Learning business from the man who started one of the biggest and best sneaker cleaning companies in the game is something to be proud of. If you have tuned into the previous episodes you have learned a little bit about Stephen Grear and Pretty Boy Rob. Now is the chance to learn about the business and the next steps for RESHOEVN8R.

Reshoevn8r is a brand with big goals, big dreams, solid product and a loyal team, but even 13 years later it is still getting started! Have you been around since the beginning?

After listening to the podcasts, what is one topic that you want to learn more about from Mr. Reshoevn8r himself?

Foreign Drug Addictions on my mother's death Yes sir we back what up dude what's Popping how you feeling pretty good how You doing good I can't complain episode Nine in full effect it's been a minute It's been a minute what's happened since Uh last episode what have you been up to Oh one week has gone by Uh just work when did we uh record last One So Wednesday Thursday okay so it's been About a week uh seven days exactly okay What have you been up to dude uh just Work man work a little more work and Then uh lastly some work okay I mean no New updates on my side no not what about You what have you been up to yeah Getting in trouble yeah I don't know I Thought you're supposed to be nice to People yeah no I've been nice I hope You've been extra nice yeah what do you Think I don't know I know that it was Good for like three days and I kind of Slipped back into man it's hard going Out of your way to be nice to people I Mean it's the little things I know but That shit's hard because my mind's like On so many different things like Speaking of being nice uh our weekly Intentions that was your weekly Intention last week yeah I feel like I I Mean you work here was I more friendly And saying hi to people than normal I

Mean I can only speak for myself I say Hi to you good I say good morning hi to You all the time so yeah you said it Back yeah yeah give me no cold shoulder You asked me uh what I'm eating for Lunch uh how my gym workouts going and That's pretty much it yeah I mean I've Been trying to be a little more friendly And not be stuck in you know Stuck in a mode where I'm just trying to Fix problems and solve problems all day Long what was one thing you think that You did this week or last week that you Normally don't do you know Mr Heidi People good morning yeah I mean not all The time I don't I think like the next Day you gave me a big cheesy smile yeah Maybe but hey you smelling the smile it Was a see what I'm doing Yeah Um I mean I just think I've been a Little more communicative with people I'm trying to you know say bye before I Leave and just you know just be a little More Friendly I guess say one thing you have Done is uh at least to me you check in On me before I leave you say hey are you Good do you need anything yeah man it's Been a little nicer yeah I think so I Think I'm in trouble every time you're Walking out there it's what I do no it's A it's a challenge man again because I'm So stuck in what I got going on in my

Brain that it's you got to really at Least I I have to like make it a Priority And you know be intentional about Talking to people around the office I Don't know yeah and plus one like when Five o'clock hits or whenever you know It's time for you to go you're in that I'm trying to go home not really you Know wind down and check in on everyone Else I think that's also a little bit Different because Katie and Paige have Been out of town since last Friday so I Don't I'm not in a rush to get home now Because there's nothing to rush home to That's something Fresh this week no daughter no wifey Yeah it's yeah it's Freedom yeah it's Been a an adjustment I mean last week my Buddy Scott was in town Um staying with you from Tucson he Stayed with me a couple days so we Actually went out Friday night Saturday Night Um but Really just get go home eat you know get Caught up on a little work if I got some Work I started watching I forget what it the Dear Mama so I Started watching that I've been kind of Watching that a little bit after work And in bed You know 8 39 Were you reading

Was I reading I have been reading in the Morning using this app It's called Headway which is cool Because it basically runs through a book I think I discussed it already yeah yeah Um it kind of sponsored this just saying No no no but it summarizes Um Books and kind of gives you a summary of It so you don't have to read the whole Thing but there was one book in there That I shared in the slack that morning That okay yeah it was uh it's pretty Good I'll probably buy that book I never Gave you a book hey speaking of reading That was my that was my segue yeah what Happened there uh you didn't give me a Book you didn't ask for one either hey You know what though I I had a backup plan What I got a book good I figured you Might but I'm just going to be 100 Honest what I got the book didn't open It I didn't open it oh man come on but I Carry it with me in my pocket Carrie was It a Bible a baby Bible or something The Art of War yeah it's a great book yeah I Mean I haven't started it actually how Do you know it's a great book if you Haven't I've heard a lot of good things About it it's interesting I was actually Got it from Akil because I've seen it on In his office and I was like let me see The uh how small the print is there I

Was like [ __ ] I'm supposed to be reading A book yeah and then I thought about Going to your office like I mean there's Better ones than this this is I mean It's a good start yeah it's interesting I wouldn't start reading that book but You know to each his own hey I mean I Heard it's supposed to be a really good Strategic book learn a lot of different Things speaking of strategy You know I'm wondering because I was Thinking about this this morning because I knew we were gonna have this podcast And I'm like how long is this [ __ ] gonna work two jobs work a Job and then work your night job And be a DJ or whatever it is How long do you think you can keep that Up and what are you working towards like Because once you commit to buying a House then you're ultimately has got to Get paid and you're responsible but you You're going to burn yourself out and You're never going to be able to focus On something that you want to do like What is it that you what are you what's Your goal and I think that is my issue Obviously I'm doing it to make ends meet Yeah and it's just something that I have To do I mean in today's society and the Economy like if you're a single male or Female One job just doesn't cut it anymore it Just unless you own a business one job

Is not cutting it or you elevate the Skills and the job that you have but Would working that job or multiple jobs How do you have time to elevate well That's that's that was the question I Had I'm like What is he what's his long-term goal Because that you can't do both of those Forever so because it comes down to like Having a side hustle like you have your Main job but then you have a side Hustle But the side hustle should be become Your main job it should yes so and Speaking of that that is what my plan is I keep thinking like obviously I need to Buy a house but then after I buy a house Like I still need to work so I can have Capital to start a business obviously I Asked you before like what does it take How much money do you need to start a Business all depends on the business and That's what I'm that's what I'm still Thinking you know like I lay in bed at Night sometimes and I think like what am I going to be able to do so I'm not Sitting Working two jobs you know destroying my Body you know and I I know I need to Start my own business I need to create Something and uh what that is uh who I'm Gonna do it with like I don't know but I Know that is like my next steps for me To really Elevate is to become a Business owner you know but it starts

