Different style of jeans explained

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Today we're going to be going over the Different cuts of jeans from skinny slim And relaxed so let's go ahead and start Off with skinny jeans now skinny jeans Are all about that snug fit from waist To ankle they're perfect for showing off Your sneakers and giving your legs that Slimming look so getting into number two My personal favorite we have slim jeans Now Slim jeans strike a balance between The close fit of skinny jeans and a more Relaxed feel slim jeans give you that Tailored appearance without being too Restrictive they're versatile making Them a solid choice for both casual and Nights out getting into number three we Have relaxed jeans these are for guys Who are more about that relaxed look These jeans offer a roomier fit Throughout the leg perfect for days when You just want to be comfortable now let Me know in the comments what cut of Jeans are your favorite