Watch before you buy: Adidas Samba

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Here are three reasons why you should Not buy the Adidas Samba number one They're overplayed now not that that's a Bad thing but if you're someone who Wants something more unique then sambas Aren't going to be the best option for You now if you go out in your sambos Don't be surprised if you see a good Amount of people wearing the same exact Sneaker reason number two it's lack of Cushioning now the samba's classic Design places less emphasis on Cushioning which can be a concern for Those seeking a more comfortable sneaker Now there's little to no cushioning on The samba it's literally just a sole and Midsole so if you prioritize all-day Comfort or a good amount of cushion you May want to reconsider getting the samba Reason number three brand overload now Don't get me wrong Adidas is a great Brand no doubt about that however if Your wardrobe is already heavily Dominated by Adidas products adding the Samba might contribute to Brand overload