Because owning a business isn't all it's Cracked up to be I mean if you can be Successful then sure it can provide Value to your life and it can do things That you wouldn't be able to do normally But most businesses fail So not two years not everybody is meant To be a business owner I mean it is very Stressful it's not I think I got the Work ethic and the drive that I can you Know essentially Take I mean you definitely got to work F Work ethic and drive but it's it's it's That's just one piece of it well and What since you've known me what is one Skill you think I need to work on to be Able to create a business Or to launch a business sustain a Business the most important thing Um it's a great question I mean I think I mean I don't know the answer otherwise I would have a business well I think Attention to detail is something that You That you could improve Um and problem solving like Just if you see a problem Fix the problem And don't just let the problem go I Don't I don't know because again I don't Manage you so I don't know exactly but I Do know that I have a an idea for kind of your role Customer service so I have an idea for

Rejuvenator experience manager Um and really that person would be Responsible for making sure that The team like when there's anniversaries When there's birthdays working with HR To make sure that we you know do Something special for them Big accounts wholesale accounts Distributors like our best accounts we We're making sure that we are taking Care of them we just went through kind Of an analysis recently and obviously Eighty percent of our revenue is coming From basically 10 accounts And we're not doing a good job of Cultivating those accounts And really showing our appreciation for Them purchasing from us in addition to That Taking care of customers that have been Rocking with us for a long time have Multiple orders just really making sure That anyone who comes into contact with Rejuvenator has a positive experience And we're like going out of our way to To uh Take care of them in some aspect but It's I mean it's You have to do re you got to really Think about all these different Scenarios and come up with a plan on how You could take care of these people this That and the other so that's like a Position that I'm that we were talking

About getting you out of customer Service that's kind of the role that I See would replace you is somebody that Could really Take it to what we're doing now and just Improve everything we're doing all Around the board from customer service Dealing with you know Auditing or Customer Service Company Maybe leaving them because they might Not be the best I don't know but just Really making sure that we're Giving everybody the best experience Possible does that make sense yeah that Makes a lot of sense they're all getting Champagne bottles I mean hey but you Said there's 10 accounts 80 of the Revenue so I think we had this meeting Earlier I think I think it was 78 or 75 Percent of the revenues coming from 10 Accounts can you just shed the light on Like what are some of those accounts Obviously Foot Locker yeah Foot Locker Is number one okay Um these wholesale accounts are these Wholesale Industries yeah but Foot Locker is a bigger account than any Other distribution well when it comes to Customers that's not a piece of the Revenue you don't think or is that no it Is I'm just I'm just talking about Wholesale and distribution right now Okay yeah I haven't looked at I would imagine just

EBay and Amazon those would be you know Different categories Amazon you got no Control eBay we don't do many much Volume on eBay Um shopify's the other one where E-commerce just in general yeah how can We create a A Rewards program And something that we can thank people Like for instance people that subscribe To our subscription model right so if You get three bottles three eight ounce Bottles of solution or three repellents I want to be able to send them a gift Right like hey thank you for rocking With us here's your free gift you've Built up this many points Um but someone needs to that needs to be Their own focus and they need to figure Out what the best platform is to do that And manage it so it's I mean it's it's a Lot of work for sure So because it's not built out yeah That's the hard part is building it out Well that's a plan and that's what I Mean and this is where it goes back to I'm planning on having a conversation With Jared which is you know Vic's Brother He's got all the opportunity in the World in many worlds if he came to me With a plan said hey man I want to do This this is my ideas on these shirts This is that and the other I got this

Designer Then we would probably do it for sure Yeah but if I have to be the one that Thinks of all these things I I I'm only One person so I need people around and Are part of the business that It's it's like almost I look at it as if You want to start a business do you Think you could start a business Then do it in this business first prove It like you have assets Prove yourself here and I'm not just Saying you I'm just saying in general Prove That you can like start a business and Generate money and improve things Better than they're already being done If that makes sense it does but you're Talking about generating money this Position sounds like it's uh more Spending money than generating money it Couldn't couldn't could be I don't know It depends I mean if you're sending Stuff and creating the experience you Know and uh but for instance a software Developer to create a point system and Create well there's those things are Already out there oh yeah you got to Look at what the return is though for Taking care of people so for instance Footlocker we have one skew in there It's hard to get in touch with the buyer Um If if we built a better relationship

With her we probably have more skus in Foot Locker yeah we even try to do Pop-ups and all that stuff with them and Didn't really get much communication There's a way I don't know what the way Is if you got to go to New York I don't Know I'm just saying We need to make sure that we are paying Attention to this Um and I'm okay spending money to make money Right like I think that but the whole Thing is uh you're going to want to Quantify that so you're spending this Much not not at first yeah that's what I'm saying there's I don't see a way how You'd be able to quantify you know that Customer experience or that longevity at Least I don't know well I do I mean if If the average Um person that time expectance to give a Customer well a lifetime value yeah you Just look at the lifetime value but you Also look like for instance in general If we were to take care of Um the people that are on our Subscription model right and if the Average person subscribes for three Months and we can increase that to six By sending them some free gifts and Taking care of them That's trackable So I think it's the little things that Really add and really I just want to be

