The most trashed pair of Lost and Founds we have ever seen! The owner of these kicks wore them to the ground and tried to restore them himself, but ultimately it ended in a botched restoration! This led him to send his favorite kicks into the one and only Vick Almighty to save the day. In today’s Customs and Restorations Vick will walk you through how to restore these trashed Lost and Found Air Jordan 1’s!

When starting a restoration you have to have a clean base! The first step of the restoration was to properly deep clean it using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. This allowed us to remove all of the dirt, grime, odor and it also allowed us to reshape the sneaker. For the cleaning process Vick used the Soft Bristle Brush to fully break down the dirt from the leather material, but he was a little worried about the sneaker bleeding! The Lost and Found Jordan 1 has a history of bleeding from the red, so BE careful when cleaning these kicks!

After the uppers were all taken care of it was time to move onto the next part of the shoe cleaning and move onto the midsole and outsole. However, here is where Vick noticed the first issue from this botched resto. The white paint from the previous repaint had completely come off and went all over the sneaker… With that being said we just have to hope for the best!

The last step of the cleaning process was to use the washing machine to remove the rest of the dirt. The sneaker did bleed into the stitching unfortunately, but it was necessary to clean this shoe properly. Now if you or someone you know has a pair of Lost and Found Jordan 1s we do not recommend the washing machine due to that color bleed potential!

With the cleaning out of the way it was time to move onto the restoration. First Vick removed that dyed stitching and had to remove the rest of the caked on paint from the previous restoration. One tip Vick used in this video that you might not know is that UV rays can help remove oxidation on white sneakers and materials even without a unyellowing agent!

Now we move onto the repaint… As always the first step of the repaint is the prepwork. This is the most tedious, but important part of the job. For this we used sand paper and acetone to fully prep the uppers for a fresh new coat of paint. Once the prep was completed it was time to replace the stitch on the soles. Before we repainted the sneaker Vick chose to focus on a couple different details of the sneaker. Such as, replacing the insoles using an extra pair from the sneaker graveyard and removing creasing using the iron method!

The repaint was going to be the most important part of this project and the key to making this sneaker look like it was fresh out the box. All 3 colors needed to be repainted, so it was very important that Vick took his time and allowed each color to dry before moving onto the next color. Overall the paint job took a lot of time, but it transformed these kicks!

After just a couple of days these were ready to go back on feet! Drop a comment and let us know what pair in your collection you NEED restored!

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Big thanks to all theator team VI Almighty I wanted to give y'all a Challenge these are my L found Jordan 1es what's up everybody I'm Vic and for Today's project we got one of the most Beat Lost and Found Chicago ones I've Seen yet as you guys may know I've been Looking for new restoration to do on the Channel one of our subscribers emailed Those pictures of these sneakers when I Saw the pictures I saw potential but I Knew they were going to be beat but once I got them in person they were worse Than I expected I got these shoes when It first came out in raffle I wore these Shoes a lot through rain snow Sunny Weathers fogy weathers and they really Stink and they really beat up I know This is probably going to be a challenge It may not I think it will but um yeah Thank you one of the shoes been Previously repainted there's white paint Caked all over the toe box and side Panels I'm not even sure how we're going To fix that we have a lot of work ahead Of us so let's get [Music] Started to get this process started We're going to be using a rejuvenator Signature shoe cleaning kit to give this Shoe a good deep clean before we get Start with the restoration we got to Wipe off all the grime that's covered All around the shoes out SS Min SS up

ERS and insides the red the white is all Covered up by Gunk first I'm going to Take out the laces so we can clean those Separately the shoe is so beat there's No insoles it's all good with me it's One last thing I got to clean up before We can start cleaning the shoe with Water and solution we're going to go Next door and use a compressor and a dry Brush to remove all the surface Grime And dust from the inside and outside of The Shoe Off to a good start just by using the Compressor the shoe looks a lot better Already next we're going to be using Some shoe treat to help minimize the Creasing on the toe box as you can see As is the toe box has a bad shape to it Once the shoe is all cleaned up and dry The Sho treat should help with that same Thing with this back area the ankle area Is pretty crushed once we put the shoe Tree inside it should look a lot Better now we have our bowl of water Ready to go we're going to square two Squares of our solution to get things Rolling now for this cleaning we are Going to be using all three brushes soft Medium and stiff the thing with these Lost of bounds is the red leather can be Very delicate if you oversaturate it too Much it can bleed however in this case The shoe is really beat up the red

