line there Too it's like you can't take too much Time because then if you if you pass up On somebody that could be good and You're looking for that perfect person That person might find something else Yeah so it's you know it's it's it's Challenging man it's challenging I'm Hoping that we can find somebody you Know in the next few months if you think This is challenging oh I know you know How hard the CEO oh I trust me maybe Maybe because business is business okay So Marketing in this day and age is a Little different than running an actual Business the marketing is nice it's part Of our business it's part of it yeah Trust me I know that's I I know but You know again Nothing's easy no for sure yeah yeah so If you want something to be successful You got to put in the work so if if it

Was easy to find the right person I mean then everyone that would have the Right person right yeah so and the other Thing too is most people this day and Age work like 18 months So looking at a resume if I'm paying a Recruiter 20 000 no 40 000 to find this Person for us They need they better stay longer than 18 months 100 because you can't do like 18 months is is enough time to do a Little damage but I need somebody to Commit to dinner for the long run yeah Three to five years for sure at least Like three years minimum And then why would somebody leave at Three if we're getting towards our goal To sell it when I'm gonna give some Ownership to the team right so then There's they're incentivized to stay Um yeah I don't know man it's it's been Challenging hey well again I always Appreciate you being transparent whether It's about the business of your life so Yeah no no of course I mean it's it's Good to talk about it too because I Don't have anyone really to talk about It too other than the people that are Interviewing with like HR and Corey Um so it's it's just good to have a Conversation about it in general Um and some of these candidates might Listen to this because a couple of them Commented on the podcast

Um so now they know the answer hey can I Answer that question one more time it's Data well I mean I'm just looking for Specific I'm I'm trying to lead them to The answer that I want without telling Them what I want yeah Um because you know yeah I don't I don't Know so unfortunately You know I think we've interviewed about How many people now 18 16 to 18 people We probably got three or four that are Still you know we we passed probably six Or eight through just to get their Answers on A more detailed marketing question just To see what they say but we probably got Three or four that might move on to the Next step and then with that round two Or these final interviews yeah round two Interview is going to be if they pass The written interview which is really Again a more detailed I wanted more Detailed explanation of marketing Strategy and how they plan to attack and Then they'd have an interview with Fran Probably Nick and Jordan Um basically that's the marketing team Essentially yeah it's the marketing team But most of these uh most of these Marketing directors say that they also Work with customer service because Customer service has a lot to do with Marketing too if we're using that Information but you know to our

Advantage But They would interview them and then the Last part of the interview would be a Presentation what are you going to do in The first 90 days like for everyone or Just specific for everybody so we'd have To pay them fly them out you know what I Mean they would do a presentation maybe We do a presentation Um we'd probably pay him do a Presentation remotely just to avoid the Flight just because in case the Presentation isn't any good we could Alleviate that expense And if it's good then we'd have to fly Them out to actually meet the team and Do all that stuff so again that's Exciting I always like when we have Those you know the whole team's there You know really being able to harass That person you know and ask questions That might not be related to marketing Just sneakers the culture you know just Life that you know it could be Beneficial like key beneficially like oh You know what if this person's gonna Really mess with the team or not yeah And that's that's a big part of it right Like the team has to like them and the Team has to want to work for them if Buying yeah yeah if they don't want to Work for them that's going to create a Lot of challenges here and that's

Something that I don't want I feel like The company cultures in a good spot Right now yeah and I don't want to throw A wrench into that right so Um you know you've worked here for a While there's been Ebbs and flows and Ups and downs with company culture and Again I think it's always going to be a Work in progress because times change Things change people change so so I Think it's just always something that We're going to have to work on and The more that I'm reading about company Culture that's really everything right People want to work for a place that's Cool to work for even more than money People will make less money some people Are Money Motivated and driven there's People in this office that could go make More money somewhere else but are they Going to be as fulfilled and are they Going to like their job as much I don't Know you know what I mean so Um yeah to really trying to build that Culture so people like to work here yeah 100 percent So we can uh jump straight into this Week's intentions have you figured yours Out yeah you haven't hit him two weeks In a row Steve sorry I'm gonna go back To let's do the daily let's do the daily Gratitude because it's already been on My mind and now I'm a second I got a Second reminder of it and again it's