Known like we redid our core values Right one of their core values is Remarkable be remarkable build community Is another one so both of those are what Sparked this idea and like how can we be Remarkable In comparison to other brands right and That to me that's one I would spend Extra money just so people have this Great they they have this great Experience with us and Word of Mouth Gets around and they just rant and Rave About us right so that's how you Add value And generate money for sure yeah I mean I guess it just like you said it's hard To quantify from the beginning you know You don't really Sounds dope it sounds like a great Experience But like uh like how and I guess that's What you need someone to figure out but That's what I mean like if you want to Start your own business there's lots of Little businesses in this business If people just need to Have the hunger and desire and drive to Just say hey this is what I think we Need to do And come up with a plan do the work like If you're going to start your own Business you would have to do that Anyway and you don't have the financial Backing and you don't even know if it's

Going to work so at the end of the day If you could do it in a business that's Already somewhat proven itself you have An edge up because you already have the Funding you have the financial back and You have the people around Um and that's just a test for yourself To see if you can do it within a Business if you can't do it within a Business the chances you've been able to Do it on your own or probably less oh Yeah for sure for sure so And that's what I started thinking about With you I'm like what like how long is He going to be able to do this DJing Thing He's not going to be able to do it Forever right so you like what's the Plan I don't know I could be 50 years Old strip club DJ still hey come on down Do you want to do that I don't yeah That's I think about that all the time Like I don't but the money's there and I've always been a money has always been A driving factor of course obviously you Want to get paid you know you need to be Able to take care of yourself you need To take care of your others and you know If I have a family and kids unable to Take care of them as well yeah well you Also need to be home And you need to have good sleep so You're not You know you you need to be coherent

Like when they're around as well so it's It's more than than just that at the end Of the day oh yeah definitely something To think about and then trust me Steve I Have thought about it I know yeah like I've been doing it for almost two years Now how old are you you're 30 30 yeah I Mean that's about the time that I mean I Didn't even start my business just to Bring things into perspective I didn't Even start my business till I was 33. Mm-hmm So you got three years well I'm you know I'm just saying but it's time to start Thinking yeah no it's no it's never too Late I mean you could you could change Your life at 50. I mean at the end of The day if you really wanted it it's About how bad do you want it though too Like I always ask people how bad do you Want it when I'm at the gym and I'm Ready to quit I tell myself how [ __ ] Bad do you want it Steve do you want it Bad enough to [ __ ] keep struggling And if I don't then you don't want it That bad like at the end of the day it's Just you it's you don't want it that bad If you really really really really Really want it you're gonna do whatever The [ __ ] it takes to make sure that it Happens Um so 100 which is interesting to me too Is because I'm at the position now where I've

Already been somewhat successful again There's so many levels and you know I Personally think I'm in the lower level Of success Um And even my drive is different than it Was 10 years ago you think like it it Like peaked I've just become a little More comfortable like flatlined a little Bit it's I'm a little more comfortable Which I don't know how to get that that Gear going Um part of it I think also too is we've Plateaued so I I haven't you know it's Exciting with growth like that keeps you Going but once you plateau and you don't Know how to get it to the next level it Becomes a little frustrating so that's Probably got something to do with it Um But I mean it's you know I think Everybody struggles with that oh for Sure well how long do you see yourself Doing this for man talking about Strategy it's a great question Um I told myself by the time I was 50 so I've always said that so I got about After this after July I got about three Years not much time like this shoe care Business so you're done with working in General you're gonna retire uh I mean Like your condo in Mexico my goal was to You know sell the business by the time I Was 50 and then just do [ __ ] that I

Enjoy like not that I don't enjoy this But I also don't want to have to come to Work every day I want to be able to do [ __ ] with my daughter like just you know Be able to travel and not worry about You know people thinking that I'm who Knows I don't know I have this weird Thing that I feel like I have to be here at the Office and working or people are going To not work as hard because I'm not here Like I'm leading by example oh for sure Yeah so it's like I don't want that Responsibility and to be honest with you Managing people [ __ ] sucks Like it's not fun it's well technically You're only managing a small select Couple people in the office at the end Of the day you're just yes but Yes but I still have to deal with all The issues So it's just people are the challenge The most challenging everyone 's different everyone who poses their Own challenge for sure some are easier Than others some are you know more Difficult but Um you know I don't I could do without that Be easy sounds like an easy life and I'm Saying well I mean but I gotta get there I mean there's a specific lifestyle that I want and for me to live that lifestyle

I need to earn a certain amount of money Do you think you can sustain that Lifestyle though after that's what's why I got it that's why I have to earn a Certain amount of money to be able to Sustain the rest of your life in your Daughter's life so my financial advisor We have a goal like he knows what I want To live off of for the rest of my life And we have a goal Um So You know I'm not quite there yet but Three years three years yeah you might Be there you better be there So to be there but the other reason too Man is I You know if it wasn't for the employees That have been here a long time I Probably would have sold this [ __ ] already yeah but I really Want to give to the team that has put in Their time and energy and given their Their heart and soul like it's it's a Different Feeling and it's a different uh a reward To be able to change someone's life That maybe I could Get this business grow it to where you Get 100 Grand because you've been with Us so long and that's you buy a house You know what I mean like that's Life-changing money for some people Um so that's the other thing that keeps

Me going because at the end of the day Honestly if I sold my bid sold to Business Today for what it's been valued at I Could hit my goal okay shark tank is Listening to this podcast right now Shark Tank how much is it worth how much Is the business worth Steve I heard your podcast you're a Great dude I want you to retire I Wouldn't sell it for less than 16 Million bucks 60 million yeah Yeah Um but I mean the goal is 50 million the Goals the goals 50. 50 million Which I know it's possible it's just you Need the right team and you need the Right leader I'm not even sure if I'm The right leader you know comparing like Other businesses and just not not even Shoe cleaners but just in the sneaker Industry are there any other businesses That are are at that level of 50 million Dollar businesses One right down the street which one I Mean mini dude there's a lot of Businesses worth 50. 50 million oh easy Bro I'm trying to think I don't I don't Know oh yeah that's we're we're Considered a small business we're not Even a medium-sized business we got 15 16 employees I mean we've been to 27 but You're not even considered a medium Business I think until you hit 50