Leather is pretty faded so I'm not sure How much of it's going to bleed we're Going to watch out be very careful we Don't want to get any of that red onto The tongue or to the stitching but we Might just have to cuz the shoe does Have to go in the washing machine we're Just have to keep a close eye on it During the cleaning originally the shoe Did come with crack leather I personally Am not a big fan of it I wish they would Have just used a regular normal white Leather let me know in the comments down Below if they should have gone with the Regular allwhite leather or if you like The crack leather that they use on these LS of FS let's start [Music] [Music] Cleaning so far so good the shoe looks a Lot better already we scrubed the Insides and outsides the white is still Pretty messed up there wasn't too much Bleeding going on on the shoe I'm Assuming that the bleeding already Happened at some point where the guy Cleaned them or the owner of these wor Thems so much that the red faded by Itself either way that's a plus for me There isn't any bleeding going on in the Shoe however when I put them in the Washing machine it may cause some Bleeding but we'll see when we get there For now the soft bristle brush did a

Good job on the uppers I don't think I Need to use the medium bristle brush Simply because I don't want that crack Leather to flake off even more or scrub Too hard to where I cause bleeding on The red so we're going to go straight to Using the S Bristal brush to clean up The mtss and out [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soes good to go with the pre-treatment One of the shoes look really good there Was no bleeding at all the second shoe Is kind of a mess this is the one that Had caked on white paint on all three Panels after I started scrubbing at it I Noticed that it started getting all over The red leather at first I thought it Was suds but it's actually white paint It's all over the red leather here the Black all over the toe box same thing on This side that's okay I wanted that Paint off however it's kind of getting All over the red leather I'm going to Have to repaint it anyway but hopefully The washing machine can clean up all That stuff off next we're going to clean Up the laces real quick we're going to Scrub them in our leftover water and Solution then we're going to put both Shoes inside our sinkle laundry bag a Common question we get asked a lot is Can you fit both shoes inside a sinkle

Laundry bag yes you can even high tops You just got to flip them in the Opposite direction heel to toe and make Sure the SS are touching each Other got the shoes out of the washing Machine cleaning's all done great news Having the sneakers submerge in water Did not ruin the overall shoe I was Concerned this red leather was going to Bleed all over the white especially on The tongues when I went to the washing Machine to get them out there was only Bleeding on the white sneer bag it made Me concerned that there was red bleeding All over the shoe luckily that wasn't The case the white tongues look good There's no stains at all the white Leather's pretty beat up but there isn't Any bleeding there is some red going on In this area but that was already there Underneath the caked on white paint the One thing I do want to point out though Is the stitching on the msle there was Already some bleeding going on Originally but I think I made it worse By putting the shoe inside a bunch of Water in this situation I am going to Pull out all the stitching just because I'm not going to be able to get that Stitching back to its original color Restitching it is the only way to go About it for the rest of the sneaker on This one specifically if you look Closely inside those holes it's filled

With white paint we got to get that out As well all over the edges of the black Leather and red there's still a bunch of White paint we got to get all that stuff Off to remove the old stained stitching We got to find where it starts on the Inside once you locate it from the Outside using a pck you pull it out and Go from [Music] [Music] There All stitching is out we'll replace it Later while we're at it the inside is Covered with sock lint let's take it off With some lint Shavers insides are all cleaned up they Look so much better now let's start to Remove all the gunk of paint inside These little holes of the toe box for This we'll be using a small pick now Luckily for me during the cleaning Process a lot of that caked on paint Washed off nicely but there's a lot of Gunka paint all around the stitching on The edges of the leather so I'm going to Continue to use this tool to kind of Pick at [Music] It so far so good this tool really made A big difference there was a lot of Paint gunked up all over the stitching That we fully got off now there's still Some paint all over the panels that we

