Vick Almighty was challenged with possibly the most destroyed Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found restoration. Let us know in the comments how you thought he did with this transformation! #shorts

Are you the original owner yes I am dude That's nuts man you really wore their Shoes to the ground yeah I know I can Appreciate that did you try restoring Them yourself yes uh I tried to repaint Them and but it didn't go well I mean it Wasn't the worst job I've seen you know Definitely not the best definitely not Trying to clown you ready to see how They look right dude that's kind of the Final product Man it look like brand new basically bro Yeah so got the souls all clean up Repainted the red repainted the white Try to remove as much of that creasing On the toe box as possible these look Really good bro like they look brand new I never would have thought I'd see my Shoes look like that again man I just Wanted to hook you up thank you and I Never would have thought I'd see my Shoes like this but thank you bro it was All in the details with this project These look so much better let me know in The comments down below what's your Favorite reimagine to come out so far I'll pick a lucky winner to win a Rejuvenator essential shoe cleaning kit