Employees So and that's when lots of different Things change because you've Exceeded that number so but yeah man We're I'm again it's there's so many Levels like what do you think is the Next step because obviously you said Well at one point we had 24 employees And you realized you had all these Employees when we're doing what we do With the employees we have now so at What point do you think you need more Employees to get to get 50 to be a Medium-sized business yeah I mean we Could use a few people right now but They need to be experts at what they do And they need to add enough value to Grow the business that's the challenge I'm saying so what is the biggest area Of growth you see uh being the CEO to Take it to that next level I mean a few Things so one marketing we need somebody That owns marketing because nobody Really owns marketing right now Um we've kind of been doing the same Thing for the last however many years we Need to flip the script the times have Changed so I think a lot of the things That we do is still good but the other Thing that we need to do is get more Financially sophisticated which I've Challenged or CFO with is where should We be spending our time and energy what Has the biggest payoff right so should

We be doing For instance a YouTube video on a 200 Shoe So we need to look at the revenue that Comes that is brought in from AdSense And YouTube ads plus whatever's been Driven to the website compared to a shoe That's 500 or more Right got to look at vix videos does a Restoration add more value to the bottom Line than a custom I don't know Um where should we be spending our time Should we instead of spending Hundred and thirty thousand dollars a Month on Facebook ads should we spend 60 Of that on influencers So those are that's all like math Problems that we got to figure out so Sophistication is something that we need To I mean you also talked about you Talked earlier about that experience you Know and you don't think customers People coming to our Channel seeing a 500 shoe adds more value to them than Watching a 200 shoe a little while you Can't monetize that but as far as a Full-on experience well someone really Come into the channel seeing a dope shoe Knowing damn I could spend that money And make sure it's cleaned versus a General shoe that's 200 so I look at This a couple different ways You got to look at yeah that's Some people might be more interested in

That but also you got to look at what Most people might be wearing so if you Go for a normal 200 shoe like I mean I've been stopped on the street when you Know Nmds and Ultra boosts were popular oh You taught me how to I know you you Taught me how to clean my nmds yeah yeah So that's why one of our best performing Ads right now is the the panda dunk Because the panda dunk is so widely Purchased that at like almost I don't Want to say almost everybody but anyone That is into sneakers at all basically Has a pair of panda bears yeah I mean The only people who don't like Panda Dunks are resellers who bought them high Yeah I'm sure we overpaid for a few of Those or so yeah Um so you got you kind of got to look at The data behind it and not make Assumptions so it's really looking at it Categorizing it we need to do a better Job too of you know UTM tracking and Just making sure that we have the right Naming convention set up so we can track It so we just need to sophisticate the Business at the end of the day and we're Working on these things but they take Time it's not easy yeah Um yeah it's it's definitely a process But it's a tedious process at that Definitely and luckily for me I don't Have to do it I'm just the one that is

Kind of Pinpointing him yes like hey this is What this is what I want this is what I Think we need to do to really get to the Next level Um because we could be wasting 25 30 40 50 000 a month on stuff that's Not really that valuable you know what I Mean same thing with products which Products are we making the most money on Which ones do we possibly lose money on You know so going through that You know uh going through that process Too and figuring out what we're going to Keep what we're going to move away from So it's like there's a lot of [ __ ] Happening I mean I also think it's it's Also be if you're talking about being Strategic you really have to understand The sneaker community and what's going On the computer 100 what people are Rocking you talk about you know the nmds That was at 2006. you know and and that Was when the business skyrocketed Because we literally scientifically Proven how to properly clean a mesh shoe Yeah the traditional method wasn't Cutting it with all mesh sneaker being The number one sneaker We just weren't we were at that time we Were hitting it now people aren't Wearing 350s like yeah no one wears nmds Like that yeah no what are they wearing I do occasions yeah yeah you do I

Understand like dunks and Air Force Ones If you're looking at the sneaker Community that is So if you look at our sales I mean the Supply chain manager puts out a report Every year signature kit you should be Out sell everything because it's the Patent sneaker laundry system so right Now our essential kit because what are People wearing a predominantly leather Shoe that kit is going to clean your Shoe up just just as good I mean Obviously the signature kit is the way To go number one yeah yeah flashing Everything out stitching and all that Well and you get to shoe trees so you Have it's just it's more diverse Any type of shoes but I'm just saying uh One thing I feel I feel like that our Company is lacking I never had this Conversation with you but I did have it With uh Akil our wholesale manager it's Kind of uh I've always seen us you know As the innovators when it came to a Sneaker Community uh like the sneaker Products cleaning products I feel Currently we were a little behind the Weight yeah like you know we'll work a Few steps behind versus you know when The nmd you know Ultra boost uh 350s was The biggest sneakers out everyone needed That laundry system it was is a Must-have if you want a pair of cream Easies and you want to make sure they're

Going to last you for years uh again we Were super late to the bandwagon when it Came to crease protectors yeah we got Him but like everyone has dunks and Forces and they crease and for a while We didn't jump into these crease Protectors when everyone at shows were Asking for we were early and then there Was a situation that happened Where the old owner of the brand that we Were working with Got sold a long story it was some crazy Story and so we parted ways because There was some weird things happening With that and then we just never you Know and then they yes they did take off But those [ __ ] cheap shitty China Ones are terrible no yeah I'm just Saying though why why did it take so Long for us maybe to innovate our owner Would re-partner up with someone speak Up bro I mean again when when if if it's Not me nobody's coming to me with these Suggestions yeah yeah so I mean I shouldn't say that Because that's not 100 accurate but Coming to me with proof data behind it Okay this is what's happening and here's The thing this is what I think we need To do Um I do get suggestions but suggestions To me kind of go in one ear and out the Other yeah because I'm on to something Else and I'm trying to fix problems so