Got to use acetone and use some Sandpaper to fully get off but for now We're going to put this shoe inside the Our setup it's Friday we're going to let Him sit over the weekend there is some Yellowing on the SES and the tongue Hopefully the UV race can remove all That stuff let's put him [Music] Inside SP a couple of days we got the Shoe out of the indoor setup the UV rays Did help lift some of the yellowing that Was on the tongue and the rubber outsole The lost and found Jordan Ones don't Have a brand new white outsole it's more On the creamy side same thing with the Tongue now the leather needs a lot of Work before we can start painting both Both the White and the red there's a Couple deep scratches such as right here On this shoe we got a small scratch over Here to get rid of all that we're going To be using some sandpaper I'm going to Start off with 800 gray sandpaper work My way to 12200 and finish it off with, 1500 once we're done with that we'll Move on to some more prep [Music] Work s is complete whenever you do that Step make sure to avoid the stitching at All costs you don't want to get all Frayed up it's a bad luck now when it Came to the sanding on the specific shoe I did the scratches but I also did the

Rest of the red leather to make sure It's as smooth as possible next we're Going to be using some acetone and Cotton balls to finish the prep work on The red leather I'm not going to be Using it on the white leather cuz I Don't want to remove the remaining Cracked [Music] Leather [Music] Prep is complete on the uppers now let's Jump back to the soles we got to reapply The stitching the old stitching was no Good it was covered in red dye from the Uppers we're going to be using some new Thread and a sewing go to replace it all We got to do is grab two pieces of Thread one for the inside one for the Outside and just Stitch it in with the Sewing [Music] O [Music] [Music] Reapplying the stitching is complete I'm Glad I replaced it now I'm going to use Some tape to lay it down over the new Thread to make sure it's nice and flat The shoe did not come with any original Insoles however I keep a bunch of parts From old shoes donor sneakers these are From from Jordan 1es they're brand new Size 10 perfect size for the shoe

They're gray though but that's okay They're replacement insoles let's move On to the toe boxes the Sho trees did Help minimize the creasing during the Cleaning and drying process however they Still look pretty bad they're crushed For this we're going to be using the Iron method we're going to Stu the toe Boxes with some towels we want to push The creasing up then place a wet rag Over the toe boxes we don't want to play Too much heat cuz it can ruin the Leather or cause separation near the [Music] Midsole good to go with the iron method We remove the majority of the creasing And reshaped that toe box that made a r Of a difference now I did wait 30 Minutes before I took out the towels and Put the Sho treat back into the shoe Next I'm going to be focusing on the Tongue there's a lot of creasing going On in this sterea for this I'm going to Be using the Steamer all the need of the steamer and The iron toe boxes look a lot better Same thing with the tongues as a better Shape now let's move on to the painting First we're going to be focusing on the Red about a year ago I did a restoration And custom on a pair of lost and founds Where I turned them into some black toes In that video I mixed up the red paint That's this jar right here if you want

To see an in-depth process on how I got This exact color check out that video I Used four different colors red magenta Scarlet red and white now let's lay it Down using an angler [Music] Brush [Music] Paint job on the red is complete these Look great perfect color match and Needed it badly now before we work on The white let's work on the black Swooshes specifically on the left shoe After I washed off all the white paint And acetone it off a lot of it got on The black swooshes to the point where It's in the stitching to clean all that Up will be using some Angel's flat black Paint and an angular [Music] Brush black paint is down super easy now Let's move on to the white panels before We can start painting originally before I removed all the caked on paint there Was a lot of bleeding going on in this Area it's very subtle now cuz of all the Prep that I've done but it's still kind Of there same thing on the inside panel Down here there's some red bleeding Going on before we start laying down the White paint I'm going to grab 220 G with Sandpaper to remove the bleeding now Want to the tougher part fixing the White leather I figured a good place to

