Welcome to another episode of Customs and Restorations with Vick, brought to you by Reshoevn8r! In this exclusive edition, join the legendary Vick Almighty as he tackles the monumental restoration of a pair of 2003 Takashi Nike SB Dunks – a rare gem that has seen better days.

Dive deep into the world of sneaker restoration as Vick fearlessly disassembles the worn-out kicks, exposing the true extent of the damage. Watch in awe as he skillfully applies a brand new sole, breathing life back into the deteriorating foundation of these iconic Nike SB Dunks.

But that’s just the beginning! Witness the meticulous process of reviving the suede, as Vick takes you through the essential steps of a thorough deep clean. The once-forgotten pair is then transformed into a sleek masterpiece, dyed black for a fresh and revived appearance that pays homage to its former glory.

Leather scuffs? Not a problem for Vick Almighty. With expert precision, he delves into the art of touching up scuffed leather, ensuring every imperfection is addressed and corrected. Throughout the entire restoration journey, Vick generously shares invaluable tips and tricks, making this video a comprehensive guide for any aspiring sneaker restorer.

Whether you’re a seasoned sneakerhead or a novice enthusiast, this episode is a must-watch for those seeking a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to breathe new life into their favorite kicks. Elevate your restoration game with Vick Almighty’s wealth of knowledge, and witness the magic of Reshoevn8r unfold before your eyes.

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[Music] What's up everybody I'm Vic and today We're restoring these rare 2003 Nike SB Tekashi Dunks these have seen better Days everything on this shoe needs work Starting with a brand new Soul uppers Are cooked tons of creasing going on Suede is completely faded needs some new Dye same thing with the leather needs Some paint everything else needs a good Deep clean using rejuvenator products we Got a lot of work ahead of us so let's Get [Music] Started to start we're going to take out The laces and ins to clean those Separately on to deconstruction the Current sols these shoes have are no Good they have no grip lots of heel drag They're slippery they just don't work Anymore we're going to replace them Completely on one of the shoes I already Separate the SES from the upper it's Really easy to do simply with the blade You want to get inside the separation And chop all the Thread [Music] Old SS are off we don't need those Anymore all we're left with is the Uppers inss and laces as of right now There's a lot of surface dust on the Shoe bunch of debris inside the sneakers As well we got to Bow all that stuff off

Before we can move forward so let's go Use the Compressor [Music] Uppers are semi clean now we're on to The prep work all this shiny stuff you See right here that's old glue if I was To apply new glue onto that old glue and Put them onto the new soles it simply Wouldn't Bond the best way to go about This is to remove it all so for this We're going to be using a sharp blade All we want to do is remove that top Layer of [Music] Glue good to go with the skying this Step could be very timec consuming the Key is to switch out the blade as much As you need to the sharper the blade the Easier it is following that step we want To roughen up the material that's going To create a better glue job we're going To be using a 400 G standing bit to Roughen it Up [Music] Uppers are all prepped they're almost Ready for a Rego put these to the side So we can focus on the donor Souls today We're going to be using some panad dunk Glowes those sols are perfect for what We need them first we got to take them Apart these shoes do have some usable Parts from future projects such as the

Laces insoles and the tongues using a Sharp blade I'm going to chop off all The thread to remove the thread from the Midsole then we can pour a bunch of Acetone to remove the soles from the [Music] [Music] Uppers [Music] The acetone weaken the glue to make it a Lot easier to remove from the soles We're going to stick it on the steamer Let it sit for 5 minutes and we'll take It [Music] Off uppers are off thanks to acetone and The steamer now we got to get all that Old glue off using a Dremel with a metal Drill bit [Music] [Music] All than removing the glue from the Soles that part was easy now we want to Remove anything that's remaining that we Didn't get with the Dremel so for this We're going to be using some anone and Cotton balls on the Soles and the Bottoms of the Uppers [Music] [Music] [Music] All done with the prep work on all four Parts we're going to go outside next use