Again that's why I need people in the Business that are thinking like that and Have a mind like that that hey I think There's an opportunity here let me just Do the work And sell it to whoever I need to sell it To so it can happen Like not just Hey here's my idea and then forget about It because guess what's going to happen Everyone's going to forget about it and We're going to keep working trying to do Other things Um so again I don't know I mean I know We do have a bunch of products in the Work that you know like behind this yeah I mean we'll be making progress too but Some of those products I feel like we Should have had I agree a year ago if Not I agree but again somebody needs to Own that so we don't have any product Development person I mean that's Typically me but I'm also doing a bunch Of other different things for sure yeah So I mean that is one person that I think We could hire for sure too it's just Somebody that that's all their focus was Focus would be is to improve products And come up with new products but new Products don't always work either yeah Yeah so it's one of those things you Kind of unless it's already out there You know you then it's like you know I

Don't know then there's no innovation Behind it yeah so it's it's a it's Definitely something that needs more Focus Um and we need to put more energy into Because I agree I mean not naming names But some of our competitors we used to Have the list of products and they Didn't and I just went to one of their Sites the other day and I'm like damn They got [ __ ] everything yeah but Doesn't mean they're all making money Either like it could be struggling to Sell some of that stuff Um and I don't really care what you know I pay attention to a certain degree of What other brands are doing but Um You know I really Just want to focus on what we need to do So yeah I don't know man well while We're talking about it product side of Things I work in the wholesale Department uh the wholesalers have been Asking for mink oil and solarvive okay I Don't know how who I need to talk to I Mean mink oil is easy I've talked to Akil and I've talked to you know summer I'm not sure exactly what the next steps Are but I think just for some reason What else and soul revive and you know Even though we know yellow Souls eight Souls are in people still want to be Able to take care of their shoes and you

Know and reverse that solar Vibe so even That like that took us a little longer To like I mean we were early we had so We had Soul revived before you even Started yeah yeah but I'm saying like The reason the reason that I stopped Selling it man is because We would sell it to little kids at Sneaker shows and I know that Little kids shouldn't be using it okay Yeah so I just felt morally I just Disagreed even though we sold a lot of It I didn't I didn't uh agree with Selling some little 10 year old kid Soul Sauce when he shouldn't be even working With that stuff because it will burn Your hands a little bit Um and if you screw up you're ruining Your shoe so I felt like Just morally I didn't those were the People most of the people Buying it at Sneaker shows when I went Online you can't really tell how old People are Um but that's that is the reason we Moved away from it originally because I'm like man I just don't feel Comfortable selling it to these 10 year Old 12 year old kids Um and then we obviously reintroduced it Because there were people kept asking us For it yeah I'll tell you right now if You want to get something if you have an Issue or you have something like this

Like mink oil we should be able to put On wholesale With a couple clicks You know it might be on wholesale I'm Not really sure but I know Soul revived They've definitely been asking about Soul revive So we need to tell Corey Corey has an Ongoing issues list or Akil you just Tell them hey Akil put it on the issues I mean it got brought up like you know Throughout the company slack Channel Again That's you see that slack Channel I mean What was on slack 15 minutes ago Sometimes I can't even find so good luck There Um Now that we've implemented EOS so from The book traction for those people that Are listening We implemented a new kind of management Style and now we have an issues list That we Keep and every week we meet on these Issues so if as long as it gets on that Issues list it's not going to be Overlooked so if that's an issue and we See you don't get to that then it gets Rolled over to next week Correct but it but we never we we just Prioritize what the issues are so it Could but at least it's never going to Get lost if you put it in slack no one's

Ever going to see that thing again So at least it keeps it top of mind Every week and at some point we'll we'll Get to it for sure so if you got an Issue or you have something like that Just make sure it gets on that issues List I mean it's not an issue but it's Just I think something that can Definitely generate Revenue I mean it Sounds like an issue to me right but it Nonetheless So yeah again I don't know Hey well definitely a good talk just Getting to know the business a little More you know I'm sure a lot of people Is probably not too interested in this But conversations like this it mean a Lot to me because obviously you know I've been with the business so long and I love learning new things uh just about The back end the front end all sides of Things I just appreciate you being so Transparent and willing to you know talk About some of these uncomfortable things Yeah I mean we we're doing again and This goes back into I'm very self-aware but I know that There's a better leader out there that Could probably help grow this business And and And get people super motivated to be Part of it and do all of those things And at some point that's part of the Plan too is to hire a CEO that can

Really take this thing to the next level Because we've built we've done the hard Work the foundations here now we just Need to find the right people that can Help get us from here to where we need To go Um and that's a challenge so if anyone's Listening out there and uh They got the skills and they want to Join the team we're trying to be a CEO Yeah whatever just they got the skills And they want to be part of this team Um you know we're always open to look at Somebody's resume For sure so Um there was a couple other things that I wanted to talk about too but now I Forget I don't know I don't remember What else Scene Card I mean I don't Really have nothing much on my plate Obviously uh Talk about our intentions a little bit I This is probably the first week you Haven't done it you're not dead I didn't Really you know come through and then I've seen you at the gym though Daily Show show the show the bicep dude that's The left arm let me get the right arm Just kidding hey I'll be feeling the Pumps It the belly's still there but it's okay And you're eating chicken it takes time Man chicken and veggies it's consistency It's like anything it's like you run do