Coming in next week what are you and Hold me hold me accountable man And for everyone listen and this is not Again this this is just something that We're doing to really help us as Individuals and myself as a leader and Just It's you're gonna you're gonna make Mistakes and you're not gonna do it Sometimes but that's okay like you just Gotta make sure that you you know you Keep trying Um so if you don't succeed within the First week don't quit just start over Just keep keep trying that's what this Is all about right so Um Define the odds that's that's what This is about so Um hold me I mean I I need to What I'll do is I will This is how you can hold me accountable I will start posting one Affirmation on my social media page a Day Um for the Gratitude maybe even a Gratitude like is this a square this is A story you're just gonna yeah just post It on a story or something yeah today is Going to be a great day I'm gonna yeah For those of you leave a great workout Yeah whatever whatever my morning Gratitude or my affirmation is all right Um so I will start posting which is even More of a challenge because I don't I'm

Not that big on social media it's a Double whammy so now I'm having to post On social media And come up with this so what I'm going To have to do is I'm gonna have to put It on my calendar because that's part of The problem is if it's not on my Calendar I'm going to get sidetracked And then I forget the same way yeah so I'll put it on my calendar and then that Way I remember to do it the real Challenge is going to be weekends which I'll have to figure out Yeah cool what about you and I know that You ordered food from Shane so I know Yeah but yeah yeah yeah I mean Conversation I said hey yeah but the Order he puts in the order today so You're already ordered okay it's coming In Monday Monday yeah yeah good for you Okay what's your weekly in this week's Intentional last week's was not eating Uh fast food congratulations on that too I think I just need to continue do you Feel better yeah No did you get that article I I sent you About reading or not reading about Sleeping when did you send it to me uh Oh you're not on social media huh I mean Sometimes I download it look for a Little bit then I just deleted again so I I sent you it was on social media on Instagram there was some well I'm about

To read download it so I can hold you Accountable so I could uh watch these Stories get you thankful every for every Day yeah even on the weekend he might be I'm thankful for my boat post a picture Yeah that might happen Sunday maybe Um what was it I mean I'll read it right So it's just about sleeping and how Important sleeping is and not enough Sleep you I mean you your your Anti-cancer fighting stuff is Compromised and there's just yeah we we Have to figure out how to get you More time To sleep So sleep today Steve I woke up feeling Great even if even if you like I Understand you need in the second job Even if it's Us working something out to where you Come in later like I need like during it Because obviously I have a night job I Mean I essentially work at night and get Some tasks done I need to get you yes so Let's come up with something because I'm Worried about you not sleeping enough Just from a you know a personal level Just all aspects so look up that sleep Is just so important man and with only Getting three hours a day is like just So bad for you that it's not every day Yeah but you don't you don't sleep Enough so if you have some ideas on how You could do some stuff I don't I just

Came to my head right now yeah well just Think about it like think about let's Let's figure out how we can get you you Know a couple more days coming in late So you can get a little bit more sleep Cool I'll definitely think about that But yeah back to my uh affirmation for This week I want to continue this health Journey like you said I got some meal Preps coming in on a Monday and my Biggest thing is it's like portion Control man like I did yeah I just want To eat like the day for lunch I was like All right I'm gonna have one sit before I can because I'm gonna have one Sandwich in a soup I ate that one Sandwich and I was like yeah I'm just Still hungry you're not drinking enough Water that's one reason yeah yeah I mean That's not cheers yeah I mean years but That's that's not enough how many of Those have you had today I had a this I Think this is gonna be my third cup I Had a okay coffee then I had another one And then this is my that's probably I'm Probably one and a half of those 16 Ounce cup well this is this is uh this Is a full leader so I've probably drank Almost twice as much water as you do Yeah well that's good yeah I definitely See that's my biggest thing is portion Control and that's why I want to get These meal preps yeah because that helps It's gonna I don't have to worry about

Even like when it comes like I told you Guys I don't know how to count calories And you're just like kind of making fun Of me oh it's on the box but when you Get a bag of chicken or you're eating Some you know your girlfriend's mama is Homemade food like I don't know what am I gonna ask her how many carbs is this Well you just gotta know what's in carbs And limit that stuff and I like chicken Like I just get a chicken breast Chickens chickens eat the fat the whole Chicken breast I need to cut this up in Quarters third no you're chicken you're Fine so so that's why I think what I'm Gonna work on this weekend this week Yeah next well that'll that'll start Next week I mean I started this weekend Going into the weekend okay especially I'm going on Sneaker Con I got a company Painting that's the hardest time so I'm Gonna travel there yeah I'm gonna make Sure like my Porsche I'm gonna I'm not Gonna eat just to eat just because you Know and I I love eating especially Going somewhere now I'm going to Chicago I'm going to Chicago dog I'm on it yeah Who are you talking to yeah but again so I I think portion control is is really Gonna be like my main you know Theme for the week and what I'm going to Try to focus on kind of moving forward And hopefully this can be you know a A reoccurring intention you know where I