Some Bulldog adhesion Promoter on the Rubber outsoles this is going to help Create a better glue job after that We'll come back inside lay down Glue on All four parts [Music] [Music] [Music] Cards [Music] Glue's all here it's time to stick Everything together first we're going to Start with the toe tip then jump to the Back and do the sides we only want to Apply a little bit of heat that'll be Enough to get the glue tacky we'll stick It together let it cure for a bit and Then we'll do the Rest Glue job is complete we let it dry Overnight everything looks good Alignment's on point no glue where there Shouldn't be real quick let's give it a Stress Test looks good to me next we're going To be applying our stitching to fully Lock it in we're going to be using two Pieces of thread one for the inside one For the outside we'll be stitching it Together using a sewing All [Music] Glue drop is complete we're stitched up Now we're on to the cleaning we're going

To be using our rejuvenator solution our Sof bristle brush our shoe trees mat and Towel to get the job done the worst Thing about these uppers is the fading And the tool boxes when're going to be Fixing both of them using the solution And our Sho trees once we're done with The cleaning and they're all dried these Tool boxes should look a lot [Music] [Music] Better [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] All done with the cleaning process Thanks to our rejuvenator products this Shoe looks a million times better the Black is back to black but we can still Do better I know I sound bad right now Allergy season is kicking my ass right Now not going to say much we're just Going to get ready for the tape job so We can lay down some dye shoes are all Taped up one thing I forgot to show you Guys off camera I used a dry suede brush To reset the nap on the suede we did wet The shoe once it was all Dy the suede Wasn't as soft as it should be I went Back and forth all over on the suede to Get it back to its original soft texture As you can you can see back to soft However it's really faded right now

There's a lot of faded spots all around The suede I taped up everything but the Suede so we're going to redy everything Using our airbrush and jard black [Music] Dlow To this back to its original color all I Took was a couple of coats and brushing It in now the next step is very Important we got to lock in that D using Some rejuvenated water and stain Repellant it's going to lock in that D And it's going to prevent stains and Dirt in the future let's go outside and Spray It [Music] All right let's focus on the leather There is some scuffing going on and some Fading you can't really tell too much Cuz it's black but we're going to touch It up anyway off camera I did a light Prep with some aceton and cotn balls Wiped off the factory finished now it's Ready for some Angela flat black paint With a small angular Brush [Music] Restoration is almost complete now we're On to the details we got a few different Tools that's going to help us with that We got a lighter scissors and a lint Shaver we're going to be using these Tools to remove lint from the inside on

The sock liner on the side panels little Threads that are hanging out out the Threads that are on the Nike Air we're Going to burn those off all those Details [Music] Matter details are complete last step we Got to do is spray some ruminator mink Oil the shoe is on the older side They're from 2003 we want to keep these Materials nice and healthy that means The leather and the gold material on the Sues and back tab we're going to spray a NIC coat all around outside we're going To let it sit for a couple hours so the Material can absorb the mink oil then We'll brush in whatever is left Over all right guys that's going to Bring us to an end on these 2003 tekashi Nike SB Dunks a lot of work went into Them basically everything needed to be Touched on the shoe we started off by Ripping off the old souls the old souls Were simply not good anymore so we Bought some Panda dunks for the donors Of these shoes they were perfect black And white exactly what we need them we Removed all the o glue from the donors All the O glue from the uppers apply Some bar cement on both shoes that it Sit and then we bonded everything Together everything came out nice but After that the uppers still needed a lot Of work we used our renator essential

Shoe cleaning kit to give the shoe a Proper deep clean inside and out then we Let it dry we came back redyed the Entire sneaker that was a lot of taping To properly redy the shoe we went Outside and sprayed some rejuvenator Water and St repellant we painted all The leather took care of some small Details and finish it off with some Rejuvenator meink oil for these older Materials so they can be healthy for Years to come again a lot of work went Into these shoes but I'm really happy With how they turn out the black is Back To Black SS are fully wearable the shape On these shoes look great the owner of These is going to be really happy you Can find all the products that I use in This video at rat.com use my promo code Down below to save some money also I'm Still looking for Restorations to do on The channel hit us up at the email down Below and comment down below what's your Favorite dunk we're giving away a reuven And signature shoe clean kit this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See you [Music] Guys [Music]