I run I run like run the block you don't Think cardio is like no it's important I Mean I did the stair stepper for 15 Minutes uh yes yesterday Um so I do a little bit of cardio yeah But not I mean it depends it's typically Only one or two days a week if I'm doing Cardio but I get a good workout I work Out hard for sure I know yeah I see you Are you working out with the trainer You're doing his workout then obviously You're doing something right yeah so It's I mean But you know that's good for you as well You should do some cardio no that's what I was thinking I was like you know I Think obviously I get you know minimum With 50 minutes in the gym yeah and I Was like you know what maybe I should Just run at least before it gets too hot You know or in Arizona Uh a month from now and lunch time is Going to be 110 degrees and you know I Can't even think about trying to run the Block or running around but I was Thinking like you know what I need to Really bring some running shoes in and Maybe uh get a little stretch in first 10 minutes and then just run for 20 Minutes but just get on that stair Stepper man I done that actually it's Hard bro nothing good is easy that [ __ ] Is hard nothing good is easy how bad do You want it that's that's the question

Two days in the gym I did the stair Stepper yep my legs were sore for a week Okay it won't be anymore and I was like They won't be anymore quit being a [ __ ] How bad do you want it it goes right Back to that how bad do you want I want It but I guess not happening there you Go and as long as you know that As long as you're okay with that that's Fine yeah I'm trying you are trying Hey Hey I tell you what out of everybody That is started recently with Keel and Nick you're definitely the most Consistent and the most dedicated for Sure I mean I mean I can't expect to run A marathon you know in a week you know It takes time you know so Baby stabs in the gym What you're eating Like walk me through your day of the Eating like what's your routine well I Don't eat breakfast okay you know I Typically try to drink a glass of water Before I drink my coffee Uh sometimes I need the coffee right Away so you wake up at what time 7 45 Jesus Christ wait okay yeah I work Two minutes I live too much I know I Just I get up in the Sun so I I go to Sleep with the fan yeah I know that's True that's depressing I used to I used To uh bartend and that definitely throws Off your [ __ ] so yeah so I mean I Typically don't eat breakfast though and

If I do you know I got a bunch of yogurt That I started you know buying so up at 7 45 Okay uh and you're not eating breakfast And then lunch you know I'm what are you Drinking between Um breakfast time and when you work out Uh so again uh I one of the intentions Was to try to drink a gallon of water a Day I I didn't quite hit that but I was Drinking a [ __ ] ton of water was pissing 10 times a day yeah Last week I didn't drink that much water Because I didn't even bring my gallon I Noticed I'm like uh where's the water Bottle but like I still drink water like I don't drink soda like that's a good Start it's not in my diet how many cups Of water before you work out are you Drinking At least one at least one at least one One of them little cups One of these cups okay yeah you got to Be killing four of those things before You step foot in the gym and then uh Yeah sometimes I'll drink coffee if I Don't drink in the morning I'll drink a Coffee before okay are you putting Creamer and [ __ ] in it I got it okay I Got it we got you tastes good because That where I'm going with this is if You're intermittent fasting but you're Not you're not gonna intermittent fast Hey maybe one week I might try it but

That's like but again I don't know how That will work because You that's like you don't eat until like Six o'clock at night right no no you're Just 16 hours you you basically fast for 16 hours So including sleep Yeah including sleep so for instance Yeah but I'm working 16 hours a day Yeah I'll walk you through my day yeah This is where I was going that's why I Was asking these questions Um because I've been working out now I Think consistently against inserting my Shoulder for about two months and I'm Not really seeing the results that I Want so I'm changing up a few things One of them I'm an intermittent fast So my big thing too in the morning is Drinking a cup of coffee I like I don't put a lot of cream but I do like Cream and I don't know I don't really Like black coffee but This week's first week I'm just drinking Black coffee it's really not that bad Once you start doing it it's just you Got to get used to it Um So I'm intermittent fast I'm not eating Anything until after the gym so I'm not Eating all morning until basically yeah One o'clock 1 15 to maybe a little Earlier And then I'm basically stopping eating

At 7 pm so really you're supposed to go About 16 hours I think is a male Intermittent fasting so whatever that Time is I think I'm exceeding that I'm Probably doing 17 hours or something Maybe is there a certain calorie intake That you're supposed to take during Those so I have an eight hour I haven't Got there yet I mean yeah you don't want To overeat you know yeah so I really Instead of worrying about calories I Just kind of been watching my carbs So I'm not eating bread I'm not eating Any anything really I'm trying to avoid Anything processed so as long as it's Grown Whole Foods Yeah but I mean at Whole Foods they sell Foods that aren't whole yeah but yeah I'm trying not to eat anything processed Um even though I'm eating like beef Jerky and [ __ ] which is processed but It's not like a cookie or a cracker or a Chip Um and I've already been doing it a week I already noticed the difference that's Good so you've been intermitting fasting For a week yep and how long do you plan On keeping this up for dude Tom I hit The goal like weight wiser yeah just Strengthwise no it's not it's not Weight Wise It's just Get rid of the the belly yeah I mean That's all so I I typically like the way

I look when I'm about 100 and in between 185 and 190 pounds Um and right now hey now that's that's That's pretty lean Yeah I mean I probably weigh about 180 Pounds minimum yeah I'm 190. six right And you're just a bigger build all Around you're taller than me stronger Than me so they're able to cut that much Weight that's I've been before my Wedding I was 185. well you were going Hard and yeah yeah 185 yeah and even Then I probably I probably could have Got the lowest that I've been in a long Time is like 183 pounds and I think I Was almost 10 body fat at that point Um are you weighing yourself daily yeah I I weighed myself today because you Said 196. yeah 196 when I went to Rocky Point I came back at 201 and then you Know I've been fluctuating so that was a Little over a week ago I guess almost Two weeks ago now Um Or was Rocky Point no I think it's only Been two weeks yeah yeah Um and then you know my buddy was in Town so we I kind of Didn't eat like I would if I wasn't Doing anything extracurricular Um so that probably set me back a little But Um I think it'll take me If I could if I could do this I'm

