Here is your early look at the highly Anticipated Air Jordan 1 Royal reimagine I got a chance to check out this Upcoming pair of Air Jordan Ones at Sneakercon DC at the rejuvenator booth And I've got to say even though I wasn't Really looking forward to this pair Before I'm still not really looking Forward to it now it's a nice pair of Sneakers but it's not that crazy Jordan Brand took the classic Royal Air Jordan 1 and replaced the leather upper with a Suede upper the royal blue panels on the Upper of the shoe come with a long Suede And the black panels on the shoe seem to Come with either a nubuck or a very Short suede the wings logo on the Lateral side of the shoe comes in black And is pressed into the side of the Sneaker and rounding off the look you've Got a royal blue rubber outsole the Air Jordan 1 Royal reimagines are slated to Release on November 4th for a retail Price of 180 bucks and while I don't Mind the way that this sneaker looks I Definitely would have preferred if Jordan brand had just given us a Standard Royal one we haven't gotten a Pair of those since 2017