Start is to replace the white paint That's missing I went ahead and mixed up Some flat white paint with some cream From Angeles for this part we're going To be very strategic on how we lay down The paint I don't want to C on paint on The entire panel really I just want to Focus the paint on the areas that is Missing a bunch I don't want to get any Of the white paint on the red leather or Fill the holes up like somebody [Music] Did So as I'm going through this originally I said I was just going to do a little Bit of paint but it's looking like I'm Going to have to paint the entire white Leather it's one of those things that Just Mak sense at the [Music] Moment white paint drop is fully Complete I took my time to make sure I Avoided certain areas when it comes to Laying down white you want to make sure You don't cake on paint in certain areas For example the holes on the toe box That sloppy work if you get paint inside Those areas same thing with the Stitching you can go over it if it's Really bad however you don't want to Cake it on to the point where you get Paint inside the little holes or where The stitching is just caked on with Paint again that's another thing that

Can make the paint job look sloppy I Made sure it took my time to avoid Getting any paint on the red edges or The black edges anywhere on the shoe now Originally I was just going to lay down Paint on certain areas where there was a Lot of cracking going on but as I was Going I realized all six pack panels Needed a consistent even coat of white Paint I still wanted the cracks to show With a thin layer of white paint and you Can still see it in certain areas again Another reason why I didn't want to K it On cuz I didn't want to lose that Texture of the cracked leather overall I Did a pretty good job this shoe looks Better than this one ultimately this is The one that had caked on paint a lot of The areas were super smooth so I had to Do my best with what I had to work with Overall these shoes look great the paint Job looks good on the red the black and The white and over time since I didn't Lay down a heavy coat of white paint as The owner wears these shoes the cracking Will come back all we got to do now is Lace them up all right guys that's going To bring us to an end on this full Restoration of these lost and found Jordan Ones a lot of work went into These we started off with a filthy shoe So we used our ruminator signature shoe Cleaning kit to put these shoes inside The washing machine to get the shoes as

Clean as possible I don't typically Recommend to put lost and Fs inside the Washing machine but considering how Dirty these shoes were I had to put them In there when we took them out there was Some bleeding all over the stitching of The sole so we pulled it out replaced it With some brand new stitching we also Put the shoes into the indoor setup to Help Ren up the soles and the tongues it Works like a charm these shoes were so Heavily worn that the tool boxes were All wor heavy creases all around same Thing with those back ankle areas so we Had to use a shoe trees iron method on Those areas to get it reshaped we also Use a steamer on the tongues to remove The creasing after that we had to do a Lot of work on the uppers one of the Shoes was caked on with paint all over The white we had to sand and acetonic Completely off to get it to a clean State to lay down some paint when it Came to the red luckily I had the paint Ready to go from a previous project it Was a perfect match lay down some black On the swooshes then afterwards we Finish it off with laying down some White paint all over the toe boxes and The side panels that was timec consuming But it made a world of a difference it Was all in the details with this project These look so much better let me know in The comments down below what's your

Favorite reimagine to come out so far I'll pick a lucky winner to win a Rejuvenator essential shoe cleaning kit What's up dude how's it going I'm great I'm good well real quick dude I got These L and Fs ready for you I have a Couple questions for you for uh off the Rip first are you the original owner yes I am dude that's nuts man you really Wore their shoes to the ground yeah I Know I can appreciate that you know Somebody wearing their shoes basically Down to the ground but they still had a Lot of life left now my follow-up Question was did you try restoring them Yourself yes uh I tried to repaint them And it didn't go well I mean it wasn't The worst job I've seen you know Definitely not the best definely not Trying to clown but it was a good Attempt you ready to see how they look All right dude that's kind of the final Product man oh man It look like brand new basically bro Yeah so got the SS all cleaned up Repainted the red repainted the white Tried to remove as much of that creasing On the toe box as possible these look Really good bro and then this is the one That you previously tried to restore so Got all that paint wiped off and just Kind of went back and hit it one more Time like they look brand new I never Would have thought I'd see my shoes look

Like that again man I just wanted to Hook you up sorry to take a little Longer than um than you might have been Expecting but they look good man I'm Ready to ship these back to you thank You you and I never would have thought I'd see my like this but thank you bro Hope you enjoy this video this is Vic Almighty catch you guys next time see You [Music] Guys