Actually gonna quit drinking again after This weekend I think Um until Memorial Day When I go take the boat to the lake yeah Um I think by then I could probably get Pretty close I can lose I can probably Get down to about 190. yeah I mean you Don't think 10 pounds I mean I just I Want to do it right because you dude I Could lose 10 pounds and you're about to Be freaking fasting for 16 hours like Yeah but 10 10 pounds I mean I could Lose 10 pounds and lose 10 pounds that's Put I want to do it right you can't That's why I don't pay attention to the Scale as much as where my belly's going For sure you know what I mean because You know depending on when you weigh Yourself really you're supposed to weigh Yourself in the morning With nothing No food no nothing after you've taken a [ __ ] or Whatever it is so yeah yeah so so you Said during this eight hours how many Meals because I'm thinking about it now Like yeah I need to get rid of my belly Too and I dieting is probably gonna have To be in really you know I mean you read You're eating chicken and vegetables Today I mean that's definitely a start So like a couple weeks now so I I'll basically I'll eat lunch And then I'll have like some beef jerky

Or I'll have some sort of Snack that's not Sugary And then I'll go home and eat Dinner and then I'll typically probably Have some sort of dessert but it's not Really dessert so like a low carb yogurt With some strawberries on it Um That's basically it yeah so two pretty Much two meals and two meals two meals And uh yeah a few snacks so it's still Though probably If I was counting calories still Probably 2 000 calories Maybe so do you think After your diet though like for you said Until you hit your goal Like what is the next steps there Because obviously you need to maintain That yeah just I just need to maintain It still I mean I I think that it really The intermittent fasting really works For me Um when I do it so I'll probably just Stick to that like five days a week Weekends I won't be as strict because When I'm home with my daughter like it's Easy when I come to work to not eat Breakfast yeah but when my daughter's Like Hey Dad I'm hungry can you cook me Pancakes I'm like yeah let's do it and I End up eating breakfast yeah Um

So I'll probably just stick to that and Watch my carbs man I know carbs don't React well in my body so anytime that I've managed to like Take carbs under a hundred grams or even 50 grams a day which is very hard to do Because carbs are in every goddamn thing Um I've really seen you know good Results have you ever done keto I have That's keto like that's you can have Carbs but you can't have protein or no You a lot of protein but no carbs or More fat than anything yeah you can't Even have too many too much protein it's More high fat so and no carbs I mean you Can have some I mean there's other things yeah again I've never done dieting but probably Something I do need to look into at Least you can eat bacon and you can like It just needs to be higher in fat like There's a math uh there's a formula to It that you try to stick by that way you Stay in ketosis because yeah I think That's the hardest part for me is just I Don't even like when I cook chicken and I'm just filling it up to my freaking Containers full you know like I don't Know how many slices or I I don't know I just getting out bro How bad do you want it yeah yeah that's The thing do you want a six-pack in your 30s or do you want uh a beer belly I Mean I got a six-pack I just gotta

Breathe if you're going over a little Bit if you're cool if you're cool with How you are there's nothing wrong with That right at the end of the day like I Just want to be Fit you know what I mean I I got a Four-year-old daughter at home I want to Be in good shape Um so you know in my 50s I was fat and Out of shape when I was in my 20s so I'm Trying to you know do something Different Hey so you got into sports just yet yeah She's played some soccer but soccer is Two two young yeah she's you know Attention attention span on kids man It's like next to nothing it's like I Believe it yeah 15 seconds And then they're ready to do something Else then they want the iPad they can Stay on that forever yeah even then Luckily for for me our daughter I mean she does like the iPad but she She would rather be doing something else She says entertain me dad entertain me Okay all right let's do it so what does That mean when you're entertaining are You just playing with her just playing With her yeah whatever she wants to play Well we do this thing called Trapper boy Where I like Trapper and grab her and she like gets Out so she thinks that's fun laughs and Um like wrestling kind of yeah kind of

Like wrestling I just I don't know yeah Kind of like wrestling Um you said Trapper boy I said I thought You were done selling drugs Steve no I Get a different Trapper boy oh I don't Even know where it came from probably Just messing with her one day yeah yeah Um but you know she enjoys that and She's you know she's likes to draw and You know read books play with dolls you Know my daughter's a girly girl she got Into the makeup yet or not really well She does makeup with her mom what about You she ever said Daddy let me do your Makeup Let me paint your toes she probably has And I pray nope no I mean I think I've Let her paint my toe or my fingernails Or something but the makeup on my face Yeah I think I was busy or something Next time next time Paige Hey when I was uh I don't know where we Could go in with this but I think now's A good time to kind of talk about some Of our this week's intentions do it what Do you got lined up Fasting I would imagine sure you got Something different no because I've Already been doing that all week so this Is really next week that we're thinking About Um Well I want to continue trying to be Nice to people

Um and go out of my way Mr Nice Guy to Make him feel uh appreciated which is Again it's hard for me Um not that I don't appreciate people That's not it it's just hard for me to Show my appreciation Um Well what's one thing you can do so I Can really hold you accountable like That it's a must saying good morning Talking I think something else needs to Be done to really hold yourself Accountable yeah and I'm not going to do That I think we need a bigger better one Than that Um next week is the starting when does This start after this as soon as we Leave as soon as we leave here why not Man that's a tough one why don't you go First all right then uh so I think this Week uh and probably and definitely I'm Just gonna avoid social media I'm gonna I just found I've been Spending too much time on just on Instagram just scrolling through I I Know some people you know maybe you Being more active on it might be Beneficial but I'm not a public figure Well no one cares what I do with my life I'm not a public figure so like she's Spending uh too much time or scrones It's just a huge waste of time when I Could be doing something beneficial so Like reading this book okay so yeah I

