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Today im taking a look at the highly anticipated Jordan 4 Thunder! This is the second retro of the original from 2006, however this 2023 retro is made to the exact specs of the original! Theyre dropping May 13th for $210/£189.

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Guys today we’ve got a pretty serious Parent one that’s gonna get a lot of People hyped myself included so let’s Find out what they’re all about [Music] And here we have the box it’s one of Those I guess shiny speckled bugs that We’ve been seeing on Jordan 4’s for the Past few years we’ve got the flight text In white they’ve also got the yellow Jumpman logo right in the center just Alluding to what’s inside so let’s pull These open and let me show you guys Today’s pair it’s the Jordan 4 Thunder [Music] And here we have them guys the Jordan 4 Thunder looking super clean and also Back as close to the original from 2006 As possible which is definitely for most People a big win either way before we Get too deep into this let me just run Down all of the drop details that you’re Gonna need to know if you’re trying to Grab a pair but as of right now there’s Been at least one shock drop for this Pair of sneakers and I believe that Shark drop was out in the U.S now I also Believe that there’s going to be Exclusive access for this pair both here In the EU and the UK this week and also Out in the US if you don’t know what Exclusive access is basically it’s Something that the Nike sneakers app Does where it sends you a notification

Just basically giving you exclusive and Early access to buy this pair of Sneakers yeah congrats if you manage to Get these things on the shock drop out In the US and also cross your fingers For that exclusive access I never get it So I’m not really getting my hope so so For the rest of us we’re gonna have to Wait for the actual release which will Take place on May the 13th so again That’s the Nike sneakers app and Obviously a bunch of different Raffles Which I believe have already loaded up At least on some places yeah if you’re Up to this pair definitely go and enter Up for some of those Raffles these Retail for 210 if you’re around the us Or 190 pounds here in the UK I’ve kind Of lost track at how many times they’ve Increased the prices on Jordans recently So yeah it is definitely going up fast Yeah like I said these are as close to The original 2006 pair as possible so For anybody who was kind of disappointed With the 2012 retro with the duller Colors in a slightly different shape Don’t worry these are as close to the OG As possible so brighter yellows and I Think that’s definitely got a lot more People excited about this pair of Sneakers the entire upper is covered in This really nice soft feeling nubuck Materials basically for all of the black Panels that you find on here so toe box

Around the sneakers eye stays and Towards the back of course you get those Super bright Thunder Yellow accent Colors which you find on the midsole the Plastic I says and just underneath that Rubber meshing that you find on the Medial and lateral oh yeah and the Reverse of the tongue also comes in Solid yellow and of course you get got a Little Air Jordan patch as well Today’s video is sponsored by represent And I’m letting you guys know that their Spring selects has just gone live this Is a rare opportunity to grab some of Their cleanest spring pieces at a Discount right now you can grab a bunch Of Staples like their denim line for 30 Off I picked up the black straight leg Denim it’s slightly less baggy which I Like to wear if I’m dressing a little Bit more smart casual I also got their Blue cream carpenter pants for a wider Fit and this is a lot more of a Streetwear Vibe up top also grab some of Their graphic tees which again is an Absolute staple for the summertime They’ve got insane quality and a super Nice tight neck area which is something That I always really appreciate about Represent t-shirts now just to remind You I’m gonna have all of the sizing Details down in the description along With my measurements as well so you can Find your right size I also got the

Destructive appetite graphic hoodie Which is a really great fit and I just Love the washed gray color that it comes In now they’ve even got some Footwear as Part of their spring selects as well so I got two pairs I got the powder blue Raptor low this colorway is a guaranteed Summer Banger and also got the burnt red Color way of the Apex sneaker all of Their Footwear is handmade in Portugal And all come with extra laces and dust Bags now listen the spring selects will Not be around for very long so if you Don’t want to miss out make sure you Check out the links down in the Description thank you guys so much for Using my links when I have them it helps Out the channel massively and obviously Thank you to represent for sponsoring Today’s video let’s get back to it Now something that got a lot of people Really scared about this pair of Sneakers was the first leaked images That’s because that first image had White stitching all around the midsole Kind of at the Forefront of the sneaker I don’t know how many of you guys Remember that picture first surfacing But it definitely had a lot of people Thinking that Jordan brand was gonna Drop these with a huge white Stitch Across the bottom thankfully it turns Out that that pair was obviously not the Actual release version it was either

Fake or some kind of sample I’m not Entirely sure Foreign [Music] Has kind of been going hard with all of The different Thunder variants recently Because we’ve seen quite a few but at The beginning of last year we had of Course the uh the red Thunders which is Basically just a play on the regular Thunders just swapping out all of the Yellow for red these actually ended up Being a super popular pair of Jordan 4’s Like currently they’re reselling for Like four to five hundred dollars and Then of course in 2021 we had another 2006 retro with the Jordan 4 lightning Kind of the uh the counterpart to the Thunder so you got the Thunder and you Got the lightning it’s a kind of cool Lightning’s obviously being the louder Counterpart to the Thunders coming in Almost solid yellow for the upper However these also ended up being a very Popular pair of Jordan forts reselling For anywhere between three to four 400 I Think it’s pretty safe to say that this Is also going to be a very popular Jordan 4 model and obviously there’s a Lot of people super happy that these are Returning Thank you Now in case you haven’t tried a pair of Jordan 4’s before I will say it’s not

The most comfortable Jordan model so Just keep that in mind don’t think You’re going to be walking around for Miles on ends in these things obviously You can but in my experience when I did That my feet were pretty beat up at the End in terms of sizing I personally Always go true to size and they fit me Pretty perfectly so that’s definitely What I’m going to recommend to you I Honestly think that these are a really Versatile strong year-round pair of Sneakers it’s going to be a great Sneaker to throw on in the winter time Obviously being covered in a lot of Black and also look really really nice In the summertime with these loud yellow Colors like rocking these things with a Pair of shorts in the summer I think Just looks super super clean so yeah This is definitely one that I wanted for The rotation for this upcoming summer Now look I know that we’ve had a bunch Of Jordan 4’s recently in fact a bunch Of really really solid colorways of the Jordan 4s yeah there’s a high Probability that you bought a couple of Those colorways and you’re maybe humming And orange about should you cop this Pair of shoes and that’s entirely Understandable if you’ve bought a lot of Those other really really strong Colorways is there any need for this one And obviously that’s a subjective

Decision that you’re going to have to Make all I can say is that these things Look really good on foot in my opinion I Think this is one of the best sneakers That’s dropping this year I think it’s a Classic that I’ll never get tired of Seeing either way guys I’d love to know Your thoughts on the Jordan 4 Thunder Are you gonna be going for them what do You think of this colorway in general And hey if you want to check out the top 10 Jordan Ones under retail that video Is right there Thank you