Start really kind of just start starting Maintenance halfway down the year it's a Lifestyle yeah like we're halfway done With the year I've like you know I'm on Track to a lot of goals you know you Know I've been hitting a lot of my goals But the belly is still there after Weighing myself I'm like bouncing I was 195 now I'm bouncing between like 185 190 sometimes 192. it's so it's just Like I want to get to 175 like that Would be a really good goal if I could Hit 175 in Maine like not just hit it in Like once and be [ __ ] skit yeah I Want to maintaining I'm saying 175 and Then I think that's a healthy weight for Just my body type and you know my build So I I think that if you continue doing What you're doing and we can get you Some more sleep I don't see it being a Problem at all I mean I honestly think That what did you say you weigh 190-ish 190-ish yeah yeah I don't want to see The scale over one night if I hits over 195 then like I'm doing something wrong And I'm saying I'm eating more than once Or overeating or doing something so Really trying to focus on my portion Controls uh and that's pretty much yeah Gonna be my intention for this week Going into this weekend and next week What about fasting have you ever thought About fasting Man I just I just need food well we so

This is before we end this I'm gonna Probably fast at some point so your Intermittent fasting you've been doing That are you still doing that or not Really yeah yeah I mean I do it during The week because it's easier on the Weekend and my daughter I'm cooking Breakfast every weekend it's just it's Just not that's I'm just I know that's a Challenge yeah I'm just not even gonna Try because it's just not possible at Work it's it's easy because I'm in a Routine and you know that so but so That's easy but I'm talking for a longer Period of time I'm talking a three day Fast So I I've been I was talking to a couple Of of the guys Um in EO and we're talking about fasting And one of the guys goes for like five Days like no eating or just eating no Eating zero eating I can't do that man Like how do you know you're talking About sleep like people say oh you get Angry you know irate when you're you Don't sleep I get like down I understand me too I agree so listen Listen though let me finish what they Say is and I've the longest I've gone is Like 36 hours for surgery but What he says is if you eat a big dinner One night right yeah and then you go the Entire next day the problem with you Which is going to be

Which would be challenging is you're not Getting sleep so it might not you might Not be able to do it until you actually Sleep because he said if you can go that Whole day not eat once you go to sleep He's like the next day no problem Because your body's already getting used To not having that glucose and it starts Burning fat he's like I burnt he says I Lost two pounds a day I did it for five Days like that Annie's like I felt Awesome that's why I just find it so Hard to believe I don't know no no I I Might look into it definitely because Again especially you know uh once it Gets closer to the end of the year That's like crunch time where I need to Be like yo if I'm really need to push You into overdrive but what I'm doing Right now isn't working but I think Again I'm trying you need sleep possible I'm trying to sleep I sleep at night Like this because because it gives you Less time being awake and your mind's Not hungry right if the more you sleep If you can sleep 10 hours of that time You're not hungry when you're sleeping So that's what I do Saturday I slept for The first time for 10 hours yeah got off Work Six in the morning I didn't get home or Wake up until like 4 30. yeah good for You dude it was beautiful yeah good for You so okay cool man well uh I think

That you'll be able to hit your goal and Four months and that would be a Beautiful thing again my biggest not Just to hate it I want to maintain it Yeah yeah it's a lifestyle lifestyle Trying to maintain that weight uh but I'm gonna try it any last minute words Before we bounce no just again uh if You've listened to this and you enjoy it You find any value in it you know please Share Um you can leave a comment sorry that I've been bad about posting this on the Audio version Um obviously these guys are doing it Every Sunday for YouTube so if you want To check out a video uh Video yeah check out our YouTube channel I am going to work on getting this to be A little bit more appealing so getting Some sort of visuals going on here Um that way you people aren't looking at You know two guys in a red shirt and a White wall there it is that's gonna do It for two triple o G's we bought the Bounce like them the Double D's we out [Music] [Music]