Actually already deleted the apps off my Phone okay and I think this is moving And working the last couple days it just Made me want to like just get back on it Like you know when I'm at night in my Night job sometimes I'm bored and I just Want to just roller tap and do something Else Because it's that dopamine hit that you Get yeah it's so easy just to do so I'm Really challenging myself uh to just not Be on social media it's a good one Snapchat so again I deleted them off my Phone I have had the urge to you know What let me just download it I got Anything else to do but that is going to Be my focus this week is just to really Stay off social media try to use my my Free time my downtime For for something a little more positive You know maybe uh instead of scrolling On Instagram I could think about what my Strategy is going to be so there you go For the next year you know think about You know how what I'm going to do to Lose weight uh maybe different ways for Me to engage and entertain my girlfriend Rather than just spending on social time On social there's there's another cool App called Elevate that I do pretty much Every morning Um and it's interestingly enough because As you said scrolling that was kind of The time I scrolled was the only time

Was in the morning because I'm the first One up I drink my coffee and I'd scroll I'm like what am I scrolling for there's Nothing I don't care about any of this [ __ ] like why am I doing this so I Forgot that I've been paying for this Damn app and it really See five days in a row right there Are you checking in on the app no you Don't check in so it basically There you go dude do one of these hit Start hit start and then Take the test work out yeah so do it Play How to play earn synonyms to earn leads Common words So what am I supposed to do unclear Well you're supposed to give what's a Cinnamon what's a synonym of unclear What's another word that explains Unclear Uh type it in [ __ ] I'm trying to Think oh You put a spot it's like Confused okay What else confusing maybe what else do You as many as you can as fast as you Can confusing uh up I messed up Unnecessary Need Just keep typing yeah just do in the hit Enter Or hit maybe tap it yeah there you go Oops net need to use a

Oh see that one doesn't even work All right man let's get back to the park So what I'm saying is maybe you need Brain games maybe you need to download a Brain game because then you're still on Your phone it almost feels the same but It's positive a what dress app yes chess Yeah you into chess The brain game yeah I lose every time But hey I got it yeah Um back to me what is that's a good one I think that's a that's a good one and Especially if you replace it with Something else like you should replace That habit with something else what are You going to replace it with I mean I don't know I mean but I just Just haven't been on it since when A couple days now okay yeah we just Deleted them cool well let me know how That I see and I'm not really a scroller I think it's again because like my Intention span's not there like I scroll For three minutes and I'm just like I Said what the hell am I doing scrolling For so I'm more of like a stories I just Watch stories next next next and watch Like people's stories that's typically How I consume social media whether it's Snapchat or Instagram I'm just more of a Story Watcher yeah and I do a little bit Of both like I I like Facebook a little Bit more because it's people that Actually know

Um and you know older that's why yeah Well I mean Instagram's cool but I it's It's not as uh What's the word I'm looking for Um I don't know friends and family Orientation yeah it's just you really Know it's there's not as much connection There like I'm I'm looking at friends That I had way back went to high school With yeah from Tucson and Um I don't follow those people on Instagram and so but I jump back and Forth I'm like oh what's going on on Instagram oh go to the popular page oh It's the same [ __ ] that I saw two weeks Ago cool I'm not gonna do that so I Scroll a little bit nothing exciting Here I'll watch some stories nothing Good there okay let me jump over to Facebook but yeah I mean I think reading Try to finish this book at least start You know get some pages in stock up some Knowledge uh about the Art of War I Think that's good and it's a pocket size So I can just yeah you know that's That's one way to see how big the text Was that's actually kind of cool Um yeah because when you're taking a Dump or you're waiting you know that's The thing the most the times that I Scroll the most really when I'm like Waiting to do something Um you're you're not you know you're Like waiting for in line or you're

Waiting somewhere to do something that's When I typically scroll the most so if You got that in your pocket that's kind Of cool Um for me let's see I'm already intermittent fasting I'm Planning to quit drink but I'm not going To quit drink today Um We talked about being nice What some hell what's something I can Challenge myself With Um I think I need to read again get back Into reading yep like from the app or Your physical book no no book I got a Couple books yeah So I think I'll do that I finished that Next one on Deck Um I got a few yeah I don't even know I Don't know which one I'm gonna go I'll Go look and see but I think that's That's a good one just to get in the Habit of doing right yeah especially When there's nobody in my house like That's one of the challenges when I have You know my lady and Baby there it Becomes distracting it's kind of hard But since there's nothing nobody there But the dogs I got plenty of time to be Able to do that and they're going to be Watching the dogs or do you just let Them run in the back because you got a

Big ass back here that's why but one of The reasons I bought the house yeah I'm Not walking them goddamn dogs yeah yeah They run over they chase each other Around that yard they don't need they Don't need me to walk them that's for Sure for sure yeah yeah so that that'll Be it I'll read I'll figure out I'll Read at least 10 pages a day Um and I'll let you know what book cool Cool cool with all that being said You're trying to wrap things up for Today yeah let's wrap it up I think it Was a good conversation again uh you Know we'll keep going and at the end of The day As long as we are improving and you know I feel like whatever we're doing Especially For You is kind of helping Yeah um and if people out there that are Listening they want to follow us and do The same thing again I'm gonna reiterate We're just a couple regular guys that Are trying to figure it out like Everybody else so if you want to join us On that path Um there's nothing special about either One of us I mean it's a business that's About it I shouldn't I shouldn't say it We're special I'm opting some special Yeah but you know we're just some Regular guys that you know are trying to Figure it out ourselves so if you want To come on that Journey make sure you uh

Share the podcast and Um hopefully you can improve and work on Yourself week by week too yes sir that Is going to do it that's going to wrap It up for episode nine a defy the odd Podcasts we out [Music]